Chapter 8

Lucia Ch8

First Night (2)

translated: iseuli

editor: lili

Lucia closed her eyes as if she was waiting for her execution while he watched her with calm eyes. He wondered whether he should gobble up this little rabbit at once, but then he changed his mind. He would probably end up losing his appetite midway. He decided to give this innocent princess a pleasant service to teach her a little bit about a man’s body.


Lucia, who had her eyes shut tight, slowly opened them again.


“I don’t want to hear ‘Your Grace,’ in bed. Call my name instead.”

“Your name…?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know my name.”

“It’s not that. I know it. Umm… Hugh?”

When he didn’t answer, Lucia inquired once again.

“Or maybe Hugo…?”

His silence was uncomfortably long. ‘Did I get his name wrong? His name was not Hugo?’ She had seen him sign that name on their marriage certificate. Before she could grow more nervous, he answered with a hesitant voice.

“…The first one.”

“The first one… Then, Hugh…?”

In that short moment, his body shook. She caught his scarlet marble-like eyes tremble. Lucia felt he had a special attachment to the name ‘Hugh.’ Could it be a nickname that somebody had used to call him? His mother? Or maybe… The woman he loved…?

Had he loved a woman before? He had a son. Who could be the child’s mother? Had he loved that woman? Where was that woman now, why had they separated?


As she wondered whether it would be alright to ask about that woman, she jumped upon hearing her unfamiliar name. He seemed to have noticed her oversensitive reaction, so she made up an excuse.

“Nobody… really calls my name…”

“It will happen very often from now on. Vivian.”


His low voice quietly caressed her ears. Her unfamiliar name had come out very naturally from his lips.



She had her mouth shut tight, and he watched her as he let out a laugh that seemed like a sigh.

“Darling, do you know you’re quite stubborn?” (Hugo)

“…Since when have I ever been?” (Lucia)

“Just now.” (Hugo)

“…Do you know you are very good at forcing your way?” ( Lucia)

“I don’t force anything. Everything I say happens to be correct.” (Hugo)

His shameless pride made her speechless. His face drew closer until she could feel his breath upon her lips. When his lips pressed down onto hers, she closed her eyes. He lightly kissed her tightly closed mouth a few times and then gently sucked on her lower lip. He pulled away for a moment.

“Open your lips.”

He commanded in a low voice. She swallowed a hard breath from nerves; her throat hurt. Her face was tinted in a pink hue as she hesitated, but in the end, she let her lips fall apart a little. His eyes seemed to laugh for a moment. Soon, his lips firmly pressed against hers and a soft piece of flesh entered her mouth.


His tongue smoothly ravaged the inside of her mouth. He slowly made his way around her teeth and the sides of her cheeks. She felt a jolting pleasure when his tongue met hers. As their lips parted the tiniest sliver, he spoke.

“You taste like wine.”

Lucia felt her blush burning through her cheeks. He changed his position and locked lips once more. Just as he’d remarked, their kiss tasted like wine, dizzying her with rapture. Their tongues wrestled while their saliva mixed. He was focused on exploring the inside of her mouth through kissing. His tongue twisted and sucked on, then let go of her.


A moan escaped from deep within her throat. The soft kiss gradually heated up. His gentle tongue suddenly pressed firmly inside her mouth, and when he continued to massage a sensitive spot, she unconsciously ended up firmly grasping the bed sheets. He kept making Lucia breathless until she reached limit. Then he parted his lips from hers, and after letting her catch her breath, he started once again.

Their kiss continued that way for many more rounds. Lucia’s shoulders, which had been stiff from nerves, gradually relaxed. His kisses were sweet and soothing. When he parted from a particularly long kiss, Lucia lightly gasped for breath. With only this much, it felt like they had done more than enough already.

“The li-…light. It’s too bright…”

“I like being able to see you well.”


Hugo kissed her eyes, which were on the brink of spilling out tears.

