Chapter 14

Chapter 14 The Ducal Couple (2)

Lucia gazed at the floating red flower petals on the water surface. Gradually, her face reflected the same red hue. The maids were softly pouring the bath water over Lucia’s shoulders; every time they splashed a bit of water, a fragrant aroma gently spread.

Lucia had never ordered anyone to prepare the bath like that. It was all the sneaky maids’ ideas. The purpose of this bath seemed so obvious that it made her embarrassed. However, it was more embarrassing because she really had such a purpose.

“Madam, how can your skin be so smooth?”

“Your skin is so silky even without applying oil.”

“A baby’s skin will not be able to compare to yours.”

The maids kept chattering without stop today. They seemed to be in a happy mood for the ducal couple’s first night together in Roam. Lucia listened to the maids’ flattery without much of a reaction. She also knew her own skin was very nice. But she didn’t feel particularly proud about it.

‘Regardless, men are only attracted by a pretty face and a glamourous body, not nice skin. He… probably thinks the same.’

Duke Taran of her dream had gone around spreading scandals with various women. Every time one greeted him at a party, he would have a different woman hanging on his arm. However, the point that connected all the females together was that they all had huge breasts.

Lucia snuck a quick glance at her own breasts and let out a small sigh. There was no way she could try and claim she had big breasts. At least she had a slim waist line that helped to accentuate her hips, so she didn’t look completely flat. Even so, she thought it wasn’t anything worth showing off. Her face wasn’t particularly pretty either.

In order to catch his eye, one had to have at least Sofia Lawrence’s level of beauty. Lucia recalled the events from the victory ball. A beauty like Sofia had been thrown away without a second thought.

All of Duke Taran’s flings were beauties that seemed like roses. Although he went around switching partners left and right, it did not tarnish his reputation. After his marriage, he had not made appearances with any woman other than his wife.

Inside her dream, the duke at least had a level of respect to his own wife. Therefore, she felt relieved because it meant that in this life she would be able to have the same level of respect from the duke.

After her bath, she entered her bedroom in her gown, but she was extremely startled. He was sitting by the table with some wine. He was about to take a sip, but instead he turned his attention to Lucia and slowly got up.

The maids, who had been waiting on the duke, became flustered as they watched the two of them and quickly escaped from the room. Tomorrow, the servants of the castle would all be gossiping about this: The duke couldn’t even wait for the duchess to finish her bath and had decided to wait in her room.

Lucia let out a heavy sigh. He had let her have a peaceful bath to ready her heart. But that did not reduce her fears. The first night they had shared had been too sudden and intense. She couldn’t claim that she hated the entire process, but it hurt a lot and was tiresome.

Even with those feelings, she could not look away from him. The memories of their first night were hazy, but they suddenly returned with extreme clarity. She walked closer to him like she was possessed.

He poured a glass of wine and lifted it to her as if asking if she wanted some. He wore a thin see-through linen shirt that showed off his muscles. Lucia gulped down thickly and nodded.

She sipped a small amount of wine. It had a bitter sour taste. She wasn’t particularly fond of the taste, but she chugged the whole glass clean and pushed it back to him.


When she nodded, one side of his lips quirked up, and he refilled the wine glass while chuckling softly. After drinking, her body warmed up and her heart relaxed. He was admiring her flushed cheeks when she licked the wine residue from her lips. His eyes grew a degree darker.

He reached for her without warning. His hand supported the back of her head as he sucked on her red lips. Taking the wine glass from her hand, he gently placed it back on the table and wrapped his arm around her waist.

He lightly sucked on her lips to loosen her tense muscles, then used his tongue to deepen the kiss. He could taste the bittersweet flavor of the wine. He brushed his tongue against her gums and pulled away while maintaining eye contact with her. He wanted to see her tear stained eyes again.

“Do you enjoy alcohol?” (Hugo)

“…Only on special occasions.” (Lucia)

He chuckled in satisfaction and started kissing her once more. His mouth stimulated her in a sweet and gentle way, so that Lucia had to lean against him for support due to her weakening body.

