Madam’s Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2966 Fruitless Contact

Chapter 2966  Fruitless Contact

At the front desk.

"How is it?" The fat-headed man asked when the front desk person put down the office phone. He put his hands on the marble table and leaned forward. "What did she say?"

The front desk person looked embarrassed and did not dare to face him. "President Zhang, I'm sorry. She said she doesn't have any friends here. You must have recognized the wrong person."

"Help me check her check-in details." The fat-headed man was disappointed but did not take it to heart. He immediately asked the front desk person to check Qiao Nian's check-in information for him.

"This…" A troubled expression flashed across the front desk person's face.

In fact, according to the rules, she shouldn't even have made that call just now, let alone reveal the guests' check-in information. That was even more blatantly against the rules.

However, she couldn't afford to offend him.

The front desk lady hesitated for a moment. "President Zhang, please wait a moment."

"Yes." The fat-headed man was extremely patient in this matter and did not rush her at all.

The front desk lady swiped the mouse and searched for the customers who had checked in before.

Over the past few days, their hotel's 30th to 33rd floors had been reserved. It was difficult for ordinary guests to book rooms, so they only had a few guests at the moment.

She quickly found the information on the fifth row of the form. "Found it!"

"What's her name and where did she come from?" Fathead was more concerned than her and immediately asked, "And her contact information?"

The front desk lady looked embarrassed and looked up at him helplessly. "Uh, there's no information about her on the form."

Fathead was stunned.

He did not understand what the front desk lady meant. "Are you kidding me? How can there be no check-in information…?"

"There's really no information about her."

The front desk lady took a photo of the screen with her cell phone and handed it to him. "Take a look."

Fathead took the cell phone and looked at the print in disbelief. Indeed, the check-in column was filled with asterisks.

Name: *

Age: *

The contact information column was also an asterisk.

He carefully looked at the entire line and realized only one place was filled with information: First Research Institute on the independent continent!

"… Independent continent?" Fathead was shocked. Clearly, he did not expect Qiao Nian, who looked so young, to be related to a place like the independent continent.

The independent continent was different from Country M.

That place was as famous as the illegal district for being a lawless area where all kinds of people mingled.

That girl actually came from a place like the independent continent and had the backing of an organization like the First Research Institute at such a young age.

He had to think about it carefully.

He returned the phone to the front desk lady with a dark expression. "Alright, forget it if you can't find anything. I'll think of another way."

The front desk lady did not know why he insisted on finding Qiao Nian's personal information. Hearing this, she put away her cell phone and did not speak nonsense. She might as well be quiet.

Fathead digested the information in a bad mood before saying, "It's going to be Young Master Qi's birthday banquet soon. You guys have to be more careful these few days. Don't let unidentified people sneak in."

"All right."

"… Also, lock the elevators. Don't let anyone enter the 30th to 33rd floors for the next few days."

The front desk lady nodded repeatedly. "I understand, President Zhang."

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