“Your body is very pretty. Let me see.”

Her cheeks were rosy as she bit her lips; she looked adorable. It wasn’t empty flattery; her body was truly very pretty. Her height was just right against his, and her nipples at the top of her round breasts had a pretty, flower-like pink hue. The line that connected her slim waist to her pelvis was beautiful. She was not voluptuous, but her body had a lot of charm.

He pecked her lips a few more times, and gradually moved his kisses to her cheek then to her ear. His moist lips kissed behind her ear then down her neck. Lucia blinked slowly as her sense of self became hazy. Whenever his lips brushed against her skin, she felt strange.

‘Is this the wine’s fragrance…?’

Her body’s aroma was unique. It wasn’t the pungent smell of perfume but her body’s natural scent. At first, he thought it was just the smell of wine. But, this scent was a little different from wine. It was very faint and somewhat refreshingly sweet.

‘The smell of an unripe… fruit…’

It was a natural scent. It was girl’s scent. He realized for the first time that someone could smell so good. Hugo didn’t rest as he continued to get drunk from her aroma, kissing her, and licking her. Whether his taste buds or sense of smell was making him feel drunk was unknown. Her skin was soft like silk. When he licked her skin, it was perfectly smooth and delectable.

It was not his usual style to be so gentle. However at the moment, he was enjoying himself very much. Whenever his lips pressed against her skin, she would tremble in the most lovely way. He took hold of her thin wrist and sucked onto the inner side.

The slight pain caused her to slightly recoil. Confirming the pink mark upon her skin, he kissed her other wrist. He laughed a bit as Lucia stared at him with confused eyes.

He traced his lips from her neck down to the vicinity of her breasts.


A jolting pleasure from her breasts forced Lucia to let out a short moan. He took a mouthful and sucked on it. As if milk was coming out of her breasts, he licked her nipples meticulously.

“Hk!” (gasp)

He lightly bit her nipple and tickled it with his tongue. Lucia got breathless as he licked around the areola before sucking on it once more.

Her breasts were soft and tender. It was like consuming a mouthful of whip cream; he was worried they would melt in his mouth. She was quietly laying down in bed while grasping onto the sheets, but her body would tremble while her hips jolted up from time to time. Gradually, he felt his lower half starting to grow hot.

He let go of her breast, which was now wet with his saliva, and moved to caress the other one. He licked, sometimes lightly bit, swallowed, and from time to time sucked with great force. Whenever his tongue moved, a tingling sensation would travel up her spine, and she couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

After he teased her breasts to his content, his kisses traveled down to her abdomen. Lucia wondered where his lips would advance next; she was a little scared, but she felt anticipation at the same time. She was gripping onto the sheets so hard, the tips of her fingers turned pale white.


His lips proceeded down to her lower abdomen and then to her inner thighs. They moved toward the places nobody else had touched before. His lips brushed against the deep portions of her inner thighs and began sucking. She felt a sting.

He kissed from her hips to her calves while making light lip smacking sounds. Upon hearing them, Lucia’s face grew hot. His last kiss ended on her heels. When she snapped out of her dazed state, his lips had returned to her neck.

He took her breast in his hand and brought his other hand to her abdomen. He slowly let his hand brush down her abdomen and naturally slid it down to her inner thigh, pressing his fingers toward her inner thigh. Lucia was shocked and stared at him with wide eyes. At that moment, her gaze locked with his. His red eyes were filled with something hot and sensual.

He seemed to be observing her reactions, while exploring into her lower regions with a slight pressure. Her breaths became faster and her pumpkin orange eyes started to tremble. Watching her, he felt his body burn up.


His long and firm finger slowly entered her. She yelped, not from pain but from surprise. When his finger slid out, she sighed in relief. But the next moment, he inserted his finger deeper into her.


