Maken no Daydreamer

Chapter 1+2+3 Part 5

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Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 1+2+3 Part 5

And that me in fetal state was……know what? put me inside her belly!

Inside her womb, I was just like a child being born inside of her.

Inside her belly I was plenty enough recovered, erm rather, I once again “grew”

and she waited for the time the “foetus” grew into an “infant” ……and gave birth to me naturally.

In other words after I was born into this world, I was abandoned by my biological parents, and then taken in my mom’s belly and for one more time was given birth. In short, I have experienced the ‘birth’ two times in this world. [ET: SO basically he was given birth 3 times in total.]

“A, Are you alright doing something like that!? That magic hundred percent stinks of forbidden arts !? There is no side effects right!?”

“Nh? No, “stinks of” pfft, it actually is forbidden magic. Well if a human used it then side effects may occur but you see, I am awesome, that’s why no worries at all.”

“……Is that so”

Well this mom of is a ‘succubus’ after all. And for this mother of mine something like that is an easy cake. I knew from the start she was an great witch, so I’m not minding her using something like that. For better or for worse, at least she doesn’t lie……

“And, it’s not like that was my first time giving birth to a child.”


Oi wait! That’s something really new! ‘The shocking truth part 2’. what the hell, so do I have a elder brother or sister!? Hell I don’t know them, I haven’t met them and for god’s sake I’ve never heard this story at all!?

On my mom’s question “huh? Did I not tell you”, I nod my head with full power.

According to my mom, I had plenty of elder brother and sisters, but they all left when they became independent and no one lived together.

From the word ‘plenty’, I can already guess uncountable number of siblings. It isn’t my imagination right? Furthermore, what the hell is her age for them all to be independent.

Ah, i just remembered that succubus do have a long life. It’s all the knowledge from light novels, though there might be differences but at the very least they live for 1000 years. Really what the hell is my mother’s age.

Further the ‘succubus’ are a lewd tribe from the start, hahaha……They copulate with the opposite gender they like and even make babies. Seems like even my mother was not an exception……well it’s a little shock for me, but not something that is hard to digest.

Even though I know that, but……

Even so, would some someone go that far to save an abandoned child? How should I put it the cost-effectiveness is unbalanced. Though even for helping it seems like too much of a great debt to me. Even if a child’s life is at line, she doesn’t have an obligation to save it, right?

And as if mom sensed my questions.

“You see at that time, I decided I would live here for a while with my spare time.”

“Spare time?”

“Un, Actually……”


Approximately 10 years ago, my mom took up a request from the king of a certain country she was at good terms with

“Friggin wait!? King!? Where did king pop out from!? What does it mean by good terms with!? What the hell is the personal request from the king!? Eh, is mom really a great person!?”

“Shut up and listen”

Mom persuaded me saying that ‘if you make a fuss with only this, the story won’t get anywhere’. Mumu……Well, I’m curious but for the time being let’s hear the story.

So, the request was to carry and excavate an ‘magic item’ named as ‘The Coffin of Demon Progenitor’ from the historical ruins inside a dungeon.

From the books inside the ruins, it was found out that inside the coffin an ancient treasured something was sleeping. Naturally, the leaders of the country were delighted. That was not only because there was an ancient treasured something but also because it was something that had enormous value historically.

However, there were 2 problems.

One was, the coffin was protected with a very powerful barrier that would take 10 years to break, no matter what they did it never opened.

And the second was, that box had a dreadful curse casted onto it to protect it from treasure thieves. Due to curse, in the surrounding area of the coffin the demons appeared and their reproductive power wasn’t something to joke about.

In short, just by having the coffin, the demons in it’s area will keep attacking furthermore in a lot of numbers due to amplified reproductive power.

They gave up and tried to dispose of the coffin but it was useless due to the strong defense around the coffin, having said that, they couldn’t actually throw it anywhere either. If they did that, in the area near the coffin, the demons will appear and will cause casualties in that area.

They couldn’t throw it even in the adjacent country as it would become an international problem. They did some negotiations behind the scenes but still couldn’t get the permission to even carry it over there.

