Lord Xue Ying

Chapter 1388 - Overlord (2) [Final Chapter]

Chapter 1388: Overlord (2) [Final Chapter]

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And on the other side.

Not just one of the Innate Chaotic Origin ‘Primogenitors’ were paying attention to the battle between their expert ‘Yan’ and Xue Ying. And the eventual outcome shocked them greatly.

“He died so quickly?”

“It seems this one called Monarch Flying Snow has exhibited the strength at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level at the end.”

“He is a new Chaotic Origin Lifeform?”

These Primogenitors began discussing the matter.

Yan’s death was not something impactful to the huge Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction. In history, there had even been several ‘Primogenitors’ that fell. Every Primogenitor was worth way beyond these World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

“This Monarch Flying Snow has just recently broken through. And now, he could exert the strength at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. It must be because he has a profound accumulation prior to this just like ‘Yuan’ in the past. But I have never seen someone who has accumulated this much. Even though he is at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level, advancing to the ‘Overlord Class’ is still tremendously difficult. Nonetheless, I feel that the possibility of this Monarch Flying Snow becoming an Overlord in the future is still huge!”

“Right, he could very possibly become the ninth Overlord.”

These Primogenitors paid much attention to this matter.

Even though there were few Cultivator ‘Overlords’, just eight of them! They were unquestionably the strongest beings across the endless Chaotic Origin Dimension! Ever since the start of their battles, quite a few Innate Chaotic Origin Primogenitors had fallen, yet at least not a single ‘Cultivator Overlord’ had died.

It was acknowledged by many terrifying existences across the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension——

That the Overlords were the strongest entities!

An Overlord was as important as ten Primogenitors.

“We cannot let him grow. We must find an opportunity! Disregard the price and eliminate his Origin World and him.”


“I agree.”

“We have to do it quick!”

All of them rapidly conversed and came to a consensus.

It’s just that coming up with a sufficiently good plan wasn’t easy. Such matters must not be discovered by the Cultivator Overlords. Otherwise, if the Overlords put in their full strength to defend that Origin World, then destroying one with an owner was simply impossible.


In the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension.

Scarlet Peak Daoist flew to the side of Xue Ying and said: “Have you reached the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level already?”

“Barely.” Xue Ying said. Many new secret techniques were appearing one after another in his mind. Gradually as he grasped more and more Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level secret techniques, his flaws were also being covered up. Only then could he be called an appropriate Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert! Of course, one must not exclude his more powerful soul technique which was his sole absolute move.

“Monarch Flying Snow, you have just broken through today and have just become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform, yet you have strengthened yourself to this degree. It is truly unfathomable.” Scarlet Peak Daoist’s view of Xue Ying had turned slightly passionate, “Given Monarch Flying Snow’s talent, it is possible for you to become an Overlord.”

Xue Ying chuckled.

He would become an Overlord in two hours’ time.

“Let us first return to the Cultivation Sacred World.” Xue Ying suddenly said. He had suddenly comprehended a new body cultivation secret technique that was sufficient to push his body level to the Grand Perfection of World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. And in order to achieve that? He required sufficient energy.

“Return to the Cultivation Sacred World?” Even though Scarlet Peak Daoist was confused, he still obediently followed.

Both parties returned.

The moment Xue Ying tunneled into the Cultivation Sacred World, he began devouring World Energy crazily, causing his body to advance and evolve further. Approximately ten breaths of time later, his body had reached the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. If he wished to improve further? He would have to step into the Overlord Level.


Not too long later after Xue Ying broke through, a figure tunneled into the Cultivation Sacred World too. It was none other than the silver-haired three-eyed male, ‘Sirius’.

“Greetings, Monarch Flying Snow. It is truly admirable of you, Monarch Flying Snow, after having watched you kill ‘Yan’ earlier.” Sirius descended. He gave a very polite greeting. After thoroughly examining this white-robed young man before him, he found that the aura of the other party seemed not any weaker than his.

“He is just the first one here. I believe there are more formidable enemies coming along soon.” Xue Ying said.

“Are we going to wait here?” Sirius smiled at Xue Ying.

“Let us wait here.” Xue Ying was confident of himself.

“Alright, we’ll listen to Monarch Flying Snow.”

Sirius, Xue Ying, and Scarlet Peak Daoist, these three Chaotic Origin Experts waited patiently in the Cultivation Sacred World. They could observe the dark Void Tunnel from here. Of course, the new batch of enemies could possibly come from other regions.

Time passed.

Another hour had gone by.

Sirius looked curiously at Xue Ying by the side. At the start, Xue Ying was still observing the Void Tunnel, though at this moment, he abruptly went to sit cross-legged with his eyes closed, deep in concentration.

‘Is he cultivating?’ Sirius was slightly puzzled.

“Sirius, even though Monarch Flying Snow might have killed Yan previously, it is clear that the techniques of Monarch Flying Snow are still filled with flaws.” Scarlet Peak Daoist transmitted over, “It is only his offensive killing techniques that have reached the Grand Perfection Level. His other techniques are still slightly weaker. It could be possible that Monarch Flying Snow has some newfound comprehension and is currently cultivating. I believe he will grasp more techniques after that.”

