Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Proofread by Zhou Zhijie

"Leave the past in the past? Then when your daughter was missing, just let her be . Anyway, she will die sooner or later . Don't bear her in your mind when she was gone!"

Then Zhong casts his relentless eyes on Ding Manman, as if he were looking at a corpse .

His words make everyone in the room take a deep breath . Ding’s father glares at his wife, scolding her in his mind, “Idiot! Why did you touch his soft spot? I will surely be ruined by you . ”

Finally, Zhong allows Ding Manman and her parents to leave . Now Ding, standing outside the villa gate, with her parents standing nearby, is breathing fresh air freely .

All of these give her a kind of surreal feeling . She has never expected that she will regain her freedom in such a simple way . After all, Zhong Shaoting's bloodthirsty eyes that she saw in the villa just now are still lingering in her mind .

She thought she could never leave the villa . Unexpectedly, Zhong Shaoting restored to himself to his original temper . He behaves as elegantly and leisurely as a king, approving of their leaving mercifully .

This should have been a cheerful thing, but Ding keeps having a sense of insecurity, especially when she was pulled to leave by her mother .

Zhong Shaoting remains in his original seat, holding a glass of red wine handed by the servant . The dark red liquid twirls around in the goblet, showing a weird red in the light from the floor lamp .

Seeing Zhong's must-win expression through the goblet, Ding comes to have an ominous feeling that her leaving now doesn't mean she has really regained her freedom .

"Dad, did our family really offend the Zhong Family before?" Ding Manman can't help asking for the fact .

The hand of Ding's father suddenly freezes on the handle of the car door . And Ding's mother also seems to be in a dilemma, which makes Ding confirm that some things she doesn't know have happened between her family and Zhong Shaoting’s family .

"As a girl, what’s the point of knowing so much? Get in the car quickly . I haven't questioned you about your disappearance yet!" Ding's father turns rather grumpy . Ding Manman can only seal up her mouth and get into the car obediently .

When she leaves, Ding doesn’t take a second look at the villa . If she can, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Zhong Shaoting and the villa in the rest of her life .

When Ding gets in and leaves in the car, Zhong is standing in front of the French window on the second floor . Seeing the car disappear in the distance, he looks very complicated .

Just then, Gu Shaoling appears quietly beside him, and he just sees Ding's car disappear from their sight .

"I didn't expect that you could bear it . I thought you would be unable to help killing them when you saw her parents . " Gu Shaoling says with interest .

He is quite clear about what the Ding Family has done to the Zhong family . If he were Zhong Shaoting, the Ding family wouldn't be able to leave here alive . Unexpectedly, Zhong can bear it to such an extent .

"Death is comparatively too easy for them . I want them to live in a living hell . " The cold words make people shudder, but Gu Shaoling raises his eyebrows in excitement .

"I underestimated you . Speaking like this, you must have been prepared then . I'm really looking forward to it now . The future life of the Ding Family must be very ‘wonderful’ . "

Different from Zhong’s temperament, if someone really dares to do something wrong to him, Gu Shaoling will just end his life with a shot of his pistol with no more words . But it's obvious that the Ding family owes the Zhong family too much to be repaid by a few bullets .

Zhong doesn’t reply to Gu . Instead a cruel smile crawls onto his face, which is reflected on the window glass .

The Ding Family, are you ready to face his revenge?

"By the way, Ding Manman, that woman's name is Ding Manman, right?" Gu Shaoling suddenly mentions it and his words catch Zhong’s eyes .

"That woman, what are you going to do with her? I know, not only your sister but also this woman was in the mall that day . This is too much of a coincidence . "

Gu Shaoling scans Zhong with his inquisitive eyes . That day, he left as soon as his team broke into the shopping mall, killed some robbers and subdued the rest .

But he still spotted Sun Ling'er in a hurried glance, for he knew her as Zhong Shaoting’s sister .

Gu Shaoling has a photographic memory . Therefore, when he caught a glimpse of another beautiful woman standing beside Sun Ling’er, he bore her in his mind, although he has no interest in women .

Today, when he came to have a business talk with Zhong, he finally saw the daughter of the Ding family, who was right the woman in the mall .

This woman has been within Zhong's territory for so long . Generally, even if any of her arms or legs were not missing, she should have been covered in bruises .

But today, apart from her pale face, she still looks good . It's not Zhong’s style .

"She still has some value in use . I can't hurt her for the time being . " Zhong just leaves such a sentence behind and turns and leaves .

Gu Shaoling displays a charming smile, like an evil fox who has succeeded in stealing some meat . He doesn't see eye to eye with Zhong’s words .

Ding Manman has no idea of it at all . She is dragged into the study room by his father before she takes a good rest . Her mother stands by and looks unhappy, either .

"What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you marry Fang Hao who has such a good family background, but got involved with Zhong Shaoting, such a fiend? What the hell are you thinking about?"

Ding's father begins to scold Ding with no other comments . His attitude is totally different from that he showed in the villa . Before Ding answers, her mother can’t restrain her blaming words, either .

"Absolutely! Your mother-in-law told me several times that you had run away with another unknown man and had slept with him . I didn't believe it at first, but she showed me the video . I was so humiliated! "

When Ding’s mother was conditioning her face skin in a beauty salon, Fang’s mother rushed in like a female tiger for several times, shouting publicly that Ding Manman had had an affair with some unknown man, which made her so angry . She feels so disgraceful that she has never been to that beauty salon again since then .

"Dad and mom, listen to me . I was kidnapped by him . All the things were against my wills . I didn't disappear at the wedding ceremony on purpose . "

Ding Manman says while sobbing . Now everyone thinks that she and Zhong have been together . But the fact is that she was forced . She was even imprisoned by him for several months . Why does nobody believe her?

The sad appearance of their daughter arouses some pity . But Zhong Shaoting's video has produced an extremely great effect . Even though they believe their daughter, it makes no difference .

However, when Ding’s father sees her unceasing crying, he bursts into anger .

"Crying! What’s the use for crying? He has even got a video tape for the scene . How can you still prove that you were forced?! If you had married Fang Hao, nothing would have happened . Now just because of you, our company is on the verge of bankruptcy!"

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