He repeatedly moved his finger in and out of her, but it wasn’t deep enough to hurt her. She had never let anything inside of her before, so the foreign object felt strange. As the stimulation continued, her lower region became slippery with moist juices, and the sound of wet noises grew increasingly louder. Her whole body was burning with heat and she felt her back shiver reflexively. A few more of his fingers pressed and rubbed against her.

A strange, indescribable sensation took over her body whenever his finger entered her. It was a bit ticklish, maybe a little naughty, but good. It seemed a little painful at the same time. Her breathing turned sharp, and she couldn’t think of anything but the feelings that were brewing inside her chest.


At that moment, a tingle surged up, flooding into her body and causing her muscles to spasm and her neck to jerk up as euphoria circulated through her entire body for a few seconds. The short moment of bliss passed and her senses dulled, while her body had no strength left in it. She enjoyed the feeling of his fingers smoothly combing through her hair.

“How was it? My innocent Princess.”

“…But it’s not the end yet.”

She understood that sex would only end when the male ejaculated into the female. Though it was only a dream, no matter how crazy of a life Lucia had lived, she had been married once before. She had never experienced the entirety of the sexual process, but she had slept on the same bed as her husband for all those years.

Hugo’s hands, that were stroking her hair, paused.

“So you know.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“You entered the palace at a young age and you lived all those years without a single maid. Who did you learn this from?”

“Oh… From a b-book…”

“A book… What a boring method of learning. What did the book say?”

“It said I would end up crying and screaming, but… I think it was all a lie.”

Hugo had been smiling teasingly all this time, but upon her words, his expression stiffened at once. He let out a sad sigh while chuckling quietly. This woman was like a raw gemstone. She was naïve but truthful. In a way, she could be more dangerous than many of the skillful women in the world. Originally, when he had initiated sex, he had no intentions of going further than this.

“I should live up to your expectations then.”

He was moderately relieved. His lower half had gotten very firm since awhile ago, and it was starting to hurt. His body had grown excited the moment his fingers grasped her bare body.

He held her hips with his hands. Her pale hips were tinged red from his hands’ pressure just now. Fuck. He swallowed back his curses. His lower body felt numb. Why was this woman’s skin so soft? He wanted to leave his marks all over her pure body.

“Put your legs like this.”

He said in a low voice. Her long slender legs clumsily wrapped around his hips, bumping here and there through the process. His body temperature rose and his lower half panged from the constant stimulation. His body’s reactions were to the extreme. He had thought she was not his type of woman at all.

‘…It’s been too long.’

He had abstained from sex for too long. From the time the topic of marriage was brought up, he had not had sex with another woman for over a month. He was currently pent up with sexual frustration. He had a very healthy body for a male. He had never gone over 10 days without the pleasures of a woman’s body. Abstaining for over a month was a new record.

It wasn’t that he wanted to honor his wife or anything. He had been too busy preparing for the return to his territory, and before he knew it, a month had passed.

He placed her tired arms around his shoulders.

“Hold onto me. Don’t be nervous and relax your body.”

Lucia hesitantly wrapped her arms around his shoulders, being careful as if she was touching something she shouldn’t be. His muscles felt firm but flexible. He chuckled and smiled to compliment a job well done, making her heart start thumping loudly.

“If this isn’t your first time, I promise it will be a blissful night.”

Lucia suspected her hearing. He spoke with such a gentle smooth tone, but somehow she felt like he was teasing her.

“What if it’s my f…first?”

Hugo had intended to tease her with these words, but her response was so innocent, it amused him as if he was listening to a joke.

“Probably, it will hurt a little bit.”

He fiercely raised his upper body and centered himself against her, gradually adding his weight onto her. An aching pain shot from between Lucia’s legs, and she furrowed her brows. ‘If it’s this much pain, it will be bearable.’ Lucia gritted her teeth.

“…Relax. I haven’t even started.”

Even a half of half of his thing had not entered her yet. He had only slightly pushed the crown in, but her body was too tight and it didn’t seem it would be able to stretch out further. The pleasure felt more like pain and it was very hard stopping himself from just thoughtlessly pushing himself into her.

