Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Disintegration

The Gun-wielding Bull Demons didn’t care whether their opponents understood the weapons in their hands, as their guns had already started spinning.


Bullets poured out like rain, showering down upon the celestial soldiers and generals.

Many celestial soldiers and generals were riddled with holes, the scene was utterly gruesome!

“What kind of army is this?”

Li Jing was horrified, having led the Heavenly Court’s army in battles all around for many years, this was the first time he had encountered such an opponent!

“Cavalry units! Charge!”

Li Jing waved his banner one last time, deploying the Heavenly Court’s ace troops.

Celestial soldiers and generals mounted on heavenly horses charged from both sides, launching an attack on the army of Netherworld Servants created by Liu Yi.


Liu Yi laughed and lightly clapped his hands.

Immediately, one hundred weapons-wielding Bull Demons in black mechs flew out.

These mechs were about ten meters tall, armed with energy guns in their left hands and laser swords in their right. They took great pleasure in slaughtering the opposing troops. The cavalry stood no chance against these mech-warriors, and in no time, they suffered heavy casualties, as if they were being cut down like melons and vegetables.

At this moment, Liu Yi’s Netherworld Servant army became a nightmare for everyone, with many soldiers from the Heavenly Court directly referring to them as the Nightmare Legion. This Nightmare Legion easily destroyed the Heavenly Court’s defenses, quickly clearing a bloody path toward the Golden Throne Hall.

Li Jing retreated a step, returning to the main hall, then shouted.

“Close the gate!”

Several celestial soldiers and generals nearby strained to activate the mechanism, and the massive Heavenly Court gate slammed shut with a loud rumble, leaving many celestial soldiers and generals outside.

“This gate seems pretty thick.”

Chen Cai slapped a celestial soldier away before patting the Heavenly Court’s gate.

Dust flew from the gate, which remained unharmed.

“The Heavenly Court’s gate is made of Heavenly Mysterious Stone,” Sima Rou explained, “and it’s three meters thick, with its own defensive barrier. It’s extremely sturdy.”

With that, she waved her hand, releasing a storm of fire that assaulted the Heavenly Court gate.

As expected, the fire dissipated upon contact with the gate.

“Want to hide, huh?”

Liu Yi walked up to the gate, gazing up at the towering door more than ten meters high.

“You have to ask if I, Liu Yi, will allow it!”

As he spoke, a Taiji diagram appeared on Liu Yi’s forehead, and golden lightning began to flow around him.

His strength instantly reached the lower level of the fourth layer of the heavens. Liu Yi planted his feet in a horse stance, his right hand gathering power at his waist.

Ten suns appeared behind him, rotating continuously, as if surging with power!

“Great Radiant Palm!”

Liu Yi’s right hand struck, landing a heavy blow on the gate.

“Break the Gate!”


The Heavenly Court’s gate was instantly shattered! A massive hole appeared in the gate!

Broken stones flew inside, startling the immortals within, who cried out in shock.

“How could this be! The gate was actually blown open!”

“Is this… real?”

These people were dumbfounded, none of them willing to believe what was happening before their eyes!

Liu Yi led Chen Cai and the others through the hole and into the main hall, where they saw the Jade Emperor sitting high upon his dragon throne.

“Finally, we’re here.”

Liu Yi stretched lazily, then waved at the Jade Emperor.

“Uncle Jade Emperor, long time no see. Have you missed me?”

“You insolent brat, how dare you speak to the Jade Emperor like this! You’re courting death!”

A golden-armored general, hearing Liu Yi’s words, roared and lunged at Liu Yi.

“Who dares to touch my husband!”

Sima Rou kicked the golden-armored general, sending him tumbling to the ground. She then swiftly decapitated him with her sword. “This is his fate!”

Sima Rou was ruthless and showed no mercy.

The general’s head rolled to one side, his eyes not even closed, seemingly dying with great unwillingness.

But Sima Rou’s actions did indeed intimidate many.

Numerous immortals dared not move, watching Liu Yi and the others stand there, not even daring to breathe.

“Liu Yi!”

Erlang Shen stood there, holding a three-pointed, two-edged spear in one hand and a green jade lamp in the other.

“Yo, Brother Erlang, I see you’ve become even more handsome.”

Liu Yi crossed his arms and smiled at Erlang Shen. “But you still look sinister, not like a good person at all.”

“Don’t be smug.”

Erlang Shen sneered, “This is where your journey ends.”

Liu Yi shrugged his shoulders, “Well, let’s get to it. It’s time for a conclusion between us.”

“The conclusion is your death!”

Erlang Shen spoke, raising the treasure lotus lamp in his right hand. “This is the Treasure Lotus Lamp, its magic power is boundless. This time, you will die!”

With that, Erlang Shen swung the Treasure Lotus Lamp, which transformed into a beam of green light that fell upon him.

The light turned into a jade green armor, making Erlang Shen look somewhat eerie.

He exhaled a stream of green smoke from his mouth, seemingly enhancing his magical power.

“Now… I can reach the upper level of the fourth layer of heaven! What can you do to me?”

