Maken no Daydreamer

Chapter 48 ~ 50 – Unknown and the Trump Card of Darkness

Chapter 48 ~ 50 – Unknown and the Trump Card of Darkness Part 1

Raiding abruptly appeared, to what Minato called as『Plant Monster』.

Its name was『Tropical Tyrant』, its strength was of AA Rank, the people who knew that it was the outstanding plant-type demon were not present in the current place.

That demon, after eating all the demons that had lost sanity due to drug, tried to attack the adventurers who were at the war frontlines.

It was inevitable, but against an opponent with true strength of AA Rank……Adventurers of D and C Rank were nothing more than garbage.

The people fighting were, including the covering work were……just Sherry and Zari.

Sherry was attacking by shooting arrows of fire, and while not letting the root and ivy come near, she would search for opportunities, and slash at its body with a fire-clad sword.

The attacks let out by the large body each had widely strong attack range, but for her it wasn’t something she couldn’t evade.

However, for defeating, for piercing through that large body, neither the weapons, arrows and nor the firepower of fire were enough.

Hence, an impression of offensive and defensive was made, for stopping its advance.

And behind her was Zari, who was supporting her with his Sand Magic, and Elk, who was helping in the evacuation of injured people. And also the support by some adventurers who were still fine enough to fight.

And even more,

「……! It came from right, huh……birdie, please do!」

Receiving such a voice,

Alva, who had been firing off appropriate magic attacks while flying in sky, flew off in the direction Sherry gave the command for.

And before its eyes, light of red magical energy started converging……and the next moment, it was fired off as a strong destructive beam that had enough power to easily crumble a stone precipice.

It flew to roots coming from the right, that Sherry saw, and hitting directly it exploded, scattered, got grilled and become powerless.

「……Seriously, that birdie is truly awesome. Is it because it is the pet of Minato-kun?」

「Half is because of that. But the other half is because, Minato had taught it his own original magic sometimes just for fun. That beam is one of those seriously strong original magic」

In the break times of morning practices, Elk had seen Minato teaching Alva magic that he had thought in past but wasn’t able to use them. Alva could understand the human speech, so it amused itself by copying the magic it watched.

Alva gained mastery in all of them, as a result, his battle strength increased drastically.

Before anyone knew it, there was the birth of a Demon Bird which could various magic no one had seen ever before.

That magical energy convergence bombardment was also one of them. It was Minato’s original magic that created a destructive light beam with explosive power just by converging the magical energy particles, and the interaction or whatever between them created it like that.

Its offensive power, in this place, came second to Sherry-san’s arrows. Making those as weapons, while maintaining the distance from『Tropical Tyrant』, Alva was fighting at the battlefront.

Then, maybe it got bored by the storm of attacks coming from all the direction –although it wasn’t known if plants had that sort of emotions- this time, numerous roots and ivy, a number which couldn’t be extended with just finger, sprout out from the whole body of Tropical Tyrant and attacked.

Seeing this, even the face of Sherry and others stiffened. However, they couldn’t retreat……and neither did they think about that.

Including the backup unit, they tried to use all the firepower at disposal and intercept that attack……at that moment,

Alva came, flying to Sherry’s side, and again in front of its eyes the red magical energy started converging, hence the charging of energy started.

……6 at the same time.


Even Elk had never seen that, unexpected scene, seeing that Sherry and other’s bodies stiffened.

The next moment, converged light changed into 6 destructive beams, and with power not any less than before, all were fired off……It blasted away most of the roots and ivy that were coming at them.

Sherry and others returned to themselves from the explosion sounds and shock waves. They intercepted the rest of the roots and ivy that got past the explosion, and cut down each and every of it.

At the time they finished, Sherry, who still was shocked, asked out.

「H-hey what!? Elk-chan!? That birdie could even do that much!? 6 at the same time……I’ve never heard anything like that!?」

「I also didn’t know! It only shot out one at a time……I never knew that it could be this amazing if it went serious……I knew it was a demon with high magical energy, but this is just……」

「Is that so? No, but that is……Hm?『6』?」

At that moment, Sherry was hooked up in the『6』numbers of attack that Alva just fired off.

Thinking for a bit, she rose up her head seeming to got an idea,

「Hey, Elk-chan……is that birdie,『Nevalides』?」

「! You know about it?」

「Are you serious!? S-So t-that’s how it was……he surely has got something tremendous as his pet……」

Sherry was surprised, having her guess hit the right mark, and sent a fleeting glance at Alva flying right beside her.

「Well, in my home place, there are various legends there. Among that it comes out……the Nevalides I mean, apparently they have 6 brains」

「Come again!?」

「Don’t cow have 4 stomachs, and bugs have『compound eyes』, right? It’s something like that. It is said that there are 6 brains of Nevalides, with each single brain having high intelligence matching to that of humans. And they are able to use them properly. While one brain is awake, the other brains sleep in a rotation, hence they need no sleep. And if using each of them when using magic, they are able to let out magic with power far surpassing normal power. It’s natural, after all the concentration and thinking circuits just got six-fold」

「……Now I don’t even know how to be shocked」

For the time being, Elk and others understood the reason why he was able to shoot 6 destructive beams without any decrease in the power.