He slid his hands beneath her disheveled gown. One hand stroked her hip, while the other one reached up and squeezed her breast. His touch sent shocking jolts throughout her body. His leg had snuck in between hers and was rubbing against her body. With his lips pressed against her neck, he let out a low whisper.

“You’re shaking.”

Upon his words, Lucia realized that she was trembling. The drunk feeling from earlier was already gone.

“Don’t be scared. It won’t hurt this time. If you remain so tense, you won’t be able to enjoy it and you might get hurt again.”

When her trembling continued, Hugo embraced her tightly with a rigid face. She was small and weak, but confident and steadfast. If a person like her feared him to such a degree, he had to be a heinous bad guy.

She was young and a virgin. He realized himself that their first night together had been rough. She would have felt nervous even if he had treated her gently, but he had treated her like all of his past one night stands. It must have been a strenuous experience for her.

She already had a long list of opinions of him, but now it would be one item longer. He was sure it wouldn’t be a positive trait either.

‘Damn it. I should have held myself back before.’ He regretted too late.

He didn’t want to force himself on her when she was trembling in fright. He wanted to enjoy a passionate night together with her. All his past lovers had been women who enjoyed being intimate. In Lucia’s case, it was her first time and he wasn’t sure how he should continue forward. For the first time he wanted to seduce a woman who didn’t know how to enjoy sex.

Hugo held her up and walked to their bed. She didn’t reject him, but her hands and arms were tense from nerves.

He laid her on the bed and lied down next to her. He embraced her hips and cuddled. His hand gently slid down her back, but he didn’t try to take his actions further.

A long while passed and Lucia was able to relax, but at the same time, she felt a little sad. It seemed like he wasn’t thinking of doing similar things as their first night together. He was probably here to put on a show for all the subordinates – that they were happy together. He was probably doing it for her sake.

The lady of the house’s position became crystallized once she obtained her husband’s love. If so, what was the meaning behind what had happened between them at Hugo’s personal study. If she hadn’t rejected him at that time, would that have changed anything? Too many complicated thoughts swam around in her mind.

“Are you sleeping?” (Hugo)


“Hey. Are you really sleeping? I’m not doing this to put you to sleep, you know.” (Hugo)

He rolled his body on top of her. Lucia’s eyes turned round with shock as she stared back at him. He seemed a little embarrassed and hesitant.

“Are you tired?” (Hugo)

“I’m fine, but… you’re probably tired by now. Upon your return, you’ve been busy with the meeting…”

“I’m fine. That’s not a problem… Anyway, I’m not tired at all.”

“…I see. Um…okay.”

The words, ‘Your stamina is amazing,’ almost left her mouth, but just then, he let out a heavy sigh. He had climbed on top of her, but all she did was stare back with a blank expression; he couldn’t help but feel frustrated. They had already been intimate with one another on their first night; his mysterious girl shouldn’t be ignorant of his intentions.

“I’m dying to be inside of you again.”


Lucia’s face flushed scarlet.

“I want to do it. How about you?”


“If you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

His words were so sudden that Lucia didn’t know how to respond. He took her silence as rejection and heavily sighed with a lonely expression.

“Let me be honest. You may not like the idea, but I want you right now. Was our first night together that terrifying?”


Her throat felt tight. She wasn’t sure whether he was saying this jokingly or honestly. She wondered whether she was hearing his words correctly. She could see earnest desire behind his eyes. So he could look at others in that way, she thought. She was amazed, but at the same time, she wanted to be coy and push him away.

“…I thought you didn’t enjoy our first night together. Isn’t that why… you teased and laughed at me?”

“Laugh? I did? I admit, I teased you. But it was because you were cute. I’m not such a pitiful guy to laugh at women in bed.”

He seemed determined to get his intentions and excuses across to her. At the word ‘cute’ Lucia’s face glowed pink.

“…The next morning… you stopped midway…”

That day, Lucia had been the one who wanted to stop, but she slyly pushed the blame onto him. However, he currently felt a sense of urgency, so he didn’t notice such fine details.

