Martial God Asura

Chapter 3988 - Little Trick

Chapter 3988 - Little Trick


At that moment, Chu Feng also let out miserable screams.

He began to violently struggle. However, all of his struggles were useless. The lightning seemed like it was going to swallow him. The more he struggled, the worse his situation got. His screams also became more and more tragic.

Even though they could see Chu Feng being engulfed by the lightning and tortured miserably, and the crowd were all immensely satisfied, they also had doubts.

“Why? Why would he be reacting this way?”

Although Lu Yingzhou was injured by the lightning earlier, he reacted like he had smashed into a wall.

After smashing into the sea of lightning, he immediately fell.

However, compared to Lu Yingzhou, Chu Feng’s situation was much more tragic.

He was actually swallowed by the lightning. After being swallowed, he was ravaged by the lightning.

The intensity grew stronger and stronger the further and deeper Chu Feng went.

Judging from this, Chu Feng could very likely die in the sea of lightning. After all, the sea of purple lightning was terrifying.

Even the leaders of the six great powers, even existences of their caliber, felt fear upon witnessing the might of the terrifying sea of lightning. They felt that even they might not necessarily be able to pass through it unharmed.

It was precisely due to the fact that there was such a difference between the responses from the sea of lightning that the crowd was confused.

The two of them had clearly both entered the sea of lightning. Thus, why would the response they received be so different?


Just when the crowd were confused, Lu Yingzhou suddenly turned to the sky and laughed heartily.

He completely removed the concealing power covering his body and revealed his actual appearance to the crowd.

His body had been charred completely black. His clothes were all tattered. He looked extremely miserable.

However, he was acting like he had forgotten about all the physical pain and suffering. He was laughing frantically, even somewhat sinisterly.

His laughter caught everyone’s attention.

“Retribution! This is retribution!”


“Why do you think this old man bowed and bent his knees earlier?”

“This is precisely the result that this old man wanted.”

“Did you really think that sneaking your way into the spirit formation world through despicable means and then obtaining the set of armor would allow you to pass through that sea of lightning to obtain the treasure?”

“Did you really think that this old man failed to pass through the sea of lightning earlier because I was unable to master the set of armor?”

“You must know you’re mistaken now.”

“Even if it’s you wearing that set of armor, you still won’t be able to pass through that sea of lightning.”

“The reason for that is because only actual people of the younger generation will be able to pass through that sea of lightning.”

“Both you… and I, are unable to pass through that sea of lightning.”

“However, you’re different from me still. You’re experiencing an even more severe punishment.”

“This is retribution! This is your punishment from this world! This is the punishment of the stone case! Hahahaha…”

Lu Yingzhou’s voice was extremely resounding.

He had lost himself in joy as he laughed. All the feelings of oppression that Chu Feng had caused him earlier were fully released at that moment.

After hearing the words spoken by Lu Yingzhou, the crowd came to a sudden realization.

It turned out that it wasn’t the armor that had an issue. Rather, neither Lu Yingzhou nor Chu Feng were qualified to begin with.

It turned out, the purple sea of lightning had a special sort of obstructive power.

Those that were not people of the younger generation within a hundred years of age would be blocked by it.

That was the reason why Chu Feng and Lu Yingzhou were unable to pass through the purple sea of lightning.

“Great! Truly well done!”


Serves him right! He got exactly what he deserved! This punishment fits his crime perfectly!”

“The heavens have opened their eyes. Truly the heavens have opened their eyes!”

At that moment, the All-heaven Sect’s disciples both inside the spirit formation world and the vast crowd outside all let out a carefree cheer.

All of them had been itching for Chu Feng to die.

Thinking that Chu Feng was trapped because of this, they felt even more joyous.

They felt that this was simply the punishment the spirit formation world had given to Chu Feng.

This sort of punishment was precisely what they wanted.


Suddenly, inside the spirit formation world, Lu Yingzhou and the others were all stunned.

The reason for that was because they heard a mocking chuckle.

The direction that chuckle sounded from was actually Chu Feng’s direction.

They looked up, and immediately felt their hearts tense up. This was especially true for Lu Yingzhou. He was so scared that he fell powerlessly onto his butt.

He was astonished to discover that Chu Feng, while still in the sea of lightning, showed no trace of pain on his face at all.

He was very calm and composed. He stood in the sea of lightning and was unaffected by the myriad of lightning bolts that galloped around him, wreaking havoc all over him.

It was as if he had fused with the lightning.

There was a sneer on his face. Seeing that sneer, one would feel very uneasy.

What gave Lu Yingzhou the greatest unease was Chu Feng’s gaze.

Chu Feng’s gaze was on him.

“What’s going on? That guy seems to no longer be in pain?”

Chu Feng’s transformation caught the attention of the others too.

The people outside the spirit formation all noticed the change to Chu Feng.

They who had been laughing heartily and taking joy in Chu Feng’s misfortune all became serious at once.

Chu Feng’s current state was completely different from before.

Such an enormous change caused them to feel uneasy.




“Why are you unharmed?”

Seeing Chu Feng in the sky, Lu Yingzhou was so terrified that he was shivering and stuttering as he spoke.

“Did you really think that I didn’t see through your little trick?”

“I might as well tell you this. Even earlier when I had my back to you, I saw that cold smile of yours,” said Chu Feng.

“You… you saw?”

Lu Yingzhou was so scared that his face turned green.

“Actually, I knew there was a special separation power present in this sea of lightning from the very start. Apart from people of the younger generation, no one is able to pass through this sea of lightning.”

“Furthermore, this power is extremely strong, and can see through all disguises.”

“Not to mention the fact that you snuck your way in here using the power of the stone case, even if you were using some other sort of extremely powerful treasure, it would still be useless in this sea of lightning.”

“If you want to pass through this sea of lightning, you must be an actual person of the younger generation.”

“There is no alternative apart from that,” Chu Feng said loudly.

Hearing those words, the crowd were unable to keep calm.

If what Chu Feng had said was true, then adding on the fact that he was able to casually stand in the middle of the sea of lightning, wouldn’t it illustrate one thing to everyone?

He… had simply not relied on treasures to sneak into the spirit formation world.

Rather, he was a person of the younger generation himself.

But, ignoring the fact that he possessed the cultivation of rank eight Exalted, he was also a Dragon Mark Saint-cloak World Spiritist!

In fact, he was even able to destroy a treasure like the Ancient Era’s Beast Trapping Talisman.

Even Lu Yingzhou, an old monster that had lived for thousands of years, was completely powerless to fight back against him.

If he was truly a person of the younger generation, it would truly be too astonishing.

A person of the younger generation had defeated a Supreme Elder of the All-heaven Sect.

What sort of talent must that person possess?

“I had originally not planned to harm you. However, since you’re so sinister, I must teach you a lesson.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng moved.

He raised his hand and pointed at Lu Yingzhou.


Lightning exploded with thunderous roars. A ray of purple lightning struck down from the sea of lightning.

Without any hesitation, it struck Lu Yingzhou.

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