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Volume 1 Chapter 24 - Men can also become jealous

Volume 1 Chapter 24 Men can also become jealous

It was past noon when Xu Yi left Viscount Leslie’s manor. Looking up at the bright son, he determined that it was better not to brave this burning heat to go to the factory and let Butler Brunei send him back to Banta City with the horse carriage instead.

With this hot weather, Banta City was in the same deathly silence as usual. Xu Yi looked around from inside the horse carriage and found that many houses and stores had traces of Magic Fans turning. He couldn’t help revealing a smile.

It was just in a single month, but the Magic Fans had spread all over inside and outside Banta City. Other than those rich people who can afford to lay down large scale Frost Arrays inside their houses, every household had one or two Magic Fans. It was simply impossible to raise one’s head and not see one in the neighbourhood.

According to Heinz’s data, up to this point, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold a total of two thousand three hundred and seventy one Frestech Brand Magic Fans.

Adding in all the assorted costs, the net profit was over two thousand and two hundred gold coins.

Then taking away the commission Heinz made and the commission from Viscount Leslie’s 10% share, Xu Yi had made a profit of one thousand and five hundred gold coins from just this!

And this was just his net income for a single month.

It had to be known, the average income per month for people in Banta City was only ten gold coins and their yearly income was around two hundred gold coins.

With Rem’s thirty gold coin income at Camilla’s Magic Tower, he could be considered someone with a high income in Banta City.

But compared to the current Xu Yi, there was no doubt he was lacking by countless times.

It was no wonder Heinz frequently tried convincing Xu Yi to stop working at the Magic Tower and focus on the company.

Of the reasons why the Magic Fan’s production couldn’t be raised, the deciding factor was Xu Yi’s limited energy.

Although his workload at the Magic Tower was not considered heavy, it did consume a large part of his energy.

From Heinz’s point of view, this was basically a large waste.

But as for Heinz’s proposition each time, Xu Yi kept firmly rejecting him.

Heinz didn’t have foresight, but Xu Yi didn’t lack it.

After getting out of the horse carriage, Xu Yi gave the driver a gold coin and carried a large and small bag into the Magic Tower.

He came across quite a few colleagues in the Magic Tower, who all looked at him with a smile when they saw him.

During this time, Xu Yi had sold large amounts of Magic Fans he designed in Banta City, so even with how little the magicians of the Magic Tower cared about normal things, they still heard all about it. Through this, they began recognizing this black haired kid none of them knew before.

But in the eyes of the magicians of the Magic Tower, Xu Yi was ignoring his main profession.

As a magician, he wasn’t properly conducting magical research and running of to make some unknown Magic Fan, this was simply an embarrassing magician!

Xu Yi turned a blind eye to all the strange gazes mixed with these smiles and maintained his own smile as he headed into the lab.

Seeing Xu Yi come in, the young colleagues in the lab all shouted out and charged over. They stole the bags from Xu Yi’s hands without any politeness and quickly opened them.

“It’s mung bean juice again? I say, Xu Yi, don’t you have anything new?” A colleague didn’t forget to complain.

Xu Yi laughed, “What? You’re sick of it? Alright, I’ll remember to bring something new next time.”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, it’s already pretty good having something to eat.” A female colleague pushed the colleague who complained aside, “Xu Yi, you always bring something to eat back, it’s embarrassing for us.”

“It’s nothing, just some small cheap things. I’m always taking vacations and leaving the work in the lab for you all, so this is considered an apology from me.”

“He, he, you’re too polite……”

“Humph! So you do know.” A cold snort suddenly cut through this harmonious atmosphere, “Xu Yi, don’t think that you can show off here with the bit of money you’re making from the Magic Fans. Don’t forget, you are a magician in the end. We magicians rely on our magical strength and it’s the Magicians Guild’s certification exam next month. I’ve heard that you haven’t even passed the lowest level test yet, right? If you still can’t pass it next month, that will be a joke!”

Xu Yi looked over and found that one speaking was the one who was second in terms of magic power in the lab, Cimirot.

Since Xu Yi came to this lab, this Cimirot had always been critical of him, looking down on him in many ways.

Xu Yi didn’t understand what was the matter, but after asking around with his colleagues, he found that Cimirot always had thoughts about Still. After learning that Xu Yi was brought in through the back door by Still, he thought that Xu Yi and Still had some kind of special relationship, so naturally he didn’t like Xu Yi.

For this kind of people, Xu Yi knew that he would become more excited the more you paid attention to him. He had always ignored him, not acknowledging his existence.

After a long time, Cimirot realized that him grumbling by himself didn’t have any meaning. Adding in the fact that Xu Yi didn’t have any special relationships with Still, he gradually stopped.

He never thought that he would suddenly start again.

“Hey, Cimirot, aren’t your words a bit too harsh?” The female colleague who had spoken up for Xu Yi earlier said in a dissatisfied voice, “Although Xu Yi hasn’t passed the certification test yet, everyone has been working together for this long, do we still not know what kind of power Xu Yi has? If it was me, I’m certain he will pass the certification test next month!”

