Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 20 - Vivian

Volume 1 Chapter 20: Vivian

“This……” Xu Yi couldn’t help scratching his head as he felt he really was too careless.

Then again, this couldn’t be blamed on Xu Yi. He didn’t interact too much with girls back on earth and adding in the fact that he spent most of his time with ice cold machines and data, he was quite slow in this aspect.

Moveover this little slave had such a thin figure, she didn’t grow that well, so there were no features of a girl on her at all.

If it wasn’t for the special circumstances, Xu Yi never would have figured it out.

Seeing the awkward look on Xu Yi’s face, Still suddenly revealed a smile.

“Hei, Xu Yi, when I saw this little girl in your house, I thought that you were the same as a few of those aristocrats with special tastes. But looking at it now, it seems I’ve mistaken you.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

What special hobby, alright? Even if he was interested in that, would he be moved by this kid that was like a bean sprout?

“Let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about why you came to my house first, alright?” Xu Yi snappily asked back, “How did you know where I live? Moreover, if you felt that I was some kind of pervert, why are you still here? Moreover, what is the meaning of you making food for me?”

“You really have a lot of questions.” Still mumbled, “Thanks to you, I have already finished the model piano. I came to ask you out to treat you to dinner, but I never would have thought I would see you asleep. Seeing how tired you were, I couldn’t bear to wake you up. Thinking about it, I just chose to make you dinner. How about it? Looking at how messy your place is, no one should have ever come here to make you dinner before, right? Aren’t you very grateful to me?”

Still was as pretty as a flower and adding in that charming and cute smile, it made Xu Yi’s eyes light up and he couldn’t help being stunned.

“Eh…..I say, you wanted to treat me to a meal, but you used my ingredients and my cookware, isn’t this a little too economical?”

“Che, I personally made food for you, this is something that even my grandfather rarely enjoys. It should be enough to satisfy you.” Still gave a cold snort and pointed at the room inside, “Go and call the little girl out to eat. Although she shouldn’t eat with us based on her slave status, I can see that you don’t treat her as a slave.”

“Of course, there shouldn’t be things like slaves in this world anyway.” Xu Yi gave a sigh and shook his head before heading to the room.

Hearing the sigh Xu Yi unconsciously gave, Still was a bit stunned. Her eyes lit up a bit as she watched Xu Yi walking away.

“That’s right, Xu Yi, other than coming here to treat you to a meal to show my gratitude, I have something else to tell you about.” While they were eating, Still suddenly spoke.

“Un? What is it? It can’t be that I’ve taken too many days off during this time and Great Magician Camilla is dissatisfied, so he’s firing me, right?” Xu Yi asked in an uncaring voice.

“Psh, who wants to fire you?” Still glared at him before pointing at Xu Yi and saying, “Let me tell you, grandfather likes you quite a bit. Although you rejected being his apprentice, he says that your talent in magic is quite high and you always have some kinds of new thoughts. Keeping you in the Magic Tower will give him some inspiration, so how could he be willing to let you go?”

“Then that’s good. If it’s not firing me, what else does he need you to tell me?”

“Listen well. Xu Yi, although I don’t know why you don’t care about raising your magic power that much, I have to seriously tell you that since you are already a magician, your rank means everything on the Sines Continent.” Still’s face became incomparably serious, it could be seen that she was very serious about this, “Also, in less than three months is the Magicians Guild’s annual certification exam. Grandfather as a Magicians Guild recognized Three Star Great Magician, he has three recommendation spots and he’s decided to give you one. He will recommend you to participate in the certification exam. Do you understand what this means?”

Xu Yi honestly shook his head, “I don’t understand.”

Still couldn’t keep her serious expression and she was breathless from her anger, as she shouted, “You idiot! You don’t even understand this? If it is someone recommended by a Great Magician, the Magicians Guild will be more relaxed during the exams. This means that with this recommendation, you will pass the qualification certification exams much easier than normal magicians!”

“And then? Becoming a magician whose rank and strength doesn’t match?” Xu Yi asked back.

Still was stunned, not being able to say anything for a while.

This was because she suddenly found that she couldn’t refute the meaning in Xu Yi’s question at all.

Seeing Still’s dumbfounded expression, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He reached his hand out towards Still, “Give it to me.”