Sirius nodded. He transmitted with a sigh: “A new Chaotic Origin Lifeform actually rose all the way until the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. He is indeed amazing. His strength is even more powerful and well-rounded. In a while when we encounter some huge enemies… we’ll definitely be more certain in defeating them.”

“Why aren’t they coming?” Sirius felt weird, “The Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction should have many more experts than us. The second batch of experts should not be this slow.”


At this moment, Xue Ying’s mind was ringing. The closer to the end, the more laws and profound mysteries were fusing together, causing Xue Ying’s understanding of the laws to reach a more profound level.

He suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were filled with flashes of light.

‘So mysterious.’

Xue Ying looked at the endless Chaotic Origin Dimension. The original turbulent and bountless Chaotic Origin Energy had somehow turned into many strands in his eyes! Those strands… were the essence of the Chaotic Origin Energy. These strands were also the laws! After the laws were condensed, they naturally manifested in the boundless Chaotic Origin Energy.

This infinite Chaotic Origin Dimension had many aspects that befuddled him still.

For instance, those huge Origin Worlds that were scattered across the dimension. The structure of those Origin Worlds were similarly profound and mysterious. Every single Origin World was simply the most miraculous existence within the Chaotic Origin Dimension. They had formed naturally.

Or the Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeforms… they were born like this. Their bodies were filled with various laws where some were even unknown to Xue Ying.

Or this infinite Chaotic Origin Dimension and its natural processes. It had produced various strange energies like the strange time and space or some unique materials…

“The enemies are here.” Xue Ying suddenly said.

“Mn?” Scarlet Peak Daoist and Sirius were both startled.

Scarlet Peak Daoist was the patrol of this region. Many sentry points in this region were under his control. Hence, he could constantly sense if any enemies were coming. Logically speaking, Scarlet Peak Daoist should be the first to sense if the enemies came.

Though Xue Ying simply stood up and left the Cultivation Sacred World. The membrane walls of the Cultivation Sacred World split apart and formed a passage for him to walk out.

Scarlet Peak Daoist and Sirius immediately followed behind.


“Follow me.” Xue Ying brought along the two of them flying. Currently, his speed was much faster than before. This boundless Chaotic Origin Energy had become an orderly state to him. Hence, he could easily penetrate through them, greatly reducing the hindrance from the Chaotic Origin Energy.

‘How fast!’ Both Sirius and Scarlet Peak Daoist were dumbstruck inwardly.

Suddenly, Xue Ying stopped.

“Just right ahead.” Xue Ying pointed straight. Under his observation, there were currently six Chaotic Origin Lifeforms that were engulfed by many threads moving forward, “There are a total of six enemies.”

“Six? So many?” Both Sirius and Scarlet Peak Daoist were bewildered.

Several breaths of time later.

Under the surging dark Chaotic Origin Energy, six lifeforms tunneled out. Of these six, there were two lumps that were in a fog state! A lump of black fog made their figure illusory and blurred. They would occasionally become humanoid like the cultivators, and occasionally turn into some weird monstrous abomination. Another, a white fog, was similarly illusory and fluid. Though the essence of their energy was complete opposite.

Other than the two fog lumps, there were three huge meandering serpents. These three huge serpents were exactly the same. Clearly, they belonged to the same bloodline. The final one was an enormous bird that had generated many illusions around him.

“Three Ouroboros came? And they are all at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level?” Sirius paled, “Transient Life Exterminator? And even both Black White? Monarch Flying Snow, hurry up and run!”

Sirius did not hesitate to escape.

Even though the death of his Prime Avatar would not affect his life, he would lose all weapons and treasures on his Prime Avatar. Hence, they were not willing to commit such acts of sending their lives away.

“Why escape?” Xue Ying transmitted, “I don’t find any need to escape.”

“Monarch Flying Snow, the Overlords have grasped the Eternal ‘Dao’. Hence, they are naturally powerful and hold an advantage against the Innate Chaotic Origin Primogenitors. But we are different. We can only dig out the potential within our bodies. Compared to these World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, other than being able to keep our lives within our own Origin Worlds, we do not have any advantages in direct combat.”

“And the six of them that came are all extraordinary. Ouroboros… has an extremely strange bloodline. Those with the same bloodline and comparable strength can fuse their bodies together, turning into a Twin-Headed Serpent or even a Triple-Headed Serpent. The highest possible fusion they could reach is a Nine-Headed Serpent. Fortunately, there are only five in total who reached the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level in this bloodline, and this time, three came! If the three of them fused, they would be very much stronger than me. Furthermore, they are very good at restricting the enemies too. If I were to get tangled up by them, it is impossible for me to escape. That bird called ‘Fu Shen’ specializes most in illusions. Black and White are even more frightening. When the two of them worked together, they aren’t any weaker than the three Ouroboros. Hence, with the six of them together… they can easily kill me. Even if you and I team up, we can’t last for long. Hence, it is best that we do not send our lives to them.”

“Hurry up and run!”

As Sirius escaped, he was anxiously urging Xue Ying to do so. He even passed the intelligence on those six to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying thoroughly read through the intelligence reports.

Those six Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms did not chase after Sirius. Rather, they did not place Sirius in their eyes! Instead, they were currently observing this white-robed young man before them.

“Your two allies have run. Aren’t you escaping too?” That enormous bird let out a sound. He even released his illusory realm silently over.

