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Chapter 17 – The Martial Exhibition Meet at Dusk Part 1

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Chapter 17 – The Martial Exhibition Meet at Dusk Part 1

The inn I was staying at『Bermuda』was an inn along with an adjacent bar and dining hall made. One can at anytime eat food. If you show the key for room, then you would get discount.

But, if I go at such a place in this situation -while a rumour of an『Adventurer in Black』is spreading- it would definitely get troublesome.

Well I’m doing this work for living so I need to be ready for these things……but I won’t like it to deal it with it from today only.

I needed to prepare my heart, but there were also other reasons too.

And so, when I thought about something to deal with it, I decided to let Tanya-chan bring some amount of food to my room.

Originally, they don’t do this sort of service, because of patterns like going to the rooms for delivering food and then remaining there.

In my case, it was due to trust.

Along with gratitude, I ordered the food while giving the tip to Tanya-chan. It was at the time I was about to……return to my room after ordering.

I saw Elk leaving the inn and was looking like she had made some sort of strong determination but was also looking like she was sad.

—-And so,

I felt a bad premonition, so I tailed Elk,

along the way, I cleaned up the people who were on the lookout around the inn.

In front of me was Elk with her eyes opened wide which seemed to spill tear at any time and many men who seemed ill-bred standing as if surrounding her.

I was hearing and seeing the talk, though not from the start, so I more or less knew about the situation.

And I was also able to guess that these guys were not so admirable to accept the sacrifice of someone and not lay hand on the other person.

I knew that due to the experience of thief subjugation I practiced with mom.

Even so, the reason I didn’t do anything till now was to confirm Elk’s determination.

How should I put it, while the talk was going on a feeling like ambition or something that said to not interfere was being leaked out of her.

As if it was saying to not go back down no matter what anyone said.

From her seriousness revealing eyes, it was clear that she wasn’t speaking a single lie. The thieves after listening to her decision from the start showed their vulgar side.

I couldn’t bear to watch it anymore, so I trespassed in their territory.

I jumped from the building, kicking the wall of building one last time I increased my distance in air.

Just like I had wanted, I landed right besides Elk.

“……Thank you for hard work, Elk. It was really troublesome, right?”


Seeing me in front of her, Elk was surprised and for some reason, her eyes had a sign of relief hidden.

Was she expectation the talk to go like this……no she wasn’t. Because Elk completely lost her determination just some minutes before.

Then maybe she was thinking『*Sigh* This can do almost anything, eh』while seeing me in front of her eyes. I’m grateful that you can understand it.

But well, her mind was still in chaos.

Even before I could think about what to say to her, the leader like man whom Elk was talking to, spoke.

“Hey, you actually did come here. Really……I was thinking of snatching everything from you along with the rewards from the snake.”

The man said as such in a not amusing tone. I don’t know his name.

“It’s you right, who beat all the kidnappers yesterday after being deceived by Elk and……the adventurer in black who killed a snake-like amazing monster today? Thanks to you we suffered great losses, what are you gonna do about it?”

Elk with a start trembled maybe because of feelings of guilt and uneasiness after she heard the words『After being deceived by Elk』. Anyhow, I patted her shoulder and calmed her down saying that I didn’t mind it.

Well, I didn’t like someone saying shit to me, so I replied back.

“Thank you for telling me what you know. I don’t even want to sympathy you or guess your true intentions, just shut your shitty mouth and get out of here you lower-than-sewer-rat scumbags.”

As if as expected, the moment I said it, irritation and bloodlust swelled up within my surroundings.

It won’t overpower me but still it leaves the unpleasant feeling.

The face of Leader hadn’t changed much, but a vein propped on his forehead.

“Hmph, if she is a hypocritical idiot, then you too are an idiot to follow her. Can’t you see the situation you in?”

“The ugly faces that I don’t want to see are lined up. Is this for making me nauseated?”

“……It wasn’t good for you to say that……Oi, come out you people!”

Here it comes, the cliché historical drama villain lines saying『Come out Come out!』

From inside the shadows came out several number of people. Just how were these many hiding?

One-two-three…… 40 people in total, huh?

Well, I already knew about them.

Elk’s face turned pale because she didn’t knew about it, due to the man speaking at first as if looking down saying ‘Serves you right’ I decided to calm down Elk later.

“I know you are more powerful than normal people, so I have already made preparations. ……In truth, I was going to attack you after you had taken the reward.”

“Wow, you’re unexpectedly prepared? They are all prepared from before.”

“I had them come here because there was a possibility that, that bitch would betray. It she did such a thing, then the business is doomed, you know.”

I see, so he had already anticipated Elk betraying and bringing me here to beat them all. So it looks like he has a brain.

“Don’t even think about foolish things like resisting? People here are not all of them but still there are people of Rank C and D. If you try to resist then it won’t just end up with small injuries.”

“Geez, you have gathered quite a lot in just 1 day.”

We have the『Malras Association』behind us, it’s a easy job to gather outlaws. From what I have heard, it seems like you won luckily against that『Snake』, so you can’t win against these many numbers.