“Uue… How to do this…?”

He lowered himself onto her and locked lips. He sucked on her small soft lips, taunting her with his tongue. He squeezed and massaged her breasts with his hand. Once he soothed her a little, her tense muscles relaxed. When he could feel some room to move again, he pushed himself forward a bit more. A sharp pain shot through her body and Lucia gripped onto his shoulders with greater strength, to the point her fingertips paled.

“Hha… Hha..”

Lucia’s breaths became rough as if she was lacking air. He kept moving forward bit by bit without pause. He gradually filled her more and more, until he reached a thin wall(1) . Once he broke through that frail wall, he was able to slide himself in with ease.


Severe pain. It felt like her body would split in two. How was this only ‘a little bit of pain’? The pain from her lower body consumed her entire mind. Everything in front of her distorted, and her jaw trembled. She realized at this time that when the pain was too severe, one couldn’t even scream. The pressure and the accompanying pain from his length inside of her was too much for her to handle. They were connected completely as his body pressed down onto her.

Even if she were to try and shake him off, his body was pressed firmly down onto her so that she couldn’t even tremble. She shook her head from side to side as she tried to lessen the pain. When her lips touched his arm, she bit onto him.

He furrowed his brows from the sudden ache in his arm. He had been supporting his weight with his arms so he wouldn’t have to put his full weight onto her, but she had bit his arm heavily. Her teeth were lodged onto his thick muscular arm, while tears welled up in her eyes as she glared at him with resentment.

He scowled, but his lips were smiling. Her struggling form seemed ridiculous yet cute at the same time. He didn’t allow women to bite him as they wished, but he let her be. The pain was stimulating his pleasure at the moment. His mind was off in another place right now.

‘This feels amazing…’

It felt out of this world inside of her. It wasn’t just tight. There was a syrupy texture that squeezed down onto him.

‘Is it because she’s a virgin?’

But the last time he’d embraced a virgin, there hadn’t been a single thing he found particularly pleasurable. He couldn’t enjoy himself at all, and midway through, he had gone limp. But why was this woman different? His sexual desire hadn’t calmed down at all, but burned with greater intensity. He was drenched in sweat.

After feeling and caressing her body, he very much appreciated her petite frame. Her body was small and her bones were thin. It seemed he would be able to easily break her bones if he squeezed too hard.

He went on carefully as if he was handling glass, fighting against his heart that wanted to rough up her body to his full desires. He had originally intended to make her feel good for a bit, but his kisses had continued without stop for too long. He had become fully absorbed in licking her skin, and he had gotten too worked up while caressing her naked body.

‘This is not my fault,’ Hugo thought. His young wife had blindly instigated him.

She had grown tired from biting him, so she let go of his arm and sniffled. Her pitiful crying form was adorable. Her face was directly stimulating his endless sexual desire. He started to doubt his conviction in the type of women he thought he liked before. He clamped his mouth shut while breathing deeply. He had never been this sexually aroused before.

His firm member was stiffening to its limit and she was squeezing him tightly. He felt very apologetic, but he couldn’t endure any longer. Raising his body, he thrust his hips so that his length could be fully wrapped inside her.


Lucia’s body twitched from a new-found shocking sensation. He saw her red blood flowing out of the moist junction between her thighs as he pulled out. Her eyes, that were glaring at him coldly, gradually melted with warmth. He once again thrust deeply into her.


She moaned out loud. She looked to be in pain, but her body twitched with pleasure. When he pulled out, she felt a burn from her inner walls, but once he pushed in again, her entrance swallowed him hungrily. Her soft inner walls continuously stimulated his shaft. He felt a surging sensation that was about to burst at the back of his neck.

“Ah! It hurts! Stop moving! Please!”

As Lucia cried and begged, he paused while inside of her. He had great willpower to stop in such a situation, but she wouldn’t be amazed at this aspect at all.