The six of them were staring at Xue Ying.

Originally, it was this bird and Black White who would come as the second batch of support. But in the midst, they received the news——’Yan’ was killed! Furthermore, he was killed by this Monarch Flying Snow who executed three consecutive powerful killing techniques. This made the Bird ‘Fu Shen’ and his other two allies, ‘Black White’ to feel pressurised. It was impossible for them to kill Yan this fast either. Hence, they chose to wait until the third batch of the three Ouroboros arrived. Only then did the six continue moving forward.

They believed that with the six of them, they should be able to face all kinds of danger from any World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

‘Mn? This is called an Illusory Realm too?’ Xue Ying felt the technique casted by that enormous bird and could help but but chuckle. He did not really care. In terms of illusory realm, his was so much stronger than what could be cast by that bird.


“Kill this Prime Avatar of his.”

“Let us see how powerful this new Chaotic Origin Lifeform is.”

The six of them moved together.

The three Ouroboros fused together into a ‘Three-Headed Serpent’. That black fog and white fog similarly merged together and gave off the sound of ‘chi chi chi’. They turned into a grayish fogged female. This fog female only showed half her body. The bottom half of her body was filled with gray fog. At the same time, she had two faces, with one behind and one in front! One was smiling and the other was cold and sinister.

In an instance, the six of them formed a circle and attacked Xue Ying.


With a thought, Xue Ying caused a huge Illusory Realm to descend. Furthermore, it appeared in reality as well.

Some of the six World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms could fuse due to their bloodlines. But under the attractive Illusory Realm that pulled on their souls, they still had to endure it personally! For a moment, all six were greatly startled. They had to use up more than half their heart force to resist against it. Hence, they could only execute half their strength now.

“This is his soul technique? It’s actually this powerful?”

“Facing his soul technique, our strengths are forced to decrease? Who could be his opponent among World Realm Chaotic Origin Experts? That shouldn’t be! When did such a terrifying existence appear in the boundless Chaotic Origin Dimension?”

“There is a limit to the strength of World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension. Everyone is the same so how could he be this exceptional?”

They were all alarmed and filled with confusion.

But what they did not know…

Xue Ying was destined to become an Overlord. Naturally, he could not compare with them.

“Chi.” The gray-fogged lady fought with Xue Ying in close combat. Any casual technique of hers was filled with a terrifying destructive energy!

Black and White, the two clans.

Both of them specialized in extermination. One was ‘corrosive extermination’ and the other ‘purification’. The two clans had opposing techniques yet they could fuse together… causing the destructive energy to reach a whole new level. They were absolutely the most terrifying fused existence in close combats.

“Chi chi chi~” Xue Ying wielded his spear, and the surrounding space became disillusioned as he parried against everything.

The Three-Headed Serpent also executed various restrictive techniques. One of the snakehead opened its mouth, causing many long tongues to fly over. Another snakehead opened its mouth, causing the neighboring void to turn pitch-black. Xue Ying could not even see any light…

They had vastly different techniques.

Yet Xue Ying was casually dealing with them.

Even though the enemies were powerful, they suffered from the influence of the Illusory Realm, causing their strength to maintain at half. And now, many techniques that Xue Ying executed had reached an unfathomable leve. He actually perfectly defended against all incoming attacks.

“The six of us can’t seem to get the upper hand against him even after working together?” They were greatly astonished.

“This, this…”

Sirius and Scarlet Peak Daoist who had fled very far stopped. Sirius saw as Xue Ying who was being attacked by the six World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms, seemed to defend himself perfectly. He was able to remain undamaged without getting injured at all.

Sirius was both startled and ashamed that he fled.

“I’ll go and help him.” Sirius said.

“Don’t go.” Scarlet Peak Daoist admonished, “Currently, Monarch Flying Snow is defending himself perfectly well. But he could hardly threaten these six other lifeforms. If you were to go, he can’t possibly help you either. You would instead encounter some danger.”

Sirius hesitated.


Suddenly, countless Void Shackles appeared in the distance. These Void Shackles were fine and thin as if they were the hair of mortals. Those Void Shackles started locking down the surrounding region and also restricted the six World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms.

“What a powerful restrictive technique. This restrictive technique is definitely at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level.” The six of them were alarmed.

“Hurry up and leave!” The gray-fogged lady had fought with Xue Ying earlier when she discovered profound laws revolving in the eyes of Xue Ying. Following that, Xue Ying actually closed his eyes, completely disregarding the neighboring six World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms. Weirdly, the gray-fogged girl felt a terror coming from her soul! She had a feeling…

That when Monarch Flying Snow opened his eyes, it could very possibly be the time they die.

“Hurry up and leave!” The gray-fogged girl immediately transmitted over. At the same time, she fled without hesitation.

“What happened? He has always been defending himself so why should we run now?”

“How should we explain to the Primogenitors if we run now?”

“Let us work together and eliminate this Prime Avatar of his before speaking.”

The other four were still unwilling to run.

“Run now! If you don’t, you’ll die.” The gray-fogged lady tried her best to resist against the neighboring shackles. But they were becoming more and more profound. The restrictive force was increasing over time. And the terror in the gray-fogged girl started increasing. Her flying speed rapidly dropped. Reaching 50%, 30%, 10% of her original speed…

Much less her, even the other four that were initially filled with doubt, felt that the Void Shackles around them were becoming increasingly restrictive. Their expressions changed.

