Love with Danger in the Purple: Being Beloved by the Hardhearted Avenger

Chapter 9: His Slave

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Isn't it that man who harassed her at the party yesterday? Ding Manman takes a good look at the man on the screen a few times to convince herself. Yesterday he looked good, but today he has fallen into misfortune. It makes Ding feel a little strange. However, she is unable to tell what has gone wrong.

On second thought, this kind of illegal company deserves ending in bankruptcy. Without thinking more about this episode, she feels delighted somehow.

Just then the door is opened and a hotel waiter pushes the dining cart into her room. The waiter looks very kind. But with the lesson learned from the incident with Dr. Liu, Ding Manman doesn't dare to rest her hope of escaping on these people.

After finishing breakfast obediently, Ding Manman receives a notice from Zhong's assistant, asking her to accompany Zhong to meet several important business clients.

"Why does he want me to go to such an important meal?" Sitting by the window, Ding utters her doubts with her eyes on the fascinating scenery outside the window.

She lives in a well-equipped presidential suite of the hotel. Sitting by the French window, she can see the most beautiful scenery of the city. It is a pity that she can only appreciate the beautiful views outside while sitting in the room.

Song Chen is Zhong's right-hand assistant who has experienced innumerable occasions. But he has never witnessed such an occasion as his boss would destroy a man's family business just because he had harassed his woman.

By principle, this woman should be very special for his boss. Thus, when faced with the question asked by Ding, he doesn't know how to answer for the time being but to tell her the truth.

"Normally, the executives of a company will take one or two female public relations... female staff with them when they attend a dinner for negotiating on contracts, which will make the negotiation go smoother."

With these words, Song Chen casts a glance at Ding Manman, just finding that she neither looks sad nor starts to wrangle. He can just notice that inexplicable sorrows keep lingering around her.

Everyone with experiences in business knows that the so-called PR is another name of the high-class mistresses who mainly serve to please the top executives so that they will sign the contracts happily and quickly.

Although Ding Manman is not very familiar with the business world, she has heard something about PR misses from Fang Hao who will take over his family business in the future. She once sneered at this kind of women, but she did not expect that today she herself becomes the woman she once looked down on.

She clearly knows that this is a trick that Zhong deliberately uses to stimulate her but she can do nothing with this. She casts a last glance at the scenery outside the window, but finds it not that pleasing as it was a moment ago.

"Let's go." Ding Manman is clear that she has no ability to resist, so she stands up helplessly and follows Song Chen to the restaurant.

Ding Manman waits for a long time at the entrance of the restaurant until Zhong Shaoting arrives with a girl who wears careful make-up by his side. Yes, a girl.

The girl looks just over 20, and her fair little face is full of vitality. At the moment, arm in arm with Zhong Shaoting, she is walking towards Ding Manman step by step.

"Let's go." Indifferently throwing a glimpse at Ding, Zhong Shaoting says without much expression.

"Brother Shaoting, who is this Auntie?" The little girl beside Zhong asks with innocence, but her words are so vicious.

Auntie? Maybe, two years older than the girl, Ding Manman is just 22 years old. What's more, Ding Manman has got a cute and childlike face.

If Ding Manman dresses up and does some make-up carefully, no one will doubt that she is just an 18-year-old senior middle school student. It's obvious that the girl's remarks are targeting at mocking her, but Ding Manan doesn't talk back because she needn't get angry with a child.

"Public relations, to please the clients, so as to foster the cooperation in business, do you understand?" While saying this, Zhong stares at Ding with sarcasm in order to see her embarrassment. As expected, at his words, Ding's face turns pale instantly and she pinches her lips tight, which reveals that she seems to be suppressing some emotions.

Only Song Chen knows that since the company was established many years ago, PR misses have never been used during the negotiations with clients in order to sign contracts.

This method is only used by the minor companies. Considering the international position of Zhong's Group, other companies are involved in intense competitions in order to be able to cooperate with the Zhong's Group. Some directors of companies might even want to sacrifice their wives or daughters to win such a competition.Therefore, Zhong Shaoting never needs to employ PR misses in business at all.

"Public Relations? The so-called mistresses! That's really shameful. Well, the requirements for a mistress are really low these days!" The girl abruptly raises her voice. Seeming to be enlightened, she looks at Ding up and down. With contempt and despise on her face, as if she would get sick by looking at Ding one more time.

Song Chen beside them really wants to ask her: Little girl, are you serious?

Ding Manman is actually outstandingly beautiful, as exquisite as a doll. Her face, though a little pale, adds a special beauty of gentleness and delicacy to her.

Compared with Ding Manman, this aggressive little girl looks very ordinary. Apart from her innocence, she cannot be in competition with Ding Manman at all.

Song Chen now wants to say: Little girl, while uttering these words, won't you feel it against your conscience?

"Well, baby, be good. The dinner is about to begin and it's too late to change a PR miss. She is just a makeshift." A makeshift...

What Zhong Shaoting says is like a sharp dagger that slices her heart of self-respect into a big opening and then stamps on it mercilessly. It gives her a profound understanding of what 'as humble as dust' means.

"OK, Brother Shaoting, let's go in. Daddy hopes that you will teach me how the company works. Don't waste our time on such an insignificant woman." The girl says with an artificial sweetness.

"All right." With these words, as intimate as a couple they walk into the restaurant, without casting a glance at Ding Manman as if she were air.

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