Mai Kitsune Waifu

Chapter 870-873

Chapter 870 [Title below]

"Liu Yi. what is going on!"

When Wang Yaru regains her bearing. She slaps Liu Yi's back harshly! That slap is very loud!

If it was a normal person, even if it was a cultivator, who could give Liu Yi such a powerful slap?

In this entire world, perhaps only Wang Yaru would dare to hit him like this without Liu Yi daring to utter a single word.

"This, this…"

Liu Yi scratches his cheek not knowing how to explain momentarily.

"Let's go inside first! Don't let the three ladies get cold outside!"

Wang Yaru is not that unruly. She first let them enter her house and have a seat together.

The five of them sit in the living room facing each other and for a moment, the atmosphere was stiff.

"That…mom, I will turn on the tv for you to watch the gala…"

"Watch tv? Watch your head!"

Right now Wang Yaru does not have a good temper. Right now, she is feeling confused!

This stinky brat of mine teases three ladies at the same time!

They are so pretty. Furthermore, they do not look like girls from ordinary households!

This, what should I do?

As the atmosphere is turning rigid, someone suddenly knocks on their door.

"Mom. I'll go and open the door. Perhaps it is Ms Chen and her family who came back!"

Liu Yi promptly ran over to the door like he had been given amnesty and opens the door.

"Liu Yi! Your girlfriend has come!"

From outside a cheerful and lively girl jumps into the house.

"My family members had just fallen asleep. I secretly slipped out, hehe…"

The one who came in is none other than Wang Lele.

When Wang Lele saw Liu Yi's SMS, she became very happy. Being able to see Liu Yi's family members is a good thing! But it makes me a bit shy.

But my family does not know that I am dating. Thus I need to wait for them to fall asleep before slipping out!

Wang Lele wishes to take advantage of resting in Liu Yi's house at night and properly be intimate with him…

But unexpectedly when she enters, she sees a lot of eyes staring at her.

"Eh…why is everyone here…Big sister Xiao Die, you are also here…"

"Of course I am here!"

Murong Die says lividly, "Unexpectedly Liu Yi swindled you as well!"

In Murong Die's heart, she thought that Liu Yi also pulled Wang Lele over to make up the number.

How would she know that the two of them are out at large to steal!

[TL: no idea why the author use this idiom but I would say it is more like secretly getting together behind her back!]

"Since you came, have a seat…"

Wang Yaru glares at Liu Yi ferociously before patting the empty space on the sofa by her side.

"The house is too small…this is the first time so many guests have come…"

Wang Yaru also does not know what to say. Everywhere she looks there are beauties making her unable to adapt to it for a while.

I always worried about Liu Yi's future…could it be that I worried too much?

"Liu Yi you stinky brat! Tell mother the truth! Did you use money to find these ladies?"

Wang Yaru says angrily, "I've seen it on tv before, those soap operas act like this. Right now a lot are also like this! To deal with their elders despite having no girlfriend, they spend money to hire people! Stinky fellow! You disappointing thing…if you do not have a girlfriend you cannot be like this!"


Li Biyue cannot take it anymore and started laughing before holding Wang Yaru's hand and says, "Aunty you are overthinking it. How would your Liu Yi still need to worry about finding a girlfriend? The girls that like him can line up from North Dragon City to Jingdou."


When Wang Yaru heard this, she was stunned.

"Liu Yi! You are still not explaining! If you do not explain, then today I shall break your leg!"

On this Chinese New Year's Eve, Wang Yaru got messed around until she has a bellyful of anger.

"What is going on here!"

"This, this… mother…"

For a while, Liu Yi does not know how to explain.

"Like I said, how would such a good girl be your girlfriend!"

Wang Yaru scolds angrily, "You bastard! You keep acting! If you have the capability, why don't you bring back a celebrity for me as a daughter-in-law!"

Murong Die's expression turns slightly weird.

While she is speaking, someone knocks on their door again.

"Who is it this time!"

Wang Yaru says angrily, "Go and open the door again!"

"Mom, don't be angry. I, I'll go now!"

Liu Yi obediently runs over to open the door. The moment the door was opened, indeed it is this lass.

"Husband! You didn't expect that I would be able to come, right?"

Wang Yuzheng jumps into Liu Yi's embrace happily, "After taking part in the CCTV's New Year's Gala, I immediately took the plane over! Luckily I was the beginning item. Otherwise, I would not be able to hurry back in time for this New Year's bell. Hehe…did you miss…eh…"

Seeing the house full of people, Wang Yuzheng instantly trembles before her face turns red and jumps backward like a little doe being startled.

"Why, why are there so many people…"

Wang Yaru is also a bit stunned.

"My gosh…is-isn't this that big star who was singing in the tv earlier…why, why did she jump out from the tv!"

The rest of the girls cover their mouths as they giggle while Li Biyue holds Wang Yaru's hand and says, "Aunty. Don't be startled. This is also your daughter-in-law."