How could this be?

If the previous restriction was at the Grand Perfection World Realm Chaotic Origin Level, now, it was five times stronger, ten times stronger…

“Kill, kill him!”

“Hurry up and run!”

These four were also panicking. The three-headed serpent continued attacking frantically, yet even as Xue Ying stood there with his eyes closed, the layers of spatial protection covering his body became more and more profound. Their attacks could not touch the robe of Xue Ying at all.

The gray-fogged lady who had long fled far away started slowing down at the Void Shackles became more frightening. Eventually, she stopped. She struggled yet could not move. The Void Shackles had completely penetrated through every part of her body. She decomposed back into black and white fog. These two fog lumps had been locked down by the hair-sized Void Shackles and were completely frozen and unmoving.

The three-headed serpent also split back into the three Ouroboros. They were similarly penetrated by Void Shackles and were frozen solid.

Likewise with that bird.

The enormous and countless Void Shackles existed everywhere in the region. And all six Grand Perfection World Realm Lifeforms were currently unmoving in this region.

Only Xue Ying stood there with his eyes closed.

This scene made both Sirius and Scarlet Peak Daoist not dare to speak. They could vaguely sense something happening.

Much less them.

Many other Chaotic Origin Experts that were watching it from afar, and even Overlords, were nervous. The Innate Chaotic Origin ‘Primogenitors’ were even more so. As the news spread, more and more experts cast their attention to this region.

Very soon, all Overlords were also looking at this place.


‘So beautiful.’

Even though Xue Ying’s eyes were closed, the complete ‘Chaotic Origin Dao of Void’ had appeared in his mind. At this moment, he had fully grasped the Dao.

As the saying went, once one sees the Dao, one can die peacefully.


Firstly, it was because of his ambition. This dream that he had been chasing after across many years.

Secondly… it was truly too beautiful!

It encompassed the most intrinsic logic of this vast Chaotic Origin Dimension. Xue Ying had started off with the Dao of Void before absorbing other profound mysteries into it. After reaching the Half-Chaotic Origin Level, he even absorbed the profound mysteries from the Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm… finally, today, he grasped the essence of the ‘Chaotic Origin Void Energy’. At least now, the entire aspect of Chaotic Origin Energy no longer held any secret to Xue Ying.

‘Chaotic Origin Energy. It is the soil of many worlds including the Origin Worlds. It encompasses everything and is the root of all.’

Xue Ying opened his eyes.


His body transitioned. That was a jump to a different level of life.

He began wildly absorbing the endless Chaotic Origin Energy around him. One could see Chaotic Origin Energy from the vast surrounding region pouring in and gathering on Xue Ying’s location. It even formed an enormous maelstrom, sending in huge amounts of Chaotic Origin Energy into his body, forcing an evolution to happen. The surface of his skin began forming many small Chaotic Origin Worlds. The body itself was as grand as the Chaotic Origin, as if every action of his would bring about endless might and vast like the void. Any attacks landing on his body would be like attacking the void without really touching Xue Ying’s body.

‘Overlord, eh?’

Xue Ying could feel how powerful he was.

In this boundless Chaotic Origin Dimension, there were many energies at the highest level, and many who grasped the highest level of power… they were all at equivalent levels, the Overlords, the Primogenitors! The only difference between the Cultivator Overlords and the Innate Chaotic Origin Primogenitors… were that even though Primogenitors wielded huge power and could control them, they relied on digging their bloodline to the pinnacle.

And Overlords had grasped the essence of energy, the ‘Dao’. They were naturally different.

‘In this boundless Chaotic Origin Dimension, the Chaotic Origin Energy is only soil. On this soil, there are many more kinds of energy.’ Xue Ying began even more humble at this moment. He understood that there were still many that he did not understand.

Deep in the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension.

There was a special hidden world. As it hid itself, no other lifeforms in the Chaotic Origin Dimension could discover it.

At this moment, it was emitting waves of ripples while watching from afar.

It was examining that white-robed young man.

‘Yet another Overlord emerges from the living beings of Origin Worlds? This is truly interesting. Those mortals that were originally weak and tiny can actually progress until they become Chaotic Origin Lifeforms in the end, even walking to the peak. They are making me feel pressured.’ A huge eye vaguely formed on the membrane of this world. Following that, the eye hid itself and disappeared once again.

Here was an extremely unique place in the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension. A land had emerged here, and the time here seemed to be eternally unmoving. Furthermore, the degree of void stability was high. A grit of soil could destroy even a High-Graded Chaotic Origin Lifeform. World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeforms would turn into paste by the strong gravitational force.

Only Overlords could stand here.

There was a round table placed on this land with 32 thrones surrounding it. Of which five of them were seated with beings. They had varying appearances, and their state of life was unlike each other.


The five of them immediately turned towards one direction.

They could sense the emergence of a similarly high and powerful existence.

“Yet another Overlord has emerged from the sentient beings living within the Origin Worlds? It seems our Eternal Land has to add another throne.” An organism wearing white combat armor sat there. His existence gave off a feeling of endless destruction.

