Chapter 24

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He gently and softly kissed every corner of her face while his hand slowly moved up and down, from her back to her waist.

While he was languidly engrossed in afterplay, a thought came to her mind and she abruptly burst into laughter.

“Hugh, you know, Lady Milton who came this afternoon said something funny.”

“Lady Milton… ah, you mean the daughter of the Baron of Milton.”

The Baron of Milton was a vassal to the duke, a rigid and upright man. It was recognized that he educated his children to emulate his righteous character so he had allowed the daughter of Milton and his wife to interact more frequently. He wanted her life in the north to be enjoyable.

“Yes, she asked if you possibly wouldn’t let me go outside.”

His hand which was caressing her back paused for a moment. Lucia chuckled and continued speaking, not noticing.

“I told her that wasn’t how it was, so she asked me to go horse riding with her.”


“Horse riding?”

“Lady Milton says it’s fun and is a sport. May I learn?”

“…It sounds dangerous.”

“It isn’t that dangerous. She said a lot of women do it.”

“Do you really want to learn?”

He did not like it. He had seen in the past how the appearance of women going riding and then panting afterwards would capture the eyes of men. It was also quite the sight to see a woman in riding clothes these days.

There was nothing more indecent than the way it clung tightly and revealed the body.

In the past, he was no different from other men, in that he thought that it was nice to look at plus he was never one to care for a woman or distinguish who he spent on but that was already a thing of the past.

He never clung to trivial things of the past.

“I can’t?”

Lucia placed her cheek on his chest and pitifully blinked her eyes. In that moment, he barely managed to stop himself from immediately saying that she could do whatever she wanted.

He did not want her to go horse riding. He could not bear to see foolish men leering at her but this was her first request to him since they had gotten married. He didn’t want to see her disappointed look if he refused.

‘A riding place that only women are allowed in… I don’t think there’s anything like that in Roam… I’ll use this opportunity and make one then.’

There was no such place, not only in Roam but in the entire Xenon. This was the moment when the only women-only equestrian (horse-riding) practice field was formed.

The place, which would serve as an important venue for social activities of women in northern high society in the distant future, began with a man’s unwillingness for his wife to be seen.

“Okay. Only if you promised to learn within the castle until you can safely ride to some extent.”

He would make the practice field while she was learning to ride. It would take about a week or so.

If that wasn’t enough time, he would ask her riding teacher to hold her back a few more days. He also had get a horse riding teacher. A female horse riding teacher.

“Yes. So you are giving permission, right?”

“Be careful so you don’t get hurt.”

“I’ll be careful! Thank you!”

She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. Her concern that he would not allow her was merely just that. He was a reasonable person.

Holding her in his arms, he recalled a while ago when he had gifted her an expensive necklace. For the first time ever, he painstakingly chose a gift for a woman.

He did not know what she liked exactly, but he knew from experience that women loved jewelry so his choice was jewelry. But he didn’t want give her just anything.

His Duchess of Taran definitely had to have something special. He collected information sheets shared among the jewelers to find something special.

But when he found something he wanted, it already had an owner. Once something entered his sight, he was never one to change his mind.

He did not care about how much it was so he sent a negotiator to unconditionally conclude the deal. It took far longer than he had expected for the gift to get to his hands.

His original plan was to gift it and then leave for the inspection but eventually he did not get to see her expression when she received it.

However, he had high expectations of his return. He expected that she would be thrilled with the gift and knew that she would give him a grand welcome on his return.

She had thanked him but her somewhat perfunctory “thank you” did not meet his expectations. She had thanked him, given him a soft smile and greeted him respectfully and he could sense it was not heartfelt but there was nothing to nitpick at.

He felt a bit hurt and embarrassed at the same time.

‘Just why? Wasn’t it a natural reaction for women’s eyes to shine like jewels when they receive jewelry?’

He had put so much care into choosing the gift but she didn’t like it making him wonder just how great it would have to be to satisfy her. But then, Jerome’s words were spectacular.

[She said it was burdensome.]

It was his first time hearing such words after giving a present. Did he have to meet a certain burden level? He was given something new to worry about.

However, her response from simply being allowed to go riding was more passionate that when she had received the diamond necklace.

This was the heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness he had expected. The diamond necklace he had spent a fortune on did not measure up to approval for horse riding.

‘So, money was a no.’

It was a little disheartening as he had once had an idea similar to that. Perhaps that idea would have cost more than what it took to acquire the necklace and build a horse-riding practice field. In his account, the expense was not an expense.

Although he’d solved the problem of horse riding, his honest heart always wanted her to be within his sight.

He was slightly annoyed at the daughter of Baron Milton who put useless ideas in his wife’s head but thanks to her, he knew a bit more about what Lucia liked so it was not entirely bad.