The perplexed king, then chose the last resort as the last hope and relied on mom.

Seems like the king is an old friend of mom and she has relied on him many times, that is why she couldn’t refuse his request. She thought of secluding herself in this forest and repel the demons while trying to dispel the barrier around the coffin. In the first place this forest already had a lot of demons and there was neither any settlement near this foret.

On this proposal, the king thanked her while wailing and gave her a reward as an advance payment which was rivaling to the amount of national budget. In addition, he even said, he would offer the ‘treasured something’ inside of the coffin to her.

However, this time the problem was on mom’s side.

The barrier of that coffin, would still take 10 years to open even by my mother alone……besides her ability there was a reason why she couldn’t live that sort of life.

The race my mom is from ‘succubus’ has a special characteristic that if they don’t take the ‘energy’ from external means through copulating with men at periodic intervals, they cannot preserve their own life.

For a vampire it is like sucking blood to live. If they don’t it regularly their bodies will suffer from breakdown and their lifespan will also reduce.

It was the only weakness in my invincible mom. As long as this problem is not solved, she can’t live inside the forest.

However, there was only one exception for the succubus to live without taking any energy.

That is the period of child raising. During the time of child raising all the desires of a succubus are suppressed, and in accordance to their maternal instincts they only concentrate towards raising their child.

Mom asked the king for giving him an orphan or some other child, and by the time she thought it would be a good idea to raise a child while doing the job, she found me and took me in.

So that’s what it meant by ‘time killing’

And the story goes back to the beginning. The surrogate birth episode.

And that’s how, mom lived in forest and was repelling the demons while raising the child ‘me’ and was also fighting against the barrier. That was her daily life but,

Just because I wasn’t her blood related child, her ‘suppression’ effect wore off before than normal and day by day her desires came back.

So, her desires reached her limits and that’s how the things went that way last night.

And, in addition to this mom also explained about 1 more thing about my body. It was about the non human parts in the human me.

When I ask mom with eyes speaking ‘What does it mean?’. She continued her explanation,

According to her, even though it was for a small time, I was raised inside mom’s belly and got nutrition from her. From my succubus mother.

After being given birth, I was raised by her mother ‘s milk. Furthermore, till I was 2 years old due to the lack of baby food.

For some reason, my body in that time was very fragile. Especially my stomach was weak, or rather delicate (?) due to it I wasn’t able to eat baby food for a while. Is it the effect due to the birth?

By the way, the succubus can give mother’s milk even without being pregnant, it’s of their special traits. Looks like everything is possible in that area.

Just like that, from the time I changed from foetal state to infant. Due to the nutrition I got from mom accompanied with the succubus power, my body couldn’t help but change.

During my growth period, thanks to the succubus power inside of my body, my body and magical power changed and mutated abruptly or so is my mom’s opinion.

And so Mom with a face saying ‘Though he looks like human, the insides are completely different’, gently stroked my head. In her eyes, some sort of sorrow was present.

“……I have given you a lot of love in my own way, I had thought of being a good ‘mother’ till the end, but this is something I couldn’t do anything with.”


“I’m sorry, Minato. For my selfishness and self-satisfaction, your body, is no longer human”

She said it in an apologizing tone. Though she always talks frivolously, but her this line was terribly meek, something like a serious matter.

Along with that it was an unneeded……apology to me.

In truth, I don’t give a damn about it. I was born in this world (Reincarnated just to say) and was probably abandoned, and would have died if not for mom. She even used a forbidden art just to save me and also raised me.

What complaints will I have to a mother like this.

That’s why,



“……I’m hungry”

“……Fufu, it’s already morning after all. Well then let’s eat the breakfast?”


It’s not like the relationship between me and mom will change after this. I am me and mom is mom.

For the time being, I wake up from the bed and head over to kitchen to eat the breakfast made by mom. Just like always.

Most probably this will go on like this from now on too.

You got a problem? No matter what anyone says, we are parent and child.

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