“These weak tiny beings that cultivated until they became Overlords who grasped the essence of energy are so unlike me. When I was born, I already wield a combat strength at the peak. Yet no matter what, I can’t grasp the essence of energy still.’ A bizarre cuboid lifeform sat on the throne as he spoke. His shadow oscillated in the surroundings.

“The cultivators originally have just a single ‘Yuan’. But now, there are more and more of them. They are also holding more and more seats among us. I could feel that they are getting more threatening. We must think of a way to weaken them!” A huge serpent sat on the throne with his meandering body circling around it.

“Ouroboros, your Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction is huge. There are currently more than a hundred Primogenitors, and many more are still emerging over the years. You still find a need to weaken those cultivators? Adding up this latest addition, they only have nine in total.” That bizarre cuboid lifeform said.

“Our Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction only occupies five thrones here.” The great serpent said with dissatisfaction.

It was not an easy task getting recognized by this group of terrifying existence at the Eternal Land.

Only five Primogenitors from the Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction had been recognized. These five… had reached an undying stage. Their bloodlines were unique and they would never die.

As for the Cultivator Overlords, there was no need to confirm it. Any new emergence would definitely be invited as a new member of the Eternal Land.

Within the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension, within the first world that was formed.

This was a very special world.

In this world, there were many clouds in the sky. In reality, each cloud belonged to an Origin World outside.

And the earth was filled with endless black soil.

Within the black soil, a snake-like monster tunneled out slowly. It swam in the void with contentment.

“Mn?” Suddenly, many other snake-like monsters popped out from the endless black soil. They looked up into the sky. That position in the sky corresponded to a location in the Chaotic Origin Void… precisely where Xue Ying was. Over there, a terrifying aura appeared.

“Another Overlord has emerged from those weak tiny cultivators?”

“It is becoming harder and harder trying to devour those Origin Worlds. Previously, Old Thirteen has stealthily went to devour an Origin World, yet it was guarded by the avatar of an Overlord. Eventually, three Overlords reached. Their energy descended on our location, and they succeeded in killing Old Thirteen.”

“How I missed the past when I can eat whenever I want. There are no Overlords then. But the past is in the past.”

“Sleep, continue to sleep.”

Those snake-like monsters tunneled back deep into the soil.

As for that snake-like monster in midair, it continued swimming about slowly from one point to another.


After Xue Ying broke through, he was able to sense other similarly powerful beings.

Firstly, he sensed the eight other existences that had similar aura as he did. They were scattered across the place, and all of them wielded entirely different energy. One was like a biting-cold blade that could not be blocked, one was like endless destruction and slaughter, one had his grandue concealed to the extent that others would not feel any fear from it… These eight existences were not any weaker than he. They were at the same level as he.

‘The eight Overlords.’ Xue Ying understood.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, congratulations.”

“The few of us have another Dao Friend. We must celebrate this occasion!”

“Hearsay you dislike the Destruction Devils? I am a Destruction Devil! Haha…”

These eight expressed their welcome.

Even though the Overlord who was born as a Destruction Devil was slightly provocative, Xue Ying could feel a sense of ‘welcoming’ in the tone of the other party. In the eyes of that Destruction Devil Overlord… the death of those weak tiny Destruction Devils was something he did not care about. Instead, Xue Ying as a new Overlord, would be his true comrade from now on.

Xue Ying then continued examining other terrifying existences.

On a special land, that land gave off a pressure that made even Xue Ying’s heart trepidate. At the moment when he looked over——the surrounding flow of time actually stopped completely. Only then was Xue Ying able to see the round table placed on that land, and the 32 thrones surrounding it. On these 32 thrones, five of them were seated with experts.

Of which the gaze from a huge serpent seemed to be filled with ill intent.

Of the other four, one was relatively delighted, one had a benevolent look, and the final two were filled with curiosity.

‘These terrifying existences.’

Xue Ying could feel it.

In the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension, counting just the terrifying existences he could sense reached a number beyond 200! Of course, more than half came from the Innate Chaotic Origin Primogenitors. Ultimately, the Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction held an overwhelming advantage in their numbers.

‘I believe there should be more that I cannot sense.’ Xue Ying thought, ‘Furthermore, I feel that there are still many places that haven’t been explored in this vast Chaotic Origin Dimension.’

The Dao he grasped was precisely the Dao of Chaotic Origin Void.

Hence, he could easily discover some unknown places. Those regions were places he could not even see from his position. He had to personally go over before he could explore those places.


“Retreat now. Everyone retreat now.”

The Innate Chaotic Origin Lifeform Faction stopped their attacks. Those Chaotic Origin Lifeforms began retreating from different places.

These Primogenitors felt sullen.

Originally, they regarded that Sea of Abyss Master ‘Cheng Hao’ really highly. They felt it was possible for him to become a Primogenitor! Even though it was just a strand of hope, they were still doing their best to provide help. Who would have thought that instead of succeeding in their venture to save him, they had to watch with their eyes open as another Overlord emerged from the weak tiny beings that were born from the Origin Worlds, making them feel sullen.

Overlord! Every Overlord gave them a huge pressure.

They could also feel the potential that Xue Ying had. They had even ascertained a plan and method to destroy the Origin World of Xue Ying before relying on sensing the soul to eliminate all avatars of Xue Ying.

