Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Don’t Want to Rescue a Dead Person

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Jiang Li knew he would be like this and said helplessly, “The surveillance cameras on the section of the Wangjiang South Road showed that he fell into the river in order to pick up something… He has already fallen in for a few minutes, and there are no surveillance cameras there. I’m not sure about the specific situation… Don’t worry, I’ve already notified the nearest fire and rescue team and asked them to rush over there. I’m also rushing over…”

The black Phaeton made a sudden stop and almost hit the green belt on the side of the road!

The light and shadow in front of Ye Wangchuan’s eyes condensed, and his breathing couldn’t help but tighten. It felt as if someone was pinching his neck, and he was unable to breathe for a moment.

The scene of his cousin dying alone flashed vividly across his mind. His only wish had been for him to take good care of Ye Qichen…


He slammed on the accelerator and sped towards the location given by Jiang Li.

“The kid’s face is blue and cold. I’m afraid it’s hopeless.”

“He’s so pitiful. It seems like he’s only 5 or 6 years old. His family will be so sad that he drowned at such a young age.”

“Is the ambulance here yet?”

“I just called. Traffic control is at the intersection ahead, and they’ll take at least half an hour to get here.”

“I also called.”

On the shore, onlookers formed a circle and chatted nonstop.

Qiao Chen and Fu Ge finally squeezed in past the crowd. They saw Qiao Nian soaked all over, her head buried as if she couldn’t see all the people around her. She was incessantly performing first aid.

“What is Sister doing?” Qiao Chen asked curiously.


Fu Ge was slightly surprised to see that Qiao Nian knew first aid. “She’s doing cardiac resuscitation for the child. It’s a first-aid method.”

When Qiao Chen saw that he was staring intently at Qiao Nian, an uneasy feeling crept onto her. She pursed her mouth and said in a low voice, “Since when did my sister learn this? Don’t tell me she watched it on TV and randomly learned it? The child is still so young, isn’t it better to wait for the ambulance to come?”


Fu Ge also felt like Qiao Nian shouldn’t rush to give first aid. After all, she wasn’t a professional, and if anything happened to the child, she wouldn’t be able to explain herself.


He raised his chin slightly and took out his phone. “I know people in the city hospital. I’ll call and ask them to come over quickly.”


Upon hearing that he knew people in the city hospital, the onlookers turned to look at him in surprise.

The hospital surrounding the city was a tertiary hospital that was extremely famous in the surrounding urban hospitals. It was so difficult to register a number there that nobody even knew the doctors there.

An old lady couldn’t help but compliment him. “Young lad, you’re so kind!”


Beside him, Qiao Chen also puffed her chest with pride.

Only Qiao Nian felt like the voices beside her were too noisy. Her snow-white small face had irritability written all over it, and her body was dripping wet. Her hair hung like seaweed on her shoulders, and her wet shirt was also stuck to her neck. On her white neck were beads of blood from where the child had scratched her.

Red and white colors intertwined together, making for a shocking sight!


Even after pressing the child’s chest for a long time, the child lying on the ground still hadn’t vomited the water out of his lungs, and his breathing was also becoming weaker.


She took a deep breath, not wanting to have jumped down to save a dead person.

She couldn’t care more and just pulled out a small cloth from her bag.


“What’s that?” Qiao Chen pointed to the thing and asked.

Some of the onlookers also saw it and recognized what Qiao Nian was holding. “It looks like acupuncture needles?”

“This little girl knows acupuncture? What’s she using it for?”

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