Along with the fact that there 6 brains rotating at full speed inside that bird’s head.

However not thinking any deeper, they just considered Alva as a reliable ally, and again faced the enemy.

Then, abruptly,

「……If I had to say reliable, the owner of this birdie is also the same」

「Yeah……that’s indeed, correct」

「Don’t talk currently. Concentrate, come on concentrate」

Sherry and Zari were scolded with words as if being slapped.

However, even Elk, who scolded them, had looked along with others in the oblique direction, however……in the next second their eyes returned back to the front.

The fight occurring there was reflected in all their eyes, for just a second.

The fight against Tropical Tyrant, an AA Rank demon, was indeed tough, even though they had powerhouses like Sherry and Zari, along with Alva, whose race was outside the norm.

If this were a normal situation, they seriously needed the power of Alva’s owner, who just happened to be the strongest powerhouse present here.

However, no one said that, without speaking out any complaints, they all were fighting by themselves.

Of course that was because……they knew that he was also fighting with another enemy, a lizard, which obviously seemed like an extraordinarily strong opponent.

And also because, only he was the one who could take on that as an opponent.

Currently, just for one second, it was reflected in their eyes……



They attacks were exchanged at a speed that couldn’t be discerned by eyes, it was a fight on level that only Sherry could know what was happening there.

The people concerned, no one interfered. They couldn’t.

Because they knew that they couldn’t do a thing, and there was meaning in speaking anything.



With a speed that a normal person wouldn’t even be able to notice let alone react to it, a hand with 5 sharp claws reached out towards my head as if wanting to break it.

I, who was already showing my seriousness with the magical energy of『darkness』, dodged that attack as if something jumped in my chest.

Before the other attack came, I strike its stomach with my tightly-clenched and magical-energy-loaded fist.

However the feeling that was transmitted from the fist that hit it was, as though I had punched some humongous iceberg.

The solidness surpassed my expectations. The scales were also tough, and the flesh behind it was also quite solid.

……It completely made me remember about 4 years ago.

And, barely an instant, it showed a strange wavering which made me doubt if it faltered or not, and the Unknown let out its next attack soon after. The attack of the other arm flew at a frightening speed.

I closed up enough therefore, I judged it would be difficult to dodge, and guard myself with my arm……the next instant, a attack with power far surpassing the power of『Naga』’s rush impacted on my arm.

I purposely didn’t stand firm. I let the power fly away like that and reorganized my stance.

My arm became a little bit numb……but no problem. I can move it.

There in no time, Unknown let out another attack with its claws, but I forcibly warded it off by punching from the side.

And then, with my other arm……this time,

(If stomach is not good then attack the……face!!)

Taking a solid stance, I punched the face of Unknown with all my might.

This time it apparently worked, it bent backward greatly, and Unknown’s body stiffened.

Without a moment’s delay I tried to send out another attack, at that moment, in the peripheral vision of my eye something blackish was reflected, at the same time, sound of cutting the air rang out……and I at once averted my upper body.

The next moment, no nearly the same time, the whip-like tail buzzed and grazed my cheek.

*pssh*, my cheek was cut, and blew flowed from the single line.

……It has been a while, since I have shed out blood from an attack by a demon and not mom. It might be the first after using『Elemental Blood』.

While thinking something like that, I performed back somersault, flew backwards, and made some distance between us.

Dear me, there was not even a cerebral concussion after hitting it with my whole power, huh. The teeth didn’t break and the scales also weren’t smashed. The facial shape was also the same as before. Its bones were also fine, I bet it.

But I seemed to cut a little bit within its mouth, more or less, it even spit out a little red blood mixed saliva……just that much. I’m losing confidence here.

And, this strong blow exchange……didn’t even take two seconds, just how fast was this battle going at? This fight was a fight that exploited the concentration power and nerve-transmission to their extreme limits.

I thoroughly thought. That this『Unknown』in front of me was different from all the demons I had fought till now.

Compared to that time 4 years ago, I had surely become strong.

However, even so, I couldn’t see bottom of this guy.

But well, it wasn’t an opponent could be complaining about.

I can only defeat it as soon as possible, using all of my 16 years.

I concluded that unwillingness was banned, and before the other attack came at me, I rotated the『darkness』magical energy in my whole body in a large quantity, that even naked eyes could see black colour seeping out from my body, and charge it.

This was my limit quantity, so that I don’t stop moving after charging too much.

Seeing my appearance, the Unknown’s eyes showed wariness.

However, its fighting spirit didn’t seem to have weakened. Well, I didn’t expect that from before, though.