……I don’t know what that Mal something is, but looks like these guys got some really different information from somewhere. I understood it from the phrase he said.

Looks like the rumour is about me defeating the snake using the walls and ceiling and floor of the labyrinth which had gotten soft due to earthquakes.

I have a delicate and frail looking body(am told by everyone), just from where did that complementary rumours start from? Well, it’s convenient for me, saves me the trouble.

Apart from that,

on the face of man was a really creepy and evil smile affixed as if believing he would win with the numbers.

……*Sigh*, just why are all villains like these.

I don’t want to hear his voice and don’t want to see his face too anymore.

At that instant,

I sensed the magical power rising from 7 o’clock behind me -It is the sign of magic starting to activate- and threw Elk away from myself.

The moment, the bewildered Elk landed on her back,

SFX: Booom,

The sound of explosion resounded.

A fireball came flying at me from somewhere and hit me.


“……!? Oi, who was it, who fired something like that all of a sudden!”

“Isn’t a little fine. I just gave my thanks for beating my friends yesterday?”

“Dimwit! I told you we will sell him too! He has a good face too, if he got a burn or something, then the price will fall down, bastard!”

“Ah, Don’t worry about. It won’t work on me”


Everyone present at that place froze after they heard the voice which came from the fire.

Immediately following,

A fire erupts from my body which was more powerful than the power of the fireball magic. I show myself with no injuries at all to everyone.

……If they told me that my appearance itself was abnormal, I can’t actually refute to it.

I didn’t knew what sort of magic was the current『Fire Ball(Temporary)』for, but it didn’t vanish even after exploding. So I just used my fire magic to vanish it.

Just like how I did at the time with big serpent from water and light. This time I used the fire magic and covered my body to cancel to the fire surrounding my body.

As expected, many thieves stepped back upon seeing my unhurt body, but Elk who had already seen my outrageousness in the labyrinth wasn’t that much surprised.

“……*Sigh* It was foolish of me to even worry about you……”

……on the contrary she was amazed? No, she was looking at me as if it was natural? Why?

I didn’t thought much about it at that time.

Aside from that, I finally understand now.

The leader only seems rational here. Other will most probably try to capture us as soon as we try to do something. They really are irritated a lot.

They were irritated due to Elk’s attitude from before and my words also added oil to the fire.

But well, if they are agitated, it makes the work more easier for me.

“Elk come on”

“Eh? Ah, Y,Yeah……”

I held out my hand to the fallen Elk. After helping her stand up, I poured magic in my hand without leaving her hand.

While the time Elk was having a『?』floating above her head,

“Elk, I want you to do something, or rather, I want you to pay attention to something, can you understand?”

“? Err, it’s about you, so……maybe running from here?”

“Wrong. I can’t think of Elk escaping successfully from these many people.”

“……You say it quite bluntly. Well, you’re right. Then, maybe, you want me to hide somewhere that I don’t be a hindrance? So that I don’t become a hostage”

“Close enough but wrong. Even if you try to hide, with this many people some will definitely follow you.”

“Then, what should I do……”

Immediately after that,

The magic power poured in my hand was transmitted to Elk, her body was soon clad in phosphorescence like a firefly.

At the same time, Elk’s eyes widened with surprise, most probably because she must have felt her body weight getting really low.

In truth, she not only became light but also had her offensive power and defensive power increased.

After all, I used my hand as an intermediary to transmit『Elemental Blood』in her body.

This『Other Person Enhancement』doesn’t actually administer magic in the blood vessels, but just works like a normal enhancement magic to increase physical strength.

But, it was more powerful than any normal enhancement magic. This much should be enough.

It’s disadvantage was that the other person must always be in contact with me or in 10 seconds the effects will be cancelled, but I was going to fight while protecting her so it wouldn’t pose a problem.

I increased her physical abilities so she could match my speed only.

“……You want me to fight together?”

“No, it will be good enough if you just be by my side and keep on getting protected. It will be easier for me to fight then.”

“Ah, Hmm. So this is for that?”

It saves me the trouble if you can understand it quickly.

Well, it would be good enough if she can match my pace.

“Elk, do you know how to dance?”

“I don’t know something elegant like that”

“I see. I also don’t know”

“Then why did you ask it!?”

“No, just if you knew how to dance then you would have matched my pace on your own. It was in the end a short-lived hope. ……*sigh*”

“Don’t say it like I’m not good!”

“Yes, yes. Well then, you don’t seem nervous anymore. Let’s start?”

“Eh…………You planned it out?”

“Sorry, Sorry. But it did help you calm down, right?”

“Geez……I really get tired mentally whenever I’m with you”

“It’s good that you are lively right now. Here they come!”

And, surely the moment later,

I didn’t knew for what reason did one of the men attacked, but I rotated my body and kicked him far away while embracing Elk tightly.

The curtains to a bloody fight opened up near the wastelands on the outskirts of city at dusk.

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