Around the time that the equestrian practice field was completed, Lucia was babbling on by the bedside.

“Hugh, I heard that if you head a bit to the east of Roam, there is a pretty large lake.”

“Hmmm it is quite big. Do you want to go see it?”

He had been thinking of making time one day to go out with her and come back.

“I was told there is a boat ride around this time. There are a lot of nobles that have a small boat, do you have one?”

“…I don’t.”

He had never done something like a boat ride. He didn’t have any memories of pertaining in such entertainment.

He had probably heard about it but because he wasn’t interested, he would forget about it.

He didn’t understand how it could be pleasurable to sit in a boat and float on water so he took it as something that men and women, who had nothing to do with their time, would do.

‘I’ll buy a boat.’

He had already forgotten his past self.

He never clung to trivial things of the past.

“Then…since Lady Milton invited me to it, can I go?”

Again, it was the daughter of Baron Milton. He had a bad feeling about all future association with the lady of Milton at the center.

“It is dangerous, isn’t it?”

“I was told there hasn’t been any accidents in the boat ride. Lady Milton confidently said that the boat owned by the Milton family is very strong.”

“When is the date of the boat ride?”

“It’s in four days.”

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< — Ducal couple — > (12)

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An unexpected notice flew in for the Baron of Milton from the Duke’s manor. He read it and inclined his head. Nothing had happened recently so he wondered what this was about.

He suddenly remembered that his youngest daughter had said she was going to be boating a few days later and was taking a boat out of the warehouse.

“You called, Father.”

“Yes. A notice came down from his Lordship’s manor and I think you should see it.”

Kate received the document from her father and read it.

“…regulation of customs? Just what does this mean?”

“Well, I also do not know exactly what the Lord is doing but in conclusion he will be controlling the boating on the lake. There won’t be much difference from the past, just that I need to specify a date to only allow women to go to the lake and control access to the vicinity of lake. I personally don’t have any problem with it. Any parent with a daughter would like it. When did you say you were going boating?”

“In three days.”

The Baron of Milton knew that lately, his daughter was a conversation partner for the Duchess but he didn’t know the exact details.

He did not know that they were close enough to call each other by their names, that Kate was very eager to get Lucia to go out and play, or that she would take Lucia for the boat ride.

As expected, Kate did not inform her family since it was obvious that they would be full of all kinds of worries.

“Oh, the control date is the same, in three days. Anyways, it won’t be affecting you going to play but I’m just telling to so that you know. I ask just in case but you weren’t planning on seeing any silly boys, right?”

“It’s nothing like that.”

Kate walked out of her Father’s office and began muttering.


She was going to go boating with the Duchess in three days. Was this simply a coincidence? She didn’t think so.

She’d thought something was strange ever since the women-only horse riding was made.

‘No way… is Lucia being confined?’

But there was no sign of that on the Duchess’ face. She didn’t seem to be living under oppression.

The expression of the Duchess when she had laughed and smilingly said that the Duke had readily agreed to her going horse-riding was not faked or unnatural.

A smile gradually crept onto the face of Kate who was pondering over this.

‘Somehow…this is a little exciting.’


It was a few days after the pleasant boat ride.

“Hugh, Lady Milton dropped by today.”

‘That woman again’. Hugo frowned slightly at the mention of this woman he had never seen.

His strange ominous foreboding was proven right. The daughter of the Baron of Milton had given him a significant headache. Now it wasn’t just a feeling but a fact.

“She said there is a fox hunt.”

Fox hunting. The playing of those girls in the name of hunting was blasphemy against hunting itself.

Some chap would catch a fox, tame it and then release it into the forest to hunt for rabbits and it was doubtful if the girls could even touch the dead rabbit.

“There is a regular gathering for fox hunting and I don’t have a fox but I want to watch it. Lady Milton told me she has a fox she’s raised and she could show me how to do it.”

“What will you do if you meet dangerous wild animals in the forest?”

“There is a small community in the forest not too far from the lake, so there are no dangerous animals at all. The biggest carnivore there would be the fox.”

He could get an idea of where she meant from what she was saying. There was a small forest that formed a community, as though someone had planted a handful of seedlings, separating it from other places.

If it was just that wide, he could surround it and control the area. He definitely had to see how the fox hunt operated and also it was safer for her to go amongst only women.

“I can’t?”

Her pitiful look attack was getting stronger day by day.

“…You can go.”

“…Hugh, about Lady Milton.”

He was enjoying touching her soft skin but his forehead wrinkled in response.

‘What is it this time?’

Every time that name came out of her mouth, he felt like he had neurosis.


“Her birthday is in three days and she is throwing a party at her house. May I attend? It is a small gathering and she’s only inviting close friends.”

‘She’s going out too often these days.’ It was all because of that tomboyish daughter of the Milton Baron.