"How, how is this possible…Xiao Yue ah…can, can you tell m…just, what is going on here …"

"Aunty. This matter…I cannot explain it to you. It is best for your precious son to explain!"

Li Biyue's gaze lands on Liu Yi.

"Stinky brat! Still not saying!"

Liu Yi wants to cry but has no tears. After pulling over Wang Yuzheng to sit down, he explains somewhat hesitatingly, "This ah…actually…among them, some are my girlfriend…some are not…"

"What do you mean by some are and some are not?"

Wang Yaru glares at Liu Yi ferociously waiting for him to explain clearly.

"It, it is…"

Liu Yi does not have any choice but to sit down and tell his mother the entire situation.

Of course, not all of the truth. For example the matter regarding Wang Lele, Liu Yi conceals it for now.

This Chinese New Year's Eve is exciting. No need to make it even more exciting!

After finishing, Wang Yaru is a bit stunned and only regained her senses after a while.

"You damn fellow…to be so dissolute…to think that a single girlfriend is not enough and get two…you-you…what, what should I say about you!"

Wang Yaru wishes to blame her son but does not know who to rebuke.

She wants to beat but he is no longer a kid. He is already an adult. Furthermore, in front of so many girls, she cannot beat him. If she beats him, it will put him on the spot.

Wang Yaru does not know what to do and only feel that this entire situation is preposterous.

"Mom…this is son's matter. You don't need to worry. Let's eat the dumpling and watch the New Year's Gala!"

Liu Yi feels that he should ease this atmosphere, thus he stands up and says, "Since everyone came today, let's celebrate the coming of the new year together. We must eventually eat dumplings for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner right. Beauties, who among you knows how to wrap dumplings?"

Li Biyue is the first to stand up, "I know."

Wang Yuzheng also raises her hand and says, "I know as well."

Murong Die, Wang Lele and Yuan Zhenyue can only look at each other.

These three girls, two of them are misses from rich families while the last is a violent policewoman. How would any of them know how to cook, not to mention wrap dumplings!

"Good, then Yuzheng and Big sister shall help me then."

Liu Yi does know how to cook. Thus he went to the kitchen to take the earlier prepared flour and dumpling fillings as well as a very large kneading board and placed them on the living room table.

"Come, come, come. Let’s all help."

Wang Yuzheng and Li Biyue gather up and rolls up their sleeves and start helping to wrap the dumplings.

Liu Yi gets busy as well while the remaining three women do not know what to do.

Murong Die cannot take it and ask, "Then..what do we do?"

"Accompany my mother to watch the New Year's Gala and have a chat!"

Liu Yi smiles at them making the three of them roll their eyes.

"Come, come, come. Let's watch the New Year's Gala!"

Wang Yaru pulls the three girls' hands, afraid that they would be angry and hurriedly comfort them, "Later when it is 12, let's go and release the fireworks!"


"Okay, we shall accompany aunty to watch the New Year's Gala"

The three girls immediately surround Wang Yaru. Each of them saying sweet things making Wang Yaru jubilant.

Liu Yi is a bit unable to get it. So be it if Murong Die and Wang Lele are currying favor with my mother. Why is Yuan Zhenyue also going in the excitement!

This night indeed is celebrated quite lively. Liu Yi and his mother along with 5 beauties celebrate New Year's eve like this.

Very quickly the 12 am bell is rung. The few of them are already at the rooftop holding fireworks, firecrackers in their hand, setting them off together.

After all of them had returned, Wang Lele tidies up the rubbish on the ground, preparing to go back down.

At this moment, a beam of moonlight shines down by her side.

Wang Lele instantly trembles. It is like she had turned into another person as she stands there coldly.

"You shouldn't have come."

"If I did not come, you would have lost your heart!"

Third walks out from the moonlight with anger on his face, "Let me ask you in your heart right now, is there still Qin Imperial Palace? Is there still Emperor Qin?"

"Whether or not it’s in my heart, naturally I know."

Wang Lele's voice is even colder than the northern winter.

"Whether or not you know, what does it matter to me?"

For a moment Third's heart softens, "I know that I have places that I am in wrong…but everything that I do, isn't it for us, for the entire Qin Imperial Palace, for the entire world?"

"World? What is the world?"

Wang Lele says with frigid irony and scorching satire, "In your eyes, there is only that world of yours. So be it. In the past, I thought that your world was my world. For this world of mine, I sacrificed my life."

"That's right. You are one of Qin Imperial Palace Ten Heavenly Stems and also the fiancee of me, Third! Don't forget your identity!"

"No need for you to come and remind me! Right now is not the time for you to appear!"

"I came here to tell you, Liu Yi must die!"

Third laughs coldly, "He is only staying in North Dragon City for these few days. You must take advantage of these few days to kill him! Do you understand?"


Wang Lele did not say anything.

"Don't forget that you are from Qin Imperial Palace."

