Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 25 – Intelligence Report

Chapter 25 – Intelligence Report

“Xue Ying, what have you discovered?” Although Zong Ling believed Xue Ying, he was still clueless of what had happened.

“I don’t know either.” Xue Ying shook his head, “It’s just that I had this feeling that if we continued heading there, we might die.”

“The Bent Blade Union’s hideout was already on the mountain for so many years, and nothing has ever happened, has it?” Zong Ling doubted.

“I don’t know about that.” Xue Ying laughed. “Who cares about that. We’ve already completed our goal, Uncle Zong. Let’s head home now.”

“Yeah, let’s head home.” Zong Ling also smiled happily.

The two of them walked towards the camp side by side.

About one hundred soldiers of the Snow Eagle Territory were stationed in the camp.

“My Lord.”

“My Lord.” some of the soldiers, who were patrolling inside the camp, greeted respectfully. Soon after, the captain of the troops, captain Yang Cheng, came to welcome them.

Captain Yang Cheng welcomed them with a surprised voice, “Lord Xue Ying, Lord Zong Ling, you’re back early today, did something happen? Normally you would be back when the sky has darkened, but it’s still a long time till sun down.”

Xue Ying smiled.

This morning, they went into the Mountain Range of Desolation to kill the pack Silver Moon Wolves. After killing the Wolf King they headed back, only to be stopped shortly by the Bent Blade Union; it was still 1-2 hours till dusk.

“Captain Yang Cheng”, Xue Ying said, “Uncle Zong and I plan to head out now and rush back to the Snow Eagle Territory. But you should continue to camp here for another day before heading back tomorrow.”

“Return to the Snow Eagle Territory?” Captain Yang Cheng displayed a happy expression. Camping every day in the bitter cold, how could that be compared to the safety and warmth of a fortress?

“Right.” Zong Ling said, “The Lord and I will go back first so you need to lead the soldiers well.”

“Be at ease lord Zong Ling.” Captain Yang Cheng promised while patting his chest.

Shortly after.

Xue Ying and Zong Ling, both riding a Frost Pegasus started heading to the Snow Eagle Territory!

The Frost Pegasus all had extraordinary stamina. Even though the Silver Moon Wolf King’s fur was nearly a thousand kilograms, the Frost Pegasi were able to maintain a very fast pace the whole time! Whenever the pegasus was tired out, Xue Ying and Zong Ling would swap pegasi and let it rest.


The sky had already darkened.

They pressed onwards in the freezing cold. Two Frost Pegasi turned into gusts of wind as they galloped onwards to the territory.

“We will arrive soon.” Xue Ying could see a majestic mountain from afar; that was the Snowrock Mountain that was named after himself and his little brother!

“We are finally back.” Zong Ling revealed a smile.

“Right now, it should be about the time for Qing Shi to be having his dinner.” Xue Ying was delighted. He had achieved his goal for going to the Mountain Range of Desolation, and his gains were better than what he had initially expected. At least, the matter regarding his little brother’s master shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Two Frost Pegasi were galloping on the mountain path.

Along the mountain path, they continually dashed upwards.

“My Lord.” The guards at the outpost, instantly recognised their own territory lord and Lord Zong Ling at a glance so they were extremely respectful.

There were no hindrances along the way, so they dashed directly towards the castle entrance.

“Open the gate!”

Xue Ying shouted while riding on his pegasus.

“Ah, of course, my lord.” The patrolling guards immediately recognized him and shouted, “Quick, hurry up and let down the drawbridge, and open the castle gate!”

“Young Master Qing Shi, Young Master Qing Shi, the lord has returned, the lord has returned!” The servants in the castle shouted while speeding ahead to report.

Hong long long~~~

The castle’s drawbridge was let down, and the castle gate was pushed open by the soldiers.

As the castle gate opened, Xue Ying looked ahead while on his pegasus and immediately saw a body wearing thick clothes that resembled a little bear running cheerfully towards him from afar.

“Brother!” Qing Shi’s excited eyes brightened.

“Haha.” Xue Ying came down from the pegasus and handed it to a soldier stood beside him.

