Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 1 Chapter 24

Due to the efforts done by Tenko, Elder Dwarf, and the Skeletons led by Wight, we have finally reached the last room.

Griffon was helpful as well. Particularly on a cliff we otherwise wouldn’t be able to jump over. After I temporarily stored my monster and rode on its back, we leapt over. I then took my monsters out and proceeded on our way.

Tenko and Elder Dwarf disliked being put in the [Storage] but thankfully, Gryphon was easily able to carry me and at least two young girls.

In a sense, by giving me an imitation of her [Wind] medal, Stolas had dug her own grave.

“Nevertheless, they’re quite impressive now.”

“My lord, this is my ability to create undead.”

Wight used the corpses of the fallen as materials to make undead monsters.

Such monsters could only be born at a static level and at a rank lower than when they were still living but, in exchange, our troops had increased further at no cost. What a highly efficient skill.

The gigantic bird monster that turned all bones, the decaying Griffon and many others trailed behind us. According to what Wight had said, it would seem he could only use this ability ten times in a day.

“Good, they’ll be our shield.”

As expected, they weren’t able to use firearms but C and D rank monsters were considerable by themselves.

“Oto-san, I’ve leveled up a lot!”

“I as well, Master.”

Tenko and Elder Dwarf, who until now has defeated a number of monsters, leveled up.

Tenko was now level 43 while Elder Dwarf was level 40.

They were already S rank monsters to begin with but upon reaching this level, they should be able to go toe to toe with ordinary A rank monsters born with a static level.

And outright win considering their weapons and special abilities.

We’ve overhunted the monsters at the [Crimson Cavern] causing our hunting efficiency to drop so this was helpful.

By the way, the Dwarf Smiths who had the skill to strengthen the Golems were left behind on my dungeon. Since they could level up and Elder Dwarf had transferred the control of the Golems over to them, any experience from the monsters defeated by the Golems would all be shared with them. Upon our reunion, their levels might have already risen to frightening heights.

The last room was a lava area.

Monsters that were coming our way were mainly the same C and D rank ones.

However, there were also many B rank monsters mixed in.

Maybe it was precisely because it was the last floor that that the defenses have been hardened further.


“Too slow!”

By jumping upwards, Tenko avoided the gigantic falcon monster that dove from the sky. She then somersaulted in the air and landed on the enemy. And just like that, she pointed her shotgun downwards and fired.

The falcon monster died instantly.

Right at the moment she set foot on the ground, another monster jumped at her from her blind spot. It was an ape that had green fur. It was extremely fast.

Tenko couldn’t move just yet and an attack unleashed from that gigantic arm wasn’t something to sneeze at…


Three gunshots were heard.

It was from an M&K MK417 in burst mode which would only fire three bullets at a time. It was a weapon of a larger caliber than the Skeletons’ guns. All three shots hit the side of the head of the ape.

“Tenko, don’t let your guard down.”

“I’m not. I was perfectly aware of it but I trusted El-chan to take care of it so I focused on killing the other enemy instead.”

“Alright, I understand.”

Tenko and Elder Dwarf high fived.

She wasn’t in any danger at all.

Not only was this war their chance to raise their levels, this was also the chance for them to obtain their much needed battle experience. Both of which would help make them grow stronger.

Halfway through, Wight was able to read my intentions and tried to not interfere with their battle so that they could stockpile on as much experience of fighting together as was possible. I was really thankful to him.

“Elder Dwarf, is this the way?”


The earth attribute expert Elder Dwarf was able to send out waves to the ground and receive the waves reflected back, all in order to instantly create a map.

Such was the reason why we were able traversing through this dungeon using the shortest path. We also generally knew where the enemies were likely to hide in.

However, in the end, the only things she knew about were those that were connected to the ground so we were unprepared for any enemy up in the air.

“Tenko, do you have enough bullets?”

“I dooo! I still have three magazines left!”

