Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 8 - Summoned by the Great Magician

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Summoned by the Great Magician

After being in the Camilla Magic Tower for close to two months, this was actually Xu Yi’s first time entering the top of the Magic Tower.

When he stepped into Great Magician Camilla’s exclusive use area, a cool feeling immediately hit him. It made Xu Yi give an uncontrollable shiver and he almost gave a sneeze.

“It’s really good having a large scale Frost Array.” Xu Yi rubbed his nose before talking to Still in front of him with a smile.

“What? Are you envious?” Still looked back at Xu Yi with eyes filled with curiosity.

The Magic Fan Xu Yi had invented not long ago had made her surprised, but she never thought that her grandfather would suddenly summon him. Adding in the impression Xu Yi made on her on the first day, Still was quite interested in Xu Yi.

“Of course.” Xu Yi replied very naturally, “The seniors in the lab had secretly said many times that if there was a large scale Frost Array installed in the lab, everyone’s efficiency would increase by several times.”

Still laughed before saying while waving her hand, “That won’t happen. Grandfather is known for being poor, he doesn’t have the money to install a large scale Magic Array in each lab. Even this array here is only used on the hottest day, normally it’s only for decoration.”

Xu Yi somewhat understood this, but was still very curious.

“Young Miss Still, this isn’t normal, right? His excellency Camilla is still a Three Star Great Magician. Not mentioning anything else, just the set salary the kingdom gives him each year isn’t small, how could he be poor?”

“That’s because he spends more money than he receives.” Still gave a shrug and looked very helpless, “You only know that grandfather is a Great Magician and earns a large salary from the kingdom each year, but you don’t know how much magic research, especially high level magic research like grandfather does costs. He uses most of his income to buy magic materials and the rest is used for upkeeping the Magic Tower. His budget is actually quite tight.”

“It’s like this…..But I’ve heard that other Great Magicians are all very rich……”

“Are you trying to say that grandfather has no abilities in earning money?” Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Let me tell you, you can’t mention this in front of grandfather, otherwise he will be very angry.”

“No, no, no, of course I’m not thinking this. I’ve heard that his excellency Camilla has always been opposed to magicians focused on earning money……”

“There’s no choice, grandfather is just that stubborn.” Still let out a sigh, “I have urged him several times, but he always says that magicians should be focused on magic. Thinking about making money all day, they are simply shaming the name of magicians.”

Xu Yi nodded and said nothing else.

Great Magician Camilla reminded him of those scholars who focused on research, they also disdained doing business. They felt that the scent of money would corrupt their academic research.

Xu Yi did not like this kind of attitude. Sure the scent of commercialism would greatly affect academic research, but with the infusion of commercialism, it would raise their research funds, drastically improving their research environment. It would actually greatly increased the efficiency and progress of academic research.

There were many examples on earth of perfectly combined research and business. The two worked with each other and its effect was much greater than pure research.

Moreover, the mechanical engineering profession Xu Yi had was a science that focused on applications. If they couldn’t create commercial value in their practical application, it would be considered a failure.

“We’re here.” Still directly opened the door and signaled to Xu Yi to enter, “You can go in, grandfather is waiting.”

Xu Yi fixed his clothes and walked in with his head held high.

Great Magician Camilla’s private research lab took up the entire top floor of the Magic Tower, naturally it took up a very large area. It was at least four-five times larger than the lab Xu Yi worked in.

The arc ceiling of the lab was very high, with its highest point surpassing five meters. Looking around, this place seemed to be around the same size as a basketball field.

At the center of the space was a desk and sitting behind the desk was an old man with a deep blue robe and deep blue hair currently performing magical research.

This should be Great Magician Camilla.

Hearing that someone came in, Great Magician looked up. After seeing Xu Yi, he looked him over and nodded before lowering his head back down to continue his research.

Xu Yi was not surprised by this, he had already heard that Great Magician Camilla was obsessed with magical research. He must be immersed with some problem right now and wasn’t willing to stop.

During this time, Xu Yi looked around the lab.

The lab was much neater than he had expected. There were all kinds of strange magical technology placed according to groups by the walls. The only messy place was the desk Great Magician Camilla was currently sitting at.

There were strange marks on the wall and ground, which should have been left by Great Magician Camilla during his experiments.

Many of those marks were quite deep, it could be seen that the situation was very dangerous back then.

