Lord Xue Ying

Volume 1 - Chapter 6 – Cultivation

Chapter 6 – Cultivation

After finishing one thousand five hundred stabs, Xue Ying was soaked with his own

sweat. He had lost the feeling in his right arm and it was even too numb to move. He relied solely on his willpower to complete the one thousand five hundred slabs.

“Water.” Xue Ying asked with a hoarse voice.

“Master, here.” The servant, who was watching from the side was startled by the rough training of her young master, quickly brought water.

Xue Ying picked up the large cup with his left hand and finished the whole cup in one gulp.

Soon after that he continued practicing the 《Three Stage Flame Technique》!

While cultivating Dou Qi, the muscles and bones of the body would begin to itch. This time, the most obvious ones were his right arm and hand. It was clear that the Heavens and Earth mysterious power from that day was drilling into his right arm and hand continuously. The more exhausted the body is…. the more effective the Dou Qi cultivation is! Naturally, the body mustn’t be exhausted to the point of collapsing. The way Dong Bo Xue Ying was practicing, for the average person, they would likely have destroyed themselves after ten days. However, he was able to take an expensive medical bath everyday! After a year of these baths, most noble families would have gone bankrupt!

After Xue Ying practiced this routine three times, his ability to absorb the power of the Heavens and the Earth had already greatly diminished. With that he decided to stop. His left arm seemed to be fully restored, but his right hand was still a tad sore.

“Start to lead the spear with the left hand .”

“Come at me.” As Xue Ying stared at the refinerl dummy in front of him with shining eyes, he held his spear with his left hand and used his right hand for support. Then he violently stabbed with the spear!

“Tong San, have you seen Xue Ying?”

“No, I haven’t.”

Zong Ling and Tong San were both confused and surprised. It was almost lunch time yet Xue Ying was nowhere to be found. And since Mr. and Mrs. Baron Dong Bo have just been captured, they were even more worried about Xue Ying.

“Where is the Lord?” Zong Ling and Tong San asked one of the chambermaids.

The maid replied quickly, “Our Lord has been at the martial grounds since this morning.”

“He is still in the martial grounds? It’s almost noon.” Tong San asked in slight astonishment, “Xue Ying usually practices for two to four hours at most in the morning, but it has already been six hours since morning!”

Zong Ling hurried toward the martial grounds without a word..

As they got closer to the training area, they heard a constant sound of strong collisions. Zong Ling and Tong San glanced at each other and then opened the door to the training area.

“This…” Both of them were stunned by the young man in front of them.

The youth, who was red all over his body, was holding the spear tightly, and stabbed and slashed continuously at the refiner dummy.

He exerted power from his waist and angrily slashed out with the spear!

One, two, three times… In the same manner, the spear continuously streaked across the vast sky with growing strength. In the instant he struck the refiner dummy, his speed and ferocity reached it’s peak.

The skin of the youths whole body has turned red on top of that the surface of his body was releasing steam due to the extreme heat of his body.

“His blood and his Dou Qi have surged to this level already?” Zong Ling mumbled.

“Xue Ying, are you crazy? Stop it and take a break!” Tong San said anxiously. He had never seen Xue Ying like this. He was worried that Xue Ying had gone over his limit.

“Wait for a while! I am not finished” Xue Ying said.

“Don’t worry, Xue Ying takes medicated baths every day. He will be fine. I think he just needs to let it all out.” Zong Ling was concerned about Xue Ying, not because of over exertion but because he was worried that Xue Ying might dwell on his misery. After all, his body will heal and repair itself once he takes his daily medical bath. He knows Xue Ying since he was a little baby and he doesn’t hope for any odd changes in Xue Ying’s character.

Xue Ying turned his face towards his uncles and smiled, “Uncle Zong, Uncle Ting, don’t worry about me. I will be fine.” He wasn’t doing this just to give vent, and it was because after he’s read the secret book of marksmanship of Transcendent Knights, he made himself a plan. He started this training plan after reading the Frozen Spear.

A secret book cannot turn you into a Transcendent. In order to become a Transcendent you must be dedicated and do a lot of hard work.

Once again, the time to drink a small cup of tea had past. Xue Ying practiced the《Three Stage Flame Technique》twice before ending his morning training!

After lunch, Xue Ying played with his little brother for a while and then went out for his afternoon training.


He exerted strength in both of his hands, thrusting his spear forwards. He had thrust using the strength of his whole body through his arms, causing the thrust to clearly become even more fierce!