“Humph! Lotte, Xu Yi has bought some small things for you and he has already bought you off? You say he will definitely pass the test? Then so what? I can see that his strength is at most at the Primary Magician Grade? Do you think a Primary Grade Magician is strong?”


Xu Yi stretched out his hand to stop Lotte who kept wanting to argue. He looked at Cimirot and said with a faint smile, “Senior Cimirot, my magic power can’t compare to yours, I think we don’t need to discuss this matter.”

Cimirot never thought that Xu Yi would actually admit that he couldn’t compare to him in front of all these people and he was stunned. He was too embarrassed to keep going, so he gave a grunt and sat back down. It was unknown if he was wholeheartedly focused on his work.

“What kind of person is he!” Lotte disdainfully looked at Cimirot before giving a soft snort. She then slightly knit her brows as she said to Xu Yi in a soft voice, “Xu Yi, why did you say that you can’t compare to him? Isn’t this urging him to become even more arrogant?”

“The problem is that I am indeed inferior to him.” Xu Yi revealed a smile, not looking angry because of it at all, “Lotte, I am an engineer. The most basic requirement for me is honesty, I can’t lie about anything.”

Lotte glared at Xu Yi, “You are indeed quite calm.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. Looking around, he didn’t see Rem and Wella.

“The two took a day off together today, I think they’re most likely going on a date.” Lotte giggled as she spoke, “Speaking of this, that fellow Rem really isn’t single minded, he still knows to ask Wella out on a date.”

“It’s like this……It’s really a pity, I wanted to find Wella for something.” Xu Yi helplessly said.

“You’re looking for Wella again?” Lotte looked at Xu Yi doubtfully. She suddenly became mysterious and said in a small voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, don’t blame me for not warning you, but it’s best if you don’t look for Wella alone. Although Rem hasn’t said anything, I can tell that he is very unhappy because of this.”

Xu Yi was stunned, “I am only looking for Wella for business.”

“That still isn’t good.” Lotte firmly said, “Men can also be jealous, you should be careful.”

Xu Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. After thinking about it, he could only shake his head with a bitter smile, “Alright, I’ll be more careful in the future.”

Since Wella wasn’t here, Xu Yi lost his goal in coming to the lab today. After he went back to his station to finish the work that had piled up, it was already close to getting off work.

Xu Yi hesitated a bit before leaving the laboratory, stepping onto the magical ladder.

The top layer of the Magic Tower was completely cool. Xu Yi reported his name and the door to Great Magician Camilla’s lab automatically opened, revealing the space inside.

“Xu Yi, you actually didn’t take the day off today?” Great Magician Camilla had just finished a magic experiment and was taking a short break. Seeing Xu Yi come in, he even revealed a small interested smile.

Xu Yi awkwardly smiled. He knew that he had taken quite a few days off, even Great Magician Camilla knew about it.

“Speak, what are you looking for me for?” Great Magician Camilla asked.

“I have two things. The first is to express my gratitude to your excellency Great Magician.”

“Thank me for what?” Great Magician Camilla asked with knit brows.

“To thank you for the recommendation quota you gave me for the Magicians Guild certification exam.”

“Gave you?” A trace of confusion appeared on Great Magician Camilla’s face before he suddenly remembered something and nodded, “It’s nothing, your magical talent is pretty good, so it’s very appropriate to recommend you. Anyway, this quota won’t play that much of a role, it just makes it a bit easier for you, so you don’t need to thank me. You said there’s another thing.”

“No matter what, I still need to thank you.” Xu Yi gave a deep bow to express his gratitude to Great Magician Camilla before taking out a blueprint, “The other thing is to consult you about a matter.”

“It’s another Magic Array?” Great Magician Camilla took the blueprint and looked it over before making a faint yi sound, “This…..It seems to be a Frost Array?”

“You truly are your excellency Great Magician, recognizing it with a single glance.” Xu Yi immediately flattered him, “That’s right, this is indeed a Frost Array, or accurately speaking, a modified Frost Array.”

“I can see that, but what changes have you made to the Frost Array?” Great Magician Camilla pointed at the blueprint, “Why have I noticed that the changes you have made to the Frost Array is similar to the modifications you’ve made to the Revolving Wind Array?”

Xu Yi was instantly impressed as he happily said, “Your excellency Great Magician, you really are too powerful, you can see the core of this array with a single glance. That’s right, the goal of modifying this Frost Array is the same as modifying the Revolving Wind Array, it’s to let the Frost Array have a stable output. Can you see what the effects the array has?”

“Un……This modification is very good, but there are small problems in several places…..” Great Magician Camilla suddenly looked up, “Xu Yi, you wouldn’t be planning to use this Frost Array to make something, right? Just like that Magic Fan thing?”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “That’s right. I want to make a Magic Air Conditioner.”

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