Losing Money to Be a Tycoon

Chapter 1097 - Why Do They Look So MuChapter Like Coin-Scattering Hedgehog?

Chapter 1097: Why Do They Look So Much Like Coin-Scattering Hedgehog?

In the afternoon…

Pei Qian was in his office, looking worried.

The experience shop was filled to the brim on the first day of the test run. The response was enthusiastic. What’s more, Yao Bo and Zhou Muyan had even performed a crosstalk in front of him. One supported the other while the other amused him. It had pierced his heart deeply.

It was too difficult!

The reason why Pei Qian had spent so much effort opening this experience shop was mainly to spend more money.

Now, the rent of the experience shop had been greatly reduced and the location was so good. Even the sales’ dissuading service had the opposite effect…

It had not achieved the effect that Pei Qian had expected!

Pei Qian even wanted to completely give up on creating a huge sales team to spend money.

However, after reading the experience shop’s report, Pei Qian hesitated.

That was because the sales volume of the experience shop was not as bad as he had imagined.

He had originally thought that this experience shop would make a lot of money. However, based on the turnover of the first day, it did not seem to… make much?

The entire experience shop was about 7,000 square meters. The sales volume had changed slightly over the past two days. The sales volume might have broken a million on the first day but it was about 800,000 on average until today.

This was pure sales. If they were to make real profits, they would have to reduce the cost of products, rent of the shopping mall, electric bill, employee salary, and other expenses.

Even though the rent was waived for half a year and the rent was a 40% discount, Tengda’s experience shop was renting the most perfect area in Golden Prosperity Square. Thus, the original rent was relatively high. After the discount, it was about eight yuan per square meter per day (there was a difference in rent between the core area and the ordinary area).

Based on this calculation, the cost of rent alone was close to 60,000 yuan per day. Coupled with the high salaries of dozens of salesmen, chefs in the food and beverage area, and other employees, the cost was about 200,000 yuan per day.

On the other hand, POUIO cell phone retail stores cost about 1,000 yuan per square meter.

This was a huge gap. Tengda’s experience shop was less than one-tenth of Pineapple’s retail store.

What’s more, even though Tengda’s experience shop had G1 cell phones, which had higher profit margins, there were also products like cooperative furniture, smart fitness drying rack, Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine, and other products with very low profit margins.

Thus, this sales volume was very superficial. It looked like it was much higher than the cost, but it might not be able to make much money.

Even if it was not as huge as Pineapple, even compared to some domestic cell phone brands, this figure was still not enough.

Many cell phone brands in the country only had an area of three to four hundred square meters. Their turnover could exceed a million yuan. They earned more than Tengda, a high-end experience shop.

The figures were so optimistic that Pei Qian could not believe it.

However, he calmed down and thought about it carefully. He felt that there were several main reasons for this situation.

First of all, most of the products in Tengda experience shops were sold online. Coupled with the existence of Upwind Logistics, Tengda’s customers preferred to shop online.

Therefore, most of the old customers who came to the Tengda experience shop would only shop but not buy.

Second, even though the dissuasion service that Pei Qian arranged for Tian Mo and the others did not have a particularly obvious dissuasion effect, it did have a positive effect on lowering the turnover.

Many people would come and shop. In any case, they could not see the sales nor could they remember to buy anything. They would not feel any guilt if they did not buy anything.

What’s more, the salespeople did not take commission. They were all dead salaries. Naturally, they strictly followed Pei Qian’s instructions and carried out “transparent service”.

The last and most important point was that the entire experience shop was based on experience.

POUIO cell phones and other domestically-produced cell phone brands were mainly retail shops. Customers went there to buy things. What’s more, these brands had a huge user base. Naturally, their sales were high.

However, Tengda’s shop was not a retail store. Most of the areas were for experience. There was no need to spend money on games or movies.

Most people came with the mentality of playing and had no intention of buying anything.

This way, even though Tengda’s experience shop was huge, it could not make much money.

Of course, Tengda’s experience shop was in the trial operation stage. It had not been officially promoted. That was also one of the reasons why there were fewer sales.

Even so, after some thought, Pei Qian realized that the situation was still optimistic.

If he hired more salespeople so that the salespeople could take more shifts and increase their overall salaries, or think of other expenses projects for the experience shop…

Wouldn’t he be able to spend more money?

What’s more, this was the first large-scale experience shop after all. It was located in Tengda’s headquarters, Jingzhou. That was why there was such a huge amount of human traffic.

If he opened more experience shops, the locations would not be so good, the renovations would not be so cool, and there would not be so many people paying attention, but the expenses would still be at this level…

Didn’t that mean that there was still hope of losing money?