“I’ve told you, once we start it will be impossible to stop midway.”

As he suppressed his own urges, the veins on his arm bulged.

“It hurts. I feel like I’ll die.”

Upon her crying, he replied in a cold and collected tone.

“You won’t die. Otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to be born into this world.”

She looked like she was suffering an injustice, making him want to tease her.

“Hasn’t your fantasy been fulfilled? I’ve made you scream and cry.”

She didn’t give him permission to move, and upon his shameless answer, she continued to scream.

“Ah! Aah!”

Lucia had no knowledge of a man’s body. He was too big and skillful. An aggressive, skillful woman would have been able to receive him well, but to Lucia, it was overwhelmingly painful. The smooth and relaxing kisses that had covered her body just a while ago seemed to be a lie. He cruelly thrust his hips without stop. Whenever he penetrated deep into her, her breath ceased and a speechless pain followed.

“Uuh! Please a…bit…slower!”

“I am…going slow.”

He was not lying. He was currently holding back to the best of his abilities. If he didn’t, she would have fainted from pain long ago. Even so, he hadn’t intended for events to flow that way. He didn’t want their first night to go like this, but his body spoke of different actions. Fuck. What were her insides made out of that they felt so good? It felt so damn good.

Blood flowed out from their point of union, staining the bed sheets. His sensitive sense of smell picked up the scent of blood. Half of his rationality was already gone. Wet sounds reverberated through the whole room as he kept thrusting vigorously.

“Ang! Ah! Hk!”

She screamed without minding the situation. Her face was pale and her eyes trembled. She looked to be in great pain.

She hung onto his shoulders tightly and her nails dug into his back, creating scratch marks. He really hated it when other people inflicted wounds to his body. Originally, he would have cast the woman aside and left her. However, he didn’t have to slightest intention to leave at the moment.

When he saw her eyes well up with tears, his appetite for her intensified even more. He wanted to hang onto her and bury himself into this soft and petite woman so madly, and ravage her while licking her entire body.

‘It hurts…’

It felt like a blazing fire was burning inside her. Her body moved up and down along with his strong thrusts. Everything was so different than what she’d imagined. She thought he would thrust a few times and that would be the end. This was painful, hot, and drawn-out.

The pain was there, but the it was at the back of her mind right now. She had long realized it wasn’t the pain that was making her so tired; something was surging within her and she couldn’t take it. His firm shaft sunk into her, thrusting in and sliding out. The terrible pain gradually dulled.

“Hha… Hha..”

Lucia’s screaming lessened. Instead her rough breaths increased, flooding the room. Her eyes were still stained with tears, but they were filled with something warm. It wasn’t due to pain but something different, which made her knit her brows.

It hurt. It definitely hurt, but… Something felt strange. From the tip of her toes to the top of her head, an overwhelming euphoric shock engulfed her body. She swallowed back her scream and let out a low breath.

“Your insides are shaking like crazy.”

He firmly held onto her hips as he bore deeper into her. Her juices, mixed with bits of blood, flowed out from her down to her buttocks. As he continued to thrust, the viscous fluids created a constant moist slapping sound. Their point of connection had residual blood splattered here and there.

“Ah, hu…”

Her lips no longer let out cries of pain. Instead she mewled and moaned in pleasure. He slowly changed the direction of his thrusts as he penetrated deeper. He concentrated on her panting and groaning, and stubbornly hammered into her most sensitive spot.

“Ah! Aah…”

Her insides squeezed and started to spasm. He saw that she was about to climax and plunged deeper into her.


Her body froze and she cried. Her entire body began to tremble. He was far from reaching his limit, but if he continued further, she would faint. He did not have the disgusting hobby of ramming into the body of an unconscious female. His breath was rough as he let himself finish. inside her body.

Shit, he slowed his breath and frowned. It was his first time cumming inside of a woman.