With that, he entered the state of a descended heavenly god, with a layer of silver light enveloping the green armor.

Erlang Shen’s figure swelled to over three meters tall, and he combined his two three-pointed, two-edged spears into a single double-headed spear.

Erlang Shen stomped his foot, and the entire ground cracked!

This stomp demonstrated extraordinary power, showcasing Erlang Shen’s formidable strength.

“I’m in the upper level of the fourth layer of heaven, I am invincible!”

Erlang Shen roared.

“With Erlang Shen here, we will be safe.”

The Queen Mother said reassuringly to the Jade Emperor.

“Let… let me handle this…”

Luo Xiaoxiao volunteered.

“This person is at the peak level of the fourth layer of heaven.”

Liu Yi stopped Luo Xiaoxiao, “Leave this to me.”

In the meantime, Erlang Shen had already charged toward Liu Yi, slashing at him with both spears!

The Taiji pattern on Liu Yi’s forehead grew brighter.

Beside the ‘Qian’ symbol, a ‘Kun’ symbol appeared (Combined, they formed Qiankun = Universe).

Liu Yi’s hair gradually gained a golden glow.

He stretched out his right hand, and with a clang, he caught the falling double-headed spear.


A wave of energy spread out, causing the floor of the Heavenly Court to sink more than a meter.

The floor of the Heavenly Court was made of Heavenly Mysterious Stone, and it was severely affected by the power of the two.

“How could this be!”

Erlang Shen was shocked, not expecting his power to be blocked!

He was at the peak level of the fourth layer of heaven! How could he still not defeat Liu Yi!

He wanted to kill this man, kill him!

“Now I have the strength of the middle level of the fourth layer of heaven.”

Liu Yi honestly said, “It’s the result of me unlocking the third level of the Heavenly God transformation. However, I also possess the power of the Universe. It’s too difficult for you to defeat me.”

“I can kill you! I must!”

Erlang Shen roared, and a force spread out, directly shattering the entire hall!

This was the strength of a peak-level expert of the fourth layer of heaven. The immortals in the hall were astonished.

“Erlang Shen is so powerful! Why can’t he defeat Liu Yi!”

“Is Liu Yi really that strong?”

The immortals were losing confidence.

Erlang Shen’s third eye opened, releasing a beam of light toward Liu Yi!

This light could destroy everything. Liu Yi’s Dharma body emerged from behind, holding six shields together.


Smoke rose from the shields, but they remained unharmed.

“I told you, you can’t deal with me.”

Liu Yi said.

“Then I’ll kill your people! Make you suffer!”

Erlang Shen spoke, suddenly appearing before Luo Xiaoxiao, and slashing toward her waist.

Luo Xiaoxiao was stunned, but Liu Yi’s figure also instantly appeared, and his hand caught the attack.


A circle of light erupted from Liu Yi’s palm, blocking Erlang Shen’s power.

“Erlang Shen, you’re despicable!”

Liu Yi frowned, “You took advantage of women, seized my power, and now you want to attack others! The number one war god of the Heavenly Court? Don’t make people laugh! You’re spineless!”

“I will kill you!”

Erlang Shen’s eyes filled with red light, and red patterns slowly appeared on his body.

“What… what is this?”

The Jade Emperor was startled.

“This is the demonic pattern! Oh heavens… Yang Jian seems to have succumbed to demonic possession!”

The Queen Mother was also shocked; none of them had anticipated this.

Erlang Shen had actually fallen into demonic possession!

“This is truly bad news.”

The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord rushed over, frowning at the scene, “If one possesses the treasured Lotus Lamp and falls into demonic possession, I’m afraid no one can stop them.”

In the meantime, Erlang Shen roared again, his skin turning black!

He waved his hand, and a black light swept out, cutting several nearby immortals in half.

“Heavens! He’s lost his mind!”

“Save us!”

Many of the remaining immortals fled, while some guards protected the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother.

“Quick, protect us!”

Both the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother called out.

“Anyone who doesn’t protect us will be expelled from the celestial register!”

More immortals shielded the two, forming human barriers.

Now, Erlang Shen had become an unparalleled demonic fiend! He no longer cared for the lives of others and began a mad slaughter.

“Those with overwhelming power but unstable minds are susceptible to demonic possession.”

Liu Yi sighed, “Let me end your sins.”

As he spoke, Liu Yi’s figure flashed, appearing before Erlang Shen. He launched a kick toward Erlang Shen’s head.


Erlang Shen’s head was struck, and his entire body was smashed into the ground below!

“Erlang Shen, it’s time for you to pay!”

Liu Yi’s magical power flowed through him. He extended a hand, and his Dharma body reached out with a thick arm, forcefully pressing down on Erlang Shen’s body.

At the same time, the Dharma body’s other hand, like a blade, pierced directly into Erlang Shen’s back.

Soul-absorbing technique and the demon sword technique were activated simultaneously!

Liu Yi’s Dharma body gradually transformed into a demonic figure, frantically absorbing Erlang Shen’s soul!

Although Erlang Shen possessed the peak power of the fourth layer of heaven, he was still firmly suppressed by Liu Yi!

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