Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 23 – Killer, Dong Bo Xue Ying

Chapter 23 – Killer, Dong Bo Xue Ying

Ge Bin commanded his subordinates to advance, while the bandits on the surrounding canyon ridges glared like a tiger watching their prey.

“We must escape quickly!”

Zong Ling continuously urged.

Xue Ying and Zong Ling turned and fled without the slightest hesitation.

“Trying to escape? Chase them down!” Ge Bin coldly shouted.

“Damn it! How did they discover us? If they had just continued a bit further, they would have fallen prey to our trap.” The bandits were annoyed and furious. They never expected that the Six Armed Demon Serpent, Zong Ling, and juvenile territory lord would discover them from so far a distance. The bandits were very confident in their concealment skills, after all; if they weren’t this confident, they wouldn’t have survived in the Mountain Range of Desolation until this day.

“Chase them!” Ge Bin snarled as he grinded his teeth.


Xue Ying and Zong Ling were purposefully provoking the bandits by fleeing. This was due to the bandits on the two surrounding ridges that just took out some gigantic crossbows.


Over ten crossbows fired hunting nets towards at Xue Ying and Zong Ling in unison.

Hu, hu, hu…

The spheres exploded in midair, transforming into huge hunting nets that surrounded the pair.

“Avoid them!” Xue Ying and Zong Ling rapidly evaded the hunting nets. It would be a great inconvenience if either were entangled in the nets, even with their ferocious strength. This was also another reason they had fled.

Fortunately, they didn’t fall into this ambush and end up surrounded. With the large distance between them and the bandits, not to mention the duo’s strength, it was easy for Xue Ying and Zong Ling to dodge.

“They’re simply too agile.”

“It’s impossible to stop them.”

All twelve hunting nets caught nothing but air, causing Ge Bin’s tooth to itch as he chased.

“Uncle Zong, we’ve fled for nearly 500 meters already. This should be enough. There shouldn’t be any more ambushes.” Xue Ying stopped and turned around before he laid down the Silver Moon Wolf King fur.

“Ah, continue fleeing? Just flee then. There is a magical beast horde ahead. I’d like to see how long you can continue fleeing!” Ge Bin’s group of deadly bandits were closing in.

Xue Ying grasped the Flying Snow God Spear that was stuck in some mud off to the side and grinned at his pursuers. “Ge Bin, you raided my territory six years ago and massacred over five hundred civilians from my territory as well as the Water Rites County. There were also an unknown number of your members from your Bent Blade Union that had perished. Today, I will settle your debts!”

When Xue Ying spoke, Ge Bin and his bandit subordinates were rapidly closing in.

“Settling my debts?” Ge Bin said with an evil grin. “There are many people who wish to kill me, but in the end, they were all killed by my hands!”

The grey robed elder behind Ge Bin gripped his staff and began chanting.

Xue Ying was paying attention to this whole group of bandits, but he focused most on this grey robed elder. He knew since long ago that there was a Heaven ranked mage within the ranks of the Bent Blade Union. Allowing a mage to cast their magics would be foolish!

“Correct, I’ll settle your debts. The countless blood debts that you owe.” Two short spears appeared from his spear sack.

“Go, go.”

A faint blood-red aura arose from Xue Ying’s body as he threw the two spears from his right arm as if they were bolts of lightning! He had always practiced spear throwing with his right arm. In order to ensure his success, he had also burst out the power of his primordial bloodline.



The two short spears created a dreadful whistling sound as they tore through the air. They streaked across a distance of a hundred meters until materializing in front of the grey robed elder.

Too fast! All of the bandits’ eyes popped out in alarm when they say the spear’s speed.

“Be careful.” Greatly alarmed, Ge Bin’s blade appeared instantly. A shining bent blade was raised in front of the grey robed elder. Peng! Ge Bin felt a formidable force flow forth, and his arm experienced a burst of acute pain. The short spear was only affected a bit, as it ricocheted and shot at a bandit off to the side. Pu, pu… Three corpses were left in the path of the spear, each with an enormous bloody hole in their chest.


The grey robed elder’s eyes were filled with fear. Although the first short spear had been blocked by the big boss, the second spear arrived. A layer of black fog immediately appeared from his body. But Xue Ying’s strength already reached the realm of a Silver Moon Knight when he burst out the power of his primordial bloodline! This black fog was absolutely unable to defend against this frightening spear. In a flash, the spear had pierced through the elder’s chest!

The fog dissipated, revealing the grey robed elder’s wide eyes as his stomach possessed a bloody hole as large as a bowl!

A Heaven ranked mage had been killed!

“Scum, you can all go to hell for me!” Xue Ying was merciless against these bandits that reeked of death. He snatched another short spear from his spear sack and imbued it with his primordial bloodline’s power. A Great Master at the realm of Power Perfectly as One had perfect control over his body’s powers, allowing him to display great might with the short spear!


Every single spear he threw had a terrifying speed, creating window after hole after hole as they pierced through the bandits.

There were only stone walls on both sides of the canyon. Even if the bandits wanted to hide, they wouldn’t be able to find a place to hide.

