Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 800 (END) - The Grand Finale

Chapter 800 The Grand Finale

Elyse looked angrily at the sardonic Lolth, but only hesitated for a second before she teleported and disappeared. Without her Divine Spark, she was a Demigod at best, and couldn’t possibly fight a Lawful God.

That’s right.

Lolth, the Queen of Spiders, considered by many to be an Evil God, was a Lawful God. She possessed a complete Divine Spark of Authority, which accompanied fragments of the Divine Sparks of Intrigue and Lust. Law and order were most important to Authority.

However, most of what people thought of Lolth was based on the two Divine Sparks of Intrigue and Lust.

Because when it came to Authority, it was almost always tied to these two qualities. And the drows under her command were of the most thoroughly monarchical society.

In this feudal world, Authority was a kind of order, and no one would question that. Watching Elyse disappear, Lolth first pulled out the Authority Divine Spark in her heart and tossed it deep into the stars in disgust, then shoved the green Life Divine Spark inside.

In a flash, she changed from her gray-haired, silver-shelled appearance to young, grass-like lime green.

“Ah, those annoying, irritating, obscene voices in my head are finally gone. So this is how nice it is when the world is clear and quiet!” Lolth laughed out loud, full of pleasure. At this moment, the defeated angel corps flew back.

Mystra hadn’t killed them before, just contained them, and the spell was lifted as soon as the floating city teleported away. They were stunned to see Lolth. “Elyse has escaped and now I am the Life Goddess. Do you want to follow me?” The angels looked at her coldly, then flew away and didn’t return to the Paradise of Life.

Lolth didn’t get angry, didn’t feel offended, and just shrugged. “It’s a shame you won’t accept my good will.” The floating city flew through the huge teleportation tunnel. Stephanie, Lady Bluebird, and the Winterwolf Holy Lady had previously stayed in the deepest part of the floating city, where it was the safest.

Now Roland took them to the square.

At this time, Roland had temporarily repaired the floating city, and those ravines that had been cut out by the Holy Sword of Life had all been filled in.

They stayed in the square in the middle of the floating city, chatting with each other. But the atmosphere was a bit awkward. Sophie was not talkative, and Mystra was quite condescending in front of mortals.

Andonara, on the other hand, played the role of a mediator, acting as a bridge in the middle and barely livening the atmosphere between the two gods and three mortals.

Just as the atmosphere was getting more lively, Mystra suddenly turned her head and shouted, “Who is it? Come out!” On the edge of the square, after the air distorted, a shimmering woman stepped out of her invisible state. “The Goddess of Light?” Sophie was a little surprised. “Lakana?” said Mystra with a confused look. “Why are you here too? Did you and…” She looked to Roland.

Lakana shook her head and said somewhat apologetically, “I just came over to hitch a ride, and by the way, if you guys were no match for Elyse I would have secretly stepped in to help. I didn’t expect you guys to beat her so easily.” “You’re going to find Schuck?” asked Roland, with some surprise. Lakana nodded somewhat sheepishly. “I’ve also put the Divine Spark in storage in the divine realm, and in a century or two, I reckon a new Goddess of Light will be born.” “No!” Mystra was feeling a bit of a headache. “With three of the four Main Lawful Goddesses running away, and Elyse’s spirit apparently having some problems, what if the Evil Gods band together and attack the main plane?” “It shouldn’t be a problem.” Lakana laughed. “Elyse is the strongest goddess, she can beat all the Evil Gods by herself; besides, she has a huge legion of angels.” That was a good point, and the other two former goddesses sighed in relief. The floating city traveled through the passageway, and the unseen, twisted, strange shadows around it reappeared. However, there were three goddesses on the floating city this time, and although they no longer had their Divine Sparks, all three were much stronger than Roland in terms of mental power usage.

The three of them joined forces to open a mental protection barrier so that the strange, distorted shadows wouldn’t affect the people in the floating city. There were no words along the way… The atmosphere amongst the women wasn’t too good, and with an additional outsider, the atmosphere was even more awkward. Time was quite mysterious during the long teleportation passage. A second could feel as long as a hundred years. A hundred years that passed in the outside world could feel like just a second in the time passage. So when the floating city jumped out of the passage and returned to Earth’s near-moon orbit, and eventually became a circumlunar orbit, Roland was a little worried that decades, or centuries, had passed on Earth.