And immediately, the Unknown rushed at me as if saying『Just great! 』.

Without having chance to feel the vigour and pressure, it covered up the 10 metres distance I had opened up in just an instant, and again its strong arm swung.

Its claws neared me from the side, as if to gouge out my face……Or so I thought, but

(……!? Feint!?)

Right before I tried to guard against it, the arm suddenly stopped, changed its trajectory, and was pushed out as an overarm stroke seeming just like a spear. Its aim was……my throat.


The overarm stroke neared me with the force of piercing and opening a hole –it also seemed possible to happen if I took it head on-, but I knock it down by punching down from above with my knuckles, and before another attack came, I let out a kick and seized its stomach.

With the full charge of『darkness』magical energy, my physical abilities were enhanced even more than before. My horizontal kick that attacked it in under that condition, bend the body of Unknown in the shape of symbol『<』.

I tried to beat it down before a counterattack came, but again in my peripheral vision, the black tail buzzed.

However without evading this time, I caught it and gripped it hard.


Like that, I swung it with the trick of giant swing, and letting on the centrifugal force, I fling it away, towards the forest.

Without entering the bushes, Unknown hit a thick three and fell down.

And because I had fling it with my whole power that the tree that was hit made an enormous『doooom』sound and was smashed. The tree had a trunk of 1 metre thickness.

It broke, and pinned the Unknown below.

……But, Unknown normally stood up. It normally brushed off the tree.

Well, indeed it wasn’t unhurt this time.

If someone saw this scene, it would appear like I am on the offensive.

It was like that, though……in truth, my mind was flustered a tad bit that I didn’t had enough leeway to speak words like that.

After all, there had been no demon till now, which used clever things like feints.

Moreover, that precision in it wasn’t something just on the level of skilful. It had quite the speed, even though the movements were completely different, it nimbly changed the trajectory without any feeling of forcibly changing it.

I doubt there would be many humans who could do that.

I again felt, that fighting strength and everything else out of norm.

Its movements were more accurate than a machine, and smoother than a human. It even had the high physical strength and stamina like a demon. Moreover, judging by the fact it even had a idea to use something lithe like feints, it was apparent that it also had high intelligence.

Adding everything, it could only become something that I could yell this at: Holy ShiT!!!

Normally, demons lack at least one of those parts, henceforth they were an existence that humans could fight against……but for a demon having all of this, could now only be called as living calamity. I’m moved to tears.

I again felt that I would die if I let down my guard……and now I attack.

I took on a stance that could intercept any attack, let it be arms or tail, like that I kicked off the ground and approached it, there the Unknown waiting for me, for some reason, opened its mouth wide. Why?

Subsequently, *hsssss*……the sound of inhaling greatly rang out.

Don’t tell me it could fire out fire or something? or venom just like『Naga』? Or, does this guy also has the magical energy and would fire magical bullets?

The next moment,





The thing that came at me wasn’t magic or flame, but……an outrageous loud voice.

No, not just loud voice, but it was ridiculously high voice. Like ultrasound, or something like high frequency.

More directly than blow attacks, that mystical sound wave invaded from my ears……with a *whonk* it jolted my head, and an outrageous attack hit me that almost stopped my thoughts.

Moreover, I could also hear……the voice of Elk and others fighting the Plant Monster in a far place. Just how far this attack reached!?

Due to this attack from an completely unexpected angle, I had my stance broken……without a moment’s delay, the Unknown again took an strange posture.

It was extremely forward bent posture, just like the crouching start of track and field athletes.

And the next moment,

I kicked the ground with enough force to gouge it out……and rushed at me without hesitation.

I abruptly crossed my arms in front of my face to guard, but I wasn’t able to stand firmly.

The next moment, due to the tremendously powerful ramming attack……I was sent flying away at a speed that I could feel the wall of air crashing at my back.

Some blinks later, something crashed my back. Apparently something collided with me. From the feeling……it appeared to be a tree?

「Wha……Eh!? M-Minato!?」

「T-That surprised me……Minato-kun, are you fine!?」

Subsequently I heard the gentle voices of girls which were 1 million times much kind to ears compared to that ultrasound.

No, that was fine, but why could I hear the voices of Elk and Sherry, moreover it seemed like they were really close to me.

Then, the seeming tree, at least based on the sensation it gave, seemed to move as if squirming……

「Wai, Minato it’s dangerous……」



So it truly was a tree, but of Plant Monster, eh!?

I performed a forward somersault to evade the arm of roots falling at me, as I did, the place I was at before……the ground of the place I crashed into after being blown away, now had several roots piercing.

Of all things, I collided with this, huh! I believe they were fighting at a far place.

In other words, it turns out that I was blown away with a force that I could easily cross over an enormously wide plaza. Just what is that power, it far surpassed that of truck and dump trucks.

——That’s right! Unknown!