Third warns, "I am not staying anymore. You should also hurry and go back. Be careful of being suspected! Liu Yi's dog life is in your hands!"

Chapter 870 [What is world]

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Chapter 871 [Title below]

After the midnight bell is rung, everyone welcomes a new year.

Li Biyue leans against the balcony's window as she clasps a cup of red wine which she took from her car and asks Liu Yi, "Liu Yi, what wish do you have for New Year?"


Liu Yi looks at his hands, "I hope that I can become stronger."

"You pervert. You are already very powerful."

Yuan Zhenyue says unhappily, "I do not know when I will surpass you!"

"Strength trained bit by bit. One's mental state is the Way of the King."

Liu Yi smiles and says, "Bis Sister Yuan does not need to keep thinking of surpassing me. That way will cause you to gain a heart devil which will be detrimental to your cultivation!"

Yuan Zhenyue curls up her lips unhappily, "Tsk, like I need you to say!"

"Talking about this…when are you going to teach this miss!"

Murong Die cannot help but ask, "This miss also wishes to come and go as I please!"

"Not yet. But in the future, perhaps there will be a chance."

"Really? You cannot lie to this miss!"

"Will not. How would I lie to you."

Looking at Murong Die's exception-filled eyes, Liu Yi cannot help but smile.

Right now I am letting Huang Jie refine pills that can allow ordinary people to wash their bone marrow. The moment this pill is refined, Murong Die and the rest of them can start their cultivation.

Only with cultivation can they have longevity.

It is not like I can seek longevity alone and cast away these girls!

As long as they enter the path of cultivation, I shall impart to them some exceptional techniques and guarantee their strength to increase step by step. If they are my Daoist partners, wouldn't my life be happy!

Wang Lele raises her hand high up and says, "Then, I also want to learn!"

"Of course. At that time, I will let all of you learn."

"I never expected it …"

Wang Yuzheng is still rueful, "I was able to become a celebrity and in the future, I can also cultivate to be an immortal…why do I feel like I am dreaming!"

"Life is like a dream."

Liu Yi looks at the stars outside the window and says, "In a dream, outside a dream, real or false. Watch the early evening when lanterns are first lit, listen to the snowstorm. The so-called decreed by fate, fitter away years for this reason."


The girls cannot help but look at Liu Yi, "Didn't expect that you would know how to recite poetry and pair them together."

Yuan Zhenyue swallows her tongue, "My gosh, Aren't you a martial artist, when did you carry the sour aura of a literate!"

Liu Yi says feeling wronged, "I'm reminiscing, all right? Is there a need to stare at me like I am an alien?!"

At this moment, Wang Yaru had fallen asleep. Only Liu Yi and the beauties are sitting in the living room keeping vigil.

Li Biyue who is the oldest woman currently suddenly has a thought and says, "Sitting like this is boring. Why don't we play a game!"

"Okay, what do we play?"

"See, there is a deck of poker cards here."

As Li Biyue speaks, she stretches out her hand and in her palm in a deck of poker cards.

The poker cards are brand new. Clearly, it was just bought today.

Her hands keep shuffling the cards. The poker cards flashes between her hands like lightning. Those who do not know would have thought that she is a gambling queen!

"Everyone should know the rules of poker right. Black, red, clover, diamond. The biggest is A while the smallest is 2."

"That's right, that's right. We know this."

The rest of the girls nod their heads.

"Oh, what are we going to play?"

Liu Yi became curious.

"That…I do not know how to play cards…"

Wang Yuzheng is somewhat worried as she says, "Usually I was busy studying…now, I am busy learning how to be an idol in the company…I don't know how to play cards…"

"No worries. We will play something a bit simpler!"

As Li Biyue speaks, her finger turns over and takes out a card. It is actually the spades A!

"In a while, every one of us will draw a card from here. The one with the biggest card can give the one with the smallest card an order. You cannot act shamelessly and refuse it. You must comply with it! How about it, do you dare to play?"

"This is not fair!"

Murong Die immediately says, "You have abilities. The moment you draw, it is a spade A, how are we going to play, won't we lose!"

"If you want to play this game, then you cannot use any technique or ability. Everything is completely up to luck!"

Li Biyue says, "If you break this rule that means that you have lost."

"That is more like it."

Only then did Murong Die and the rest of the girls agree.

"Come, come, come. I will shuffle the deck. Everyone, prepare to draw your card."

Li Biyue uses a skilled technique to shuffle the cards.

The cards are like a long dragon, swimming about between her hands. Making Murong Die and the girls dazzled.

Wang Yuzheng cannot help but ask, "Big sister Li…you go to the casino frequently, right…"

Yuan Zhenyue nods her head. In the past, she had captured countless gamblers.

"Not at all. I seldom play."

Li Biyue waves her hands and says with a smile, "But in the past when I had nothing to do, I went to the casino in Macau or Alaska. When I did not exercise control over myself and accidentally won too much, I got blacklisted."

Cold sweat instantly covers the rest of their heads.