The bullets Tenko was using were 4 gauge bullets. Those bullets also used specially made Mithril powder.

I couldn’t risk to produce any additional bullets via [Creation] while we were in battle so I was mindful of their remaining stocks.

Of course, it was also hard for Elder Dwarf to hastily make them mid-battle so our ammunitions really were limited.

“Master, I have plenty of bullets left as well.”

“Okay. Then, let’s go!”

I was of the thought that completing this dungeon couldn’t be as easy as the way it had been so far.

There’s definitely something.

Much like I had [Creation], the enemy Demon Lord should definitely have her own special ability.

We were nearing the end of the third room.

We have arrived at an open space. Just a little bit more and we would have then reached the crystal’s room.

In the open space, however, was a determined green-haired girl. By her side was an angel-type monster.

It was the [Wind] Demon Lord’s closest aide. An A rank monster. Her trump card.

“Good. You’ve made it this far.”

“Of course, my monsters are strong after all.”

Stolas gave a bitter smile as I replied such.

“Yeah. Your monsters are outrageously excellent. And you as well for controlling them.”

I was a little surprised. I didn’t expect this fellow to say such things.

Upon looking at her closely, her facial expression was stiff and her legs shivered a few times. It was as if she was afraid.

“You’ve gotten surprisingly docile, haven’t you?”

“Isn’t it to be expected? I had just very barely been able to break through the first room of your dungeon but you, on the other hand, just casually strolled into mine. I’ve got no choice but to accept it. Accept that you are strong. Stronger than me.”

Stolas showed a somewhat tired smile.

“Then, does that mean you’re giving up? Upon closer inspection, I see that there’s only one [Monster of the Covenant] at your side, did the others perhaps challenged my dungeon but fell to it instead? You can’t stop my monsters with ordinary monsters.”

Stolas should have understood that by now.

“Yeah, I know, I’ve watched your battles thus far. Ordinary monsters won’t even stand a chance.”

Stolas laughed lightly.

The light in her eyes haven’t died yet. She wasn’t just trying to act brave neither, she had something under her sleeves.

“To express my respect to you, I will even use my [Trump Card]… No, let me put it in another way. I have already stepped down from my high horse and acknowledged that I couldn’t defeat you in a direct confrontation so I will instead use your arrogance and naivety in marching into enemy territory, and turn it against you to snatch away victory!”

My skin tingled.

Something appeared from a different dimension.

What she used was the Demon Lord’s ability [Storage] which would house one’s monsters in a different dimension.

“Say, did you know? Some medals exhibit special abilities upon [Synthesis].”

“Of course.”

My [Creation] was the most apt example.

“As my parent, the strongest Demon Lord, [Dragon] Demon Lord Astaroth-sama gave me a [Dragon] medal. It allows the creation of monsters that go [Berserk]. The monster’s intelligence and reasoning is lost and will hardly be able to hear its Demon Lord’s commands…… but in exchange, all of its capabilities undergo an explosive rank up. For example, if a first-rate A rank monster went [Berserk], just how much strength do you think it’ll have?”

And then, it appeared.

The gigantic dragon covered in tightly packed jade green scales. Its length was nearly ten meters long.

It was a western dragon that stood on two legs and had gigantic wings at its back.

Sharp claws and fangs, and a body clad in storm.

It was devoid of reason as shown by its bloodshot murderous eyes.

And then, it roared.

The fur on Tenko’s tail stood on end while Elder Dwarf’s entire body stiffened.

It was a monster that these two instinctively feared. Without a doubt, it was a dreadfully formidable enemy.

“The [Wind] Tyrant, Emerald Dragon. A monstrosity beyond A rank. This child here is my ultimate trump card. Now come, let’s have a match, [Creation] Demon Lord Procell!”

And so, the biggest battle began at the end of this [War].

Note: As always, be mindful that the names of the guns are altered. Also it’s the MK416 for the Skeletons and MK417 for Elder Dwarf.

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