Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2421 Afraid? She’s Not Someone to Be Messed With

Chapter 2421 Afraid? She's Not Someone to Be Messed With

Victoria Port, Independent Continent.

The sea breeze blew over the blue sea, causing ripples to appear on the water's surface. Seabirds flew across the sea; from time to time, ferries would sail under the blue sky to their destination…

Everything was calm and beautiful.

Not far away, in a green pickup truck, the burly man stuck his head out and looked outside. "Boss, it doesn't look like anyone's lying in ambush. What's Qiao Nian up to?"

With one hand on the steering wheel, the blond man said, "Calm down."

"Why are you looking around? Are we afraid of a little girl? Your reaction is embarrassing our K Organization!"

The burly man blushed at his rough words. He leaned back in his and retorted in a low voice, "I'm not afraid of her. I just didn't expect her to be so bold as to grab Gu Hengbo in the center of the independent continent."

"Tsk." The blond was chewing gum. He placed one hand outside the car window and did not seem to take it to heart. He only snorted. "Are you afraid?"

The burly man's expression changed and he emphasized his nasal voice in embarrassment. "I said I'm not afraid!"

The blond looked at the agreed place not far away, and his expression turned sloppy. He indifferently said, "She's not someone to be trifled with. But it doesn't matter. We're not people to be trifled with, either!"

The burly man was stunned and fell silent.

"The K Organization has never failed before." The blond spat the gum outside the window and rolled it up. Then, he looked at the burly man in the front passenger seat. "This mission failure can be said to be the shame of the organization. We can't go back to see the leader. What if the leader asks if we know who we lost to? Therefore, we have to at least see Miss Qiao before leaving!"

"Boss, will she ambush us?" The burly man was still worried.

The blond's eyes were filled with confidence. "Don't worry. Our submarine is nearby. She can't make us stay!"

* *

On the side of an abandoned dock in Victoria Harbor.

Gu Hengbo was thrown to the ground.

The girl opened the car's door and leaned against the driver's seat to play with her phone. She had found a baseball cap from somewhere. Now, she lowered the brim of the cap low. Her cold white hand tapped on the phone screen as if she was replying to a message.

"Mo Dong said that they sent Elder Feng to the hospital." Ye Wangchuan had just finished answering the call. He casually turned off his Bluetooth earpiece and turned to talk to the girl.

Qiao Nian was still replying to the message. Hearing this, she casually replied, "OK."

Seeing she was still sending messages, Ye Wangchuan pressed the voice message and spoke briefly to the other party.

He could not hear clearly. He only heard Qiao Nian say something about a submarine.

Soon, the sound of tires rubbing against the asphalt was heard. Close to three green pickup trucks were speeding in their direction.

Lying on the ground like a dead fish, Gu Hengbo immediately started struggling. He stared in anticipation in the car's direction. His mouth was with something, but he still tried to call for help.

Ye Wangchuan looked at him struggling desperately and turned to the girl. "Tsk, do you think he still looks like the person in charge of the Level 5 laboratory in the First Research Institute?"

Finished sending her messages, Qiao Nian put her phone in her pocket. Hearing this, she finally looked at the struggling middle-aged man on the ground.

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