Love Rival Romance System

Chapter 1 - School Idol

Chapter 1: School Idol

Summer vacation had just passed but the summer heat had not yet dispersed. The bright sun shone from high above in the sky scorching the earth below.

The students were still immersed in their vacation craze and, spiritedly, in this tropical weather…….they madly did their homework.

“Hey, why did you choose C for this question?”

“Do you even have to ask? Of course it’s because C is the longest.”

Makes sense.

When there are three long options and one short option, choose the short one; and when there are three short options and one long option, choose the long one. If the lengths are all not the same, choose B; if the difference between them is the same, choose D. If they’re all long, choose A; and if they’re all short, choose C.

This was the secret weapon for conquering a test. Although no one knew who proposed this but it had been unknowingly passed on by word of mouth and there are almost no students who did not know about it.

Amongst the rowdy noises inside the classroom, there was a sound of the door being pushed open. A tall, slender male figure walked in with a bag slung across his shoulder. His handsome features, pale and clear skin, and the hint of coldness in his eyes made him seem difficult to get close to. The moment he walked in, someone noticed his arrival and waved while greeting him.

“Brother Xu, you’re here early.”

Class was about to start but he was indeed early. Everyone had long become accustomed to seeing the school idol stepping into the classroom the moment class started. Qin Xu’s eyes were darker than usual and his face as usual was expressionless and cold. It was as if someone had angered him and he was in a bad mood. However, his buddies knew that it was probably because he played games last night and ended up sleeping too late. He was probably a little moody from having to get up so early in the morning.

And so, Qin Xu only raised his eyes slightly and coldly said one word, “Morning.” Xie Zhe also didn’t find that response strange.

The arts and science majors had just been separated and they had not yet been allocated their seats. They naturally took their seats randomly with the first arrivals taking their seats and the later arrivals filling in the remaining spots. Xie Zhe occupied the seat in the last row and also helped reserve the seat next to him for Qin Xu.

Xie Zhe is very popular in the class. With a pair of smiling peach eyes, he not only could get along with boys, even girls loved talking to him. However, his habit of changing girlfriends was also very fast causing many boys to feel both jealous and helpless.

He casually sat onto the table while supporting himself with his hands on the edges and kicked his legs in the air as he scanned his eyes around the classroom. “Since it is a science class, I was a little worried about the serious imbalance between men and women but seeing this today it looks like there are quite a few girls in our class. The talk about females being bad at science is all nonsense. If you look at the top ranking students, the number of men and women is quite similar.”

As he said this, he supported his chin and, in a good mood, he squinted his eyes. Although his words may have sounded good but, to put it bluntly, the main point of it was: There are quite a lot of girls in this class. Very good. Very happy.

Next, he started paying attention to other things. After sweeping his gaze across the classmates he said to Qin Xu: “I realised that there are also a few of our classmates from first year, Xu Ting Ting, Zeng Yu, Tang Ling Ling, Xiao Yuxing, Huang Shao….Oh, there’s also Jiang Yang.”

He deliberately mentioned that person’s name at the end and even placed an emphasis on it while grinning.

As expected, Qin Xu who was sprawled across the table reacted. His eyelids quivered as if he would open his eyes the next second but, after a waiting for a while, that was it. Qin Xu continued to catch up on his sleep and remained motionless as if he hadn’t heard anything.

Xie Zhe shrugged in disappointment. He was hoping to witness a scene of conflict on the first day back to school. What a pity.

The relationship between Jiang Yang and Qin Xu isn’t great. Their hatred for each other was something that everyone in second year knew about. Last year, the two of them had just entered first year of high school and were both handsome and fit. If they just stood there unmoving, they could easily ruin the futures of several other men. They also happened to be assigned to the same class. For the girls who saw these two handsome faces almost daily, they couldn’t help but gossip over who is more handsome and the true school idol. During military training, they were able to be on par with the strict instructor when doing chin-ups and they even represented the school and won the city-wide high school basketball competition. Their accomplishments captured the hearts of both high school boys and girls and their reputation eventually travelled throughout the school resulting in many senior sisters finding excuses to come and take a peek.

Just from this, the two should have been able to become good brothers. At first, this was the case. When these two heroic teenagers met, it was as if they were finally able to meet their chess opponent and they felt some comradery. However, after getting to know each other for a while, they realised that there were a lot of similarities between them. Although this may sound good, it was actually more problematic.

Huang Shao who had been with Jiang Yang since junior high school thought for a long time for a phrase that could describe their relationship. It could actually be considered as a little literary in style —— Humans get along with each other like puzzle pieces. Everyone has their tabs and their blanks but if their tab and blanks are exactly the same then they cannot be pieced together.

Huang Shao felt that the two of them are too similar leading to these subtle mismatches. When they deal with others together it’s okay but when they aren’t, their competitiveness will rear its head and they would compete in almost everything. Because their personality is so similar, it wasn’t a surprise that they also liked the same things. They would clash over the same shirt, the same game character and even over the last remaining braised fish at the cafeteria.