I turned around, and the Unknown was just jumping while in full speed, while aiming at me. It rose up its hand and swung down its claws.

I tried to stop it but at that moment, the tail moved, and I noticed that. In other words, its main attack was that……another feint, huh!

I dodged horizontally while not being assaulted by it, and this time, know what, the tail violently jolted, used the recoil and changed its whole body’s course, again coming at me. wtfh, ain’t that tail too much convenient!?

However, in that case it wouldn’t be able to use the tail this time, and I took the stance for taking on the attack with my gauntlets.

The claws attacked that, and the moment I thought an impact would come……the Unknown,

Didn’t attack me with the claws, but……damn, it clenched its hand into a fist.


To my surprise, the claws, for not becoming a hindrance, were stuffed in the spaces between fingers……it had become something like a thorny knuckle duster. Like that, a fist that looked fiendish attacked me.

Taking the attack that was heavier than claw attacks, the arm guarding me was flicked off……the next moment, the Unknown stepped in again and its tail was swung.

The moment I thought to guard against it with my other hand, again the tail changed its direction strangely with force, and this time its leg…………leg!?

Eh, kick!?

Moreover that way of kicking by using the other leg as axis, and kicking horizontally while using centrifugal force was, don’t tell me……

(Don’t tell me, it’s my kick……!?)

The kick captured my stomach horizontally, and this time it was my body that turned into the symbol of『<』.

「Ah, Aargh……!」

Immediately after, before I was able to catch my breath, again that fist approached me.

Seeing closely, it was difficult to tell due to difference in the length of our arms, but this way of punching also seemed similar to mine……?

While enduring the pain from the creaking abdominal muscles, I took on the stance to guard with my left hand. No, even if I can’t guard against it, it would be good to just ward it off……when I thought that, just before the punch hit my hand, its hand opened up, and the claws attacked me.



「That huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttttsssssssssssssss!?」

Like that, the grabbed arm……was bitten by those sharp fangs. (TLN: yeah fangs and not claws.)

It cleverly aimed for the area between upper arm and elbow……the area without the gauntlet protection.

My skin and muscles weren’t even pierced by swords or scratched by axes, but currently they were bitten, by sharp and solid fangs, along with the help of masseter muscle power of the jaw. At the same time, an unusual pain attacked me.

It was completely surpassing the level when I was bitten by the stray dog in my previous world, this pain wasn’t a laughing matter, but for some reason I seem to have experienced it……

Ah, that’s right, it was the pain I felt in my last moment of my previous life.

In the aeroplane accident, the fragments stabbed my body here and there, it was the same that time. How nostalgic. But as natural, I’m not at all happy about that, damn fuck it.

The fangs of Unknown kept on digging deeper as if wanting to bite everything off, and make me a one-armed person.

I even heard the scream of Elk from far away. Argh, geez, don’t create situation that would make a girl worried, you damned reptile!!


It was impossible to tear off with my power, or rather, I judged that as dangerous……and so I converged magical energy in the area Unknown was biting into……and changed it into the magical energy of『lightning』and『fire』.

I launched it with my full power, and the electrical discharge of the highest voltage started. At the same time, my arm started giving out ultra-heat that Unknown couldn’t keep on biting me anymore. From my wound, no from my whole arm the fire and lightning seeped out.

With the lightning attack and flame attack, the Unknown immediately released my arm having been hit by an unexpected attack……in that chance,

「It’s just the repayment, you damn big lizard!!」

I charged my right fist with『wind』magical energy to the limit, and along with a windstorm I sent if flying away.

Including the repayment from before, I sent it towards the roots of Plant Monster.

And, because this place was still within the attack range of Plant Monster, that I took back steps and while reaching a safe place, I……converged『light』magical energy in my paining left arm.

Pushing aside the black colour of Darkness, the white coloured magical energy now covered my wound.

「Minato!? Wha……are you fine!? Do you still have your arm!?」

「I’m fine……and yeah, it’s still connected, the bones are also fine」

While I was speaking, the cells were revitalized with magical energy and magic particles in my blood vessels, like that the restoration proceeded. Gradually the haemostasis also proceeded, and the flowing blood stopped.

There wasn’t enough time to close up the wound itself……but good, the blood had more or less stopped. The pain also had decreased a bit.

Around that time, the Unknown, who had been fighting with the roots, finally cut down all the roots and vines with its claws and tails and leaped out.

As expected, with its tough scales and muscles, there wasn’t even a scratch on it even with the root punches.

But, apparently the damage from my punch still remained, so I heaved a breath of relief. If it had healed completely in such less time, I would’ve been in a bad situation.

But the situation didn’t change for better. If talking about injury, then obviously I had a serious injury. After all, my left arm had been injured to a level that I can’t disregard it.

Moreover the other side, little by little……has been imitating my combat abilities, and the variation of attacks has been just increasing.