Who would have thought…

The plan had yet to be agreed upon or executed, and this Xue Ying broke through!

“This Monarch Flying Snow became a World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeform on the same day he becomes an Overlord? How could he have such a quick breakthrough?”

“So what if we feel frustrated about it? Reality is right before us.”


Xue Ying waved his hand, keeping the six World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeform. All of them had been completely sealed by him and could not exert any strength at all. They could not even move. And then Xue Ying returned.

And not too far away, Scarlet Peak Daoist and Sirius immediately bowed: “Overlord.”

Sirius was even more ashamed… previously, he actually chose to run. If only he could have fought with an Overlord, also the battle where the Overlord broke through! In the future, their relationship would naturally be different from how it would be currently.

‘How can I just run like that? Isn’t it just losing a Prime Avatar and my weapon only?’ Sirius felt frustrated inwardly.

“The two of you can return. There will no longer be any danger here.” Xue Ying said.

“Yes.” Sirius and Scarlet Peak Daoist bowed respectfully. They then executed their movement techniques and left.

As for Xue Ying, he went back to the Cultivation Sacred World.

This Prime Avatar would temporarily remain here living in seclusion! After all, he had many avatars and there was no need for him to travel from one place to another.

Hometown Origin World.

Currently, many Cosmos Gods in his hometown became restless. All of them had long discovered the changes in the Primal Chaos Void. For instance, the Primal Chaos Void had become much smaller than before! The gap between Cosmoses was much smaller as well. It was not expanding and instead, the entire void was contracting? Did this mean the original danger of Apocalypse once the Origin World expanded to a limit is no longer present?

Or about the weird case where the Lost World Corridor disappeared! What about that Great Devil ‘Sacred Master’?

Also, why would all their ‘Dao’ imprints which they left on the Origin Source of the World disappear? They could no longer leave any imprints on it.

“What exactly happened?”

“The danger of Apocalypse of this Origin World seems to disappear at this moment?”

Forefather Tian Yu, Blade Emperor, Ancestor Sorcerer, Old Monster Stone, Swordmaster and other Cosmos Gods were filled with suspicions in their hearts. They had thought of one possibility——

This Origin World had a new Chaotic Origin Expert!

Only when an Origin World had a master could it eliminate the danger of Apocalypse. Like Swordmaster, he had an avatar in the Realm Heart Great Land and knew that once an Origin World had a master… then this Origin World would forever maintain at its peak state.

“Xue Ying, what exactly happened?”

“Xue Ying, have you become a Chaotic Origin Lifeform?”

“Xue Ying, is our Origin World no longer going to be destroyed?”

All of them had previously sent transmission messages over.

And at that time, Xue Ying was completely focusing on cultivation. He wanted to become an Overlord as soon as possible. Hence, he briefly replied to them: “The Great Apocalypse danger is resolved. As for details about what happened, I’ll explain to everyone tonight.”

And now.

‘I’ve finally broken through.’ Xue Ying stood in the pavilion within his courtyard. He was clearly in a good mood.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying, I would not have thought that you could become an Overlord so quickly.” Luo City Lord appeared by the grassfield beside. “Previously, I have just congratulated you on reaching the World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. And now… just four hours later, you are an Overlord now. Your breakthrough time from World Realm to Overlord Class is this fast. I doubt anybody is able to triumph over your record for a very long period.”

Xue Ying chuckled. That’s right, just four hours.

“Oh right, Yuan is about to reach. Go go, let us go meet Yuan.” Luo City Lord added.

“Yuan?” Xue Ying immediately turned over when he heard that.

He could see through the Origin World across the vast Chaotic Origin Void, an old man in a flowery and colorful robe traveling through the Chaotic Origin Void in his direction.

“Let’s go.” Xue Ying and Luo City Lord went to receive Yuan together. None of them dared to wait here for the other party! Even though they were all Overlords, Xue Ying was full of gratitude towards ‘Luo City Lord’ and ‘Yuan’. Because those two had helped him on his journey of cultivation, especially for Yuan!

Yuan’s Realm Heart Order, <Chaotic Origin Seven Strikes>, his opportunities in Realm Heart Great Land and even his journey from the Broken Teeth Corridor to the Lightning World and Cultivation Sacred World…

Behind all these opportunities were the shadow of Yuan.

For him to have this day, he naturally had to thank Yuan.


Xue Ying and Luo City Lord left the Origin World. They soon reached ‘Yuan’ amidst the vast Chaotic Origin Void.

Yuan was wearing a flowery and colorful robe. He was even wearing slippers that revealed his toes. He seemed casual.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying greets Senior Yuan. Many thanks Senior Yuan for your previous guidance.” Xue Ying immediately thanked the other party.

“Haha, there is no need for you brat to be too politeful! Even though I might have helped you a lot, helping you compile the <Chaotic Origin Seven Strikes>, the Realm Heart Order is refined by me too, I have also given you a droplet of Core Blood from the Myriad Tentacles Dragon Mother… and many other things which I shall not elaborate upon! These aren’t worth mentioning! It is you yourself who cultivated your level! I have helped so many other cultivators but how many of them could reach the Chaotic Origin Level?” Yuan grinned.

Xue Ying was speechless.

That was totally not humble at all! Who would actually list out everything that he did to help another party.

