Martial God Asura

Chapter 3620 - The Noble Kong Ci

Chapter 3620 - The Noble Kong Ci

Kong Feiyang’s action not only shocked Kong Tianhui, but it also shocked the bystanders.

The crowd were all feeling confused. That said, the person that was most confused was Kong Tianhui.

He was confused by how Kong Feiyang was so confident that he would definitely win.

Seemingly realizing that the crowd was confused, Kong Feiyang said, “Everyone, truth be told, I sent people to monitor this Kong Tianhui. Thus, I know that Kong Tianhui truly proceeded for the Chu Heavenly Clan to challenge that Chu Feng.”

“Unfortunately, his timing was off. The various powers had all dispatched representatives to congratulate the Chu Heavenly Clan after Chu Feng obtained the first ranked spot on the selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars.”

“Thus, the people from the various powers all witnessed Kong Tianhui’s challenge against Chu Feng.”

“Kong Tianhui made a vile plot to keep Chu Feng from being able to use his world spirit techniques. Unfortunately for him, Chu Feng’s cultivation had reached rank one Exalted. Furthermore, Chu Feng was able to unleash the power of the Lightning Armor,” said Kong Feiyang.

“Lightning Armor?” Hearing those words, the crowd’s expressions all changed.

“That Chu Feng is truly worthy of being Chu Xuanyuan’s son. As expected of someone who is capable of drawing with Linghu Hongfei. His talent is truly excellent. Kong Tianhui is simply no match for him.”

“Seeing that the situation was bad, Kong Tianhui admitted defeat on the spot, and completely disgraced our Divine Body Royal City,” Kong Feiyang said with a loud voice.


“Not only did he use despicable means, but he even admitted defeat on the spot?”

The crowd immediately started discussing spiritedly while pointing and gesturing at Kong Tianhui upon hearing Kong Feiyang’s words.

“Everyone, what happened back then was witnessed by a lot of people. There's no need to make any inquiries about it’s validity, as word of this matter will soon spread. At that time, everyone will learn the answer,” Kong Feiyang continued.

“Kong Tianhui, you have truly disgraced our Divine Body Royal City.”

“He disgraced more than Divine Body Royal City, he has disgraced the Three Cities.”

It was no longer only the people from Divine Body Royal City lashing out at Kong Tianhui. Even the people from Monstrous Holy City and Ancestral Martial Dragon City also began to criticize Kong Tianhui.

Faced with a storm of criticism, Kong Tianhui’s expression became very ugly. He had not expected Kong Feiyang to dispatch someone to secretly monitor him.

Most importantly, the people of the younger generation from Divine Body Royal City were no longer only pointing the finger of blame at Kong Tianhui, but they were openly insulting him and cursing him out.

Apart from Kong Feiyang, the great majority of those people possessed cultivations weaker than Kong Tianhui’s.

However, at that moment, they dared to verbally attack him like that.

Chu Feng was able to tell that those people likely possessed rather bad relationship with Kong Tianhui.

They were hostile to begin with. Otherwise, they would not have treated him in such a manner.

Chu Feng was able to tell that Kong Tianhui should be feeling very uncomfortable.

After all, ignoring the truth of the matter, upon merely hearing the one-sided statement from Kong Feiyang, his brothers and sisters, his family members, all stood beside him to sneer at Kong Tianhui. If it were anyone else standing in Kong Tianhui’s shoes, they would also feel very uncomfortable.


Suddenly, Kong Tianhui burst into loud laughter. It was a laughter of immense joy.

In the end, Kong Tianhui was Kong Tianhui, someone with extremely thick skin. The thickness of his skin could be said to be very rarely seen in the entire world.

Thus, even though he was feeling very uncomfortable, he would definitely not crumble from only so much.

“What are you laughing about? You should be kneeling and licking my foot to honor your promise!” Kong Feiyang pointed to Kong Tianhui and shouted angrily.

“That’s right. You’re trash that has completely disgraced our Divine Body Royal City. Kneel!”

“Kneel! Kneel right now!”

Many people of the younger generation immediately started echoing Kong Feiyang’s words.

“What am I laughing about? I am laughing at how ignorant you all are.”

“Kong Feiyang, what you said was very correct. I was indeed defeated by Chu Feng that day. However, let me tell you this, I had a private showdown against him afterwards.”

“In our private showdown, I, Kong Tianhui, won,” said Kong Tianhui.