This…is still called seldom play?

Wang Lele is slightly apprehensive as she says, "As we agreed…you cannot act shamelessly!"

"Relax. I will keep my word. This time around, it is up to luck."

Li Biyue stacks the cards in front of everyone.

"Come. All of you draw first. I'll be the last."

"Then let me be the first!"

Wang Lele took the initiative and volunteered herself. She pulls out a card.

"Quickly see, Hearts A! Hahaha! I'll be the winner!"

The rest of the girls instantly became sad. This big chest girl's luck is too great! To draw Hearts A immediately!

"Hmph. Don't be too delighted. Perhaps this miss will draw out the Spades A!"

As Murong Die speaks, she self-confidently draws a card.

In the end, when she flips it over to take a look, she nearly cries. Clubs 2!

"Hahaha, there are no cards that can be smaller than yours!"

Liu Yi rejoices in her misfortune making Murong Die so angry that she scolds him without grace.

"You damn fella! Let's see what good card you can draw!"

"Definitely bigger than yours!"

Liu Yi smiles widely as he draws a card and turns it over.

A big Diamond 2 was slapped on the table.


Murong Die instantly starts laughing.

Liu Yi's forehead is covered in black lines not knowing what he should say.

Bullshit…this luck of mine…isn't it too lousy?

The rest of the people laugh as they draw their own cards.

In the end, it is still Wang Lele's card which is the biggest with Liu Yi's card the smallest.

"Following the rules, Lele you can give your order."

Li Biyue covers her mouth while she laughs and says, "The sillier the better!"


Wang Lele seems to be slightly excited.

Liu Yi coughs, "You must feel for your Big brother Xiao Yi ah… I treat you very well, right?"

"En…but Lele still has a thing that Lele wants…"

"Want do you want? I can buy it for you!"

Seldom would Liu Yi be so generous. He pats his chest and says, "There is nothing that I, Liu Yi can't buy in this world!"

"Hehe, Big Brother Xiao Yi, I want the moon in the sky!"

Liu Yi's legs soften and he nearly slips.

What the crap, the moon…

Liu Yi roasts, "My Lele, why don't you want to sun!"

"How can that do. Big Brother Xiao Yi treats Lele so well. How would Lele makes things hard for Big Brother Xiao Yi!"

Wang Lele says with a lot of distress, "The sun is a large fireball. So hot. What if it burns Big Brother Xiao Yi!"

What the, this is called feeling sorry for me…

Liu Yi says bitterly, "Lele, it is better for you to say something that I can do …this is too ridiculous."

"That's right Lele. This is indeed a bit too ridiculous."

Li Biyue and the rest of the girls are laughing while saying in their heart, this Lele can make things hard for Liu Yi.

"Fine then. Lele will change to another one."

As Wang Lele speaks, she picks up a black marker from the side and says while giggling, "Come, come, come Big Brother Xiao Yi, let Lele draw a cute tortoise on your face."


Liu Yi instantly got a huge shock as he covered his face and said, "That's not alright! How can I let you draw on my charming face! Let me tell you, this place prohibits urination and defecation anywhere you like! I turn muddled from being angered by you! I prohibit you from doodling and writing without basis!"

Wang Lele persists, "That's not alright Big Brother Xiao Yi. You must accept your loss if you agree to bet!"

The rest of the girls also urge immediately afterward. Each and every one of them are rejoicing in Liu Yi's misfortunes, angering Liu Yi so badly that he clenches his teeth.

This group of women….no wonder they say three women are enough for a drama….now that there are 5 women…my god…

Li Biyue pulls Liu Yi to sit down while Murong Die holds his jaws.

"Lele go ahead! Do whatever you like!"

What do you mean do whatever you like!

Liu Yi turns nervous.

Wang Lele scoots over beaming. Holding the marker, she draws all over Liu Yi's face.

The marker is slightly cold. Thus as she draws on Liu Yi's face, he feels that it is a bit itchy.

They play a few rounds of the game laughing happily.

At the same time, the clouds outside the window hide two figures.

The slightly shorter girl says unhappily, "Master, you see…you are suffering from the cold here while he is happily playing with a few girls over there!"

The other girl says indifferently, "He is celebrating the New Year."

"It also cannot be like this! I see that he has clearly forgotten master to the back of his mind!"

"Xue'er, you are too talkative."

The other girl is none other than Ai Ling.

"So-sorry master…it is Xue Luo's mistake! Xue Luo had forgotten again!"

Xue Luo hurriedly kneels while trembling slightly.

"Forget it. You are also thinking of me."

Ai Ling sighs, "No matter if he has forgotten about me, my matter must continue to be done."

"What is the point master?"

Xue Luo says with heartache, "As Xue Luo watches, it is painful in Xue Luo's heart…"

"You do not understand."

Ai Ling laughs bitterly, "Wait till you have fallen in love with a guy in the future, then you will understand."

"No matter what master wishes to do, Xue Luo will sacrifice my life to help you!"

