Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 738 - You Better Have It

Chapter 738 You Better Have It

Even with a hydrogen bomb, there were traces of radiation after the explosion.

However, compared to the decades or even centuries of residual radiation left by conventional nuclear explosions, this residual radiation was nearly non-existent.

Roland reckoned that was the main reason that Sidi hadn’t been able to recover was the radiation that was still left in the air.

But the radiation was also fading at a very quick rate.

In just under two minutes, a humanoid black-soup version of Sidi took shape, with a nose and the appearance of a mouth.

Roland hesitated for a moment and gathered a blue fireball in his hand.

He was hostile toward her anyway, so he might as well take her out.

She was only a Demon God. There was nothing to be afraid of.

Seemingly sensing danger, the black humanoid mass wailed in terror and crawled desperately forward.

But it simply crawled too slow.

Roland was about to slam down the blue fireball.

The black humanoid monster let out an ear-piercing scream as it shivered all over.

But also at that moment, a figure suddenly swept down in the air, as fast as lightning.

A huge black machete chopped at Roland.

The fire elemental turned into two halves, drifted back half a meter, and then re-condensed.

The machete had turned into a dark red.

Burned red by the extreme heat of the fire elemental.

The one who came was bare on his upper body, with only a piece of animal skin around his waist.

Although it was a man, he looked feminine and had an evil look on his face.

What was even more outrageous was that the other party possessed extremely powerful mental strength, on the same level as Sidi.

Another Demon God?

Roland subconsciously put the remaining bullet in the Backpack where it was easiest to grab.

There was no way to hold it in his hand now that he was in fire elemental form, and if he did so, it would surely explode.

The man kicked up with his right leg and lifted the black-soup humanoid, and then carried it on his shoulder with his left hand.

“Trying to escape?”

Roland recast the small fireball, trying to hold his opponent back.

But the man, carrying a cloud of dark meat soup, was extremely fast and turned into a black dot in the sky with a whoosh.

Roland exhaled.

Watching his opponent flee, he couldn’t chase after him; the fire elemental didn’t fly very fast.

Did he scare away a Demon God?

There was some satisfaction in Roland’s heart.

He looked at his level which was now level 15 and smiled.

The battle had been too intense just now; he hadn’t been reading the system messages carefully.

Now that he had time, he flew out of the nuclear blast area while checking his system status.

Team: You have killed Scorched Locke, exceeding the quest requirements, and increasing the experience reward by 50%, gaining a total of 55,234 EXP.

Personal: You seriously wounded the Demon God Sidi, gaining the title: Demon God Hunter. Effect: Has an aura of suppression on all creatures in the Realm of Devils and a damage bonus on the Demon Gods, with a minimum value of 10% and a maximum value of 60% depending on the level difference between the two sides.

Oh, I got another title.

Roland’s eyes lit up.

He reckoned that the male Demon God was scared away just now mostly because of this effect.

And it was in the radiation zone just now.

But the radiation in the nuclear blast zone was probably almost gone at this time

After flying away from the nuclear blast zone, Roland turned back into his human form and finally used Teleportation to return to Wetland City.

When he arrived at the entrance of the Wind Hermit Guild, Barbion and the others were already waiting. The resurrection point they had chosen was Wetland City.

When he saw Roland, Barbion came over, held Roland with both hands, shook him vigorously, and said excitedly, “Almighty, thanks a lot, the quest is completed. There’s so much EXP.”

All four went up two levels.

The quest was originally to get Locke to stop his plan to invade the main plane, but Roland killed Locke directly and got fifty percent more experience.

Some special quests had a degree of completion.

Roland sighed in relief. “I thought you guys didn’t receive the quest EXP. After all, you guys were possessed and in a hostile state before.”

“Hahahaha.” Barbion laughed in embarrassment.

They were truly a hindrance when they were controlled.

They felt ashamed of themselves.

After the two of them chatted a bit more, Roland teleported back to Delpon.

Andonara was exercising in the courtyard… Although she was already a Legend and approaching Demigod, she never laxed on her training.

Of course, it was a combination of work and rest.

When she saw Roland return, she was happy at first, then froze and became even happier.

