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Chapter 28.3 - Side story part 1 - Krone & Graf [Previous]

Side story part 1 – Krone & Graf [Previous]

Translator: Feng YouYue

“Everyone, we have just entered the waters of Istarica on the continent.”

The first ship carrying the sea crystals that left Euro.

On board the ship, Graf and others from the Augusto family were on board headed for Istarica.

The Sea crystals that filled the boat, which were mined more than they had planned from Istalica, were loaded into the boat and proceeded smoothly through the sea.

“I’ve heard about it, but it’s really fast for a ship..”

“I’ve only ridden in the outbound direction once before. However, the speed here is much higher than it was then.”

“Yes, sir. Graf-sama was on a ship from three generations ago, and compared to that time, the stability, speed, and basic performance have all increased.”

It was Istarica’s civil servant who was guiding Graf and others, and he reported directly to Prime Minister Warren.

There was a salon in the accommodation room for the aristocrats, and they gathered there and received an explanation while drinking tea.

“It made sense for there to be such a difference. But the fact that we’ve gone through three generations in the last few decades is truly amazing.”

“Numerous engineers have been working day and night on this project. This is the result of their joint efforts.”

“That’s right. Is it possible that the ship on which you, Ain…no, Ain-sama and the others crossed to Istalica may have been another ship?”

Thinking that it would give a bad impression to call Ain out while dealing with a person from Istalica, Krone avoided it by adding a sama on the spur of the moment.

“When Your Highness, of the second princess returned, another ship came to Heim. It’s called Princess Olivia, and it’s the princess’s exclusive ship. It’s a little larger than this ship, but in terms of facilities and performance, it’s incomparable.”

“I want to take a look. Hey, grandfather.”

“I’m certainly curious to hear that you’re outperforming this ship.”

“The operation will be unveiled periodically, so I hope you will take that opportunity to enjoy it.”

“Well, that’s good to know.”

The White King, the private ship of King Silvaad of Istarica, will be on hand for the unveiling of its operation.

Even the people of Istarica cannot hide their surprise at its size, equipment and performance.

“Is Princess Olivia different in speed?” Krone asks.

“Of course. This ship has a larger loading capacity, but even if you subtract that, the speed will be about 30% faster.”

“So it is indeed a ship for the royal family. No wonder His Highness didn’t get here fast enough when the Second Princess and the others returned home.”

The clerk heard it and smiled gently. Then he coughs and opens his mouth again.

“………Now, let me explain the process from here on. May I have your permission?”


“Yes, if you would.”

The reason the clerk had come to show us around was because he was also going to explain the process of getting to Istalica.

Because of some minor checks and other things, we had to stay on the ship for a while after we arrived in the port.

“We will first need to see both Mr. Graf and Mr. Krone’s status cards to verify their identities. You will then be asked to sign a document. The content of these are prohibitions and agreements. There.”

In order to welcome them, the great noblemen of Haim, Istalica had to have them confirm a few things, such as their responsibilities in case something went wrong and what they would be doing in Istalica.

“Then we will be tested for pathogens and such, which we’ll also be subjected to. This will be to prevent any accidents.”

“Of course I’ll comply.”

If you don’t comply, it will give off bad feelings. It’s meaningless considering the future, and it will be a disadvantage to Krone.

“Thank you, sir. And last but not least, I’d like to have a few words with my boss.”

“I understand. What kind of person will they be?”

“Warren, who is serving as Prime Minister, will be here. I’m sure he’ll have a few final verbal questions, so please answer.”

Graf didn’t know that Warren would be the one to go. Therefore, there was some confusion.

In Graf’s mind, the Augustos would be just another nobleman family on the frontier, from Istarica, he thought.

The Prime Minister, a man of great consequence, going all the way to such a remote place.

“I didn’t expect Lord Warren to be here.”

“If you had come to Istarica by other means, things would have been different, but in this case, it was because of the names of Your Highness and Ain-sama. For that reason, the Prime Minister has decided to visit.”

“………Ain, how are you doing?”

Krone asked about Ain, who hadn’t contacted him for a while and didn’t know what the situation was.

“Master Ain has been working diligently on his military training and studies, which are necessary for royalty. He enjoys his time with the Princess.”

“Oh, yes. Thank you. I’m very relieved to hear that.” Upon hearing the answer, Krone smiles and thanks.

“As a matter of fact, I haven’t had the opportunity to speak to Ain-sama in person, so I’m grateful to hear about him from others.”

“Then let me tell you a little about Ain-sama. He has a very good reputation in the castle. As I said earlier, he is one who spares no effort, and he is polite and smart.”

“-Oh, good. You haven’t changed, now have you.”

No one heard Krone muttering in a small voice.

He was more than happy that Ain hadn’t changed.

“It’s just……..well, how should I put it? He’s a bit of a mischievous boy. He gets along very well with the first princess, but sometimes the two of them get into a bit of a tizzy with their schemes and mysterious experiments…”

When he heard about Ain, which Krone didn’t know about. He nodded that there was a part of him that was like that.

“It’s a good thing that the castle has been so lively ever since Master Ain arrived. Your Highness has returned, and His Majesty and Her Highness are very happy to see him.”

“…I’m sorry, that’s all I can say.”