Xu Yi suddenly stopped at a corner where a pile of mangled iron was placed. However, Xu Yi could easily tell from looking at this pile of mangled iron that it was the first Magic Fan he made that Still bought from him.

Based on how tattered the Magic Fan was, it should have been destroyed by someone.

As for who broke it……

Xu Yi looked back at Great Magician Camilla with a bit of surprise in his heart.

“Could it be that Great Magician Camilla is very interested in this Magic Fan? But the magic inside this thing is at a very low level, how could he care about something like that?”

Not long after, Great Magician Camilla seemed to have finished his research. After stretching his body, he directly stood up.

After looking at Xu Yi, Great Magician Camilla was a bit surprised like he had completely forgotten about Xu Yi.

After pausing for a bit, he finally nodded at Xu Yi, “You are Xu Yi?”

Xu Yi quickly gave a respectful bow, “Yes, that’s me. Respectful greetings to your excellency Great Magician.”

Great Magician Camilla waved his hand, “No need to be nervous. I had Still bring you over because I wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Please ask your excellency. As long as I know it, I will definitely answer it.”

“Good.” Great Magician Camilla looked around and arrived at the mangled pile of iron Xu Yi had just seen, “I’ve heard Still say that you made this thing?”

“This……” Xu Yi looked at the Magic Fan that one couldn’t see the true form of anymore and awkwardly replied, “When I gave it to Young Miss Still, it didn’t look like this.”

“Don’t blame Still, I wanted to investigate it a bit, so it became like this.” Great Magician Camilla threw the Magic Fan to the side. He dug around in his desk and took out a blueprint, “Here, I was looking for you mainly because I was interested in the Magic Array you inscribed on the Magic Fan. There are some parts that I can’t understand, I hope you can explain them to me.”

Xu Yi was instantly filled with profound respect for Great Magician Camilla. As a Three Star Great Magician, he actually admitted that he didn’t understand some things to a fellow that hadn’t even passed the Magicians Guild’s certification exam. It could be seen that he was very serious about magic.

“Your excellency Camilly is too polite. I think there isn’t anything the Great Magician can’t understand about this Magic Array and the things you don’t understand should be unrelated to magic, right?”

Great Magician Camilla thought for a bit before shaking his head, “You can say it is unrelated, but you can’t say it is completely unrelated. Come, take a look, this place…..” Great Magician Camilla pointed at a part of the Magic Array, “I can understand that you changed this part to make the Magic Array’s revolving wind effect weaker, but I don’t understand why you did it. Could it be you don’t want the Magic Array to become stronger?”

Xu Yi took a look and immediately replied with a smile, “You’re completely right about this, this change does weaken the Magic Array. However, your excellency, this Magic Array is mainly used to provide power to the Magic Fan, so it doesn’t need to be that strong.”

Great Magician Camilla shook his head, “That’s not right, I’ve tested your Magic Fan. Although the wind blown out isn’t small, haven’t you thought that sometimes you might need a larger breeze? For example, my room is this big, if there was only a single Magic Fan, it can only blow wind in a very small part. It can’t satisfy my needs at all.”

Xu Yi spread his hand with a bitter smile, “Your excellency Camilla, I did consider this problem when designing the Magic Fan, but I was limited by the materials used for the Magic Fan. The fan blades can’t withstand such high speeds at this time. If the Magic Array’s power was increased, the fan blades would revolve faster, but the Magic Fan itself won’t be able to take it. You won’t be able to use it long before it breaks.”

“It’s like this……” Great Magician Camilla remembered the first time he injected magic into the Magic Fan. When the fan blades were quickly rotating, it couldn’t take it after using it for not long. It directly turned the Magic Fan into a pile of scrap iron, a matter that Still had complained about for a long time.

“Alright, leaving this question aside, what is with this place?”

“Oh, this. This is guarantee the Magic Array’s power was kept in a small area of fluctuation, guaranteeing that the wind blown out of the Magic Fan wouldn’t be too unstable.”

“Then what about this?”

“This is to combine it with the overall design of the Magic Fan. Look, this Magic Array is attached to the middle axle of the Magic Fan. If it wasn’t designed like this, the power released by the Magic Array will be greatly affected and it would waste the Magic Crystal.”

“Very good. There’s also this part……”


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