She circled Roland. “You’ve become a Legend?”

She looked even happier than Roland did.

It was from the bottom of her heart.

Then she dragged Roland back into the house and had a good look around for a while.

She had never resented the fact that Roland was not as strong as her because few men in the world were stronger than her.

Even if Roland wasn’t a Mage, even if he was a normal person, she would like him just as much.

But… women always wanted their men to be powerful.

Especially a woman like Andonara who didn’t have much sense of security.

Vivian and Christina returned later after being informed by the maidservant of the manor who Andonara had sent.

It was a big deal that her man had become a Legend.

Angel Nia was also taken aback by Roland.

She remembered the first time she had met Roland when he was just a small Mage who hadn’t even reached Master.

It had only been a short while, and he was already a Legend. Then Andonara decided to throw a large banquet, inviting the well-known figures of Delpon to attend and announce the news.

Although the banquet was planned in a bit of a hurry, all those who received the invitation came.

Even if they didn’t have time, they still had to make time.

It was already outrageous enough that Delpon had Andonara who was a Legend; now there was Roland too.

Throughout the banquet, besides the congratulations, there were whispers like this:

“No wonder Andonara gave up the title of queen just to follow Roland. Turns out he’s so promising.”

“Sharp eyes.”

“Who says she’s not the queen anymore? Haven’t you realized that the royal family hasn’t removed her status as queen at all?” “Wow, why doesn’t the royal family get rid of her status?” “Would they dare? Legends… now Roland is also a Legend, they wouldn’t dare to even more.”

“I heard that Roland even has an ambiguous relationship with the new queen of Fareins.”


“Roland is interested in other people’s pretty wives, so keep an eye on your own wife.”



Some were worried, while others heard this and instead pondered.

The party didn’t break up until around midnight. Roland went back to his room and played around with Andonara and Vivian for more than three hours, and only after they had both gone to sleep did he open his system interface and start choosing a new specialty. At the Legendary level, he could choose a quasi-law specialty, as well as a normal specialty. If he had followed his previous intentions, he would have chosen a quasi-law skill that increased magic power cap, but now he had Magic Power Crystallization gifted by Jabezo, which not only accelerated his speed of magic regeneration but could also raise his magic power cap as he leveled up.

Now at the Legendary level, it could provide 750 points of magic power. Combined with Roland’s body of magic, various titles, talents, and equipment, his MP cap had surpassed 2300 points.

The number two Mage in the whole server, O’Neal, only had roughly 450 points with his magic power equipment on.

With such a high MP value, it would be even higher later on as he leveled up. If he reached Demigod, along with his equipment and talent, he could exceed 3000 MP points.

Most gods didn’t have an MP cap of more than 2000 points, it was just that the power of faith gave them extremely fast magic power regeneration.

In other words, it wasn’t effective to keep piling on MP.

There was a clear marginal effect.

It was time for a new attribute enhancement.

But what was a good attribute to enhance?

High physical strength? High agility?

Or high resistance?

All three of these attributes were quite useful to Roland

High physical strength meant high vitality. Survival was always important-especially when one reached Legend, dying once and losing EXP could devastate someone to the point of pulling their hair out.

So vitality had to be considered.

Besides… high physical strength and constitution could make Roland’s melee combat abilities even more powerful.

Even if a melee professional got in close quarters with him, he wouldn’t die so easily.

In passing, when fighting Anna in the flesh, he wouldn’t be so easily defeated.

High agility, which is also known as high coordination, could lead to faster reaction times.

In combat, high reaction speed brought obvious advantages.

And then high resistance, which was what brought higher magic and mental resistance.

In the face of curses, magic, and harsh conditions, one could have a more resilient mind.

It also added a slight bonus to magic power regeneration speed.

It was an attribute that leaned towards fighting against Mages.

However, he would encounter even more powerful enemies later, be it the devils of the Realm of Devils or the evil gods in the Astral Plane, all of whom knew a spell or two.

Even Warriors, when they became Legendary, could select a few spells.

This was also useful.

It was difficult to choose.

Roland opens up the Legendary specialty selection interface.

