Magi Craft Meister

Chapter 571

Chapter 571

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Magi Craft Meister 571

16 Resolution With The Demons Arc

17-20 Difference


Bafrosk couldn’t understand. Demons wouldn’t think that way

Coming all the way here to attack only to be defeated and nearly killed by the enemy was all Bafrosk’s responsibility.

He didn’t understand why Jin would intervene in this fight.

If Bafrosk and the others were to be killed here, there would be almost no demons that opposed Jin’s ideas left.

Then, there would be nearly no demons who were hostile to humankind anymore.

It should be in Jin’s best interests to simply let them die here. And yet, Jin deployed his Golem soldiers to help the demons out.

“…Is this how a human thinks…? Or is it because he’s the Magi Craft Meister?”

The Lands, who were now carrying the demons in their arms, quickly withdrew from the battlefield. In the blink of an eye, they were already about 500 meters away.

Reiko, Ann, and Land 11 remained on the battlefield. Since 20 Lands were sent to retrieve 19 demons, it was only natural that one of them would stay behind.

“You meddlesome…! Right, let me give you a proper welcome.”

On the other hand, No. 13 was far from pleased by the sudden intrusion.


He unleashed his Gravity Magic on Reiko, Ann, and Land 11. But all three of them seemed completely unperturbed by it.

“I see, so you’ve come prepared for this. How annoying.”

Reiko then launched herself for another body slam on Gorg, this time with twice as much power as before.


Reiko, weighing 30 kilograms, collided with Gorg, who weighed nearly 6 tons.

Not long ago, Reiko had a skeleton made of regular Adamantite. That Reiko would have knocked herself out after throwing herself with that much power at the body completely made of Adamantite that was Gorg.

But this time, Reiko had a molecularly compressed Hyper Adamantite skeleton.

The result from the impact was fairly even. The weight difference had bounced Reiko a great distance backwards, but Gorg fell to the ground. On the other hand, Reiko managed to brace herself and landed without falling.

“I can’t believe this… How can a mere Automata like you be as powerful as this Gorg?”

Reiko smiled and answered that question.

“That’s because I was made by the best Father there is in this world.”

Still, Reiko realized it would be too taxing on her to try to destroy Gorg with brute force alone, since its entire body was made of solid Adamantite.

“That’s just nonsense!”

After venting out its master’s anger, Gorg jumped nearly 10 meters into the sky. Reiko could easily reach that altitude by jumping as well, but her freedom of movement would be significantly reduced while airborne, so she decided to avoid a direct confrontation for the time being.

At that moment, she received an order from Jin.

“Let it have a taste of the Magic Canceller.”

Reiko activated the Magic Canceller in her bracelet  right away.


Gorg’s body had been made lighter by Gravity Magic and allowed to fly by means of Wind Magic. As a result of the Wind Magic lifting its body being canceled, Gorg suddenly dropped as if the invisible strings pulling it had been severed in a single slash.

Gorg made a heavy sound as it crashed onto the ground with great force.

“Hmm, this was beyond my expectations.”

* * *

Since it was still talking and moving even after being exposed to Reiko’s Magic Canceller, Jin deduced that the metal Gorg was made of was not just regular Adamantite but “Magi Adamantite” or an equivalent metal.

This special metal would be protecting the Magi Reactor inside Gorg’s body from the Magic Canceller’s effects.

“If its defense against magical power is this high, ‘Erase’ might not work on it either.”

It seemed that the only way to force Gorg to cease functioning would be to defeat it with a single blow.

However, Gorg had the ability to self-repair small scratches to its body, so it would take a long time to destroy it with brute force. And unlike a stationary target, it was very dangerous to try to do something like that.

Jin had been considering a few ideas, but he still had to decide which of them would deal the decisive blow on Gorg.

“…If only there was something I could use to restrain its movements for about two seconds…”

Jin had an ace up his sleeve, but it would only work under certain circumstances.

“Wait, what if…”

At this moment, an idea flashed before Jin’s eyes.


He could use an adhesive material to temporarily immobilize Gorg.

Jin quickly started thinking about what materials could be used as adhesives, and was surprised at the surprisingly small number.

