Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 7: Being Harassed

Proofread by Zhou Zhijie

Ding Manman hastily shakes her head and tires to disassociate herself from Zhong Shaoting, "No, no ... I'm not his girlfriend!"

As soon as she finishes her words, the ladies look enlightened and relaxed. "I told you...I have seen Mr. Zhong at parties before, but I have never seen you with him. I are his new fancy?

Ding Manman doesn't want to get involved in their talks about Zhong Shaoting, so she turns away and starts to eat her food quietly.

It seems that the ladies look down upon Ding Manman. After commenting critically on Ding Manman, they turn and leave, as if they were unwilling to sit beside her.

Ding Manman doesn't pay attention to their contempt and arrogance. After a while, the sofa beside her sinks again, "Is it boring to eat alone?"

An unknown man!

The plump man with white skin in a wine-red suit is like a white bun wrapped in red satin.

"Sir, what's up?" Ding Manman is not a naive girl of humble birth and used to participate in many such parties. She has always been dismissive of such kind of man who accosts her.

The lascivious light in the man's eyes burn so rampantly, which disgusts her!

Ding Manman stealthily moves a little farther from him, but the insatiable man sits closer to her.

"Why not dance with me?"

Ding Manman quickly evades his outstretched hand and looks annoyed. "Sir, please be self-possessed."

She tries to leave, which is hindered by that man. He directly catches up her, "What do you think of becoming my mistress?"

"Sir, please behave yourself!" Ding Manman feels very disgusted with this kind of man who keeps bugging her. In such a public place, instead of shouting out, she warns him in a low voice.

Unfortunately, her warning doesn't deter that man. On the contrary, her serious expression arouses his sexual desire. He grasps Ding Manman's hand suddenly and says in a lewd tone.

"Do not pretend to be pure. I heard what you talked about. There are so many women like you in the world. You should feel grateful for my fancy to you. Don't be shameless.

That man's insulting words irritate Ding Manman. Having never experienced such an occasion before, she has no idea what to do with it. She just struggles to free her wrist subconsciously.

She wants to ask for help. But all kinds of people, good or evil, gather at the party. Everyone at the party is busy finding more business opportunities so that nobody will notice the little chaos. Even someone really does, he/she will pretend to have seen nothing, which makes Ding Manman desperate.

The man is so strong that Ding Manman is unable to free herself. Their action of pulling and pushing is viewed by others as flirting.

The moment Ding Manman gets extremely anxious, the man is kicked with force to the ground and the hand holding Ding's wrist is released, too.

"Thank you..." Ding Manman subconsciously thanks the man who has done her a favor. However, when she looks up and sees his face clearly, her expressions stiffen immediately.

A moment ago, Zhong Shaoting was talking with the host of the party, but he couldn't help casting his eyes on Ding Manman. When hearing her eager words of disassociating herself from him, all of sudden his face clouds and his sullen look startles the host. The host wonders: did I just say something wrong to annoy him?

"Mr. Zhong, is there anything wrong?" The host asks scrupulously. However, Zhong Shaoting neither replies nor casts a glance at him. The next second, he walks directly itowards a certain direction, leaving the host completely confused.

How the host could have known that when Zhong Shaoting saw Ding's wrist grasped by that strange man, he really wanted to kill him.

Ding Manman is too scared to speak when she sees Zhong's dreadful expression which looks like he is about to kill someone. Has she done something wrong again?

The man who was kicked cannot stand up. He lies on the floor for a long time with a painful look which reveals Zhong's complete mercilessness while kicking him.

"How dare you touch my woman and who gave you this courage?" With a devil-like voice, he says ruthlessly and aggressively. What he says is heard by everyone at the party, especially the man who got kicked and now is convulsed with fears from Zhong's imposing manners.

No one at the party dares to give a hand to this man, because they all know Zhong Shaoting's social status at home and abroad. Touching his woman equates with committing suicide.

In the end, the man is dragged out of the hall by the security guards like a dead dog. The party regains its vitality, but Ding Manman is not able to be happy any more.

After the chaos, she thinks Zhong Shaoting will rage against her, but he just gives her a cool look and strides away.

Everyone who knows about Zhong Shaoting is clear that the angrier he feels, the calmer he is. Thus, even if he looks very peaceful now, his heart may be burning with rampant anger, which gives Ding Manman an inexplicable fear.

On their way back to the hotel, sitting beside Zhong Shaoting in the car, Ding Manman is so scared that she becomes overly sensitive. When he accidentally touches her skin, she subconsciously trembles a little and then quickly hides herself into the corner.

In Zhong's eyes, her reaction, like a spark falling into the gunpowder, sets his bad mood into burning flames of fury.

Ding Manman may have realized Zhong's bad mood. The instant they arrive at the hotel, Ding Manman can't hold her fear and runs back to her room directly. She locks the door from inside, which still cannot relieve her nervousness.

Just then the door is suddenly opened, which gives Ding Manman a jump. She turns back and finds Zhong walking in, with the key in his hand, as if walking into his own room.

"This room." It implies that she doesn't welcome him and asks him out.

"Do you think I'll leave you alone and give your chance to escape?" Zhong Shaoting says with sarcasm. Then he starts to take off his clothes, ignoring the resistance in Ding's eyes.

"I don't want to escape." She says in such a faint voice that even she herself won't believe in her words. She is extremely clear about her desire for freedom...

"Do you think I will trust you?" Now, on his body only remains one loose shirt that is casually dressed, which still makes him look perfectly handsome. But only Ding Manman knows the terrible craziness hidden under his perfect appearance.

"Why didn't you struggle when that man grabbed your hand?" Zhong Shaoting walks up to her. His expression is still calm, but Ding Manman can clearly feel the anger emanating from him.

"I did. But the man was too strong." At that time, she desperately struggled to shake off his hand. But the gender disparity could not be neglected. It was for this reason that the her wrist is reddened.

But what Ding Manman said is not persuasive for Zhong Shaoting. Their actions of pulling and pushing looked just like a kind of flirting, which is the very reason why Zhong gets mad at her.

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