After some consideration, Pei Qian decided to open more experience shops.

He could not quickly deny himself just because he met with a setback!

He could open a few more shops in other cities to verify.

It was impossible for every shopping mall to be like Golden Prosperity Square, with discounts and free rent, right?

Wouldn’t they be able to lose money if they opened a place where rent was especially expensive and land prices were extremely high without a significant increase in turnover?

After much consideration, Pei Qian decided to wait and see. He could not admit defeat so easily.

Pei Qian did not think about the experience shop for now. He opened the webpage and casually flipped through the latest news.

“Eh? FV Team’s champion skin is out?”

“What’s more, Long Yu Corporation even organized an event for this champion skin?”

“That’s great! Boss Ai, Boss Zhao, you’ve been silent for so long. Finally, you’ve made your move!”

Pei Qian could not help but be overjoyed when he saw the news released on Long Yu Corporation’s official website.

He had been waiting for Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation to burn money since the 515 Games Festival. In the end, he could not wait no matter what. He was very anxious.

This time, the champion’s skin did not set a 20% discount like the other skins. Instead, it set a 50% discount!

On top of that, the official announcement stated that the discount would be the same as the skin discount during summer. Gamers could purchase it without any worries.

What’s more, after the ICL league ended, the heroes used by the winning team would be given a 50% discount on the basis of the summer discount.

However, considering that there was still more than half a month to the spring competition of the ICL league, players who could not wait could directly obtain this champion skin.

After all, even if he gave a 50% discount, it would not be able to be cheaper by a few yuan. The earlier he bought it, the earlier he could enjoy it.

What’s more, the ICL league’s championship team might not necessarily use the five heroes with the champion’s skin. It was still unknown if this 20% discount would exist.

All in all, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation were very generous and sincere in targeting the champion’s skin this time.

He had been forced by Tengda.

If not for GOG, a deranged competitor who sold skins every now and then, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation would not have offered such a low price.

Pei Qian nodded in satisfaction.

Very good, burning money would be satisfying with such an opponent!

What’s more… Long Yu Corporation’s publicity plan for the champion’s skin had exposed Finger Games’ discount during the summer.

If nothing went wrong, Finger Games would probably give a 50% discount to most of the sales of skins during the summer. They might even release some limited skins.

Pei Qian could start trouble after predicting Finger Games’ summer promotion plan.

He planned to start the summer promotional event four days ahead of Finger Games on June 22nd. At that time, the benefits would completely exceed the benefits that Finger Games had planned!

Four days was enough for Finger Games to react.

Then, they would be forced to increase the discount and burn money happily with Tengda!

At that thought, Pei Qian could not help but smile. It was as if he could see Tengda’s money being spent like water.

“I still don’t know what the champion’s skin looks like after watching so much.”

“Logically speaking, the champion’s skin would give FV Club a share of the profits. However, the good thing is that most of the profits are distributed to the players. The club will only take a small portion, and it will be used for the club’s daily operations. Even if we make money, it should not have much impact on Tengda.”

The champion skin of FV Team had not been officially sold yet, but Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation’s official websites had already released relevant publicity materials, including the original arts of the champion skin and the model in the game.

The champion’s skin name this time was “Black Gold Technology”. The overall color scheme was also black and gold. It looked low-key, deep, and a little luxurious.

All heroes were in two states before the big move was ready and when it was ready. The armor coverage would be different.

Before the big move was ready, the armor on the body would become less and there would be fewer golden special effects. After the big move was ready, the black high-tech armor would cover the entire body very tightly. There would also be a flowing golden light effect on the entire body. It would be very eye-catching.

Apart from that, there were many details about this champion skin. For example, there would be green code special effects and FV Team’s logo when they returned to the city. A large number of golden light special effects would drop from area skills.

It was obvious that Finger Games had spent a lot of money on this set of skin. The final effect was very good.

However, after watching it, Pei Qian felt a strange sense of deja vu.

“Why does it feel so familiar? Especially this golden special effect…”

“Why does it look like the Coin-Scattering Hedgehog?”

“It’s not just one or two problems. All five are very similar…”

At first, Pei Qian did not think much of it. However, the more he looked at it, the more he felt that it was true.

Modest did not have the black armor or green characters like program codes and scientific formulas, the overall feeling, especially when the golden light exploded, was very similar.

What’s more, the movements and expressions of these models seemed to be similar. He did not know if it was an illusion.

Even if he threw Modest into the five heroes, people would suspect that it was the same series of skins…

Pei Qian scratched his head.

“What’s going on? Is this a coincidence?”

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