Even the girl that they liked is the same.

With the arts and science majors getting separated, they had thought that they would be assigned to different classes. That way, there won’t be sparks flying almost every day. But perhaps it was due to fate or perhaps it was because the school loved them too much, they continued to bind the two together. The fate of these two people, like fried braided dough, had become tightly bound together, unable to be separated.

On the first day of school the school did not give the students enough time to transition back when the bell indicating the start of class rang and class started as per normal.

The teacher stood on the podium chattering excitedly and spraying his saliva everywhere as the students below listened to the point that they almost fell asleep. With the sudden heavy rain pouring down outside, an even more pleasant sleeping environment was created.

Huang Shao looked at the clock on the wall above the podium and counted down until the end of school. He then looked out at the darkening sky covered in heavy clouds. The raindrops that smashed against the glass window instantly reminded him to hurry and find a classmate who had brought along an umbrella.

In fact, in Jiang Yang’s desk was an umbrella but for some reason he had been absent-minded the whole day and had not noticed the rain outside. Huang Shao also didn’t expect him to have an umbrella.

Jiang Yang creased his brows. His mood was just like the weather outside; a thunderstorm with heavy rain. It was very unpleasant. The reason to this is linked back to two days ago. He was playing on the computer as always when he suddenly heart a strange mechanical sound appear in his mind.

“System binding is complete. Jiang Yang, 17 years old. The selected target is Qin Xu.”

The sudden appearance of the voice both surprised and scared him. Once he had returned to his senses, he even suspected that it was probably a hallucination. However, he soon confirmed that in his mind there was something called a Best Friend System which constantly tried to persuade him to become good friends with Qin Xu.

Qin Xu? Is it the Qin Xu that he knows?

Jiang Yang snorted coldly and disapprovingly. He immediately expressed deep resentment and resistance. However, as if that stupid system hadn’t heard his complaints, it continued to chatter on in his mind to the point that he had the urge to beat it up. The only problem was that the system did not have a physical body and its sounds only resonated in his mind.

Finally, when he could no longer be able to bear with it anymore, Jiang Yang yelled: “I won’t talk about the issue of making friends but why does

It wasn’t anyone else; it just happened to be that annoying one. It was as if god specifically wanted to torment him.

The system however responded seriously: “Based on the test results, you two may not be friends but you have the potential to establish an everlasting relationship with him. As a new system, I need to start with simple targets first before gradually increasing the difficulty.”

Jiang Yang laughed coldly: “Then you are very lucky. The moment you started, you picked the hard mode. Get ready to report your failure back to the office.”

The system went silent for a second. It then insisted: “This is based on the test results. It cannot be wrong.”

Although the data may seem rigid, it also had a certain basis. Jiang Yang’s impression of Qin Xu was indeed a little complicated. He had initially thought that they would get along well but now he would have the urge to swing his fists at him whenever he sees his face. No matter how he looked at him, he couldn’t help but feel absolute disgust and resentment.

The bell signalling the end of class rang and students all rushed out of the classroom, desperately rushing to the cafeteria to grab dinner. It if wasn’t because it was raining, it would have appeared similar to a zombie raid.

Because Jiang Yang’s thoughts were occupied, he wasn’t very enthusiastic about eating. He went downstairs at his usual pace which, when compared to the rest of his classmates, seemed very slow and very unlike his usual manner.

The moment he reached the bottom, there were obviously many people standing outside the door under the eaves. Those who brought umbrellas where opening their umbrellas before stepping into the rain, and those without them were hurriedly looking for companions to get a ride. Jiang Yang stood amongst the crowd and did not immediately step out. The hand that held his umbrella was resting by his side. If you looked at him from a different angle, it would have been easy to have the misunderstanding that he didn’t have an umbrella.

With the encouragement from her friends, a girl with dark shoulder length hair stepped forward while holding tightly onto an umbrella in her hand. She looked down self-consciously and softly whispered: “Jiang….”

However before she finished calling out his name, Jiang Yang suddenly started walking in large strides in another direction. He grabbed another male students arms and said coldly, “I have an umbrella.”

Qin Xu who was pulled so suddenly lost his balance and almost fell onto Jiang Yang who stood behind him. Turning back, his eyes unsurprisingly had a hint of impatience. It was as if it was saying, “Fuck, why is it you again? Stop getting in my way.”

Next to Qin Xu stood a tall and beautiful girl. Despite only wearing the classic blue and white school uniform, she was still very eye catching. Her facial features were very exquisite such that whenever she smiled gently, it made her appear even more dazzling.

Wu Tong saw Jiang Yang and naturally waved and said hello. Jiang Yang nodded in response and the corners of his mouth also formed a soft arc.

With two handsome men and a beautiful woman standing together, and along with the fact that they are famous school idols, many onlookers couldn’t help but sneak a glance in their direction.

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