Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 1280-END

1280 Still want to be together in the next life (end)

Therefore, the country was very cautious when it came to exports. The country’s biggest income came from tourism. Yes, tourism. The country’s coastline was very wide and was known as the world’s most beautiful sea. The water here was transparent and green, and the sand was also clean and untainted. There were the most primitive and undeveloped primitive forests here, and there were delicious food from all over the world. Therefore, this was a country for tourism. Of course, the average monarch income here was also among the best.

The current king was only 24 years old, and his new queen was a famous but low-key dance star. She was both a foreigner and a local, but she was very popular among the people. Because of this new queen, she married the king when she was 18. The next year, she gave birth to two heirs for the royal family. They were twins. The royal family had not had a newborn in a long time. This was a big day for the whole world to celebrate. The people here loved their King and supported him.

Their King had opened up a new coastline, bringing them more income and a better life. Of course, the living environment of the entire country was very good. Although the law was strict, it was the best guarantee for the law-abiding citizens.

Therefore, this place was one of the top few places in the world that was suitable for human habitation.

Jun Yi … Brother Jun Yi … rainy anxiously called out Jun Yi’s name.

Jun Yi happened to be in the middle of a discussion with a few special assistants. The moment he saw rainy, he hurriedly stood up.

what’s wrong? ” he was standing in front of rainy. Why was he in such a hurry? he placed his hand on Rainy’s forehead. are you not feeling well? ” There was a complete medical team in the palace, all prepared for her body.

I’m fine. rainy hurriedly held Jun Yi’s hand tightly.

“Did something happen to mom and dad? They’ve already been in that primitive forest for more than half a month. What should we do?” She was so anxious that she wanted to cry. something must have happened to them. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been gone for so long. In the past, they loved to go, but they never took this long.”

they … Jun Yi raised an eyebrow, the corner of his eye seemed to hurt as well. don’t worry, they’ll be fine. Your father left the entire company to me, but he’s doing great now. He’s taking your mother out on adventures every day, and the company’s really gone. &Quot;

“Why don’t I do it?” Rainy bit her red lips. Indeed, her heart ached for Jun Yi. He had to manage the country and the Chu enterprise. Although they had agreed that Chu Ye would be adopted by the Chu family, and Chu Ye was the younger twin brother that she had given birth to, he was brought back to the country by Chu lui. However, the children were now being raised by Chu Jiang, Song Wan, and Shen Yijun. With these elders, the little guy was raised until he was fair and fat. However, Chu lui and Xia ruoxin were around for a year. They all tunneled into the primeval forest, and it was called an adventure.

“No need, I can handle it.” Jun Yi said hurriedly, afraid that rainy would take things too hard and run off to manage a company to become a strong woman. First, it wasn’t about whether she was cut out for it. Even if she was, he wouldn’t let her do it. When they were having twins, the doctor said that it was best for her to give birth as soon as possible or it would burden her body in the future. After the child was born, he paid special attention to her health and didn’t dare to relax even now.

Don’t worry, Jun Yi knew what she was worried about. He reached out and pulled her into his arms. His back was her support, and his chest was where she belonged. He would give her the safest space and wouldn’t let her get hurt again, not even if she cried.

I’ll send a helicopter. No, I’ll look for them personally. Have you forgotten? they have satellite positioning on them. Nothing will happen to them. &Quot;

However, rainy was still worried. She was only 21 years old. In her parents ‘eyes, she was still a baby. Of course, in Jun Yi’s eyes, she was also a baby.

At this moment, in a rainforest, a medium-sized tent was erected on the ground.

A very young woman was sitting on the ground, holding a few skewers of meat in her hand. The meat was being roasted on the fire.

“What kind of meat is this?” The woman raised her head and asked the man who had picked up the firewood,

The man sat down and threw the firewood into the fire one by one. the snake meat here tastes pretty good. &Quot;

Oh … the woman didn’t feel scared. She was very strong now.

“Have you really been in the Special Forces?” The woman was still in disbelief. Of course, these two were none other than Xia ruoxin and Chu lui. They had been here for almost half a month and had nothing to feel uncomfortable about. They had brought a lot of things, and Chu lui had experience in surviving in the wild. It was as if he had come to his own world and could solve anything. Since it was so good and free, why would they want to go back?

haven’t you seen it for yourself? ” Chu lui added more firewood to the fire.

He reached out and tousled the woman’s hair. Her hair was fine and there was no white hair at all. However, his hair was already white. It had been a long time since he had dyed it. Sigh, he was getting old.

“Don’t you miss your little brother?” Chu lui’s tone changed, and she could hear the teasing in his voice …

that’s a grandson. Xia ruoxin pinched Chu lui’s arm. Back then, she had joked that she didn’t want a grandson. Chu lui said that if he wanted a grandson, he wouldn’t call her ‘grandma’ and would be her little brother. Now, that chubby little dumpling really didn’t call her ‘grandma’ and called her ‘pretty sister’.

This was definitely taught by this man. She had to admit that Chu lui’s methods of doing business were strong, but his methods of nurturing heirs were even scarier.

Fine, grandson. Of course, Chu lui would not argue with her. He picked up the meat on the fire, but he heard a strange sound. He raised his head, and the wind blew on his face from time to time. Then, it got stronger, and he saw a helicopter hovering in the air.

Chu lui bit on the meat on the bamboo stick again.

ruoxin … he called out his wife’s name.

“Hmm?” Xia ruoxin lifted her face. what’s wrong? ”

‘You’re going back to see your little brother …’

Just like that, Xia ruoxin watched as the helicopter in the sky landed.

She let out a soft sigh.

What a beautiful holiday.

Unfortunately, it was over.

But it didn’t matter. They would come back after seeing his brother.

The husband and wife looked at the glass with the same eyes.

Because they all understood.

If there’s a next life, we’ll still be together.

If there’s a next life, we still want to be husband and wife.

Write all the memories into the diary

Our love is like the past

Through the baptism of the Four Seasons

Memories are sweet in love.

They would only cuddle and rely on each other in the story

That is the true meaning of love.

If there is an afterlife

We still want to be together

Endless words, we’ll meet again in our next life.

You are an unchanging legend.

I will use love to convey

To be together in the next life

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