Then he teleported back to the outskirts of his hometown, found a small shop on the side of the road, and was relieved to see that only two months had passed. He walked into the gloom of the road and was about to teleport home when he suddenly jerked back, magic filling his body. But after seeing who had come, he sighed in relief. “You’re too good at appearing out of nowhere. I’ve just returned and you’re already at my door.” “Anything that happens on Earth, I’ll know about it if I pay attention.” Ma Huajun shrugged. “Besides, the energy inside you is so strong, like an oversized spotlight, how could I not see it? By the way, how did it go?” Roland was silent for a while and said, “I couldn’t find Betta’s soul. I found the Nether God, Sophie, and then also used Greater Benediction for orientation anchoring, but there were no results either, so I guess he’s really gone… or not in that world at all.” Ma Huajun sighed and said glumly, “Then tell me the good news.” “I brought back some women.” Ma Huajun’s eyes lit up. “Good. Among the women you know, a few are particularly strong, and indeed, they can supplement our battle force.”

“And Schuck’s Goddess of Light also hitchhiked back.”

Ma Huajun clapped his hands heavily. “Wonderful… The Goddess of Light, I can allow her to spread her faith in reality so that more people can be exposed to special abilities in reality.” “Well…” Roland scratched his face in embarrassment. “Not only the Goddess of Light, but I also brought back Sophie, the Nether God, and Mystra, the Goddess of Magic. Don’t they have the qualifications to spread their faith?” Ma Huajun gaped for a while before he said, “I’m not cultured, I can only say ‘damn.’ You’re impressive, kid, abducting two goddesses… No, if you count Elyse who is still staying in the game space, you’ve abducted three. Perhaps, my friend and I got the plans wrong. We shouldn’t have given you power and should have given you full Charm, then let you go and lure all the goddesses of the other world back here, such as Lolth, the Goddess of Storms, and the Water Goddess.”

Roland only said, “Four goddesses should offset the loss of Betta.” “If they grow, indeed,” said Ma Huajun after thinking about it. “There are still nearly a hundred years left, enough time for missionary work. After losing Betta, our predicted chance of winning is less than ten percent, but with the four goddesses, our chance of winning will barely be increased to fifty-fifty.” Roland sighed in relief. “So what’s next, what are your plans?” “You just came back, go rest for a few days first. When you’re well-rested, we’ll talk again.” Ma Huajun waved his hand. “By the way, that floating city of yours flying around the moon, this matter is probably already known all over the world.” Roland froze. “Not that fast, right? I’ve only been back for less than an hour.” Ma Huajun pointed to the sky. Roland looked up for a few seconds, then tapped his forehead helplessly. There was a bright, full moon hanging in the sky, and then next to the moon, there was a rather large patch of light. It was like a super large star. It was also moving slowly. Reflecting the sunlight, it was bright as could be and even had a hint of green in it. It was clear to anyone with a little astronomical knowledge that this thing was not an artificial satellite.

Presumably, all the astronomy enthusiasts, or official astronomy agencies, located in areas where it was night, had their telescopes pointed at it. Roland dwelled on it for a short while, and then also thought it over and said indifferently, “Forget it. Anyway, when the floating city ascended, it was already a sensational event, and now that it has appeared again, if it makes a big fuss, it won’t be greater than what it was before.”

Ma Huajun said irritatedly, “Nothing for you to do-you are unaware of how much effort and hard work we put in to tamp down that incident.” “I came back with at least four strong reinforcements.” “Well, you go ahead and get some rest. Come find me in a few days, you should know where my little base is.”

Then Ma Huajun sank into the ground and disappeared without a trace. Instead, Roland teleported over to the base first and met with the head of the base, saying he would resume work in a few days. After all, the study of magic had to continue or he would have nothing to do.

Then he grabbed his phone, teleported back to the floating city, and told all the women up there a little bit about this world.

When dawn came, Roland took Lakana, the Goddess of Light, and teleported to Schuck’s doorstep. It was just dawn and the morning sun was just right. Schuck took his wife’s dainty hand and was about to go out to start business over at the cold drink bar. Then he saw the blonde Goddess of Light standing in front of him. He froze and blurted out, “Lakana, why are you here? Am I dreaming?” “Honey, who is she?” asked Schuck’s wife, staring at Lakana, wariness all over her face. Her womanly instincts told her that the woman in front of her was a formidable enemy she couldn’t defeat.