It is true that what happened in Heim has caused some displeasure in Istalica.

As a member of the great aristocrat Augusto family of Heim, he can’t help but apologize for that.

“……There were a variety of things, a multitude of circumstances, and a number of things that happened that I had to agree with, even if I didn’t agree with them. There is no way you can let it all go by the wayside. But trying to move forward is not a bad thing.That’s all I can say right now.”

Keeping calm and never showing his attitude, Istalica’s civil officer said.

“When you arrive in Istarica, be sure to start off by enjoying the scenery of the port city It is one of the largest port towns in Istarica and it is a huge city. You can also see many fresh fish. I think everyone can enjoy it.”

“Let’s look forward to how much the town has changed in the last few decades.”

“I’ve never been here before. I will burn the scenery of the port town to my eyes.”

“Well. I think I’d better be going. I will give Alfred-dono a document that outlines some of the things that you will need to know. Alfred-dono, may you please review them?”

“I’ll take it.”

Alfred replied and the civilian officer handed him some documents.

They would contain things about Istalica and a number of other important things.

He tells him to check it out beforehand before we arrive.

After handing over, the civil officer quietly leaves the room.

“Krone. I just want you to be prepared for this. That Ain-sama is now royalty in the great kingdom of Istalica, not a person you can easily meet.”

“I understand. But I can at least expect to see him……right?”


After a few hours, the ship carrying the sea crystals arrived safely at the port town of Magna.

The sight that Krone and his friends saw from their room was truly spectacular.

The beauty of the houses that have been built side by side on a scale that cannot be compared to the harbor town of Roundhart in Haim.

A cobalt blue sea where you can see the appearance of swimming fish. And the many piers with various ships anchored there.

Although Graf has visited the port town of Magna in the past, he’s shocked by current Magna, which has been prospering for decades.

“I guess that’s what they say about not being able to keep your mouth open, grandfather. I didn’t know there was a town like this in the world.”

“It’s changed a lot since I was a child. I feel the same way, Krone.”

“……I thought about this when I was with Graf-sama a long time ago, but that feeling is even stronger now. The strength of the country of Istalica is more than Heim could have ever imagined..”

What Alfred says is exactly the truth. It only took a glance at the town to understand that they are so far ahead of the others in terms of culture, size and technology.

“It’s going to be fun to just walk around town.”

“No doubt. I want to spend some time leisurely shopping here.”

The ship’s power seemed to have ceased completely, and the ship was secured to the harbor.

Near the large pier where the ship stopped, there are many personnel waiting to unload the cargo and civilian officers who would perform detailed confirmation work.

There was a water train stopped at a small rise visible from the ship.

“Grandfather? What the heck is that thing parked up there?”

Krone had no knowledge of the train and asked Graf what that was.

“It’s the water train, the main means of transportation in Istalica. It can take you to many parts of the continent.”

“That’s convenient. Is that water train also fast?”

“Even if it’s a sprinting horse, it won’t be its match. It keeps moving so fast non-stop.”

“Well, there’s such a vehicle in Istalica……”

Getting around in Heim was essentially done with a horse-drawn carriage. Therefore, if you look at the water train, which is an over-technology object from the perspective of Heim, the understanding could not catch up.

“But wouldn’t it be expensive for such a vehicle.”

“Not really. It depends on the distance, but it’s cheap enough to be able to pay for a commoner’s meal.”

“……It can be used by even the commoners. As expected, only in a place like Istalica.”

Even though they hadn’t yet left the ship, Krone was still looking forward to a number of new discoveries.

Would he be able to ride that water train himself? He was excited to think about what kind of a ride it would be.

“Excuse me, Graf-sama and Krone-sama. We have arrived and would appreciate it if you would prepare to disembark.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“There are a few things you will need to do, as I explained to you some time ago. As soon as that work is completed, you will disembark the ship and have a meeting with the Prime Minister.”

“Lord Warren?”

Graf was far away from Heim. Even he felt nervous when he thought about what kind of a person Warren was.

He was the head of the civilian officials of the great nation of Istalica and one of King Silverado’s aides.

If he raised an objection to them, it could mean that there was no acceptance of them to Istalica.

When he thought about it, he couldn’t stop the sweat from floating on his forehead.

“Yes. Also, we have to unload the cargo, so we know it can be a little noisy. I’m sorry, but I hope that you’ll understand.”

“Of course. I’m thankful for bringing me here.”

“I am also. Thank you.”

Looking at the two men who thanked him, the civil servant said, “No problem,” and smiled.

“I’ll take your belongings off now and we’ll drop them off at a place where you can relax later. I’ll give them to you later, where you can relax.”

What Graf and the others brought in were all their daily necessities.

If you add in the belongings of a few guards and waiters, as well as Graf and the others, it was a good amount, so they had been boxed up and stored in a place where the cargo was placed, courtesy of Istalica.

“Thank you again. We didn’t bring much in here because I had them packed in the boxes. I can already get out, so I’d like to ask for guidance.”

“I understand. I’ll take you there.”

Since he didn’t have anything special to prepare for, he left the room he was staying in as he was guided out.

As it was explained eariler, the hustle and bustle gets louder and louder as we proceed down the road.

Graf went to the procedure, appreciating the ship that they had troubled for a while.

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