“Give you what?” Still asked in a daze.

“The thing representing the recommendation? I can’t just run to the Magicians Guild and tell them that Great Magician Camilla recommended me, hoping that they would believe me, right?”

Still asked in a daze, “Don’t you not want this recommendation?”

“Who told you I didn’t want it?”

“But you just said……”

“I did say that, but that doesn’t mean I’m not clear on the meaning of this exam.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “I am twenty seven years old today, that doesn’t mean I’m a child with ideal thoughts like you. How could I give up convenient things and not know how to use them? Then again, this is Great Magician Camilla’s……Un, and your goodwill. If I rejected it, wouldn’t it be a waste of your goodwill?”

Still looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a while before suddenly slapping the table and standing up. She angrily threw a sentence back at him, “You’re the child!”

After saying this, she didn’t even look back as she left.

Watching Still disappear, Xu Yi shook his head with a lost smile.

“It seems like that’s her taboo word, I can’t say it that easily in front of her in the future.”

He turned back to see the little slave on the side looking at him in a daze, with a helpless look on her face. Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and asked her, “Sorry, I’ve been busy these days and never had time to properly talk you to. How is it? Are you used to staying here?”

The little slave shook her head first, but after thinking about it, she gave a strong nod.

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows, “You….can’t speak?”

The little slave nodded.

“What does that mean? Can you speak or not?”

The little slave slowly opened her mouth and after a while, she said a few syllables, “Can…..speak……”

Based on the stuttering syllables that came with her hoarse voice, it seemed like she hadn’t spoken in a long time. At least she wasn’t that skilled at talking right now.

Xu Yi thought about it and scooped some meat soup into her bowl.

“You don’t have to be afraid in my place. Although I bought you, I don’t have any intention to treat you as a slave and I won’t hit you, so you can be assured.”

The little slave looked at the bowl of meat soup and gave a soft nod.

“I…..I……know, you…..are……a good person.”

“Ha, I’ve been given a good guy card.” Xu Yi gave a soft laugh, “That’s right, what is your name? I never asked.”


“Vivian? That is a good name.” Xu Yi praised. Seeing the pained look that quickly passed on the little slave face, he knew that this name had brought up some painful memories for her. He shook his head and didn’t ask anything else.

He knew that this little slave’s life must have been hard before and it caused serious trauma on her. If he wanted her to speak openly, he could only slowly put in effort and couldn’t rush it.

After they finished eating, the little slave took the initiative to put away the dishes. Xu Yi thought about it and didn’t stop her.

Letting her do some things now would make it easier for her to integrate into her new life. This was actually a good thing for her.

After doing a few exercises, Xu Yi headed into the workshop again.

The Magic Capping Machine and the Magic Thread Rolling Machine had already been made, that meant they could officially begin producing the second generation Magic Fans. But right now, Xu Yi still had many other problems he had to solve first.

Although there were only three more speeds compared to the first generation Magic Fan, there were many complicated changes needed for the Magic Array and the Magic Fan’s structure, so there was quite a bit of data to calculate.

There were many things that he couldn’t let other people do because right now, he was the only person that was skills in Magic Arrays and mechanical engineering. Not to mention that he was the only person that could use both perfectly.

“Talented people are hard to obtain.” Thinking of the sea of problems he needed to solve, Xu Yi couldn’t help giving a long sigh.

If this world had as many talents who received higher education and a complete knowledge system like on earth, his work wouldn’t be this hard.

But thinking about it, if the Sines Continent had as many talents as on earth, Xu Yi couldn’t rely on basic technology like the Magic Fan to earn this large amount of money.

“So called, one can’t have a fish and a bear paw together.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a bitter smile. When he was prepared to focus on his research, a tray suddenly appeared beside him.

Seeing the steaming tea on the tray, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Vivian, you don’t need to care about me, go and sleep.”

Vivian placed the teacup beside Xu Yi before lowering her head and softly saying, “Serving……master is… responsibility.”

Xu Yi smiled and didn’t keep trying to persuade her as he turned to continue working.

Vivian at first stayed at Xu Yi’s side while cautiously lowering her head, but after a while, she looked up at Xu Yi’s work with a curious look on her face.

This new master, he really is much better to her compared to her old master.

Only why did he have to work so hard?

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