"This I know. There are 15 more days. Upon that day, everything will come together…"

Chapter 871 [Drawn a small tortoise]

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Chapter 872 [Title below]

After messing around for an entire night, the girls are tired.

But Liu Yi's house is too small and Murong Die cannot spend the night outside as she pleases. Thus the few girls discuss it over before dispersing on their own.

Wang Yuzheng also needs to hurry back as she still needs to report to the office in the morning the next day. If reporters found out that she came out from other people's houses, that would be bad.

Right now she is in her rising phase thus she cannot have any gossip about her.

Yuan Zhenyue and Li Biyue can sleepover while Wang Lele cannot go home as it is too late. Finally, they decided to let Wang Lele sleepover at Liu Yi's place.

"Let me warn you! At night you are not allowed to sneak attack Lele! Otherwise, you are dead!"

Before Murong Die left, she warned strongly while Liu Yi kept nodding his head.

What else can I do? Promise first I guess!

Liu Yi says in front of the girls, "Lele shall sleep in the same room with my mother. I will lock the door properly to prevent Big Sister Xiao Die worrying too much."

After the girls left, Liu Yi cleans up the place before lying on his bed.

During this period of time, he was exhausted. Running all over the place made his body and mind exhausted.

With great difficulty, he catches an opportunity to rest. Liu Yi lies on his bed and very soon fell into a deep sleep.

During this sleep, he did not dream.

During the later half of the night, Liu Yi suddenly feels something heavy on top of his body and was startled awake.

In the middle of the night, could it be ghost pressing down on me?

But if it is a female ghost…why does she smell so nice?

A familiar milk smell!

Liu Yi opens his eye to see that the one on top of his body is none other than his Lele.

At this moment, Wang Lele is only wearing her bra and panties. Furthermore, they are lace ones that match her devil-like figure making her utterly tempting.

This delicious figure on top of Liu Yi's body makes his beast blood boil momentarily.

"Lele…what, what are you doing…"

Liu Yi lowers his voice afraid that he would wake his mother up.

When did Lele…become so daring…wasn't she always very shy?

"Lele missed Brother Xiao Yi…"

Wang Lele lies on top of Liu Yi and says sweetly by his ear, "I have not seen Brother Xiao Yi for so long…I missed you a lot…"

"We can still meet each other in the morning…why did you slip in the middle of the night…with you like this, Brother Xiao Yi will commit a crime."

"Commit what crime …"

Wang Lele says with a red face charmingly, "Brother Xiao Yi…you have not treated Lele's illness for a long time….recently, Lele's chest is swelling again…it hurts…"

What the. Lele is already so big, how is her chest still developing?

Liu Yi is unable to understand. Just how big is she going to develop? Wouldn't she anger the other airport girls to death! For example, Murong Die…

"Brother Xiao Die…help Lele take a look…"

As Wang Lele speaks, she stretches her hand in front and softly opens her bra.

What the! It is a front buckle!

This lass…isn't she trying to tempt me!

Wang Lele turns her hand and undoes the buckle of her bra.

A pair of full breasts appear in front of Liu Yi's eyes.

This causes Liu Yi to feel dizzy…so white…so full, if this is a weapon, it is a pair of meteor hammer!

What a fierce weapon! What a cheat weapon!

Liu Yi does not know what to use to describe…how did she grow this pair of breasts…

Killer weapons. Perhaps only this can be used to evaluate!

"Brother Xiao Yi…help me…not comfortable, feeling weird…"

Wang Lele sticks her breasts onto Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is also wearing a shirt. With her snuggling up like this, it is somewhat wanting his life!

"Ok-okay…I will help Lele take a look…"

It is not like Liu Yi can endure it as he stretches out his hand and kneads Wang Lele's breasts.

So soft, what superb feeling!

Liu Yi is somewhat indulging in pleasure as he kneads.

"Being…massaged by Brother Xiao Yi…is indeed a lot more comfortable…"

Wang Lele moans as she says with hidden bitterness, "Brother Xiao Yi is irresponsible…saying that you wanted to treat Lele's sickness…in the end, you did not appear for a long time…"

"Sorry Lele…it was my fault."

Liu Yi hurriedly apologized, "I was too busy…it was my bad for being unable to accompany Lele all this time…"

"Actually I cannot blame Brother Xiao Yi…Lele also knows that Brother Xiao Yi was very busy and Lele is still bothering Brother Xiao Yi. Brother Xiao Yi will not be angry at Lele right…"

"How would I be! Lele is the most sensible!"

Brother Xiao Yi…"

Wang Lele is emotional as she kisses Liu Yi.

The four lips in contact as two tongues mix with each other. The temperature in the room swiftly rises.

Lust filled the entire room.

Liu Yi turns around and presses Wang Lele down below him before taking off her lace panties.

The boundless scenery completely appears in front of her.

