Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 372 - A Long Time

Chapter 372: A Long Time

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She returned to the car and caressed her stomach gently. “Child, you must grow up safely, because everything Mommy has depends on you now.” It was useless to depend on love anymore. Did that man even love her in the first place? It was useless to depend on the Chu couple, for they would take the side of their son. Her father only cared about how to cut more of the Chu Enterprise’s orders and direct it to themselves.

Now, all she could depend on was this child.

She clearly knew in her heart that perhaps Chu Lui had never loved her. He doted on her, liked her, and gave her everything; but she could never feel his love. She thought that his love had died along with Xia Yixuan, and so she didn’t fuss over a dead person and tried to convince herself that one day, she would receive his love. Now, everything had changed dramatically.

Xia Yixuan did not die, and Xia Ruoxin took her place. It could be anyone, anyone but Xia Ruoxin. Four years ago, she snatched Chu Lui from her; and four years later, she would not let her take Chu Lui back from her.

Her red lips curved slightly. “Child, you must make your dad stay for me because everything in the Chu household belongs to us, not any other women. If not, I wouldn’t let it go even if I die.”

Chu Lui got down from his car. He had stayed in his company for days—not because he was busy but because he didn’t know how to face the wife inside. He had chosen to marry her himself, but now, he couldn’t face her.

He placed a hand on his chest. He didn’t want to lie to himself. He wanted to see the woman dearly. There were a lot of things he wanted to say to her, but he was afraid to meet her.

He feared that she would treat him coldly. He feared that everything she suffered through was because of him.

He opened the door and entered, but he narrowed his eyes and stared at the people inside.

His parents and Li Manni’s parents were here. Their faces were filled with joy.

“Ah Lui. you’re back. Come quick. I have something to tell you.” Song Wan called her son hurriedly and waved at him to come over when she saw him.

Chu Lui took a few steps closer. Sitting in the middle was Li Manni, who looked different from before. She was smiling and looking at him tenderly. What’s wrong with her? Chu Lui’s expression darkened. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something was strange.

His instincts told him that the things they were all rejoicing and celebrating about definitely weren’t something he would like.

“Dad, Mom. Why are you here?” He asked his mother. Song Wan just pulled Chu Lui’s arms, all the worries she had in the past swept away.

“How could you be so careless, Lui? How could you, the husband, not know that Manni is pregnant? Be more careful this time. If anything happens to my grandson again, I’m going to cut ties with you.” Currently, to Song Wan, her grandson was more important than her son. As long as she had grandsons, she didn’t need a son anymore. Her son wouldn’t accompany her when he grew up, but a grandson was different. They could be with their grandson every day in the future and live, eat, and sleep together.

Song Wan was still speaking, but Chu Lui only caught a word. Pregnant.

Li Manni was pregnant. She had a child. His child. His eyes flashed complexly. Why did she get pregnant at this time? Why does he have a child now when he was finally starting to free himself from his pent-up emotions, when he wanted to make up for everything he had done wrong to a woman, and when he realized that he wasn’t able to let go of the little girl from his past?

“You’re pregnant? For how long?” His voice was level, and his face was expressionless as always. However, no one but him knew the turbulent of emotions within him right now. He was at a loss of what to do and was nowhere near as calm as he appeared.

This child was an accident, an accident he would never have imagined.

“Yes.” Li Manni lowered her head and stroked her stomach gently. “I just found out. Lui, our baby is a month old now. Are you happy? This is our second child. I’ll take good care of him. I won’t let anything happen again.”

Chu Lui took a deep breath in. “I got it. Rest well, and don’t tire yourself out.” His eyes landed on her stomach. He had accepted it passively the first time, and now, he was accepting it helplessly.

In the end, all he could do was to accept.

“I’ll pay attention, too.” Li Manni nodded slightly. This was different from the first time. Now, her entire body was exuding a motherly and tender air. After all, she was really pregnant now so—of course—she would take care of her child, which was her only chance.

The Chu couple and the Li couple couldn’t stop grinning. They were already preparing the things the baby would need after being born. The baby was just a month old and was just a little embryo, but the two families were all impatiently waiting. They couldn’t wait for the baby to be on this earth so they could hug and kiss the baby.

When the two families were done discussing, they moved to other places to let Li Manni rest in silence. When the door closed, the villa settled into the silence it always had, so silent she could almost hear her own breathing and heartbeat.

Chu Lui stood in front of the window and stared at the yard outside. His parents were preparing to leave, and his mother was holding his father’s hand and speaking to him non-stop. How long has it been since he last saw his mother so happy and a smile on his father’s face?

A very long time.

A soft and delicate body pressed lightly into him from behind. The familiar atmosphere made him reject instinctively. His heart was occupied with another woman, occupied with the change from deep hate to love. It made him want to push away the woman behind him.

However, his eyes darkened, and his arms hung helplessly at his side.

He didn’t forget that she was having his child and that his every thought and action would hurt the baby.

“Lui, I’m expecting again. Aren’t you happy?” Li Manni pressed her face into his back and sighed in satisfaction. It had been a long time since they had been this close. He was always around her, but she could never feel his intimacy. Now, they could finally be so close to each other’s bodies again.

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