Maken no Daydreamer

Chapter 6 – Farewell and A Sudden Trip

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Chapter 6 – Farewell and A Sudden Trip

Several years later.

I polished my own skills and enhanced my strength in this house.

I did obtain Mastership but that is only for the ‘skills’.

From mom’s advice, the best way to compensate for the experience would be to train and take part in actual combat.

It’s just that, my skills and strength got upped a lot, now the monsters from forest or surroundings are not a match, it feels unsatisfying………

No, it’s not good to criticise it. It’s not like I’ll always get a luxurious life.

Well that’s how it is, I got a lot stronger.

The me who was a weak child with a little knowledge of martial arts, has come till here now. It’s hard to imagine that it is me.

And, along with the training, I started taking lessons from mom to learn about the things in this world.

She said ‘It’s not like you can live here for your whole life, right?’.

In other words, I will have to leave.Yes

From after my classes started, I started to think like……Ah, this really is another world.

First of all, in this world there are a lot races besides humans, like elves and dwarves called as demi-humans. Their kinds are……let’s just keep it as there are many because it will be pain in the ass to explain.

Though there is no competition between races regarding social status or something between those lines, but there are differences in like and dislikes between them.

The other thing is that this world doesn’t has the science and technology as advanced as previous world. Well, in short this world gives out each and every feeling of a cliched fantasy another world.

And, here comes the entrance of the cliched regular another world routine ‘The adventurer guild’. They are spread out throughout the world, in every country.

Just like it says, it is a ‘guild’ affiliated with adventurers. It’s not like the government managements it is somewhere between the lines like ‘It has scope of activity outside the national borders’ and ’It has branches and headquarters’

Adventurers are, well, just those like those cliched people going for adventurers in places a normal person can not wander to.

And, the society or guilds of adventurers play somewhat important role. And for becoming adventurers in that society it is good to learn bit by bit. [ET: Can’t understand what author is trying to say here.]

Just like that, mom made me learn everything that seemed useful for the me who has a complete ‘mastership’.

It was not all kind and warm but was hard and cruel, but I want to thank her for that. Due to that, I didn’t drown in power and grew easily (I Think).

……I had not in the least idea that those good days will come to an end suddenly.


One Morning,

When I woke up, mom wasn’t there. [ET: Wut!!!?? Does she like to always leave the house in morning.!!!]

‘Did she went out in late night?’ or so I thought, but she didn’t come back even after the morning practice ended.

After that, while racking through her study room, I found a letter on the top of desk.

‘Don’t tell me?’ I thought that and in a panic opened the letter, but the contents were not about a new test but something else.

In simple words, it was a farewell letter.

『You have become a lot stronger and are now a good adult. That’s why don’t just wander in this house always and go out to a journey. I am also going out on a journey.』

……Something like that was written.

Welp, this person really does take the craziest actions till the bitter end. Seriously.

To just leave out of here by leaving a letter saying ’going on a journey’ really this person……

For not pampering me she left me without any previous notice. She didn’t leave me her disciple, son a place to return at all.

It is cruel, but the way has somewhat parental love mixed. [ET: JUST WHERE!!!]

This mother of mine, showing off some old movies master’s actions.

It is sad but I’m deeply moved by her parental love.

…………All the things above are what I couldn’t do or feel.

That is because the precious ‘farewell letter’ was written on A4 size paper and consisted about a 100 pages. The long and really long letter.

……Mom, did you have some lingering affection left.

After taking mom’s feelings—-both physically and mentally. I was greatly perplexed and breathe a deep painful sigh. It’s not like I could’ve thrown the letter so I went ahead and read it.


『To Minato,

I am writing this letter with great pain as if I’m cutting my body in pieces. I am always……』

Let’s cut up most of crap from here after.

So in the beginning it was something like this. The introduction was a full-fledged love letter. And not less than 50 pages, after that crap

Oy, now comes the main part.

Mom, do you have no talent in writing compositions?

『Well then, Minato. Mom’s feelings for you are not limited to just this much and are a lot more but it’s time to almost write the main part.』

Her tone change, right?

Well it’s fine……so?

『You now have more than enough power to live your life as a first class adventurer. While having that much power, it is not good to be always be a shut-in. It’s already time for you to know the world. So leave the house and travel around the world to know it better.』

In other words,

This time right now, while I’m reading this letter. I got the permission to roam out in the world.

『You had the power to live off outside in the world 1 year ago already, but it took me to prepare my heart to leave you a small 1 year.』

……It was also written.

No, It were your personal feelings!? You just due to your personal feelings stop your son’s travel time by 1 year and kept on pampering me! Is that alright, master!?

And the meaning that you prepared everything 1 year ago..does it mean that you cleared the mission of destroying the ‘coffin’ too by that time, master!!?

I bear with the fatigue that suddenly came knocking at me, and look over the letter once again.

『This one year was really long. I’ll leave tomorrow, I’ll leave tomorrow while thinking that I tried to leave, but Minato your angelic sleeping face always held me back.』

Sigh. Love letter comes back.

Omitting the rest 100 pages.

『Ah, sorry, sorry. I got into heat. Let’s get back the real talk……』

Just tell me already.

『Welp, that is how it is, so go on a journey. That way you will get to learn a lot more things. My familiar will do the cleaning and rest so don’t worry about it at all.』

I see. No anxiety left. Just live and travel freely.

My ass. And where the hell did she get her familiar from?