“Hey, you, woman. If I continued that day I would have caused you to become bed-bound for several days. I endured for your sake”

“…I was in a lot of pain.”

Lucia mumbled while sulking. At her words, Hugo wasn’t able to respond.

“I kept bleeding… and the bloody discharge wouldn’t stop, so I had to rest for two whole days.”

Anna had diagnosed that Lucia hadn’t suffered any serious injuries, but her words ‘bloody discharge’ gave out a strongly different nuance. Men understood that women could bleed after their first intercourse, but the fine details were a blur. She wasn’t acting that way just because she wanted to see a reaction from him. The complaint had just come out unknowingly.

Her words affected him greatly. He breathed in and out like he was in great despair, causing his mood to shift.

After a passionate night, all his past lovers would turn aggressive and try to win him over with a fiercer heart. The girls would not be able to look away from his lower body and appreciate him. There was never a case where they would appeal all the sufferings like her. Thus, he had no idea how to go about mending the situation.

His wife’s body was very frail, so he stamped into his mind that she ought to be treated tenderly.

“…How about now. Are you okay?”


He let out a relieved sigh. After managing to cross over the high castle walls, he found himself in front of another wall.

“Is that why you don’t want to?”

This man really wanted her. Lucia became a little dumbfounded. He could seduce any woman to sleep with him. If all he needed was a woman’s body, then he wouldn’t be hanging onto her every word like that and trying to explain himself. He could also force himself on her. However, he looked like he would back away if she requested it of him.

“Vivian. I’ll be sure to keep the promise that I made you on our first night together. As long as it’s not your first time, I’ll make sure it becomes a thrilling experience for you.”

Hugo began to gently coax her. All that took up his mind at this moment was how he could embrace the intelligent woman before him.

“I can’t believe you. Last time, you lied to me.”

Her rejection was firm and he couldn’t help but feel helpless.

“Lied? I told you that it would hurt if it was your first time.”

“You said it would hurt just a little. It hurt a lot.”

“Give me a chance to redeem myself. Do you intend to never sleep with me again?”

Although he was requesting nothing but physical intimacy, she felt like a stunning beauty who was being courted. It hadn’t been all bad at that time. She had felt a little bit of joy. She giggled and spoke.

“I’ll decide after today.”

Hugo spaced out for a moment and softly burst into laughter. Her jokes worked well on him. From time to time, she would say something and he would always laugh. Perhaps, her acknowledgement was what gave him such joy.

“You really keep a person hanging.”

It was a first in his entire life- clinging to a woman like this.

He raised his upper body, spread her legs, and propped himself against her. His lower half, that was throbbing with heat, slid closer to Lucia. Lucia’s cheeks gradually flushed.

She had just finished her bath, so she hadn’t had the chance to wear anything underneath her gown. He hadn’t taken off his pants yet, and a giant mound about to explode out could be seen.

The way he quickly threw off his clothes to the floor displayed his urgency. He untied her robe without hesitation, revealing her smooth white skin. That was the exact image in his imagination that had continuously kept him up at night. Her smooth neckline and delicate collarbone, her silky and sweet breasts that tasted like whipped cream, and her slim waistline.

While he was busy admiring her body from head to toe, she was also doing the same. Their first night had been too hectic and she couldn’t properly observe his body. He had broad shoulders and chest, and muscular arms that were twice the thickness or hers. She couldn’t pick out a single flaw; he looked like a war god. He had a manly air that made women stare with awe.

He laid his hands on her abdomen and slowly slid them up to her breasts and squeezed them. His strength was firm but not rough. He squeezed and let go as if he was expertly massaging them.

The way his fingers moved made her body feel strange, sending a tingling sensation up her spine. His member that was pressed against her kept twitching, as if showing off its presence. Lucia gasped while twisting her body. He lowered his head and took a mouthful of her breast.


The slight pain when he sucked and licked around her nipple sent a pleasant feeling through her body, so she closed her eyes.

