Martial God Asura

Chapter 4183 - Shaoyu’s Return

Chapter 4183 - Shaoyu’s Return

“Xin’er, why are you acting so hot-headed? This is unlike you,” Fumo Xin’er’s grandma spoke with a stern voice.

“Lady Gusu, I was impetuous. Please punish me.”

As Fumo Xin’er spoke, she actually took a step back and half-knelt on the ground. It seemed like she was asking for forgiveness.

Both Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun were stunned by this scene. At the same time, they grew even more afraid.

They did not know who the old lady that had suddenly appeared was.

But, they could tell from Fumo Xin’er’s reaction that the old lady was someone with a higher status and greater strength than hers.

But, exactly who were they?

As people from the Dragon Clan, they could be said to be very experienced and knowledgeable.

Yet, they’d never seen or heard of those two people before.

At that moment, Fumo Xin’er’s grandma noticed Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun’s gazes.

However, she didn’t say anything about it. Instead, she extended her finger and gently pointed at their foreheads.

In the next instant, Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun stood completely stunned. It was as if they were petrified.

Only after she finished doing this did Fumo Xin’er’s grandmother look to Fumo Xin’er.

“You can rise. This is no crime at all,” Fumo Xin’er’s grandma said.

“Thank you, Lady Gusu,” Fumo Xin’er bowed to express thanks before standing back up.

“Lady Gusu, when did you return?” asked Fumo Xin’er.

“I’ve just returned,” said Fumo Xin’er’s grandma.

“Has everything gone smoothly?” asked Fumo Xin’er.

“It has.” Fumo Xin’er’s grandma smiled. Then, she said, “Stop beating around the bush. Xin’er, go ahead and say what you want to say.”

“Eh….” Fumo Xin’er started to hesitate. She hesitated for a while before finally saying, “Lady Gusu, is it possible to not inform the young master about what happened here today?”

“I can do that.”

“But, Xin’er, there is one thing that I need to tell you,” Fumo Xin’er’s grandma said.

“Lady Gusu, please go ahead and tell Xin’er what it is,” said Fumo Xin’er.

“You couldn’t have possibly taken a fancy to that Chu Feng, right?” asked Fumo Xin’er’s grandma.

“No, Xin’er wouldn’t dare,” Fumo Xin’er shook her head repeatedly. But a flustered look appeared in her eyes.

“Xin’er, I’m thinking for your sake. You must not fall for that Chu Feng.”

“He is a man that you cannot fall for. Understand?”

“If you end up falling for him, not even I will be able to help you,” said Fumo Xin’er’s grandma.

“Thank you for your reminder, Lady Gusu. Xin’er will firmly remember it,” Fumo Xin’er nodded repeatedly.

“Well then, you can return. I’ll handle things here,” said Fumo Xin’er’s grandma.

“Yes, Xin’er understands.”

After saying that, Fumo Xin’er left obediently. She did not dare to stay.

As for Fumo Xin’er’s grandma, she waved her sleeve.

The movement of her sleeve did not give rise to any wind at all.

But, both Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun, who were kneeling on the ground, suddenly stood up.

[1. I have no idea when they started kneeling either.]

Not only were they standing, but they’d returned to the same posture as at the moment when they were chatting earlier.

“Even ants have their way of life.” Fumo Xin’er’s grandma sighed.

“But, in every sort of community, mutual deception still exists.”

“I suppose this is human nature.”

Fumo Xin’er’s grandmother looked to Long Ruiyun and Long Nanxun and shook her head. Then, her body shifted, and she drifted away in the air.

After Fumo Xin’er and her grandma left in succession, Long Nanxun and Long Ruiyun suddenly regained consciousness.

After regaining consciousness, the two of them looked at each other in dismay. They kept feeling like something was wrong, but they were unable to determine what was wrong.

“Young master Nanxun, what were we talking about earlier?” Long Ruiyun asked all of a sudden.

“Eh…” Long Nanxun pondered for a bit before saying, “Grandma Ruiyun, you seemed to be telling me that I need to consider things for my own good.”


Long Ruiyan nodded. However, her expression soon took a huge change. She moved her hand to her hair.

“Young master Nanxun, where’s my coiling dragon hairpin?” Long Ruiyun asked in great panic.


“Wasn’t your hairpin on your head earlier?” asked Long Nanxun.


“How could it be?”

“It must’ve fallen somewhere. Young master Nanxun, please help me search for it.”

As Long Ruiyun spoke, she rushed out of the palace hall.

Seeing that, Long Nanxun immediately followed her.

The two of them began searching frantically for the hairpin.

Evidently, they no longer remembered Fumo Xin’er appearing before them. They also did not remember Fumo Xin’er’s grandmother.

They didn’t even remember how the hairpin had disappeared.


At that moment, Fumo Shaoyu finally arrived at their arranged place.

But he did not return alone. He had brought a girl with him.

The girl did not have a stunning appearance, but she had a very pleasant and neat face.

Her skin was fair and her eyes clear. On her head was a simple long black ponytail.

Even her attire was very plain and simple.

She was a simple-looking girl. One would not feel particularly attracted to her from a single glance. But, she would not make one feel disgusted either. She belonged to the type that one would feel more comfortable with the more one looked at her.

Chu Feng and Fumo Xin’er were very cheerful upon seeing Fumo Shaoyu’s return.

They wanted to call out to him when the black-haired girl suddenly called out to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng?”

“Are you really Chu Feng?” asked the black-haired girl.

“I am Chu Feng. Young lady, who might you be?” asked Chu Feng.

Before the girl could say anything else, Fumo Shaoyu pushed her aside. “Young lady, if there’s anything you want to say, you can wait till later.”

“Allow me to discuss proper business with brother Chu Feng first.”

That girl was rather tactful. She did not say anything else, and began to examine Chu Feng. However, the more she examined him, the greater the disappointment in her eyes.

“Hehe. Brother Chu Feng, I’ve missed you to death.”

Fumo Shaoyu gave Chu Feng a bear hug upon seeing him. Only then did he ask with a grinning smile, “How was it? My little sister didn’t cause you any inconvenience, right?”

“Did the two of you end up doing something immoral?”

Fumo Shaoyu had a mischievous smile on his face.

“Big brother, what nonsense are you spouting?”

“What immoral thing are you implying?”

Fumo Xin’er’s face immediately turned red upon hearing those words. She then glared fiercely at Fumo Shaoyu.

“Immoral things mean something that is unsuitable to be said in public.”

“For example, eating together, drinking together and training together,” Fumo Shaoyu said with a beaming smile.

“What’s unsuitable about those things?” Fumo Xin’er stomped her foot angrily.

Seeing the relaxed look on Fumo Shaoyu's face, Chu Feng knew that nothing must’ve happened to the Chu Heavenly Clan.

But, Chu Feng was still worried about his clan. Thus, he still asked about it.

When Chu Feng asked him about his clan, Fumo Shaoyu became very pleased with himself.

“Brother Chu Feng, with me handling things, there’s nothing for you to worry about. I’ve personally sought out a hiding place. Your clan has smoothly moved there now.”

“I guarantee that no one will be able to find your clan. Even if they find them, there’s nothing they can do.”

“From now on, you can go ahead and do your things in the vast cultivation world without worries,” said Fumo Shaoyu.

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