She was too beautiful.

She was in the same league as Schuck’s mother.

Lakana’s gentle eyes moved away from Schuck’s face and fell on the face of Schuck’s wife. “Oh, this is your wife? As expected, a virtuous type.” Generally speaking, the word virtuous had another meaning if there was no elaborationnot beautiful, inelegant, unappealing figure, and unattractive.

After all, it was said that a man should choose a virtuous woman to marry.

Schuck’s wife caught the subtext and immediately glared at the Goddess of Light.

Lakana smiled as she locked eyes with her.

The air was scorched with anxiety.

Roland stood at a distance and snapped his fingers happily at the sight. “Nice, finally got revenge for you guys ganging up with those b**tards earlier and getting me drunk for Night Tide Sands.”

Having taken his great revenge, Roland teleported back to the floating city. He continued to explain to his women about living in this world and what to look out for.

And on Earth, the internet community exploded.

After so many days, more and more people had seen the floating city flying around the moon with their telescopes. Plenty of long-range images of the floating city were circulating online. Under the high magnification lens, they could faintly see people moving around up there. The Bald Eagle nation with its multi-national alliance pressured the rabbits to hand over the technology for the floating city, saying that it was the key technology for human travel into outer space all over the world, that it belonged to all mankind and should be shared. Rabbit nation didn’t give a s**t about them. Roland teleported to Ma Huajun’s small base.

The women came along.

After all, what was to be talked about next had some relevance to them as well.

“Although you brought back a very strong battle force, it’s still fifty-fifty, and we’re still at a substantial disadvantage, defending passively,” Ma Hua Jun explained, “so we need another plan.” “What’s the plan?”

“We need more mass-produced warriors,” Ma Huajun said helplessly. “After these ten years of game testing, we figured out one thing; even if I perform aura recovery as a Planet Guardian, it’s still too difficult to cultivate a qualified super-warrior. So, we have to resort to the power of technology.” “Produce more powerful weapons?” asked Roland.

Ma Huajun shook his head. “A weapon, in the broad sense, has limits. But, there is a weapon that can grow on its own: people.” “A large population?” Roland shook his head. “Quantity alone, without quality, will not do.” “I want both.” Ma Hua Jun snorted. “DNA modification technology is mature now, but due to ethical relations, countries are afraid to use it. Next, I will be secretly promoting the New Human Project, using stronger and smarter new humans, wearing personal assistance mini mechs and other high-tech equipment to assist humans with special abilities. I hope the combination of technology and magic will improve our chances of winning.” “That is indeed a good idea.” Roland nodded. Take advantage of everything that they could before they knew all the details of their enemy. “Leave the technology aspect to us.” Ma Huajun stood up, bowed slightly to Roland, and said sincerely, “The cultivation aspect of magic talent is left to you all. Although the Goddess of Light is not here, it is the same for you to deliver the message on my behalf. Whether Earth has a future or not, whether humanity can continue to exist or not, depends on you all.” Roland stood up. “Thank you for all you do in secret for the world, Captain Earth.” All the women of Roland stood up as well, nodding slightly to Ma Huajun in respect. Ma Huajun froze, then nearly burst out laughing when he heard the words Captain Earth[1].

Then, Ma Huajun took out Mystra and the others’ ID cards and residence certificates and handed them to Roland. “Although you are all very strong, it is still easier to live in this world with a legal identity. I’ve put the specifics inside the bag, just take a look when you get back.” Roland expressed his gratitude and teleported back to the floating city. The files were then handed to the six women for them to familiarize themselves with. After two days of indulgence, he took them around the world to familiarize them with it a little before letting them each move on their own as they pleased. But none of them had any intention of enjoying themselves, and Lakana, Mystra, and Sophie registered their churches on the internet and started preaching again. Stephanie, on the other hand, after reading a lot about sociology, advanced philosophy, and such, developed an inferiority complex about who she was for a while.

“So the royal family should be swept into the dustbin of history.” Within a few days, though, she cheered up and used her new and squeaky-clean identity to take the state’s functionary exam. And she got in with one attempt. The Winterwolf Holy Lady, on the other hand, had become a nerd… Originally, in her original world, she was a nerd, the kind who rarely came out of the church once a year. This world had a rich spiritual (online) life, and she was having a great time.