He gently fondled her body, letting Lucia heat up at her own pace. Her insides were now completely wet and slippery, so he slowly entered her. At that moment, Lucia let out a heavy sigh.

“It doesn’t hurt… does it?”

Lucia took deep breaths and answered with a short ‘no’. There was a slight dull ache, but it wasn’t to the point of pain. Compared to her first night, it was much better. Why did women have to suffer so much pain on their first night? Lucia seriously gave that some thought.

“I will start moving slowly. If you’re tired, tell me.”

He slid in slightly deeper with a slow motion. It was strange to have something rubbing inside of her. The ends of her fingertips jolted, while her body felt like it was sinking in. He continued to repeat his movement of pulling out and sliding in a little deeper, until his length seemed to have hit the deepest part of her body.


A rush of euphoria hit her.

“Does it hurt?”


She wasn’t hurting. It definitely wasn’t the feeling of pain, but she felt distressed. He pulled out and thrust in all the way.

“Wait… hk…”

“Does it hurt?”

“Yes… a little… something…”

She wished he would stop for a moment and wait for her, but he answered with a low hmmmn, and smirked.

“How can that be?”

He pushed into her warm body.


He thrust his bursting erection vigorously. She experienced a short moment of pain and intoxication. At the same time, she felt her body on the brink of climax. It was distressing, but at the same time it felt sweet. As her body continued to swallow his, she noticed how much her body was enjoying this moment. When he heard her breath start to become raspy, his member throbbed harder.

He panted roughly as if growling in her ears. He was feeling the same as Lucia, and it caused her body to burn up. Her body answered back to his, as her insides convulsed and squeezed.


Hugo felt his sanity leaving as her insides squeezed and pulsated repeatedly, he could barely hang on as he breathed roughly. He hadn’t even cum yet, but he was feeling a high tension of euphoria. It was very different today, because she wasn’t feeling as much pain as during her first time.

It wasn’t that their sex had ended prematurely the first time. Her innocent expressions, her clear eyes, everything combined together as he thrust deeply into her caused him to fall into a black hole of pleasure. He hungered for more pleasure, and thus he continuously pulled out and thrust deeper and deeper.


Her insides squeezed him tightly, as if they didn’t want him to slip out. He clenched his teeth as he pounded into her. Every time she squeezed around him, he felt a wave of desire growing thicker. He had to hold back, it wasn’t the right time. He wanted to thrust deeper.

The sexual level right now was like a light brunch to him. The first time he discovered the truth of a woman’s body, he had caused four women to pass out from the nightlong love-making. Even then, he had never lost his rationality. After the countless number of women he had slept with, there wasn’t a woman who had caused him to heat up so much like right now.

“Ah! Un! Wait… wait a moment…”

She felt as if someone had taken a hold of her brain and was massaging it. That distant and strange feeling was fearsome to Lucia, so she pounded onto his chest with her two hands trying to push him away. He took this chance to take a hold of her hands and pin her down while eagerly thrusting into her.

Every time he thrust, a slippery wet sound resounded crazily. Their raspy breaths and her moaning voice were alluring; he felt a flood of euphoria rush down his body as he climaxed. It was mind-blowingly good.


Lucia twisted while mewling. Her pupils dilated and her mouth gaped open, and she couldn’t stop her voice from moaning. The feeling was indescribable. It was as if her brain and lower half of her body melted into one being and let out a flood of sensual sweetness.

She was out of breath and her body trembled. She felt fear like she was falling into some place, but at the same time, she felt like her body was floating on cloud nine. She wanted to escape, but at the same time, she didn’t want the feeling within her body to leave her.

It was as if a strong hailstorm of euphoria had passed through her entire body. She relaxed her grip on his hands, and flopped down next to him. She couldn’t move at all. It was taking some time for her body to return to normal. Her hazy senses gradually returned to normal and it was then that she realized he had his head dug into her neck while breathing roughly.

‘Oh my god.’

Hugo lamented. He thought he was going to die. Her insides squeezed and sucked him in such a way he could only gasp. Up until now, he had never had a moment where he didn’t have control over his own body like that.