His spear landed precisely on the refiner dummy’s face, neck and chest where the red dots are again and again.

That was the fourth part of his spear training — Double handed stabbing!

After two thousand times of double handed stabbing, it was time to practice his Dou Qi.

“Fire the arrows!” Xue Ying ordered.

“Yes, my lord.” Ten meters away there stood ten servants hesitantly holding their bows and arrows even though the arrows had no tips. In the past, Dong Bo Xue Ying had always had his father as a training partner but now he was immediately jumping to arrows… If he were unable to resist and was struck by the arrows, it would still be extremely painful even without the tips. It might even puncture the skin and cause bleeding.

Those servants were really worried.

“Quick, do as I ordered you earlier!” Xue Ying ordered again, so the servants had to obey.


They started with one arrow as Xue Ying used his spear to block it.

One each time.

Even though there were ten meters of distance and the servants are untrained, the arrows were still quite fast. Xue Ying had mastered the art of blocking really well. He slashed, blocked and dodged.

Now the stakes have been raised. With two arrows coming at him at a time, Xue Ying seemed to have a hard time. He got shot by three to four arrows out of ten. His body s purple and red with some cuts, but small injuries like that wouldn’t stop him.

The 《Soul Spear Technique》 was the origin of ten thousands spear techniques and can be called the foundation of all spear techniques in the Xia Clan. If one just practice the movements, all that will happen was that he will look good without any real substance. One must practice it with resolve over and over again to reveal even the most ordinary of movements to possess astonishing power!

There are six sessions to Xue Ying’s spear training: Stab with left hand, stab with right hand, double handed stab, block and freestyle attack. Between those sessions, he used his Dou Qi to relieve the soreness in his body. Otherwise he would not stand a chance at enduring such intense training….

He trained for twelve hours a day!

Immediately after training, he went to take a medical bath. His body was on the verge of collapse but he found relief in the bath. It gave him a fighting chance in getting stronger! His body, especially his arms and palms were changing. They were more muscular and the bones are harder after breaking and repairing itself continuously.

When night fell, Xue Ying ate and played with his little brother. After reading some books, he went to sleep.

He looked very tired but in fact, he was just in the same state as an exhausted commoner who had worked all day. Once he had made a habit of this, it’ll feel normal to him. Dong Bo Xue Ying could feel that his spear technique had improved as well as his body becoming even more powerful. However, his exhaustion was being overshadowed by his pleasure.

He even smiles when he was practicing spear techniques. Sometimes, he would stop and think, it was clear that he was immersed in the wonders of spear techniques… As a result to his complete devotion, he had progressed at an astonishing speed.

Winter two years later.

The snow fell in a whirl.

A handsome and strong young man could be seen as he practiced with a long black spear while his servant held a shield. The shield was covered with a thick layer of animal skin and cotton. It seems a little bit silly, but without the extra protection from the animal skins and cottons, none of the servants could withstand the upcoming force.

The servant kept on dodging left and right but Xue Ying suddenly thrusted his spear. The spear rotated and went out like a dragon, causing a hissing sound in the air. In a flash, the spear had already stabbed the shield, causing the servant to tremble under its strength. This spear was pretty good but if it was a slash, it would have been even more powerful!

“My Lord, I can’t dodge it no matter how…” That brawny servant said with bitterly .

“If you can dodge it once, you’ll get a silver coin, so you guys, train well. ” Xue Ying said. The servants at the side were filled with envy, because one silver coin was a month of their salary. And not long before, some servant would occasionally successfully dodge the attacks. Xue Ying had given away hundreds of silver coins in total, but now, it’s really difficult to win even one silver coin.

“I haven’t made any progress over the past few days. I think I have reached a bottleneck.” Xue Ying said to himself. “According to the Dark Ice Knight’s book, I should start practicing on ‘withholding’ my power?”

One needs to be able to release and withhold one’s power.


“My Lord, My Lord, bad news, bad news.” A maid screamed as she rushed into the martial grounds.

Xue Ying knew something bad must have happened, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Lord Zong Ling. He is heavily injured.” The maid said, “There’s blood everywhere.”

“Uncle Zong!”

Xue Ying was greatly alarmed , Zong Ling had been taking care of the territory for the last two years so that he could practice his spear without any disturbances, “Where is my Uncle Zong right now?”

“Mr. Zong is at his home. Mr. Tong is there too.” The maid said quickly.

Xue Ying put down his long spear and darted out to Zong Ling’s place.

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