So it seemed ‘Yuan’ had this personality.

“Also, don’t call me Senior Yuan or what. You are an Overlord too. In the future, we are brothers. I am the oldest so you can just call me Elder Brother.” Yuan gave a weird laughter.

“Elder Brother Yuan.” Xue Ying greeted. At this moment, he had not known that quite a few Overlords actually called Yuan, ‘Old Thief Yuan’. Even though Yuan was the most ancient Overlord, his personality was the most casual one. He did not really care even if others called him ‘Old Thief Yuan’.

“That’s right.” Yuan nodded with a smile, “Aiya, watching you grow up step by step, and now you have even become an Overlord. That truly delights me. Others have questioned me why I spent so much effort to construct Realm Heart Great Land, but… did it not produce an Overlord? The Overlord Xue Ying actually came from my Realm Heart Great Land.”

“Elder Brother Yuan, his hometown Origin World should be here right?” Luo City Lord said, “This is in the region of my territory.”

“It’s the same, it’s the same. Both you and I have contributed to it. Of course, my contribution is naturally bigger.” Yuan gave a weird chuckle, “Also, Luo Feng, I have contribution towards you becoming an Overlord too.”

“Yes yes.” Luo City Lord replied helplessly.

Xue Ying listened.

Luo Feng? Was that the name of Luo City Lord?

Luo City Lord immediately explained: “I came from another Origin World and has also reached where I am starting from a small little mortal from a world called Earth. Reminiscing back to those times made me sigh. Breaking through by force to become a Chaotic Origin Expert, only then was I able to control the past, present and future of all living beings in the history of my Origin World, controlling their lives and deaths… I have also teleported those that have died in that era over to the present time just so I could make up for my regrets. This is much thanks to Elder Brother Yuan! Without Elder Brother Yuan, I might have to spend much more effort trying to break through by force…”

Xue Ying nodded. At the moment when he broke through to become the Master of an Origin World, the one capability he liked the most is that he could reincarnate those important people and several existences in his life so as to resolve his regrets.

To those people!

They would merely be teleported from their death to the present! It’s just like having a nap!

But to him, it had made up for too much regrets Xue Ying had.

“Oh right, Dong Bo Brat, your breakthrough is something that puzzles me.” Yuan could not help but ask, “I have questioned myself and knew that I comprehended many Daos. But previously when you have yet to become a Chaotic Origin, you can control the World Energy of the Cultivation Sacred World, reviving shortly after being killed… is it because your Dao of Soul has reached the final realm?”

“Elder Brother Yuan is amazing.” Xue Ying immediately nodded, “You are able to guess in such a short while. Indeed, at that time, I had some enlightenment which I was thus able to break through and enter the final realm of my Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm. This breakthrough allowed my soul to easily fuse into the Origin Source of the World. Even though I am not the master of the world, I can still control part of the Origin Source Energy and all of the World Energy. I can be a supposed World Emissary.”

“Fuse into the Origin Source of the World? Then your soul would be undying for as long as the Origin Source existed?” Yuan asked.

“Yes.” Xue Ying nodded.


Both Yuan and Luo City Lord could not help but praise with astonishment.

This technique would make many Chaotic Origin Lifeforms envious.

“I then utilized my advanced Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm to influence the population in the Origin World, allowing the Origin Source of the World to recognize me as its master.” Xue Ying explained, “And thus, I was able to become a World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeform.”

“So it seems.” Yuan nodded, “The final realm of the Dao of Soul is frightening. I estimate that it is the same for other directions along the Dao of Soul. One could easily influence the masses! One could easily become the master of his Origin World. Then is your becoming an Overlord also related to this final realm of Dao of Mirage and Illusory Realm?”

Because it was not ordinary at all.

Taking just four hours to become an Overlord from the World Realm Chaotic Origin Level?

“The fusion of my fleshy body and my soul is also a Great Dao.” Xue Ying said, “Previously, I had a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body. my soul has also reached the final realm. By fusing both together… I did not encounter any bottlenecks at all, easily integrating both together. My cultivation was very smooth! For those with weaker souls and a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body, they might take several billion years to break through by force! But after becoming a World Realm Chaotic Origin Expert, my soul is sufficiently strong. Hence, I was able to smoothly deduce my cultivation in four hours, becoming an Overlord at the end.”

“Fleshy body and soul?”

Both Yuan and Luo City Lord were no longer puzzled.


Many Cosmos Gods and even the Chaotic Origin Experts that had jumped out of the cage recognized that the fusion of both ‘fleshy body and soul’ should be an orthodox Dao path. There were even many who wished to reach the final realm in the Dao of Soul! Like Realm Heart Great Land’s ‘Ancestor Fan’, many of them had the ambition yet they were insufficiently strong and could not achieve it at all.

“As long as you attain a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform Body coupled with reaching final realm in the Dao of Soul, fusing both together can easily enable you to break through by force.” Yuan nodded, “This is a highway. Nonetheless, reaching the final realm in the soul… is extremely difficult. Countless cultivators have tried, yet only you, Dong Bo Brat, have reached this stage.”

“Just me?” Xue Ying had some guesses previously, yet now, he was able to confirm it.

“Just you!” Yuan nodded.