Wang Lele draws closer to Liu Yi and sticks to his ear and says, "Brother Xiao Yi…Lele…Lele is afraid…" while she is holding a moonlight dagger behind his back.

If this dagger stabs into Liu Yi's heart, even if Liu Yi's cultivation is even higher, he might not be able to retain his life.

Furthermore, because the two of them have tender feelings for each other, Meng Xi and Lin Tong sealed up their sense thus neither saw this scene.

The dagger in Wang Lele's hangs suspended there as she hesitates.


With the arrow on the bow, Liu Yi bears with it and stubbornly did not attack.

"So-sorry…I was impulsive…"

"Brother Xiao Yi…why did you stop?"

Wang Lele is shocked.

"I shouldn't eat you."

Wang Lele says softly, "No…no worries…Lele is already prepared…Lele's everything is Brother Xiao Yi's…"

"Not the same."

Liu Yi shakes his head and says, "If our identity was open, I would eat up you immediately!"

"Brother Xiao Yi…"

"Lele, wait. After I tell Xiao Die everything, I will eat the two of you up!"

"Brother Xiao Yi…"

Wang Lele's heart trembles and she cannot help but put away the dagger in her hand.

"Lele, recently my body and mind are exhausted. Why don't you help me with a massage."

As Liu Yi speaks, he turns around and sprawls on the bed.

Wang Lele rides on Liu Yi's waist and stares at him blankly.

"Lele, why are you not massaging. This back of mine is really stiff. Why don't you step on it."

"Ah, massage. Lele will help you!"

Only then did Wang Lele wake up. She uses her hands to gently hammer Liu Yi's back.

"Lele, don't be angry with Brother Xiao Yi. Recently I was busy with the matters in the cultivation world and also broke my legs from running all over the place. Wait till I am done with my matters, I will get a pill that will allow you to cultivate as well. Wait till I have pacified Xiao Die, we can all cultivate together and live together, enjoying afree and unfettered immortal life, wouldn't that be enjoyable."

"Brother Xiao Yi…"

Wang Lele's gaze turn even more lifeless.

What should I do?

No matter if it is the past Wang Lele…or the current Wang Lele…neither wish to kill Liu Yi anymore…

Seeing Liu Yi lying there, Wang Lele's gaze became more and more gentle.

During my past life, I had loved a man before. While in this life…I fell in love with a man.

Originally she thought that all men in this world were the same. But this Liu Yi, seems…so be different.

Wang Lele asks, "Brother Xiao Yi…do, do you really love me?"

Seeing Liu Yi did not reply, Wang Lele says in her heart, could it be that this guy is hesitating? He does not love me but was playing with me?

But listening attentively, she hears Liu Yi's light snoring.

It seems like he had fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Wang Lele knows clearly why he is so exhausted.

He was fighting against Qin Imperial Palace, he had never stopped fighting.

With great difficulty he returned home, thus he can fall asleep in ease.

Wang Lele sighs lightly before keeping away her moonlight dagger. After which she lies by Liu Yi's side and rests her head in his arm while she leans into his embrace.

A kind of never felt before safe feeling envelops Wang Lele.

Very quickly Wang Lele is unable to endure anymore and fell into deep sleep.

Xue Luo who was watching outside of the window asks, "Who is this woman?"

"A person who shouldn't be."

Ai Ling stands there with her hands in her sleeve without any expression on her face.

"Master…would this person spoil our matter?"

Xue Luo ask, "Why don't I go and deal with her!"

"No need."

Ai Ling shakes her head, "Furthermore you are also not her opponent. Not to mention if you want to touch Liu Yi's people, you will startle Liu Yi. If you startle him, then that would interfere."

"What master says is right. It is Xue Luo who was thoughtless."

"Following beside me, you had learned quite a bit."

Ai Ling says, "In the future when you do things, don't be so hasty. First think over clearly everything that needs to be understood! Otherwise, sooner or later you will take the wrong step. From then on, every step will be wrong."

"Yes master!"

Xue Luo keeps apologizing, "Then what should Xue Luo do right now? Is there anything that Xue Luo still needs to do in this North Dragon City?"

"Nothing else. Follow me back to Raising Immortal Palace Hall."

"Ah? We are going back now?"

Xue Luo is startled, "It is the New Year, is master not going to meet him?"

"Some people need to meet while some don't."

Ai Ling says, "Sometimes, meeting someone is as good as not meeting."

"Xue Luo does not understand…"

"There is no need for you to understand. Let's go. Return with me. There are still a lot of things that need to be done for the 5 Spirit Gathering."


The two of them turn into shadows and instantly disappear from the spot.

What the two women do not know is that after they had left, a few white beams fell from the sky.

A few guys wearing silver armor walkout from the white beams and look at each other before sneaking into the crowd.

While at the same time, a few exquisite armored warriors climb out of the water.

They left behind water traces before walking into the city.

It seems like North Dragon City is going to be hectic.