Lucia’s body grew limp as something hot spilled into her body. She panted as her chest rose up and down.

‘Is…it over…?’

Her thoughts didn’t last long. She felt his large hand caress her forehead and just like that, she instantly fell asleep.

It felt like her body had melted into the blanket as fatigue washed over her. When she opened her eyes, a sliver of the morning sun was peeking through the curtains. The soft breathing from the man next to her gave her a strange feeling.

‘That’s right… I’m… married…’

She was thirsty, so she got up carefully, trying not to wake him.


A groan escaped her lips unknowingly. It felt like something was drumming on her body. She struggled out of the bed, and as soon as she put her feet on the floor, no strength gathered in her legs and she fell down. Thankfully, there was a rug on the floor and she didn’t hurt her knees too badly.

Her body hurt like someone had beat her up all over. Every muscle in her body felt sore. Deep between her legs, a constant throbbing pain persisted. It didn’t help that it felt like something was still inside of her. She hurt inside and out, just everywhere.

Lucia massaged her own shoulders and arms and discovered a strange mark there.

‘What’s this?’

A reddish purple bruise was stained there.

‘How did I get bruised here? When did I bump into something?’

She pressed the bruise with her finger, but it didn’t hurt. On her other arm, a similar bruise was there. She stared confused for a while and a memory from when he had painfully sucked on her wrists shot through her mind.

She carefully untied her robe and observed her chest. She discovered more similar bruise marks. Shocked, she quickly tied her robe again. Her face burned from embarrassment and she covered it with both hands.

‘Aah. Oh my god. Oh my god. Just let me die. What to do?’

Embarrassment started flooding in like a tide. She was a pitiful child, whose heart beat wildly from just a kiss. In one night, a grand event had occurred.

‘So this is what it is?’

She experienced sex for the first time in her life. The husband inside her dream, Count Matin, had been impotent. He would roughly rub against her lower body and in a few moments he would gasp wildly and that would be the end. It gave her goose bumps. She could not understand why people loved to do such a thing.

She understood why Hugo laughed, saying she had learned sex from something so boring. Something like yesterday night, she would never find in a book anywhere. It wasn’t something meant to bear children; it was something more mysterious than simple pleasure. They had connected physically in the deepest level possible.

‘How do people do this and… break up? How is a divorce possible?’

It was a conversation. A deep, heavy conversation that only two people could share.

It was odd. Before, he had seemed like a stranger, but this morning she felt a bit closer to him.

‘Just a little… No, it hurt a lot, but…’

If he asked her to do it again with him, she wouldn’t want to go out of her way to refuse. It hurt a lot, but that wasn’t the whole experience. The feeling of his heavy body pressing down on her, the way he caressed her as he kissed her, his breath and the way his red eyes shook with heat… That sensation that had flooded into her body… Was that what people called pleasure…? As she went through her memories of last night, the inner side of her thighs began to heat up.

‘Stop!! Stop thinking! Something else, something else, something else…’

Lucia shook her head left and right trying to shake off her thoughts.

‘Did I ever dress myself back into my pajamas…?’

She had no memory of it happening. Had he dressed her? Had he ordered a maid to do it? She remembered she had sweated a lot, but her skin felt soft and fresh.

Lucia gazed at the bedroom door absentmindedly. That was a very wide and extravagant room. A high ceiling, marble pillars, the horrifyingly luxurious decorations…

‘I might have… done something amazing.’

She wondered whether she had the skills and confidence to live on as the Duchess following her marriage. If she was being greedy for something beyond her reach, in the end she would be the one to suffer.

‘I won’t… regret.’

She decided she would not. She would bear whatever ending resulted from her actions. If she had to pay the price, she would do so. She decided she would not do something like cry. She wasn’t sold off to this marriage. It was her own choice.



(1)For the sake of the uneducated young girls, the hymen membrane myth is widely misunderstood. It is not true that females would bleed a river. Please look over this as merely something for the fantasy novels.

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