She was the only woman who wasn’t motivated, but Roland didn’t care.

As for Lady Bluebird, she started learning baking and later opened a shop, even ending up as a top pastry chef, often going on shows to teach people how to make pastries. Six months later, Roland took Andonara back to his hometown to meet his parents.

His parents, whose hair had begun to gray, were very excited to see Roland bring home a girl.

His mother took Andonara’s hand, smiling and talking quite enthusiastically.

His father immediately went out to buy groceries, all the while yelling that Roland was immature to bring someone back without saying so earlier.

At the dinner table, his mother asked, “How long have you been friends?” “Several years.” Roland laughed and said, “Mom, I know what you really want to askAndonara and I, we’re getting married in three months, so help us pick a good date.” The elderly couple froze for a moment, then were ecstatic. Although it was the first time they had met Andonara, they were quite pleased with her. She was so good-looking that no actress on television could compare to her. Big breasts and big buttocks, the kind that was suited for giving birth. More importantly, they could tell that she loved their son deeply. They were all people who had been there, and they could see that. That look in Andonara’s eyes, her movements, all of which gave the impression that she wished to be by Roland’s side every day. She was like a creeping, flowering vine that died without a big tree to cling to. Three months later, Roland got married in front of a lot of guests.

Roland sent the invitations to friends and family.

When he gave the invitation to Qi Shaoqiu, the latter’s face was stinky, and he didn’t even say anything, as if he had the intention of throwing the invitation away. Roland had guessed why. He slept with Night Tide Sands, after all. However… physically speaking, it was Night Tide Sands who slept with him, and he was the victim.

A little over three months later, Roland and Andonara’s wedding took place at the largest hotel in the city, packing three floors. The wedding was quite a grand occasion and it gave his family and friends a very strange sensation.

The best man group was pretty normal, except for one handsome guy who was a little too handsome. But the bridesmaid’s group was quite off. All of them were super pretty, and there was even a girl with canine ears on her head and a white tail.

Was this a cosplay? Even more outrageous was the fact that the five bridesmaids wore wedding dresses that were also identical to the bride. This made it impossible for friends and family to even tell which one was the bride. So when the five bridesmaids showed up and surrounded Andonara, the guests were first awestruck, then they started whispering.

The appearance of one great beauty was surprising, but the appearance of six such brides at the same time was extremely ridiculous.

And they didn’t understand why all six were wearing wedding dresses. The wedding’s master of ceremonies took the small card handed up from the backstage and read, “Mr. Huang Wenwei, do you take as your wedded wife the Ms. ‘Stephanie Morissa Bluebird Andonara Mystra Sophie’ of the Land of the Hairy Bear, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part.” Roland smiled and said, “I do.” There was a lot of chatter among the guests below.

“That’s a long name for a bride.” “An ethnic minority, it’s normal.”

“The girls brought over from the bride’s side are super pretty. Let’s go up together later and ask for their contact info?” The master of ceremonies continued, “Ms. Stephanie Morissa Bluebird Andonara Mystra Sophie, do you take Huang Wenwei to be your husband and promise to take care of him, for richer, for poorer, and to be with him forever?”

“I do.”

“I do.”

“I do.”

“I do.”

“I do.”

“I do.”

The six women spoke in chorus, each with a happy smile on their faces. After a short silence, the guests below were blown away. What’s going on here? Six brides? That super long name is six people’s names combined? Wait, is this a joke, or is it real? It’s probably a joke.

Someone took short videos and tried to upload them online, but they found that no matter how many times they uploaded, the main characters’ faces within the video would be censored.

It was impossible to see their faces clearly.

Regardless, the wedding eventually ended, and most of the guests thought that it was a wedding prank After all, no one would marry six women at the same time at a wedding. After the wedding, Roland left the hotel with Andonara and the other women.

But as he passed the entrance to the hotel, Roland saw a familiar figure.

Night Tide Sands. She seemed to be waiting for him. She smiled as she looked at Roland, and she was holding a tiny baby, about six months old, in her arms that was sucking on his own fingers.

Roland was about to speak but froze.

There was something about that baby that gave him a rather intimate feeling. It was the feeling of being connected by blood. The end. [1] Qiu Zhang used short for United Nations Secretary-General; homonym of a tribal chief, especially in Africa, an Internet slang for someone who is extremely unfortunate or unlucky

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