Chapter 872 [Heaven above, Earth below]

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Chapter 873 [Title below]

On the second day of Chinese New Year, following North Dragon City's traditions, the second day is to go back to the parental home of the wife.

Liu Yi's father Liu Zihing is still outside on a business trip. While his mother Wang Yaru had flown back to Guangdong on the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Because of some matters, Liu Yi still cannot leave, especially the matter on the second day of Chinese New Year.

After all, Wang Yaru had come to an agreement with her colleague. Due to her face, she makes Liu Yi go for the blind date as normal.

But it is just a formality. Meet each other, drink some coffee, and then come back.

Wang Jing is very gloomy. I am perfectly fine why did my mother want to arrange a blind date for me!

Wang Jing is very pretty and her figure is also very good. With a bit of make-up, she becomes a seductive woman.

But since young, her studies were not that good. She did not go to university. After senior high, she entered the workforce.

After entering society, Wang Jing realizes that with her kind of intelligence, within a few days she would be bullied to death in the company politics. No matter how hard she works, she is unable to climb up her position.

No choice. Her education qualification is low and her mind is slow-witted.

After changing jobs a few times in a row, Wang Jing did not have much savings. All the way until her new company. Only then did Wang Jing realize that her director is interested in her.

Although the director is above 40 and has a wife and child, Wang Jing still got together with the manager.

Using a not nice sentence, she became the director's mistress.

This kind of matter cannot be said. Thus to other people, although Wang Jing is the company manager, she had never had a 'boyfriend'.

Other people are not anxious but her mother is anxious.

Thus during this Second day of Chinese New Year, she pushed Wang Jing out to make her have a blind date.

Unable to take her mother's pestering, she has no choice but to go over to take a look.

She dillydallied in her house and only after over an hour did she reach the coffee shop where she had an appointment.

This coffee shop is considered rather famous in North Dragon City and is very refined.

When Wang Jing looks inside, a guy wearing a black high collar windbreaker is sitting in their agreed-upon location, relaxing with his eyes closed.

This guy is still waiting here? He is rather patient!

But how can this kind of guy compare to my director. It is comparing heaven and earth!

A few days ago director had wanted to buy a car for me. But we had an argument about the car model.

The director wanted to buy Wang Jing a Mazda but Wang Jing thinks in her heart, isn't this, telling other people that I am a mistress!

This kind of mistress car cannot be bought!

Wang Jing wants to buy a Nissan sedan but the director feels that it is too expensive and hesitated.

Wang Jing says in her heart, if you cannot, then at least an Axela. It is better than nothing.

Thinking till here, Wang Jing's heart is set on speeding home as she immediately walks over and sits down in front of the guy in the black windbreaker.

A waitress walks up and asks, "Miss, may I know what you want to drink?"

"Give me a cup of Blue Mountain."

"Okay. Please wait."

The waitress turns around and at this moment, the guy who is sitting suddenly says, "In our mainland, there is no genuine Blue Mountain Coffee. If you want to drink, you can only go overseas to drink it."

"Tsk, what do you know!"

Wang Jing sneers, "Every time I go out, I only drink Blue Mountain! How could it be fake!"

"So be it if you do not believe me."

The one sitting opposite her is none other than Liu Yi.

He shrugs his shoulders and raises his head.

When they gaze meet each other, they were both instantly startled.

"It's you?"

"Liu Yi!"

Liu Yi is a bit stunned, isn't this my junior high school classmate?

I recall that she looked not bad, that was why there was a number of guys chasing after her in junior high school.

Back then this lass lost herself in the passion and love, thus did not study.

I heard that she did not even manage to get into senior high school and went to work.

How come in a blink of an eye, she became my blind date partner?

"So the one my mother wanted me to meet for my blind date is you. I wondered who it was!"

Wang Jing relaxes and curls up her lips as she leans against the chair, "I heard that you had scored not bad and managed to enter Keda. Shouldn't you still be studying in university now?"

"I already joined the faculty of my alma mater upon graduation to work."

Liu Yi smiles, "Thus I am already no longer studying."

"Eh! Not bad, joining your alma mater to work, what do you work as?"


"Alas, a rotten counselor, what can you do with it. Work so hard for so little money."

Wang Jing clearly looks down on Liu Yi's job.

"It's okay I guess. I am doing it quite pleasant and don't find it tiring."

Liu Yi says in his heart. This counselor is just a idle post. I don't give the students any lessons.

"Running all the way over to Beijing to be a counselor, you can't even afford a house, why did you run over there to stay! Why don't you come back to North Dragon City!"

Wang Jing plays with her handphone, "Seeing that we are old classmates, I can speak for you and let you find a job in my company. Right. It seems like my company is lacking two security guards. In two days', come over to apply for it."

"Ah? Then which company are you working in?"

Liu Yi is slightly curious. Looks like this Wang Jing is doing rather well!

"Hahaha, it is Hongxing Estate Company!"

Wang Jing laughs in delight, "I am a manager thus I do have the power to let you be a security guard."