Its stamina was also of unknown numbers, so protracted war would be dangerous……looks like I would’ve have to finish this in a short time.

……I’ve got no choice.

Let’s use my trump card.


Only 3 people and 1 bird sensed that the atmosphere changed.

The people on the battlefield, Elk and Sherry, along with Neil-chan, who had been standing in a far place to not get engulfed in the fight, these three noticed it, and also Alva, the『Nevalides』.

The atmosphere drifting around Minato changed, err, the magical energy drifting around him changed……and those 3 people and 1 bird, sensed it with their sensitivity.

Before they were able to guess about its true identity, the next moment,

He crossed the arms in front of his face in the shape of character『X』, closed his eyes and concentrated his mind……then large amount of『darkness』magical energy emitted from his body, so much that it already far surpassed anyone’s imagination.

And that didn’t disperse in the atmosphere……but it started coiling around the body and was converging.

Its appearance was just like, a tornado or typhoon of violet colour. With Minato as the centre, that dense translucent Darkness Energy was coiling strongly while creating a whirlpool.

The darkness then, just like cotton candy coiling around splittable chopsticks, started twining around Minato’s body and wrapped it……it appeared to be like that.

At the same time, the translucent Darkness magical energy, became more dense, and it became so dark that other side couldn’t be seen, hence covering the body of Minato. His figure became an silhouette, and soon enough that also couldn’t be seen……like that step by step.

Due to the excessive magical energy quantity, the surroundings also suffered from the waves of that enormous energy……the adventurers who were the mages that could sense magic felt as if literally being hit by a storm.

Even the Unknown showed wariness to the current bizarre situation and didn’t come any closer.

……And after some seconds passed that seemed like several hours had passed,

「『Dark Joker』……Install……!!」

Along with that voice,

The tornado of darkness burst and scattered while raising a loud explosion noise……from inside that, Minato appeared in an appearance where he had already got out of the stance where he crossed his arms in『X』alphabet.


On this head were two, curved horns, which seemed like the shape of goat’s horns.

On his waist was a, long and thin, but with pointed front, an ominous tail that seemed like that of a cat or panther.

And from his back appeared wings like that of a bat.

All the parts were of the purplish dark colour, the same colour as that of『Darkness』 magical energy that he was covered moments ago……

「Eh……Who!? Or rather……what!?」

……It was natural for Elk to mutter that, after all Minato stood there in a form completely different from before.



If Minato saw his current appearance he would surely say something like『It seems like superhero transformation scene, no more like the after transformations that come after main transformation』

Or rather, this ability was made with that imagination in the first place.

Of course, it was another thing whether or not his『After Transformation』appearance looked like a hero or not?

Minato appeared from the tornado of Darkness, just like how butterfly emerged from the pupa, with horns on head, tail on hips, and wings growing from the back.

Seeing closely, the parts were created with『Darkness』magical energy and had no true substance, but along with those and his original all black clothes, he gave out an impression of evilness.

It was natural. The horns, wings and tails, all were the appearance of an abstract devil.

Moreover, the shape of each part was ominous.

The horns growing from above the both ears, were curved just like the horns of goats.

The tail also was long and thin just like that of panther or some other animal, the tip was also pointed.

The wings growing from the scapula area of the back, seemed like torn bat’s wings, just like the ones that a devil would have.

And even now……the tremendously dense magical energy had been drifting around while making the air flicker in the area.

In all different meanings, he was emitting intimidating pressure that was at another level from before.

Then, he spread his wings of magical energy and fluttered –but because they were made of magical energy, so even by fluttering no wind was made-, in that time Minato looked over Elk and others who were shocked, and again returned his vision on the Unknown.

As if answering Minato’s gaze, the Unknown brandished its claws, and flew by kicking the ground with so much power to easily gouge out and scatter the ground.

Minato evaded that attack, and his darkness loaded fist buzzed.

The wings on the back flashed for a second, and the instant it was thought that the magical energy rose up, he punched a counter attack right in the face of Unknown,

——*boom* Along with that voice,

The Unknown, taking the attack, flew while cutting across the plaza for several tens, several hundreds of metres……like that, it went flying to a place inside the forest.

Sending the opponent to the horizon with just punching, that was something only possible in Manga. But Minato did that with just one fist attack.

While everyone else was dumbfounded seeing that,

「……Oh shit, I sent him too far」

Minato said that in a mutter.

「Elk, I will going for a bit」

「Eh? Ah, no, but, that……Yeah, be careful」


While informing Elk, who was still confused, he kicked the ground, ran with a speed that even left arrows behind……like that he went inside the forest, for chasing after the Unknown he had just punched.


『Dark Joker』

The magic I was using right now was to equip magical tail, wings and horns, or rather『grow』them from inside me……and just as the name said, it was my trump card. Named: By Me. Reason: On whim.

At the same time……it was a forbidden technique as specified by mom and she had forcibly scolded me to『not use it』.