Based on four characteristics—his Mage profession, the special profession of Sword Dancer, elven bloodline, and human bloodline -over a dozen unique Legendary quasi-law specialties were derived.

Four of them were of considerable interest to him.

They were Plant Ruler, Human Son, Elemental Resonance, and Astral Mage.

The Plant Ruler was the most interesting specialty of them all: you could communicate with the world tree and learn all plant-based spells, and when in the woods, you gained elven senses.

Needless to say, this was an ability brought by the elven bloodline.

Human Son: When you act in a predominantly human land, all basic attributes increase by two, and your health increases by an additional 200 points.

Elemental Resonance: +20% power and 15% lower consumption for all elemental-based magic.

The numbers weren’t anything exaggerated, but they fit perfectly with the professional nature of his special profession, Sword Dancer.

Astral Mage: You have +2 to your base growth in Intelligence, and you can live in the Astral Plane and ignore its harsh conditions.

From Roland’s point of view, the ability of Elemental Resonance was the most cost-effective.

Human Son was the strongest in terms of survivability, with the highest total combined attributes, almost like using Imprisonment on himself.

The meaning of a Mage’s life was to explore, and sooner or later he would leave the human world for a long time to study in another race’s land or to level in the Astral Plane.

That way, the specialty Human Son would be meaningless.

As for the Astral Mage specialty, the plus-2 base attribute growth for Intelligence was a highlight. It was just a shame that in the Astral Realm the second effect was of no use to Roland at all.

Sooner or later, Roland would build the floating city, and with it, where could he not go besides the divine realms?

So he could only choose between Elemental Resonance and Plant Ruler.

He thought about it for a long time and went through the list of Legendary specialties several times before finally choosing Elemental Resonance, a well-rounded Legendary specialty.

Paired with the Sword Dancer’s professional talent of increasing elemental power and reducing magic power consumption, the two stacked up could increase spell power substantially, and consumption would also be reduced substantially.

He chose Constitution Enhancement for the normal specialty, which was just an effect that increased the base physical attributes by one.

Because he didn’t roll out any better specialties, he picked one that would work best for him.

After confirming both specialties, Roland felt quite a bit stronger.

In addition to specialties, Roland’s attributes certainly improved upon rising to Legend.

He had just finished choosing his specialties when he suddenly felt his body lighten and found himself in the Paradise of Life.

The six-winged angel Claudia led a dozen two-winged angels and stood in two columns.

Elise, the Life Goddess, was seated in the emerald green divine chair in front of Roland.

She smiled when she saw Roland.

At this moment, a large number of huge eyes suddenly appeared in the sky of the Paradise of Life.

Roland naturally knew what these eyes represented.

Almost all of the gods had come.

As soon as these eyes came out, several of them lashed out at the Life Goddess.

“Elise, you said you would keep an eye on him, and now he’s almost killed Sidi.”

“If you can’t restrain him, hand him over.”

“That’s right, Elise, you’re a lawful god but your words don’t count for anything. Aren’t you ashamed?”

Did they come here to trouble him?

Roland looked at those eyes in the air and grunted.

The Life Goddess looked at Roland and asked amicably, “Why did you fight Sidi?”

“She made the first move and tried to get me killed.”

Elise’s eyes shifted upward as she said with a smile, “Did you hear that? It was Sidi who made the first move.”

“I don’t care who made the first move, it’s just not right for him to use a god-slaying


The eyes that spoke now were filled with evil.

Roland suddenly remembered that most of the evil gods were somewhere in the Astral Plane, and the Life Goddess had even given their coordinates to him.

He thought back for a moment, and then he took the last bullet out of his Backpack.

This was why the Backpack was known as a divine item; it could be used even in a soul state.

Then he opened the spatial coordinate wormhole in front of everyone and sent the medium-sized bullet, which already had the impact explosion function on, to some point in the Astral Plane.

Seeing this, the Life Goddess smiled playfully and smugly.

Two pairs of eyes in the air suddenly let out a miserable scream, and not much later these two pairs of eyes blurred and disappeared.

Almost all the gods froze.

Roland looked provocatively at those eyes in the air.

Only two or three goddesses’ eyes appeared to be smiling

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