Martial Arts Master

Chapter 750 - Going Home

Chapter 750: Going Home

The days passed quickly as they occupied themselves with their own responsibilities. May came and went, and June was near its end.

Having packed her clothing, Yan Zheke picked up her backpack and walked towards the door of her room. Before she left, she took another glance at the marked calendar behind her.

Soon… Anyways, I’m already done with the most troublesome stuff, and all that’s left is the visa… Looking away, she skipped down the stairs.

She took Du Yan’s car to the campus of Connecticut University, where the roads had a flavor of their own, surrounded by a dense mass of trees.

As she walked on the road, the scenery came into sight. All of the sudden, Yan Zheke realized she hadn’t noticed these things for a long time, because in the busy days she invested every second of her time into something meaningful.

And now, it had all come to an end. She could relax once again… Her lips curved into a beautiful smile, her right foot lightly tapping before her left, then her left before her right. Soon, she was walking in a straight line, her body swaying from side to side, as if she was walking on an invisible balance beam.

She walked like until she reached a quiet block at the end of the road. She knocked on the door.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Fährmann. I heard you wanted to see me.”

Her mentor, Fährmann, was around eighty years old, with face covered in wrinkles and speckles, a mind still sharp, and eyes free from the murkiness that often plagued people of his age.

He wheeled around in his chair and looked at Yan Zheke, his hands crossed before his chest.

“Sophia, are you really not going for further studies?” he said with a smile.

“In the past two years, you have displayed exceptional talent and proven your abilities. Your sharp eye, logical mind, and unique views have left a deep impression on me. Why not go further?”

“Yes, qualifications might not be important, but you have only just opened the door to this vast vault of knowledge, where endless treasures await you. If you stay, you will get to explore this vault further, and it would open a lot more doors for you in the future. In this world, I believe there is nothing else that might suit you better.”

For a world-class mentor, a master of economic with numerous awards, to have such praises for her made Yan Zheke feel accomplished and joyful.

Biting her lips gently, she looked up, remained silent, and said,

“Thank you for your kind words, Mr.Fährmann. I am grateful for your approval.”

“Reaching the top of this field has always been my dream, and that hasn’t changed. However, I’m not doing it for anything more than a personal interest. I do plan on studying it further, but not here, and not necessarily in the next couple of years.”

“Now that I’ve opened the door, I wish to explore this vault of knowledge with the rest of my life, studying and savoring it like a fine dish. Perhaps I’ll come back again in the future for short-term studies, but not now.”

“I hope you wouldn’t mind if I send you regular emails to ask some questions or engage in discussions. The modern world is but a global village, the location of one matters little.”

Mr.Fährmann nodded slowly.

“So shall it be.”

He waited for a few seconds before speaking again.

“May I ask why?”

A faint, dimpled smile appeared on Yan Zheke’s face.

“I have something more important waiting for me.”

Without another word, Mr.Fährmann gestured an approval for the girl to leave.

Yan Zheke turned around and left the block at a slow pace. The sun was at its sweet spot, making it warm but not sweltering, matting the ground in a cast of gold.

She felt calm and peaceful, yet something bubbled inside her. Suddenly recalling the lyrics of a song, she began humming.

“When tomorrow comes, I’ll become your bride…”

It was a sunny afternoon. Lou Cheng, in disguise, arrived at the arrival area of the Heishui International Airport of Huacheng.

Today was the day his girl returned!

The tormenting long-distance relationship was about to be over!

Lou Cheng could hardly contain his joy and excitement at the thought. Had he not been preparing for the final match of the Battle of Warrior Sage, he would have used his winter leave early and flown straight to America to escort her back.

The mutual cultivation program between Songcheng and Connecticut University was basically an express course to a Masters degree, granting qualifications from both sides. At first, Ke Ke had wanted to shorten the duration to three years, but that hadn’t worked out given how tightly-packed the courses already were.

To young adults in their twenties, four years was truly a long time.

And all of this is coming to an end… Lou Cheng could hardly calm down as the thoughts came one after the other. Occasionally, he dipped his head to consult the time, double-check the details of the flight, or glance at the bouquet of flowers in his arms.

What has gotten into me? Why would I buy such a huge banquet of flowers? Now I look like an idiot, thought Lou Cheng. Memories soon overwrote these thoughts.

He remembered the send-off clearly…her heartfelt confession… It all seemed like yesterday.

The plane soared above the clouds, and flashes of lightning flared intermittently below it in the cadence of thunder.

It was a bumpy flight. Yan Zheke had put on an eyemask, but she found it hard to sleep.

Suddenly, there was a violent shake. It felt as if the plane was pushed horizontally by an invisible hand. People screamed. Coffee and food flew everywhere.

Removing her eyemask, Yan Zheke grabbed for the armrest. She was taken over by a fit of nervousness.

This wasn’t a normal reaction for her, as she had never feared death.

At birth, she was born with a congenital deficiency. Before the age of ten, she had often fallen sick, making her a regular guest at the hospital. Death always felt close at hand, and these experiences made Yan Zheke insensitive to it. She felt that it was merely something inevitable, something that didn’t provoke fear. Therefore, she had never been afraid of height, extreme sports like bungee jumping, or plane accidents.

But now, she could hardly contain her anxiety and fear, which only grew with the persisting turbulence. She couldn’t help it, for she had ended her university life at long last, for she was about to bring a happy ending to the long-distance relationship, for she was about to open a new chapter in her life, for there was a goofy guy waiting for her at the airport…

She feared not death, but leaving regrets.

She tightened her grip on the armrest until her veins visibly bulged. She could not hear the comforting words delivered through the intercom. Her mind was full, half-filled with worries and fear, half-filled with rational but panicked thoughts.

If the plane crashes, I have a decent chance at surviving with my strength and supernatural abilities.

If that happens, I’m sure Cheng will search for me at any cost.

But that would mean he wouldn’t be able to make it for the Battle of Warrior Sage.

Get yourself together, damn it.

If anything happens, how do I save myself?

As these thoughts flitted past, the plane stabilized. The cabin was a total mess.

Whew… Yan Zheke heaved a sigh of relief, her taut muscles and fascia relaxing. She felt weary.

Leaning back, she thought,

If Cheng knew that I got so scared because of this, he’d…he’d definitely laugh at me!

After a long time, the plane finally landed. Feeling weary and still a little tense, Yan Zheke picked up her luggage and went to the arrival area.

Before she could scout around, she saw the familiar face walking towards her clumsily with a banquet of flowers in his arms, affecting a casual confidence.

“Come, let’s go home.”

The lingering tenseness faded away at once. Yan Zheke’s eyes welled up. She reached out for the flowers, then looked up at him.

“Hmph, I’m the one who’s going to bring you home!” she said in a shaky voice.

It’s good to be home.

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