Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 1175 - 1175 Additional Investment

Chapter 1175 - 1175 Additional Investment

1175 Additional Investment

Sun Miao grimaced in pain and said: “I have money! What’s wrong with that? If they’re not convinced, then let them spend money to buy internet trolls as well. You don’t have money and you’re still disdaining me for buying fake votes? What kind of logic is this?”

Jiang Yu frowned and said: “If that’s what you think, then I’m out of words. However, regarding your lip-synching in the last competition and your buying of fake votes this time, I think you should withdraw from the competition.”

“I won’t! Why should I withdraw from the competition?” Sun Miao’s eyes were red with anger. “My brother is the investor of this variety show. Do you think I’ll withdraw just because you want me to? If I leave, my brother will withdraw his investment!”

As she spoke, she glared at Director Liu, signaling him to come over and help her.


For the sake of his show, Director Liu could only compromise.

The Sun family was the biggest investor. If they withdrew their funds, then the variety show wouldn’t be able to continue to shoot, and all his efforts for so long would be in vain.

Therefore, Director Liu had no choice but to stand up and say to Jiang Yu: “Jiang Yu, about withdrawing from the competition…”

Jiang Yu immediately interrupted him and said with a cold face: ” I’ll double the Sun family’s investment. Order Sun Miao to withdraw from the competition immediately.”

Director Liu was so shocked that he forgot to speak.

Sun Miao stood rooted to the ground in shock as she looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief. “What are you saying? Do you know how much my brother invested? You actually said you’ll pay double? Jiang Yu, even if you have money, you shouldn’t spend it like this. Besides, you’re willing to invest, isn’t it all for Kang Xue? If she didn’t participate in this competition, would you be a judge? Would you be willing to invest twice the amount?”

Jiang Yu smiled and replied: “Who knows? However, since it’s already the truth, it’s useless for you to ask any more questions.”

“No!” Sun Miao’s expression turned savage. “I’ve already been here for a month. Do I have to withdraw from the competition just because you want me to?! I want to call my brother!”

As she spoke, she quickly took out her phone from the pocket of her inner shirt and gave Sun You a call.

The moment the call connected, Sun Miao put the phone on speaker and pointed the receiver at the speaker.

“Brother! Help me quickly, Jiang Yu wants me to withdraw from the competition!”

Sun You’s surprised voice was heard: “Jiang Yu asked you to withdraw from the competition? Why?”

“She said I bought fake votes! She even said that I lip-synced in the last singing competition!” Sun Miao complained, thinking that Sun You would definitely stand on her side.

Sun You was silent for a while before saying, “You were indeed lip-synching in the previous competition. I thought that after the previous lesson, you would restrain yourself. I didn’t expect you to actually buy fake votes this time. What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to embarrass me on purpose?”

Sun Miao was shocked. She did not expect Sun You to be on Jiang Yu’s side.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you? I’m your sister. It’s fine if you don’t speak up for me, but why are you scolding me on Jiang Yu’s behalf?”

Sun You said: “I’m not helping Jiang Yu, but I didn’t invest in this show for you to embarrass yourself! I admit that I do have selfish motives, but I’m not letting you do whatever you want! First, you lip-synced, then you manipulated the votes. The Sun family’s face is about to be completely lost by you!”

Sun You was about to hang up.

“Brother!” Sun Miao quickly called out to him. “Jiang Yu even told you to withdraw your investment and she will double the amount!”

Sun You was silent for a moment, then said: “Whatever. If that’s really her decision, then I’ll withdraw my investment. As for the competition, you can continue if you want to, but I won’t give you any more help! If you don’t want to participate, then hurry up and come back. Don’t embarrass yourself outside!”

This time, Sun You hung up the phone completely.

Sun Miao, who had just been lectured, was at a loss for what to do.

She thought that Sun You would stand on her side and denounce Jiang Yu, but she didn’t expect him to help Jiang Yu teach her a lesson. He even planned to withdraw the investment and let Jiang Yu invest in this show.

Wouldn’t that mean that Kang Xue would have a better chance to debut?

Did she have to give such a good opportunity to Kang Xue?

The more Sun Miao thought about it, the angrier she got. She turned to look at Hu Jing.

“It’s all because of you! If not for you, there wouldn’t be so many things happening today! You unlucky thing, the Hu family was harmed by you, do you know that?” Sun Miao cursed.

The thing that Hu Jing could not listen to the most right now was the Hu family’s affairs, and Sun Miao just had to step on Hu Jing’s reverse scale.

Hence, the two of them started quarreling on stage.

“Even if it wasn’t me today, this matter would have been exposed!” Hu Jing said.

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