Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Resurrection

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Falken was the only reverend in the Church of Life in Red Mountain Town.

He worked as a mercenary for two years and traveled in a lot of places when he was young. Although he had only lived in Red Mountain Town afterward, he always considered himself a worldly man.

But today, he felt that he was too ignorant. He did not know the new way of suicide, which was to detonate one’s own head with magic recoil. Every spellcaster would’ve been impressed by such an accurate detonation.

3Falken finally closed his mouth. The young man who emerged in his temple should be the undying Golden Son that would arrive today according to the oracle, which said that he would reappear on the ritual table in the temple after he died.

But what if he didn’t? There were so many temples of the Church of Life in the world, and there were only finite Golden Sons. He might not reach his temple. Now, how should he deal with this headless body and this place that looked like the scene of a homicide?

He had been a reputable reverend in Red Mountain Town for decades. He did not expect this before his death. It would be the time of prayer in the town soon. If the villagers saw him standing in the chapel soaked in blood next to the headless male…

2He could imagine what theory the villagers would come up with!

1It took the Church of Life decades to establish grounds in this village. If the villagers lost their faith because of this incident, he would be too ashamed to face the goddess when he was summoned by her later.

Falken had a strong headache.

1The thing he most dreaded happened. The wooden door behind Falken opened, and a plump lady cried as loudly as if she were a virtuoso when she saw the horrifying scene. She even fell on the floor when Falken turned around with brains and blood all over his body.

“Don’t be scared, Susan,” said Falken intimidatingly. “I’m Falken. About this…”

1“What? You’re Reverend Falken?” Surprisingly, the plump lady named Susan relaxed after distinguishing Falken’s voice. She jumped up and cursed at Roland’s headless body. “Reverend, was he a burglar? You’ve done a great job! Wait a moment. I’ll ask other people to help you. He was stupid enough to rob you…”

1Cursing, she left and cried out, “Somebody help! The old reverend has killed a burglar. Come here and help him move the body out.”

Hearing the exclamations and yells, Falken grinned, tears in his dirty eyes.

Soon, a bunch of people swarmed in. Most of them were adults; children were kept outside. They gasped when they saw the ghastly scene and then cursed the burglar who broke into the temple. None of them suspected that Falken was a murderer.

After discussing for a while, some of them fetched clean water to mop the floor, and some went for a piece of cloth to move the body away and burn it.

More people were gathered around old Falken, asking if he was hurt. They obviously cared about him. Some even wiped the disgusting blood stains on his clothes for him.

None of them, including old Falken, saw that Roland’s consciousness had stayed next to his body. To be more exact, Roland was invisible to them when he was in the state of consciousness.

Roland finally returned to himself from the unexpected pain. He confirmed that his body in the game had been killed by the head explosion due to inappropriate spellcasting.

3It was one of the most hilarious ways of death that he knew. He would’ve laughed nonstop if it happened to any other player, but since he was the victim here, he could only weep in sorrow.

1No wonder the difficulty of Mage was listed as ten stars on the official website of the game, which was the highest difficulty of all classes. Warlock and Priest, the other two classes of spellcasters, were only five stars.

4Roland recalled the notice he read before entering this virtual world. After a player died, they could be resurrected several seconds after their consciousness found a temple of the Church of Life and lied on the ritual table.

He observed the people who were busy next to his body. In this state of consciousness, he only had regular sight and could not smell, taste, or feel anything. He felt panicked and horrible when he stayed in this environment of sensory deprivation for too long.

He hurried to climb on the ritual table and lie down. The stone skirt of the goddess skirt was before him again.

5Of course, there was nothing underneath the skirt except for simple stone structures. It was not fun at all.

5While Roland was having random thoughts, the goddess statue’s eyes glowed a green that illuminated his consciousness.

His consciousness turned warm, and strange energy flowed within. Then, he became dizzy. By the time he woke up again, he found himself lying on the ritual table.

He stood up, only to discover that the NPCs who were busy moving the body stared at him in surprise with their mouths gaping.

At this moment, he felt slightly cold. He lowered his head. Then, he couldn’t have looked more awful.

1He was entirely naked, without the tiniest piece of cloth.

Roland was so embarrassed that he would rather kill himself. Trying to remain calm, he glanced at the crowd and wondered how he could extricate himself from this awkward situation. But soon, he heaved a long sigh, because it was impossible for him to explain himself when he did not know the language.

3It had been proved that he couldn’t activate Language Proficiency for now.

1At this moment, the old reverend said something to the crowd, and they left the temple in order. The last of them even closed the door.

The temple became dim again. The headless body was still lying on the ground. The blood on the old reverend’s face was gone, but brains still lingered on his clothes, which was rather creepy.

Roland, however, was not scared, because the blood and gore had been thoughtfully blurred into harmless squares in the game.


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