Natural volcanic rubber, lacquer tree sap, cooked rice grains, starch glue, bone glue, pine resin…

He has yet to find petroleum in this world, so coal tar was not an option.

“I don’t think I have enough, though…”

He would need a ridiculous number of materials to make enough adhesive to restrain Gorg’s movements. As he pondered about this, Jin had another revelation.

“That’s right! I don’t have to stop him completely…!”

Jin had stored several dozens of kilograms of pine resin in order to use it for finishing wood. He took a handful and hurriedly prepared a Magi Crystal where he wrote a Magi Formula in record time.

“This should do the trick.”

He then transferred it to Reiko through Laojun.

The moment Reiko the item Jin had prepared, the fate of the battle had been decided.

* * *

“Reiko, My Lord is preparing a Magic Tool that will help you deal with Gorg. Please buy some time while he finishes it.”

Laojun contacted Reiko, and she quickly did as she was told.

Because of its own mass and the fact that it was a “Forming” type, Gorg couldn’t move the same way Reiko could.

Reiko took advantage of her superior speed to attack Gorg from all directions.

Though her “Peach Blossom” wasn’t strong enough to cut through solid Magi Adamantite, it would still put a lot of dents and scratches on it, forcing Gorg to spend time and magical power self-repairing.

“Hmm, that’s a terrifyingly sharp blade.”

Since it was a “Formation” type, it would have a hard time repairing a severed arm or leg, so Gorg had to watch out for Reiko’s attacks.

Then, five minutes later…

Reiko faced away from Gorg as she received the Magic Tool prepared by Jin.

“Let me tell you how to use this, Reiko. …Stick this on Gorg’s back using this pine resin. Then step back, and chant the activation keyword.”


Using 50% of her power output, Reiko was able to stick the Magic Tool on Gorg’s back without difficulty. Then she took some distance and chanted the activation keyword.

“Begin compression.”

The Magic Tool made by Jin was a Barrier Bomb, one of the strongest type of weapons he had ever made.

It would be powerful enough to compress even Magi Adamantite.

Since it lacked certain key joints in its limbs, Gorg was unable to reach the Barrier Bomb that had been stuck in its back, no matter how much it struggled.

Though it used its physical strength to try to remove it, it had no way to know how far he was from achieving that, since it lacked both visual information on its back and an artificial sense of touch.

Besides, Reiko’s speed was vastly superior to Gorg’s reaction speed.

Long before a single one of Gorg’s fingers managed to touch the Barrier Bomb, Reiko chanted the activation keyword and the device quickly began to do its job.

First, it deployed a super-strong spherical barrier with a radius of about 2 meters and the bomb itself in its center..

The next moment, the barrier began to shrink towards its center with tremendous momentum.

The barrier allowed air molecules to escape while trapping anything solid, and becoming stronger as it contracted.

Its power would be enough to push and press even solid Magi Adamantite.

Unable to resist the barrier’s tremendous power, the humanoid gargoyle Gorg found itself being compressed by its shrinking prison.

The Magi Crystal in the Barrier Bomb was set to finish the compression process the moment the barrier reached a tenth of its original volume.

The moment the barrier vanished, the once humanoid Gorg had turned into a spherical lump of metal.

Naturally, the Control Core and all other vital Magi Devices within had been compressed as well, so they were no longer functioning.

In one fell swoop, Jin had procured nearly 6 tons of Magi Adamantite –or rather, Hyper Adamantite.

No. 13’s voice could no longer be heard. After all, Gorg had been reduced to a mere lump of metal.


“W-What was that just now? What happened?”

Bafrosk and the others couldn’t believe his own eyes. The dreadful Gorg, which had gotten so close to killing them all, had been turned into a harmless lump of metal in the blink of an eye.

Reiko and Land 11 were still watching over Gorg’s remains. Ann approached Bafrosk and the others.

“This is my master’s power. But don’t worry, my master will never use his power to fulfill his selfish desires or anything of the sort.”

Though it was a bit different from what they had expected to hear, Bafrosk, Marchosias, and the others all listened to her words without saying anything.

“If something like that ever happens, we will do our best to remonstrate.”

“So this is the power of the Magi Craft Meister… We, on the other hand…”

For the first time, Bafrosk had been struck by the chance to reflect on himself.

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