Simply put, it was the final form of when I load the『Darkness』magical energy within my body, by passing the limits, to drastically increase all of my abilities.

And at the same time, it was possible to control internal works of my body at will.

Body Enhancement was a given, but other thing were also possible, like secretion of endorphin, enhancement of nerve transmission, speeding up the coagulation of blood to close up the wounds, and it was also possible to cut off the sense of pain.

Of course, I had numbed the sense of pain in the left arm –so that my movements don’t become dull because of the damage taken from the biting before- and am maintaining that.

In addition, the additional parts I had made with magical energy, were the super powerful support equipments.

The horns didn’t have a true body so they couldn’t pierce (they are in that shape in the first place), but they work as a type of antenna, and are able to extremely precisely yet quickly, perceive the magical energy in the surroundings and the movement of opponent, hence I could respond to them.

The tail was the balancer for controlling the mighty magical energy coiling around me. Although it also can’t physically grab the opponent because it didn’t have a true body, but it been an important part.

And the wings weren’t for flying. I can’t fly as ever.

These wings were the so-called, external equip-type Magic Gear. Every time I let out punch or other such blow attacks, it amplifies the power to extraordinary levels, moreover with low recoil.

Offensive power, defensive power, reaction speed, magic control……all these things were enhanced at once, this was, genuinely, my strongest form.

However in this form, there was a fault.

For tampering with my magical energy substantially, more than what it seemed like, to the level of it going close to neurons……the backlash was quiiiiiite great. Omitting the details.

That was why mom told stopped me from using this recklessly.

That’s why I wanted to return back as soon as possible, but……it had been a long while since I used this, I forgot about moderation, and blew it away too much.

My olfaction also got enhanced, so I won’t lose sight of him, but just how long is it going to fly……ah found it.

I discovered the Unknown resolutely running in the direction of plaza –in short, the direction I came from-, maybe it came running for counterattacking? I’m admiring him as an enemy; after all it didn’t run away even after being knocked off flying for an unreasonable distance.

Or rather, I was plainly surprised that it survived, and had enough strength to run. I had thought it would be natural for it to die. After all I punched quite seriously.

However, as expected, he wasn’t unhurt after taking that punch.

Its face was indented, scales were smashed and some fangs were broken.


We both were running at a speed surpassing arrow, so……inevitably, we clashed the next moment.

I dodged the overarm stroke of claws, and intercepted with a lariat then……again the Unknown went flying away.

Moreover, as if it told the power and force behind my attack, it flew……horizontally.

But, because we were inside the forest that the momentum was killed after hitting the trees and it didn’t fly like before.

Therefore, I could easily chase after it with a dash.

Seeing it breaking the trees while flying was quite painful to see at, but I had already corrected my that『naïve』personality so I had no intention of going easy on it just because it seemed pitiful.

The Unknown decelerated to the extent of not breaking the trees, it again hit another tree and stopped……at that moment, I kicked it with my next attack and again let it fly again, while breaking the trees.

The Unknown kept of flying, and got more and more away from plaza. I, chasing behind it, also got more and more away from plaza.

En route I met various demons, but seeing a unknown demon knocked flying and a human chasing after it (no, the current me would……seem more like a demon), they all ran away.

Then, after the grove of trees suddenly ended and the Unknown I kicked away……was caved in a considerably big rock cliff.

However this guy is truly energetic. Seeing me out of the shrubs, it forcefully got out of the rock cliff and came attacking at me. I don’t know if it’s the stubbornness or it is just idiot.

However, I was completely different from before, the same trick can’t working this time.

It hit me with tail while making me go for a front somersault……just when I thought that, it turned that tail was feint, and Unknown dished out an overarm stroke with the claws of its left hand aiming at my heart.

But, thanks to the horn antenna my perceiving ability has been increased to its utmost limits, making that feint nothing much of a thing……and I beat down it with a hook attack from diagonally above.

The moment of attack my wings flickered, and the fist with doubled power, didn’t only changed the trajectory of Unknown’s attack, but it also smash the claws of its left arm while making a blunt sound.

Without making any time, I punched in an upper arm right in the jaw of Unknown.

Most of the fangs broke apart, and as the fist was let out from below to up in a diagonal that the Unknown flew back and caved in the rock cliff. No, it pierced through it.

At this time, I would seriously like to say the match was already decided.

However, I leave it here and it came after me later, it won’t be a joke, and so I will deal the finishing blow to it.

I lowered my hips and took the stance……the body slanting forward and the right leg in front.

There……I concentrate the enormous black energy there, the biggest amount I could.

It was just like a black hole coiling around my right leg, that whirlpool of black magical energy was……being formed there with a power that can faint anyone with just the pressure it was emitting.

This amount of magical energy would go awry in normal circumstances, but the tail of magical energy acts as a balancer and is controlling it, albeit barely.