“The Dao of Soul is very difficult. It is unlike other Daos like the Void, Flame, Lightning… all of them belong to a type of energy.” Luo City Lord added, “But the Dao of Soul involved the thinking, the consciousness and many other aspects. The difficulty of cultivation is very high.”

Xue Ying nodded.

That’s right. It is never easy becoming an Overlord.

The path he took, becoming a Half-Chaotic Origin Lifeform was challenging, yet reaching the final realm in the soul was the hardest.

“You can easily fuse into the Origin Source of an owner-less world and rely on its World Energy. No wonder you were able to rapidly recover your weak avatar previously.” Yuan stared at Xue Ying with some expectations, “How long does it take for you to recover your avatar’s strength back?”

Luo City Lord’s eyes were also emitting light. He replied: “Currently, the few of us have to stand guard over many places and we are unable to make ends meet. After all, the few of us only have one single Prime Avatar. We have to rush over to wherever the danger lies… and it’ll take a long time for our Prime Avatars to travel over. The Chaotic Origin Dimension is ultimately too big! If you are able to power up your weak avatars to the Prime Avatar level, then you can help us stand guard over many places.”

“Our overall strength is disadvantaged. Hence, we need the Overlords to stand guard over many territories.” Yuan said.

“I should do my part as well to protect the territories.” Xue Ying nodded, “But I have two points regarding cultivating my weak avatar to the Prime Avatar Level. Firstly, now that I have become an Overlord, the amount of energy required to turn a weak avatar to Prime Avatar is many times more than what I needed previously at the World Realm Chaotic Origin Level. Another point is that I can only borrow on the Origin Source of owner-less worlds. The stronger the Origin Source of the World, the faster I can recover. Like the Cultivation Sacred World previously, the Origin Source of that world would take me about an hour to power up my avatar at the Overlord Class to the Prime Avatar level.”

As a World Realm Chaotic Origin Lifeform, it would take a short time to recover his strength by relying on the Origin Source of the Cultivation Sacred World. Even at the Grand Perfection Level, it would require only about ten breaths or so.

But as an Overlord, it would take him an hour.

“An hour. That’s still fine.” Yuan nodded. Given how vast the Chaotic Origin Dimension was, they only had eight in total. Some places were too far apart and it would take one to two days to travel. Currently, it was a weak avatar of his that came to meet Xue Ying.

“We can construct worlds that are stronger than the Cultivation Sacred World.” Luo City Lord said, “Us Overlords can work together to construct some powerful worlds in certain important grounds. The moment we discover any danger, your weak avatar, Xue Ying, could easily advance to the Prime Avatar Stage and can resolve any danger then. Xue Ying, this technique of yours makes you, at least on the aspect of guarding regions, comparable to the eight of us.”

“Everyone has their own specialties.” Yuan revealed a grin.

This technique of Xue Ying indeed made them appreciate him much.

‘The Dao of Soul is indeed mysterious.’ Yuan and Luo City Lord thought. Nonetheless, their comprehension in the Dao of Soul over the long years were limited.

As the three of them chatted in the Chaotic Origin Dimension, it made Xue Ying understand that the cultivators were clearly lacking as a whole. Furthermore, even though the previous eight Overlords were united against external enemies, there were some divergence internally. Like Yuan and Luo City Lord for instance, they were filled with benevolence towards the weak cultivators. But there were some Overlords who disliked the weak.

They felt that it was worth training a Chaotic Origin Lifeform out even if more of the weak died.

“Let us continue speaking in the future. Given your personality brat, I know you are definitely standing on our side. You hate evil even more than I or Luo Feng.” Yuan chuckled, “Let us talk about the proper business now! This time, your advancement into an Overlord is something we cultivators will definitely hold a ceremony and celebration for! By then, many Overlord Class existences would come. This is also announcing to the vast Chaotic Origin Dimension that us cultivators have gained another Overlord.”

Xue Ying nodded: “It isn’t something that must be held now right?”

“We need to prepare and invite the various parties. You can set the time. Best be within a year.” Yuan said, “Also, the other Overlords wish to meet you, so we can have a gathering too. By then, we’ll re-divide the territories and split some regions belonging to you too, Overlord Xue Ying. By then, you’ll have to protect those places!”

“Elder Brother Yuan, you can set the location of this gathering. Best let it be after three days.” Xue Ying said, “I have some matter which I want to settle first.”

“Haha… alright alright, you have just broken through so we shall not disturb you for now.” Yuan chuckled, “Go do your stuff.”

“Alright, Elder Brother Yuan, Luo City Lord, I’ll first return then.”

Xue Ying immediately transformed into a stream of light and flew back to his Origin World.

At this moment, he did not really have the mind to participate in what Overlord Gathering! He did not have the heart to arrange a huge ceremony either, receiving the various Overlord existences.

He only had one single thought.

And that was to reincarnate his father, his mother, Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong, his little brother, and also his teacher Gu Qi, and many good friends that had died. Being the Master of an Origin World, he could do everything as per his wishes!

He wanted to spend his time sharing his happiness with the most important people in his life.

Xue Ying flew into the Origin World. He saw his wife and children, and then through the history of the Origin World, he saw his father, mother, Uncle Tong, Uncle Zong, his little brother Qing Shi, and many others…

“It has been a long time since we met. I truly miss all of you.”

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