Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Elder Dwarf

The following morning.

Tenko clung to my arm as she slept. It seemed to me that ever since yesterday’s promise, she was clinging to me even more.

She wore pajamas like those of a child’s. The pajamas were something I made using [Creation]. It suited her well and made her look very cute.

“Oto-san. I love you.”

Tenko said such an adorable thing in her sleep.

I poke her cheek with my finger and it was squishy and springy. It also felt good. Next, I lightly pinched her fox ears. The sensation of her ears, both the inner part and the outer part with soft fur, was irresistible.

Such was my daily routine.

After I’ve had enough Tenko, I got up. When I did, so did Tenko. Still half asleep, she rubbed her eyes and floated a smile on her face……

“Good morning. Oto-san.”

She said it in such a casual manner that it was so irresistibly cute.

I came closer to her and proceeded to rub her fluffy tail.

“Good morning. Tenko.”

As I replied, I secretly wished for the new monster to be as fantastic as Tenko.

“So, what is Marcho doing here?”

Whenever a new monster was going to be created, it was possible that some kind of blunder would occur. Such blunders included creating a gigantic a monster or one which was dangerous. And so, we went out to an open area to be ready for such blunders but Marcho and Succubus were also there.

Additionally, an unusually splendid table along with some chairs was set up. They were fully enjoying an elegant tea time.

“I heard you were about to make a new monster.”

“While what you heard may be true, surely, that’s not all the reason you’ve come here.”

“But it is. Witnessing the birth of an S rank monster is one of the best form of entertainment there is. The great Demon Lord Marchosias-sama who is by now unimpressed with most things will surely not miss such an event.”

That is called being an onlooker.

As a Demon Lord, the correct response would be to not show any information about one’s own monsters in order to conceal one’s true might.

However, I didn’t mind showing this secret to Marcho who had given me assistance in the past.

“Do as you like then.”

“Yeah, we will. In a month, the [Evening Party] will be held so I support your making of another executive.”

I sensed my expression go stiff.

“What evening party?”

Now that I thought about it, I remembered that Marcho had something to say on the day we first went to the [Crimson Cavern].

“It’s the gathering of the Demon Lords. All the Demon Lords will assemble on that occasion. The stars this time would be you, the ten new Demon Lords who will be making a debut.”

It was as I thought.

A chance for all Demon Lords to gather under one roof. Such a “delicious” story. I absolutely cannot waste it. This was a great chance to obtain original medals. And the means of obtaining original medals were things that were always on my mind.

For example, wouldn’t the other Demon Lords want something from the things I made using [Creation] in exchange for their original medal?

Also, I don’t know about the Demon Lords whose medals were of A rank but for Demon Lords whose medals were just B rank, the strongest monster they could make were B rank monsters. So if it was those guys, wouldn’t they be open to an exchange for my imitation medal at B rank?

I had many ideas like these.

After all, all my original medals were about to be used up now that I’m planning to do a synthesis to get a dwarf. I want to get at least another original medal in order to have my three [Monsters of the Covenant].

“I wish you’d inform me of things like these a bit earlier.”

“Yeah, sorry, I forgot. Hey, I did once try to tell you though. It was when you first went to the [Crimson Cavern].”

It was harsh of me to say that. I should also listen properly next time.

“I got it. Let’s move on.”

“You sure are understanding.”

“It’s because you’re my friend.”

Macho listened to my words and then floated a smile on her face.

It was as though she has seen through my heart.

“Let’s end the chit chat. I’ll start making the new monster now.”

I strongly declared so and proceeded to focus.

Both Marcho and Tenko looked my way and while both were excited, Tenko’s eyes showed a bit of worry. This worry of me being stolen away by the new monster probably wouldn’t disappear any time soon.

As I smiled wryly at such, I began the process.

The first step in making a monster was:


Upon uttering that incantation, the [Creation] medal was made and enclosed within my hand. It was the symbol of my power.


I got the [Person] imitation medal by using some of my DP. The rank of the original medal of [Person] was an A rank but upon being manifested as an imitation medal, it dropped down to B rank.

And then, I took out the [Earth] medal I received from Marcho.

All in all, the medals in my hand were [Person], [Earth], and [Creation].

I held on to them tightly.

And now, to begin.


Light rose up from my tightly clenched fist.

As I opened my hand, the light leaked out and within that light, a silhouette was formed.

The [Earth] original medal and the [Person] imitation medal merged and settled down.

And then, the power of [Creation] took effect and I chose [Alchemy].

To know the truth of this world and goes towards it.

To walk alongside with Earth and Flame. (Note:I personally think Flame should be Person instead)

To have profound knowledge and intelligence that [Earth] and [Person] alone couldn’t give.

I guided it towards that path.

Unlike the time I made Tenko in which I only used A rank medals, it was possible for this child I was going to make to not only be an S rank monster but also an A rank monster.

But of course, I chose for it to be an S rank.

Furthermore, I chose it to not have a static level. Instead I willed it to have the ability to grow. Its maximum level would increase and, when compared to the same monster on the same level which had a static level, the one that had the ability to grow would prove to be stronger.

Alright, it’s complete.

All that’s left was to wait for the monster to be born.

The silhouette within the light grew denser.

And then, the beating of the monster’s heart could be heard.

Alright, it’s finished.

The light stopped shining and the new monster was then born.

“Master. Nice to meet you.”

The monster talked in a robotic voice.

Her appearance was that of a beautiful girl’s.

She had silver hair, a height that didn’t even reach 140cm which suited her rather flat figure. However, I sensed from her icy blue eyes unmistakable intelligence.

“Nice to meet you. I’m the Demon Lord that created you. I am the [Creation] Demon Lord Procell. Sorry but would you please immediately tell me your race.”

“Yes. Master. I am an Elder Dwarf. The pinnacle of the dwarves. One which possesses stellar wisdom, has mastery over all things, and creator of supreme arms.”

The Elder Dwarf indifferently connected her words together.

Her voice and way of talking didn’t discourage her cool appearance.

I then looked at her status.

Race: Elder Dwarf

S rank

Name: Unnamed

Level: 1

Physical Strength: A+

Endurance: S

Agility: C

Magic power: A

Luck: B

Special: S


Stellar wisdom

Bearer of all things

Silver Alchemist

Unparalleled herculean strength

Eye of truth

When compared to Tenko’s, her status were indeed inferior but they were still very much high-end.

Most especially were her skills.

She had all the necessary things to be a blacksmith.

One might say her Stellar Wisdom and Bearer of All Things were particularly outside of the norm. But above all, she had the highest compatibility to my [Creation].

It was exactly like the monster I wished for. No, she was better.

“I’ll be expecting much from you, Elder Dwarf.”

“Please do, Master. As long as master entrusts to me the materials, I will keep on producing arms of the highest quality.”

We firmly shook hands.

From now on and as long as I have her, the weapons I had made using [Creation] would only get stronger at a rapid rate.

“Another cute little girl. I guess, rather than being the [Creation] Demon Lord, Procell’s more of like the [Loli] Demon Lord, right?”

I thought I heard some rather terribly rude words coming from my back but that must have been just my imagination.

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