And, the moment enough magical energy filled up……I jumped.


The kick with magical energy surpassing my limits and with an enhanced power due to wings of magical energy hit right into the Unknown caved inside the rock cliff, at that moment,

The condensed magical energy was liberalized, and a great explosion rang out as though some missile hit the target and exploded. Although the flames that rose up were……of black and purple colour, as they were made from darkness magical energy.


The 100 m big rock cliff wasn’t able to bear the explosion and broke apart……while it’s rock lumps were falling in the big valley right behind it.

Oh, shit! Was there anything like that here?

The same happened with Unknown, who took on my kick, sent a sensation of bones and internal organs being smashed, and it let out unbelievable quantity of blood……eventually it died.

I saw Unknown falling along with the debris and disappearing below those rock lumps……after it was completely hidden I let out a long breath.

No seriously, it was a dangerous opponent.

Moreover from the feeling, this one seemed much more powerful than the one from 4 years ago……

The body colour was also different, maybe it individual difference, or maybe not?

Well, at any rate, it’s good now that the fight’s ended.

I can’t say safely, I even took on a big injury and even used the forbidden technique.

And, I imagined the magical energy armour covering my body to disappear, and remove the『Dark Joker』……


……But before that, I need to complete one more job.

Around the time Unknown was knocked flying it broke various trees along the way, I took that as the mark of path I came to, and following that route I ran in the opposite direction I came from.



Returning to the plaza, the number of adventurers constructing the lines of defense……were less than before.

And the hands (roots) of the Plant Monster branched up in 3 on each others, 6 in total looking like an Asura. So not being able to as it wanted due to resistance, it finally snapped and forced an all-out attack. Damn that’s a dangerous guardian deity, hey……

I cross the plaza and go near the line of defence, and make an emergency stop for not clashing with their defensive line.

Many of Adventurers were startled upon seeing me come with wings, tails and horns attached, but one second later they understood that it’s me, and some even patted down their chests. I’m sorry for startling you all.

「Ah, Minato, welcome back……are you fine?」

「I’m fine. So what’s the situation? How many casualties?」

「Around half have retired. But no one has died. There probably also are no people who are fatally wounded」

「Isn’t this already good enough when our opponent is that thing that is insane in anger, right? Anyhow, I would like to finish this before any more people are injured……but the opponent is just too big…… Seriously, just having a big body is already a threat」

Elk said and Sherry-san continued.

Right now she didn’t had the bow, but sword in hand. Again clad in those big flames.

Seeing closely, I can see various burn and cut marks on the body of Plant Monster……and many stubs were cut down near its feet (roots).

But, even so the current Sherry-san doesn’t have enough firepower……and hasn’t defeated it.

Moreover, the areas burned and cut were already being regenerated with new roots……

「No matter how much I cut it, burn it, it always regenerates……and yet just being grass the fire never spreads out, really it’s making me cry. I need to train more」

「Sometimes with the help of Alva’s support Sherry was able to burn down its head, but it again heals itself……how will that thing die? No matter where it is cut, it always regenerates」

「……Well, duh. Fundamentally, it’s a plant」

「? What do you mean?」

「That thing is a plant in the『shape』of a lizard. That head also is not a head in truth, but just roots. It just chews and sucks in the nutrient from those fangs sort of things……that’s why there is no meaning in cutting down that『head』of its. It is not much different than cutting down the branches」

Is the explanation for it.

From what I can see it’s weak point must be……attached to the ground, maybe legs?

No, it can move the legs quite freely after all……!

「Elk, has that thing attacked with the tail?」

「Tail? No, I kind of don’t remember……」

「Now that you say, it sure doesn’t have……all attacks are from the roots extending from the hands」

Sherry-san said. I see.

In that case……let’s check it out.

Commanding Elk and others and with hand, I kicked the ground and neared the roots of Plant Monster.

Before it reacted and attacked me, I jumped……and kicked all over its body consecutively with dropkicks.

The trunk of trees, roots, ivy all popped off……if it were an animal with flesh then it couldn’t be able to move at all with these levels of injuries.

However one second later, the injuries started healing up.

Seeing that……I confirmed my guess.

「……So that’s it」

「? What is it?」

「Look, the injuries heal faster the more near they are to the feet」

I understood with this. That its weak point was the tail.

If it’s a plant, then it must be supported by placing roots deep in the ground, and would suck nutrients from there……such a normal mechanism should be there.

Even insectivorous plants don’t just live on the nutrients from the insects they ate, but they also suck nutrients from the roots fixed in the soil.

That’s why this guy might also……or so I had thought.

It is fixing that tail like part in the ground (and also has mobility if it is moving slowly), and is sucking the nutrients from that area.

And naturally, the injuries are healed up with that place as the centre. I understood that clearly watching it heal the injuries.