『Think yourself about the things an adventurer needs. And about the items in house, you can take them as much as you want. Furthermore, this is a farewell gift from me.』

And, right after reading that,

As if some sort of magic trick was placed on that word, on the desk an item like object appeared along with smoke.

Was it placed that it would appear if read that word. I don’t know what technique it was but yes, complete waste of advanced magic.

The item was a bag seeming like a backpack model.

Ah, I remember this thing. I remember correctly, inside this is an distorted space and has tremendous storage capacity. Alias ‘Storage Backpack’. Just like those cliched item boxes type. I’m grateful for this.

Inside it was a indigo blue colored book with words written with golden color on the cover page. Furthermore this ain’t some normal book. It has a strange type of magic feel to it. It might be a magic book

Title is……”Necromecon”?

Once again something great. Ain’t this the famous fantasy world magic book. Is this real?

And, it was accompanied by a memo.

『This is what came out after breaking the ‘Demon Progenitor Coffin’. I read it all, so I’m giving it to you.』

So easily!? Is this easily alright!?

I thought it was a dangerous and powerful magic book but are you really going to give it to me as if giving some left-overs from dinner.

And the last,

It seems like an equipment set for adventuring.

isn’t this also all cloth. It has different feels when put on though.

First the gauntlets and leg armor. They seem perfect for my fighting style.

Both are jet black as if it will drown me but are shining with gloss due to reflection of light. I don’t know it’s raw materials. I think it might be metal.

Next is, training clothes sort of clothes for easier movement. The torso is sleeve less and the bottom is long pants. Both are black in color and have some lines of violet color in it. It is cool and awesome and all but it just gives more mysterious feels too.

And here once again a black overcoat. On it something like ancient words is tattooed in.

And the last, a black belt………?

No, it’s more like kimono belt?

That’s right, the black belt an advanced karate student wears.

And I discover a list sort of thing written in the letter.

According to it,

“Gauntlets & Leg armor” (made from Joker metal)

“The Darkness Cloth” ← Clothes

“Overcoat of Grim Reaper”

“Mom’s Handmade Black Belt”

I see, so gauntlets and leg armor have no name.

But what the hell is ‘Joker Metal’? I ain’t heard about it ever?

And “Darkness” and ”Grim Reaper”,

Clothes and overcoat, both smell of cursed names, is it alright to wear them?

And your hand-made belt !?

No, well, it’s her hand-made and she is giving it to me at this moment it won’t be anything normal……probably.

So then, let’s look at their functions.

There are a lot of quirky and suspicious equipments. But well, she prepared them for me, I’ll use them.

By the way,

Now that I think about it, if I didn’t read this crap I would’ve left the house without these equipments, right? By all means there was reason for me to read this then.

If it’s like that keep the letter short. If it wasn’t for me, one would’ve ignored it.

While feeling lethargic, I once again run my eyes over the letter.

I read rest of contents (80% are love letter crap) with sincerity and tried to understand the situation.

Leaving the crap, there were warnings and the place I should depart to written. And it was written I would need special precautions due to my body constitution. [ET: So what? Finally Incubus work?]

I reread the letter sometimes and droved the important things in my mind. And started preparing for leaving! By the time I finished………

……It was already evening.

……I had no choice. I had to reread it to see if there was any other magic trick like before.

After reading a sum total of 659 pages (Is it a Kojien!!?) I saw the letter with bitter gaze and gave up on leaving the house today.

And, now that I think about it,

The night without mom besides me, is fresh or rather unsatisfying……

No, honestly………It feels sad and lonely.

Sigh. I can’t live in this house anymore. Boring.

It will feel much better than living in a house without mom. It will also act as a diversion.

……In the end, I’m have mother complex.


The next day.

I wake up at 4 in the morning and packed all the stuff in the backpack.

“Alright. nothing left!”

It will be alright. I already checked 3 times. I stuffed all the important things in this hyperspace bag (personally named it)

I wear the normal clothes along with the equipment mom left for me.

There doesn’t seem to be any curse put on it. Yes, I’m glad it’s normal.

And I stood in front of the magic circle inside mom’s study’s hidden door. It gives out the feeling of ‘stand on me and I’ll throw you to other side of world’

Is she able to do this to?

I would’ve be fine with a normal departure but in letter it was written ‘If you want adventure styled departure with thrill then try this!’

If you say like that, I would obviously get my adrenaline high. I’m a male after all.

It’s fine. It feels like a new journey’s good departure.

I tried to recall all the 16 years I’ve lived in this house.

A lot of things happened. But well, a lot will happen from now on too.

After all, my world which consisted just me and mom will open up in one spurt.

I don’t know what sort of meetings I will have in the outside world, but that itself is included in journey. Bring it On!

I tried to step on magic circle……

I looked towards mom’s letter once again before stepping on circle.

I tied it and put it inside my bag except the love letter parts.

……It’s ending part was,

『Minato, let’s meet again somewhere, sometime later. Grow up as a good person and become reliable. I am excited from now already to meet the future you. I love you!

—From your pampering mom: Lilyn


There might be a younger brother or sister of you made during the journey. At that time they are all yours ♪』

Leaving the last part every other parts permeates into the heart. No matter how much I read it.

And I don’t think the last line is something you say to a child.


I now have to show mom the reliable me the next time I meet her.All Right! Then Let’s go!

I slapped my cheeks to fill up my determination and jumped in the center of magic circle.

Immediately after,

I got wrapped in a flying sort of feeling and left the house…….flying through what seemed like another dimension road.

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