Hongxing Estate Company?

In the end, it is still my company.

Liu Yi says bashfully. "The company is not bad. Unexpectedly right now you are doing a lot better than me."

Wang Jing says, "Still okay, it's so-so!"

She crosses her arms as she looks at Liu Yi, "I had thought that today's matter will be hard to deal with. Since it is you, it was easily done."

What the, looks like this woman is rather arrogant.

"Go on, how much savings do you have right now?"


Liu Yi blanks out, why did she suddenly ask me about my savings?

"Don't we need to ask these during a blind date? Don't blame me for being realistic. After a blind date is getting married! Asking about savings is nothing."


Liu Yi nods his head, "As for my savings…it is a bit less…"

"How much is a bit less?"

"Around 100k…"

Liu Yi has a bank card on him. Inside is some of the rewards that he had obtained when he was doing tasks in the Hunter Organization.

"Only 100k plus?"

Wang Jing sneers, "You have the face to call this bit of money savings? It can't even afford to buy a few better bags!"

Liu Yi cannot hold back and retort, "Then one can only say that the bags that you want to buy are too expensive."

"Tsk, how can you say such things! So what if the bag a woman buys is expensive! Isn't that very common?"

Wang Jing lifts up her handbag which is from Hermes. It is blinding Liu Yi's eyes.

"Do you see this? This is not a bag!"

"Then what it is?"

"This is the face of us women!"

Wang Jing rolls her eyes at Liu Yi and says, "Don't even know this and you still come out for a blind date, tsk!"

"Yes, yes, yes. My savings are indeed a bit less."

"It is good that you know that you are a laughingstock."

Wang Jing puts down her handbag, "Then let's not talk about your savings. Do you have a house?"

"A house?"

"That's right, a house!"

Wang Jing nods her head, "Go on, have you bought a house? Is it in Jingdou or North Dragon City? How big is the house? A commercial house or an economical house? A house with few rooms or a house with lots of room?"

She asks a few questions continuously.

Liu Yi thinks happily, it is like Wang Jing plans to marry me.

He can see that she does not have any plan to have a blind date with him. From the start, she just wished to make him look unsightly, making him back out.

"Apologises. With so little savings, how would I have money to buy a house."

Liu Yi laughs, "I do have a house but that is my parents."

Wang Jing sneer turns even more obnoxious, "Don't even have a house and you still have the intention to come for a blind date?"

"Then a car…"

"Don’t ask anymore. I know what you want to ask."

Liu Yi raises his hand and stops her question, "No house, no car. Only me."

"No house no car, aren't you joking with me?"

Wang Jing became slightly unhappy, "Liu Yi. In junior high school, you were not doing that good. Now that in university, you are also not doing that well! With your conditions, how can you have a blind date with me?"

"Wang Jing, as old classmates, there is no need to be so harsh, right?"

Liu Yi roast, "Could it be that without material things, there would not be love?"

Wang Jing snorts, "There is a saying that is good! Poor couples have hundreds of sorrowful matters! You don't even have materialistic stuff, wouldn't marrying you be equivalent to suffering hardship? No money, no house, no car, how to marry? That at best is called suffering together!"

"Without money will life be hard?"

Liu Yi waves his hands, "You see, both you and I have hands and legs. With hands and legs, we can earn money."

"Earn? Earn some brains! Just that bit of savings of yours, what can it be used to do?"

Wang Jing sneers, "If you throw it in Jingdou City, it cant even create a splash! As for buying a house, I'm afraid that you can't even afford a toilet!"

"Every person has a different way of living."

Liu Yi sighs, "Didn't expect that you were living like this."

Wang Jing is immensely proud of herself, "I am living freely. The money that I earn monthly is perhaps more than what you earn yearly!"

Liu Yi cannot help but ask, "Is the wages of a manager in your company that high?"

"Around ten thousand a month."

Wang Jing's face is filled with arrogance.

"Ten thousand? With your spending standard, your wage does not seem to be ten thousand a month."

Liu Yi points at Wang Jing's handbag, "Just this bag of yours is at the very least 30 thousand. This means that you didn't eat or drink for three months."

"What are you caring about! I am willing!"

Wang Jing touches her bag happily, "For this kind of bag, bis sister can suffer! Do you think that wage of yours could support this sister?"

"To be honest, I cannot support you."

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, "I am a poor kid. I do not dare to marry our Big Miss Wang."

"Hmph! Glad that you know!"

After which Wang Jing pulls out her bank card and says, "Today I will treat you to the coffee. I advise you to find a common lady if possible. With that standard of yours, you still wish to marry me?"

"Yes, yes, yes. It was me who was overestimating my capabilities."

Liu Yi says in his heart, this is perfect. After all, this blind date is only going through motions. Ending it like this is perfect.

Unexpectedly, just as he is standing up and preparing to leave, from the side came a cry of alarm.

"Wang Jing! What are you doing?!"

Chapter 873 [Blind date]

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