Once Kong Tianhui’s words left his mouth, he was immediately met with the entire crowd bursting into laughter.

Not only did they not believe Kong Tianhui, but they were even looking at him like a fool.

“Kong Tianhui, you’re born from the same mother as little sister Kong Ci. How come she’s so excellent, whereas you’re such trash?”

“Trash like you is not only a disgrace to our Divine Body Royal City, but you’re even a disgrace to the entire Three Cities.”

The crowd began to unleash a new series of cutting remarks and insults at Kong Tianhui. Even though the great majority of the people attacking him were from Divine Body Royal City, there were people from Monstrous Holy City and Ancestral Martial Dragon City attacking Kong Tianhui too.

“Go on, go ahead and continue with your insults. Soon, you all will be the ones crying.”

“I, Kong Tianhui, have someone that can testify for me,” said Kong Tianhui.

“Testify? Didn’t you say that it was a private showdown? How could someone testify for you?”

“Look, you’re unable to even follow up with your own lies,” The crowd ridiculed Kong Tianhui.

“Chu Feng. I can call Chu Feng over to testify for me,” said Kong Tianhui.

“What? Chu Feng?”


“If you’re capable of calling over Chu Feng to testify for you, capable of having him admit that he has been defeated by you, I will go and eat shit.”

“I’ll go and eat shit too.”

“I dare to eat shit too. Hahaha…”

The crowd began to laugh even more gleefully. They even declared that they would do something as disgusting as eating shit.

That said, the fact that they dared to say those things revealed how much they distrusted Kong Tianhui.

“Very well, it’s you who said that. You who declared that you’ll eat shit. I, Kong Tianhui, have remembered you,” after saying those words, Kong Tianhui raised his hand and snapped his fingers, “Brother Chu Feng, it’s your time to shine.”

After Kong Tianhui said those words, Chu Feng removed the concealment formation around him and revealed himself to the crowd.

“I am Chu Feng. It’s my pleasure to meet everyone,” Chu Feng said as he stepped forward.


The instant they saw Chu Feng, the expressions of the crowd all changed enormously. Their expressions turned very ugly. Evidently, they had not expected Kong Tianhui to actually be able to invite Chu Feng over.

It was precisely because they did not anticipate Chu Feng being present that they immediately determined him to be a phoney.

“Kong Tianhui, you are truly shameless. You actually found someone to pose as Chu Feng.”

“For the sake of a bet, you went as far as to disregard the baseline of integrity.”

The crowd immediately started to insult Kong Tianhui again.

“I’m a poser?”

Chu Feng smiled. Then, with a thought, his spirit power spread forth, and his Nine Dragons Saint Cloak also faintly appeared on him.


The crowd were all flabbergasted upon seeing that.

Whilst other things could be disguised, who could possibly disguise Saint-level spirit power?

It was real. The person who had appeared before them was really Chu Feng, Chu Xuanyuan’s son.

“Chu Feng, why did you come here?” Kong Feiyang asked. His tone was very unfriendly.

“I sparred with brother Kong using my martial power later on, and was defeated by him. According to our promise, I decided to accompany him here to testify for him,” said Chu Feng.

“He was really defeated?!”

“Chu Xuanyuan’s son was actually really defeated by Kong Tianhui?!”

The crowd’s expressions turned even uglier. They felt utter disbelief.

They truly never expected Chu Feng to be defeated by Kong Tianhui.

However, Chu Feng spoke of his defeat in such a calm manner. This made it so that they had no choice but to believe him.

After all, to martial cultivators, especially geniuses of Chu Feng’s caliber, reputation was very important. If they weren’t truly defeated, they would not be willing to admit it.

“Who was it that spoke earlier about eating shit? Should I order people to bring out some shit for you all?”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice was heard.

Turning toward the voice, Chu Feng discovered a woman wearing the outfit of the Divine Body Royal City walking toward the crowd.

That woman had a beautiful face and tall stature. Her appearance and figure were simply the top of the top quality.

Most importantly, her entire body and her every movement emitted a sort of special air.

Noble. She was emitting a sort of noble and aloof air.

Furthermore, her aura was also very strong. It was rank two Exalted.

She was definitely a beauty who possessed both strength and appearance.

Seeing the frightened looks of the crowd, Chu Feng suspected that that woman was most likely Kong Tianhui’s younger sister, Kong Ci.

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