“Pu!” A large bald man held onto his shield in a desperate attempt to ward off the spear. But the shield was shattered into pieces with a loud bang. The spear tore apart his body before continuing on and penetrating the bandit behind him.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The air was rent apart by the spear’s oppression. The spear was the invitation of the Death God. This group of bandits plummeted into fear and panic. Only around a thousand bandits were in pursuit due to the canyon’s width, leaving rows upon rows of them to stand there, waiting for impending spears. Each throw would create a huge skewer! After being skewered like a kebab, their life would cease to be. Who wouldn’t be scared?

“So powerful. How could this be?” Ge Bin held onto his bent blade, doing his utmost to resist. Two spears shot towards him consecutively, forcing him to risk his old life to deflect both. The two deflected spears killed many bandits to by his side, once again.

“It turns out that the most terrifying one isn’t the Six Armed Serpent Demon Zong Ling, but that young territory lord!” Ge Bin glared at that black clothed youngster as he continuously threw short spears.

Ge Bin had barely survived those two spears; he couldn’t possibly kill Xue Ying, so he decided to abandon any attempts on him for now.

But those Heaven ranked bandits continued to suffer a massacre! Each spear would eat apart each row of bandits, resulting in kebabs of six to seven corpses. This was mainly due to how clustered they were.

Time seemed endless in this battlefield of death..

In reality, there were only twelve shorts spears in total, and with Xue Ying’s throwing speed, they were soon depleted.


Even when the short spears stopped coming, the bandits were still frightened to the point of inaction. They could only blankly look around them.

The second boss died, the third boss died, the fourth boss died….

Aside from the chief boss Ge Bin, all of their other powerful experts had died. Not a single Heaven ranked bandit was left, and more than half of the Earth ranked bandits had perished! The most important bandits, who were Ge Bin’s followers, had all met with the short spear’s attacks. These Heaven and Earth ranked bandits were the first to suffer the onslaught of spears and to die the most miserable deaths.

“Boss.” All of the bandits looked towards Ge Bin.

Ge Bin could only grind his teeth to the point of bleeding, however, as he watched the black clothed youngster in the distance. He never expected for the backbone of his Bent Blade Union to be annihilated by an onslaught of thrown spears.

“Dong Bo Xue Ying!” Ge Bin roared.

“I have come to the Mountain Range of Desolation to eradicate your Bent Blade Union!” The soaring blood-red aura emanating from the distant black clothed youngster began to dissipate. The strength needed to burst out his primordial bloodline was very demanding, after all. He picked up the spear beside him that was stuck in the ground.


Xue Ying turned into a blur as he dashed forth.

“So fast!” Those bandits exclaimed in shock.

“Kill him with me! Kill!” Ge Bin roared with madness, and a faint layer of black dou qi appeared on his body. Dual wielding two bent blades, Ge Bin dashed forwards in a blur and raced towards his kill.

“All together now.”

“Kill him!”

All of the the bandits followed their boss’s heel. Some took out bows and arrows, some prepared their concealed weapons, while others licked the blood off their blades. They were intimidated by the spears thrown before, but if it was a close quarters battle, what could a thousand people fear? Furthermore, Boss Ge Bin was leading the charge.

“Die for me!”

Ge Bin had long since reached the pinnacle of the Meteor rank. He was an extremely experienced elder.

Hu. He marched on like a demon.

They approached Xue Ying in a flash, arcing around him. They all wanted to get closer to him.

The spear was a long weapon. If Ge Bin could engage in close quarters combat, then his chance of victory would increase several fold!

“Hmph.” Xue Ying let out a cold snort before his spear suddenly shot forward like an arrow.

“Dang dang dang.”

Shadows of the spear, fast as lightning, could be seen amidst the fluttering snowflakes. This was the first level of the “Mysterious Ice Spear Technique,” Floating Snow.

Fast! Additionally, the enormous range of his swinging spear didn’t allow Ge Bin any time to deal with it. Xue Ying was fast before, but the current him was even faster! Ge Bin could only wave his bent blades, relying on pure instinct as he blocked five attacks in a row. His body couldn’t endure the recoil; every single spear caused him to feel the threat of death. Ge Bin prepared to defend at all times. Faced with such a terrifying spear…. there was no time to think. He could only rely on intuition to defend.

After those five attacks, Xue Ying flexed his core and swept out with his spear.

Ge Bin’s two blades immediately intercepted the shaft of the spear. Peng! When the blades and shaft had touched, a frightening impact was transmitted to Ge Bin’s body. Ge Bin’s expression changed as he lost control of his body and was sent flying. He was like a sandbag leaning on the side of the mountain wall. A mouthful of blood came spraying out of his mouth.

He was still holding onto his two blades, but the impact left him dazed. He only felt a cold ray hitting his face.


A spear pierced Ge Bin’s throat as fast as lightning. It pierced all the way into the mountain wall behind Ge Bin. The spear nailed him into the mountain wall, with his feet hanging about half a meter above the ground.

Ge Bin stared with open eyes. His eyes were filled with shock as he gazed upon the grim black clothed youngster in front of him. He never expected that he, Ge Bin — having been unhindered for so many years — would actually die at the hands of a youth.

“Gugu~~” Blood overflowed from his mouth. His eyes gradually turned dull.

The number one bandit of the Water Rites Town, ‘Bent Blade’ Ge Bin, has perished!

Killer… Dong Bo Xue Ying!

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