In other words, if it has the roots fine it can regenerate no matter how many times, so first I need to crush that and then defeat it. Now that I know what to do, it’s easy!

Again, I neared it while evading the tentacles extending from its hands, and kicked with all my strength to its side.

Without breaking apart, its body turned in the shape of character『<』, and this time I kicked repeatedly on its head, making it fall down horizontally.

And in the time it was falling down, I grabbed the tail of Plant Monster, and put whole power in the arms and legs……and then pulled it out of the ground.

You know, just how children pluck out potatoes from the ground during kindergarten excursions.


*Bikibiki, Buchibuchi* the tail starts being pulled out from the ground, and the whole body buried underground finally appears.

The thing I pulled out in good condition was quite long. Around 5 metres.

And the thickness is also quite something. It is branched in many small, but most are of around 1 metres diameter, and they are wriggling even more than the ones extended by the hands, just seeing that is gross.

Now that I’ve done that,

「Nice Minato-kun, leave that to me!」

Sherry-san came flying at me with the flaming sword above her head, so I just held up the tail so that it becomes to cut and then……the flaming sword was swung down at it, and it was cut apart under a single strike. The tail was removed from the『body』.

The howl of the『body』that has lost its most important thing reverberated, but now that also seems like a bluff. (TN: Just think if that tail was the monster’s D. pfft, that must’ve hurt)

I threw the cut off root on the ground, and it immediately started to go underground. Huh? Don’t tell me that it can still suck on nutrients and later the『body』might be regenerated.

In that case,

「Alva!! Burn ‘em all!!」


This time Elk’s rebuke also didn’t come, and Alva fired 6 destructive beams (6 at the same time!? How!?) and they burned the root that couldn’t even raise the voice of death agony. Good, now no worries of regeneration there.

The thing left now is……truly that thing rampaging now that it has become a『duckweed』.

Maybe now that it lost the root that it lost its balance because there are no signs of it standing perfectly. And neither is it extending tentacles……so even the attacking areas have gone limp.

However, there is a thing called『cutting and planting』, so there is a possibility that this will start growing roots by itself. Yeah better finish it off.

……Now that I have the opportunity, how about trying that.

I said Sherry-san and Elk to move away, and

「Alrighty……Alva! Formation F!!」


While seeing Elk heaving a sight with『……』face and Sherry-san showing a『?』face, I took a step back to increase the distance between me and the Plant Monster.

And, this time I dashed out at full speed and jumped……in the posture for dropkick.

My right leg extending out in the mid-air was clad in incandescent flames thanks to the magical energy of『Fire』.

Then from behind Alva blew large amounts of『Fire』magical energy that seemed like a red hot aura, at me.

And as though it was getting sucked, it started concentrating on my right leg that was already clad in『Fire』magical energy. The burning flames doubled the force and temperature of it just for a second.

「GOoooooooo!! Albatross Fire Kiiiiiiiiiick!!」

The dropkick landed on the target without any decrease in momentum,

Along with the explosion the hell fire spread out, a fire pillar was created……and it covered the body of Plant Monster in a second and burned it to cinders. It was as though napalm landed.

This is the『Combination Technique』that used direct attack and is something I thought on whim, and had time to secretly train it. Good that it went fine.

The power was also more than my expectations. The base is a『kick』, so the range is not that big, but……even though it carbonized everything within several metres of radius and burned it to nothing.

……Great, there is no sign of it regenerating from the burned areas.

With this, it’s the end, the genuine end. Finally.

「……Err, is it over now?」

「Yeah, the end」

While replying to Elk, this time I truly did remove the『Dark Joker』.

The horn, tail and wings made of『darkness』vanished, even the black aura covering my body disappeared, and I returned to my original state.

Seriously, what a long 1 day it was……


After defeating the human dinosaur and Plant Monster,

The demons were annihilated, even the people from『north』were gone-some to jail others to afterlife- and with this and that this riot finally genuinely ended.

Fast horse were sent from the city, and the report might have reached the guards post near here, so in couple of days they were arrested by the guards.

And, the adventurers who fought hard against the demons, immediately went to the clinic of the city for treatments, even me included.

At that time, they gave preferential treatment to the four of us who fought at the front lines, but Elk and Zari were mostly there for support, and so they weren’t that much hurt, so hospitalization for them.

Sherry-san was fighting with the Plant Monster, so although she wasn’t greatly hurt but small injuries are all over her body. Like scratches and bruises, so she’s hospitalized.

And, guess what, I was the one who was severely wounded among the four of us.

Starting from the left arm that was bitten, my whole body was filled with bruises and deep cuts. And as the backlash of『Dark Joker』my who body is under myalgia.

The adventurers who were fighting near me at that time had seen me get hit and bit by the seriously dangerous demon, Unknown, and they had given that testimony to the doctor, so he ignored my opinion, categorized me as『severely wounded』and stuffed me in a hospital room, but I think I should rest in this given opportunity.

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