Kate Milton was the only daughter amongst many sons in the Baron household. She was their daughter born after four sons and the Baron of Milton loved her whole-heartedly.

Kate was mixed in with four boys due to her father’s leniency with her and became famous for her tomboyish ways. It was rumored that the Baron of Milton was now troubled due to his over-indulgence.

There was no reason for Hugo to be so interested in knowing about the daughter of his vassal but the problem was that she had become a friend of his wife.

Unlike the gentle Lucia, Kate was very active and she was eager to involve Lucia in her activities.

“Why do you have to go to celebrate her birthday?”

“It’s more that I want to visit my friend’s home rather than having to celebrate her birthday.”

Since she wanted to go, she started her pitiful look attack. Hugo who unfortunately couldn’t tear the Lady Milton off from Lucia, felt the back of his head ache.

Still, the birthday party was better compared to events in the past. Since it was a place for only women, he candidly approved.

“Alright, go.”

“And… after the birthday party ends, there is a night party too…”

‘Fucking Lady Milton. Of course, there’s one’. Hugo hurled curses inwardly. Every time he saw the baron, it was at the tip of his tongue to tell the Baron to make sure his daughter stays away from his wife.

No matter how unhappy he was, as Kate hadn’t caused any harm, he couldn’t find any reason to do so.

Moreover, the Baron of Milton was a very loyal vassal. He did not want to deprive Lucia of the pleasure of meeting with her friend.

“Can I sleep there for a day?” (Lucia)

“You are a married woman. Are you saying you will be staying overnight?”

“…as expected, I can’t do that, right? I will just attend the party and come back.”

She said sulkily and readily gave up. She did not pester him about it anymore. Her bed side behavior went in a completely different direction from his predictions.

She had never once pressed him for a gift, advocated or slandered someone but it only made his head hurt more. He’d rather she asked for jewelry. Or go shopping. He had already stopped himself from saying these words he wanted to say several times.

“I will send you in a carriage so return in the morning.”

He released a small sigh and gave his consent.

“I will do that! Do you really agree?!”

“Does leaving your husband alone make you that excited?”

More strength was put into his arms around her waist as they tightened around her and Lucia peeked at him, studying his eyes.

“It’s only one day… you left for three to four days for your fiefdom inspection.”

“That is different.”

“…not really.”

Hugo abruptly caught her pouting lips, biting them. He held the startled and moving chin of hers tightly and pushed his tongue deep into her small mouth. As he rampaged all over her lips and released them, her face flushed and her eyes grew misty.

He turned her body to one side, hugged her body, placed his lips on her neck and began licking her neck extensively while grabbing her bosom.


“As the days go by, your retorts are increasing. Aren’t you a virtuous wife that believes her husband’s words are like the sky?”


“But what?”

“I was told it’s not attractive…if I behave too virtuously.”

His forehead creased slightly. But still, he had noticed that the frequency of her sharp retorts had recently increased and had to wonder where she heard the nonsense advice that she now had in her head.

“Are you learning seduction techniques?”

“Tech- it’s not a technique.”

“And who is this teacher of yours?”

“…Lady Milton…”

‘Ah…really that damn Lady Milton.’

“The teacher and the student is reversed, isn’t it? The daughter of the Baron of Milton is still unmarried.”

“Lady Milton is a charming lady so I wanted to learn…”

The red-haired Kate was a woman that exuded a charm completely opposite from Lucia. She had energetic features, a confident voice, a captivating presence while carrying a conversation and was never attracted by the courtship of men.

Lucia was envious of all of that. Kate had parents who gave her unsparingly and protective older brothers. She had everything that Lucia did not have.

“Who is learning from who? You are a Duchess. You are at the peak of the northern social status.”

He lay Lucia on her side and embrace her from behind. He kneaded her chest while roughly inserting his center in between her legs and rubbing on her butt.

“It is good to meet up but I absolutely refuse for you to learn the tomboyish ways of the Milton Baron’s daughter. So my wife, don’t lose your virtuousness or I will give you a curfew.” (1)

From behind, he slowly opened her up as his hard penis pushed against her and finally entered. Lucia’s buttocks and his thighs were tightly pressed together. The two bodies became one.

Lucia was the most ecstatic when he began to push his full length inside of her. The feeling of him inside her gave her a sense of satisfaction.


“You’re doing well. Just continue doing what you’ve been doing.”


Hugo had no intention of tolerating even the slightest deviation for his wife. In his eyes, she was very gentle and sweet.

Whenever he laid his eyes on her, the peace and comfort that was there, was increasingly captivating to him.

He lifted his upper body and thrusted in repeatedly. It wasn’t a position that penetrated her deeply but he knew that she secretly enjoyed this position and that was because it was less powerful and moderately stimulating.

He pulled out shortly and she let out a moan as she gasped for breath.

Summer was coming to an end.

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