Maou-sama no Machizukuri! ~Saikyou no Danjon wa Kindai Toshi~

Volume 1 Prologue

Prologue : The 300th Demon King

I woke up.

A candle illuminates the dimly lit stone room.

When I look down, there is a magic formation shining with a bluish-white light.

「Where am I? Where is this place?」

I straighten up, and look around and survey my surroundings restlessly.

I haven’t seen a room like this before.

For what reason am I in a place like this……

No, in the first place.

「Who the heck am I?」

I mutter to myself as I can’t remember anything.

I don’t even know my name.

I’m at my wit’s end so I desperately try to dig up my memories. However, I can’t remember anything at all.

I’m uneasy. I’m anxious; I can’t stand it.

At such a time, I hear a high-pitched rhythmic sound far away.

When I focus my attention towards the sound, there was a woman there.

She was an exceptional beauty. Brown skin, white hair. And, wolf’s ears and tail.

There’s not only beauty but also dreadfulness. I see a soul that’s extremely frozen, an overwhelming presence.

「Finally, you were born. I got tired of waiting.」

They were short words. However, there was joy in those words. There was resignation. There was envy.

Every possible emotion was squeezed out in those words.

I open my mouth while being fascinated with her.

「Tell me, who are you? Where is this place? Who the hell am I? 」

Upon hearing my question, the beautiful wolf woman weakly smiles.

And then, she begins to talk.

「I am the【Beast】Demon King, Marchosias. Because you are special, you may call me March.」

「March……、March, do you know who I am?」

「Of course, I know. You are a newly born demon king. You’re a demon king just like me.」

March’s shadow expands and from there, a blue wolf appeared.

It jumps out from her shadow and leaps this way.

「Rank D Demon, Garm. It’s a cruel demon who kills ordinary humans in the blink of an eye with its bite. Now, what will you do?」

I open my eyes wide.

The blue wolf opens its mouth widely. Naturally, I decided to run away.

I want to escape, however, my foot trembles and doesn’t move.

The blue wolf is steadily shortening the distance.


I roll to avoid the charge of the blue wolf just about.

The body of the blue wolf passed before my eyes.

Just before it passed, I hear a shrill sound. It’s the sound of teeth striking against teeth. If I didn’t avoid it, those sharp teeth would pierce my flesh.

The blue wolf turns around, prepares, and leaps this way again.

I fall on my back and can’t get up.

If this continues as is, I’ll surely die.

The wolf rushed towards me while drooling.

I’m going to die.

No, I don’t want to die.

I can’t die.

Isn’t there something, anything I can do?

A word comes to mind. I cling to that word and shot it.


It was said nearly unconsciously.

I use my power.

Particles of light gathered in my hand, and the handgun “Quartz 19” appeared……

The best-seller automatic pistol developed by Austrian arms manufacturer. It is highly reliable although it is small, and its ammunition capacity is also numerous.

The feeling of what I’m holding in my hand. Although I can’t remember anything, I feel nostalgic.

The moment when I held the gun, I calmed down. The world became slow.

My heart is fired up, but my mind is calm.

It is a usual thing. I only need to eliminate the threat in front of my eyes.

The blue wolf leaps at me, I stare at it and take aim.

And then, I rapid-fire three times. The bullet pierced in the middle of its forehead; the blue wolf flipped, dropped against the ground and shrieked.

「Kiyaun, Kyan, Kyan」

I was surprised. The blue wolf that received a bullet in the middle of its forehead is still alive. It scowls at me while it was bleeding.

I stand up and carefully approach it. I shoot continuously while looking down at the blue wolf. I shoot everything in the head.

Quartz 19 has a capacity of 15 rounds. When I finished shooting, the blue wolf doesn’t move an inch, it turned into blue particles and disappeared.


When the threat before my eyes passed away, the fear returned suddenly.

My teeth clatters.

What the heck am I? How can I do such things?

The answer crossed my mind.

『Unique Skill:【Creation】was used. Able to materialise anything that exists in your memory. However, with your current magic power, summoning living beings is not possible. The MP consumption is equal to 1/10th of a gramme.』

Unique skill, what the heck?

「First of all, congratulations in passing. You were able to draw out your power. I welcome the birth of the new demon king.」

「Demon King?」

「That’s right, Demon King. You will create new devils and demons and control them, one who will build and reign over a dungeon of malice, an existence that was chosen to have an overwhelming, unique skill, the 300th born into this world, the newest demon king.」

Demon King, that’s what I currently am.

It doesn’t feel real at all.

「You don’t have to show an uneasy face. Until you become independent in one year, I’ll become your “parent”. I will teach you what you need to know to become a demon king.」

The woman in front of me smiles, the new life of me who has lost my memories has started.

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