It was like her body was engulfing him. He felt like a fish that had been harpooned – he could only tremble as his whole body convulsed with pleasure. He suddenly grew to understand how a person could undergo coition death.

This time, he had spent quite a bit of time inside her body. It was different than their first time where he had one-sidedly controlled the situation. Even if he was simply inside of her, her insides convulsed and squeezed repeatedly.

He was barely able to calm himself down. He thought he was already trained to remain rational no matter how things turned. He had slept with women that could knock out several men after a night of sex, but even then, he thought nothing much of it.

It was the first time he felt this way.

He used his arm to straighten up and looked down at her form. She looked completely disheveled as she breathed roughly. He was a man weak to pleasure. His desire for the woman lying below him grew exponentially. She was sweating from the love-making, and he couldn’t help but kiss her forehead. He kissed her tear filled eyes, her nose, her chin, her neck, and down to her deepest part of her body.

Lucia’s hazy senses gradually sharpened. Her body was cooling down after climaxing, and she couldn’t gather the strength to even move a finger. But now that some time had passed, she felt alright again. His light kisses continued across her entire body without rest. He didn’t shy away from kissing every part of her body.

Lucia was a bit embarrassed but joyful at the same time. His gentle kisses felt like she was being loved by him. She had experienced a married life in her dream, but she was ignorant of the sexual relations between husband and wife. However, she understood he was satisfied as much as her.

Lucia didn’t know how to use techniques to seduce a man. She was naturally defensive and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say her heart was made out of stone. Even so, she had a lewd body that reacted easily even without the use of aphrodisiacs.

It was a type of body hard to find even amongst famous prostitutes. However, Lucia was ignorant of all that. She only understood he was satisfied, and that was it.

Hugo held Lucia’s hand and kissed her palm, then her wrist, and up to her shoulders, his lips wet against her skin. Lucia became embarrassed and had to look in a different direction while letting him do as he pleased with her body.

When he understood she was letting him do as he pleased, he stirred with more excitement. He stuffed himself into her slowly, feeling his length hardening and growing bigger.

Propping one of her legs over his shoulder, he kissed her damp leg and started moving his hips once more. Her eyes grew wide and when they made eye contact, her cheeks glowed red. She lowered her gaze down and she could see her body tightly squeeze his.

He had spilled his semen into her and her insides were very slippery, making it easy for her to take him into her body. She was able to take in most of his length into her body this time. He slid out only slightly, then continued to push himself into her. Her insides felt hot and moist; every time their skin rubbed against each other, he enjoyed the pleasurable sensations.

“Ung… Ah…ah….”

Weak moans slipped out of Lucia’s lips. The way Hugo’s firm member rammed into her had every intention of sending her senses to the heavens. The gradually rising ecstasy was amazing. Whenever he thrust himself completely into her, Lucia’s body would shiver from head to toe.

It was like her body was sinking in deep. She felt weak but filled by something. She had climaxed already, so her body was very sensitive. Every time he rubbed against her, a jolting sensation shot through her whole body.

She wasn’t intentionally trying to display her techniques or to be coy. Hugo’s body heated up seeing her hazy tearful eyes. Her body movements were minimal. Even so, she wasn’t merely acting, but responding truly based on how she was feeling.

He didn’t want to pull out from the punishing heat inside her. At the same time, he wanted to slide out and thrust in to excite their bodies. He moved his hips into a circle to stimulate her, where she responded as if by reflex. Her insides tightened while sucking him in and massaging his member.

He took deep breaths, doing his best to prevent himself from climaxing. She was like a demoness. Her lips were slightly parted and he could see the tip of her tongue. He craved to taste her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and waist and lifted her body up.

He pulled her closer so that they were face to face while softly supporting the back of her head, and kissed her while sucking on her tongue. Her flexible tongue seemed to be trying to escape. However, he continued to chase after it while pressing and lightly nibbling on it.

