Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 15 – The Demand of the Great Mage

Chapter 15 – The Demand of the Great Mage

Xue Ying picked up the weapon box containing the godly spear, Flying Snow and pushed the button on the side of the box. The two parts of the spear popped out from the top. Xue Ying nimbly took the two parts out of the box and then smoothly reinserted them until the box locked itself again.

“Brother’s so cool!” Qing Shi said, eyes shining.

“After you become a mage you will be even cooler!” said Xue Ying while looking at his brother with a smile.

“Haha, this weapon box is a bonus. ” The purple robed middle aged man said with a smile. He was in a good mood after selling the goods that had stayed in stock for such a long time. “There are more mechanisms on the side of the box, so you can put rope or other materials inside of it when you’re out on an adventure.”

The box was very light and was able to hold many things.

It did not take long to store or take out heavy or long weapons either.

“This weapon box is a bonus?” Xue Ying smiled and asked, “How come the refiner didn’t make a box for the Flying Snow himself?”

Refiners generally made matching, elegantly decorated cases for the weapons they had made.

So why had the refiner not made a case for this weapon??

Xue Ying was very curious about the background of this spear.

The refiner certainly knew how valuable this spear was. Normally it would be extremely expensive, but Earl Quan had actually traded it for a measly 18,000 gold coins. This made Xue Ying even more curious about its background.

“Be at ease. I won’t cancel my purchase.” Xue Ying said.

“Ha…” The man in purple hesitated for a while, then said, “My boy Xue Ying, I won’t hide this from you. When I was in the merchanting business, before I opened this shop, I met an old beggar. He ate at my place for free… I felt that he was not an ordinary man, so I didn’t stop him. Three years later he made a spear, and said it was his payment for the food. After that, he left. I was very excited because this proved that he was indeed an extraordinary figure. When I sent the weapon away for several appraisals, the results all showed that it had a snowflake illusion effect, but few other auxiliary functions. Fortunately, it could resist a great amount of force, so it was appraised as a rank 2 refiner weapon.”

Xue Ying slightly nodded.


After buying his weapon, Xue Ying and the others went to visit the mage Bai Yuan Zhi.

“The mage’s house is located at the end of the alley.” Zong Ling said as he pointed at a narrow alley in front of them.

“Everyone, dismount from your horses and wait here. Uncle Zong, Pebble, let’s go.” Xue Ying said.

Xue Ying grabbed Qing Shi’s hand and entered the ancient alley.

“I never would have thought that Bai Yuan Zhi lived in such a remote place, I expected something more refined. ” Xue Ying said.

“The atmosphere in noble areas can be quite pretentious. Here he can more easily focus on on training and studying.”

They went to the end of the alley.

At the end of the alley was an enormous mansion. Xue Ying stepped forward and knocked on the closed door.

“Shua.” A short-haired young boy opened the door and asked, “Who are you here for?”

“Snow Eagle Territory’s Dong Bo Xue Ying has come to visit the great mage.” Xue Ying said.

“You’re the spear demon?” The short-haired youth exclaimed before quickly covering his mouth.

Voices resounded from within the mansion. “Junior fellow apprentice, who is it?”

“Our teacher is doing closed door studying right now, we wouldn’t dare interrupt him. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for an hour, Baron Dong Bo,” The young boy explained. “I will inform you when our teacher comes out. I cannot let you in now.”

“Fine, I’m not in a hurry.” Xue Ying said.

He was very patient.


An hour later.

Bai Yuan Zhi was wearing a loose white gown. As he was over ninety years old this year, his skin was a little creased, and his long black beard reached down to his stomach.. He was surprised that this young man with a weapon box on his back actually had Qi that was far too sharp to have come from a normal spear expert.

“Great mage.” Xue Ying said humbly.

“What’s the matter. Get to it, I’m busy.” Bai Yuan Zhi said bluntly.

“The great mage is very direct. I’ll just say it then,” Xue Ying said. “My little brother will be ten years old after the New Year and he has a very high talent for magic. I really hope you will be willing to act as his teacher.”

“It’s easy to accept another disciple, as long as some conditions are met.” Bai Yuan Zhi said absentmindedly.


Xue Ying shook his head, “I wish for my brother to be your personal student and be taught directly by you!”

“Taught by me?” Bai Yuan Zhi frowned, “I’m over ninety, but that is not considered old amongst mages of the Star rank! I still want to go further as a mage, so I don’t want to waste too much energy in teaching. I have only taught one student personally up until now. You want your brother to be taught by me… That isn’t impossible, but I have two requirements. I will teach your brother as long as you satisfy either one.”

Xue Ying said, “Please tell me.”

“I’m in dire need of a specific magic beast material – the heart of Silver Moon!” Bai Yuan Zhi said excitedly, his eyes shining, “It’s the heart of a rank 4 magic beast, the Silver Moon Wolf King! It must be freshly obtained since it can only be preserved for three days.”

“What’s the other requirement?” Xue Ying asked.

The heart of a Silver Moon Wolf King. And it must be fresh?

This requirement was too harsh.

“Being a mage is expensive,” Bai Yuan Zhi exclaimed. “I need money to support my research, but it’s not easy to make money. I’m willing to accept your brother if you pay me 50,000 gold coins!”

Only a couple nobles across all of Water Rites Town could afford to pay 50,000 gold coins, and even then, only by selling their lands.

But territory was the nobility’s foundation, which meant even fewer people had 50,000 gold coins available.

“Fine, I understand.” Xue Ying stood up.

Bai Zhi Yuan sighed.

He knew his demands were unreasonable.

“I will get you a heart of Silver Moon or 50,000 gold coins in one month.” Xue Ying said.

Bai Yuan Zhi became dazed for a moment.

He actually agreed?

Bai Yuan Zhi couldn’t help but get excited.

“Then I’ll wait for you here.” Bai Yuan Zhi stood up and started acting more politely. His first student was the child his best friend had left behind. If some requirement of his wasn’t satisfied, he would never waste his time on teaching. But his requirements were so demanding that before Xue Ying, nobody had ever agreed!

“Goodbye. Great Mage doesn’t need to see us off.”

Xue Ying stood up and left.

Bai Yuan Zhi stood near the window and looked down at the yard. Xue Ying left the mansion, holding his brother’s hand. The silver haired Six-Armed Serpent Demon accompanied him at his side.

“It seems that the young lord is not an ordinary man.” Bai Yuan Zhi smiled.


“Brother, how was it?” Qing Shi asked hopefully.

“You’ll know the result after the New Year.” Xue Ying smiled, “Be at ease, Qing Shi. The great mage will accept you as his student. Just wait ‘til the new year.”

However, Xue Ying was making a plan in his heart.

I need to get the heart of a Silver Moon or 50,000 gold coins in one month…

‘The time limit isn’t very tight. There shouldn’t be any problems, but I’d rather tell Qing Shi after everything is settled. It wouldn’t do to talk big now.’

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