He immediately began to smile widely, watching Qing Shi dash towards him before sweeping Qing Shi up and carrying his little brother in his arms. Although he was carrying the thousand kilogram Wolf King fur on his back, Xue Ying’s arms could easily withstand thousands of kilos, so how easy would it be to carry his brother?”

“Big brother, you said you would return in ten days to half a month, but it’s been 18 days!” Qing Shi said. After calculating the time he was traveling , it was indeed 18 days.

“I was delayed. Have you eaten dinner?” Xue Ying asked.

“I was going to, but then I heard that big brother came back!” Qing Shi was excited, and his eyes lit up, “Big brother, what are you carrying on your back? It’s very beautiful! So white, so soft!” He even reached out his hand to touch it.

“This fur hasn’t been cleaned yet, wait until I clean it. Then I’ll let you play with it.” Xue Ying said, “Let’s go and eat dinner.”

Carrying his little brother, he walked into the castle.

At this moment, another person appeared at the castle’s entrance,the mighty and robust lion man Tong San. Tong San was grinning and chuckling right now, because he was really really happy. Seeing Zong Ling and Xue Ying’s return, and even the gigantic Silver Wolf King’s fur, he understood something…… This was definitely a major success! With his many years of experience from adventuring, he could tell that it was definitely the Silver Wolf King’s fur with only one glance. A common wolf would never possess such a huge pelt! Nor would it be so beautiful.

“Uncle Zong, uncle Tong, let’s go eat.” said Xue Ying.

“Let’s go, together.” Tong San and Zong Ling were both laughing.

“Roar~ Big bro is back! Big bro is back~” While being carried by Xue Ying, little Qing Shi was happily cheering.


On the other hand..

The Bent Blade Union’s backbone was exterminated entirely, and the remaining small fry would of course pack up some of their main nest’s treasures and started to escape! Once they escaped, the message ‘The Bent Blade Union was eradicated by the young lord of Snow Eagle Territory’ spread out swiftly, like a gust of wind.

Deep into the night.

Yi Shui city, Long San Lou.“Lord Si An.” The white haired old man quietly stood outside a room.

A black haired middle aged man yawned with his muddled eyes half open. He replied, “Ah, You Tu! Why have you awakened me in the middle of the night? What’s the matter?”

“Lord Si An, a major event has occurred in our Water Rites Town!” The grey haired elder said in a low voice.

“The Bent Blade Union has been wiped out!” The grey haired elder quietly said.

Lord Si An gaped.

The Bent Blade Union?

The largest and most powerful bandit group near Water Rites? Lead by the powerful Meteor Knight Bent Blade Ge Bin and a group of Heaven Knights? They were wiped out?

“This information isn’t false?” Lord Si An didn’t dare to believe this. “The Bent Blade Union lead by Ge Bin? The Bent Blade Union that always slips away when it faces unfavorable situations? They were wiped out?”

“Yes. The Bent Blade Union lead by Ge Bin.” The grey haired elder nodded. “Ge Bin himself was killed too! All of the Heaven Knights and even the majority of the average knights plus a mage were all killed without exception! Furthermore, they were all wiped out by one person.”

“Who?” Lord Si An asked.

“They say that it’s the Spear Devil, that young territory lord.” The grey haired elder answered in a low voice. “Dong Bo Xue Ying!”

Lord Si An was alarmed.

The power of a single person was able to wipe out the entire Bent Blade Union?

What kind of strength could he possess? At the very least, he must possess the strength of a Meteor Knight. Perhaps he had even reached the realm of a Silver Moon Knight!

“Where is the report on Dong Bo Xue Ying?” Lord Si An asked.

“Right here.” The grey haired elder immediately offered him a file. “This information has just begun spreading across the region. Our Dragon Mountain Manor has already captured the remnants of the Bent Blade Union, we can meet with the lord tomorrow.”

Lord Si An looked over the file without a single trace of tiredness. He was incomparably clear-headed now.

The information network of the Dragon Mountain Manor was the largest in the region.

The initial reports already had nearly all of the events recorded.

“If this information is true, then I fear that the number one expert of Water Rites is now that young territory lord.” Lord Si An quietly muttered. “I truly don’t dare to imagine this. Just how old is he now? That married couple Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu has given birth to such an extraordinary son!”

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