She seemed shocked for a moment and tried to draw her tongue away from him. While he continued to chase after her tongue, he enjoyed the game of conquering her mouth. This whole time, he was squeezing her buttocks as he kept moving his hips, pounding into her.

Their salivas mixed and he enjoyed exploring every little corner of her mouth. He only parted his lips from hers when she pressed her hands against his chest.

“Hhaa… Hhaa…”

Her lips seemed a bit swollen as she gasped for breath. He chuckled and lightly kissed the top of her lips.

“Breathe through your nose”

Lucia, who had been glaring at him for trying to suffocate her, dropped her gaze down. Their naked bodies were twisted together and the moment she became conscious of their state, she got incredibly embarrassed.

She wasn’t laying down and letting him inside her, she was sitting on top of him while admiring his naked chest. She was so embarrassed she couldn’t meet his eyes.

When Lucia refused to meet his eyes, he felt a bit of heartbreak. Whenever he purposely tried to follow her gaze, she would turn her head in a way that would avoid his once again. He stubbornly continued to try, then soon figured out she was acting that way because she was feeling shy. He laughed softly.

Her body reacted in such a lewd way that it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to survive without a man. Still, she was innocent. In this whole world, only he knew of her lewd nature. For some reason, he was very satisfied of that fact.

Hugo let her lie down once more. This time, instead of face to face, he laid her on her side with her legs clamped together, while he thrust into her body.


He stimulated a different place with the new position. He sometimes only thrust a little, and other times he thrust in deeply. The first time Lucia had sex, she was too busy trying to endure the pain. This time, Lucia was drowning in pleasure.


When Lucia’s consciousness returned to her, she wasn’t sure whether she had woken up from a dream or whether she had woken up after fainting. Her head was numb and her body sluggish. When her dull senses sharpened, she could hear breaths in her ear.

She could feel his firm chest against her back. He was hugging her tightly from behind. One hand wrapped her hips, while his other hand was grasping her chest. His every breath tickled her neck.

One of his legs had squeezed itself between hers and it was as if she was sitting on his lap while laying down. Additionally, his aroused and firm member was resting against her buttocks.

Sunshine was spilling in from between the curtains and it seemed that some time had passed already. How many hours had passed?

She had always woken up early in the morning, so it was the first time she couldn’t estimate the time of day. When she carefully tried to slip out of his hold, she felt his arm tighten and pull her back into his embrace. She felt his lips lightly kiss her nape.


“…My name.”

“…Hugh. Please… let me go.”

“I don’t want to.”

His lips continued to kiss her nape and her shoulders. His kisses moved slowly, but they were deep. They stung a little, causing her skin to turn pink.

“Your Gra…Hugh. It’s morning.”

He didn’t pay any heed to Lucia’s small protest, and squeezed her breast. He rubbed his rigid member against her, enjoying her trembling from the stimulation.

Her face flushed down to her neck. He wanted to continue teasing and touching her. As if he was thrusting into her, he moved his hips up and down against her.


She let out a small muffled moan while huffing. He furrowed his brows and decided to rise up. Holding onto her waist, he pressed his firm member against her butt, while gradually sliding his member into her swollen, slippery, and sensitive entrance.


Her fingers tightly grasped the bed sheets. His member slowly entered and slid out fast, then pounded back into her. Whenever he thrusted in and out, her insides spilled out slippery wet juices; eventually they began dripping down her legs. They looked like two animals copulating, while wet slurping sounds continued to shamelessly grow louder. Soon, she could feel a sense of extreme ecstasy wash over her whole body.

Lucia’s body fell limp as if she fainted. He lightly bit her soft cheeks, pecked her lips, and sucked on her neck. He wasn’t satisfied at all. He tasted her again and again, but no matter what he did, his thirst for her continued to grow endlessly. He wanted to bite down onto her neck and taste her blood. It felt like only then, his thirst would be quenched.

‘I’m crazy.’

He dug his nose into her neck and enjoyed the scent of fresh fruit. That woman’s body was a deadly drug. No, even a drug couldn’t feel as sweet as this. Hugo embraced her body tightly while thinking he had truly gone insane.

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