Martial God Asura

Chapter 4187 - Yu Ting’s Strength

Chapter 4187 - Yu Ting’s Strength

After Chu Feng parted with Long Daozhi, Long Daozhi led the others to return to the Ancestral Martial Starfield, whereas Chu Feng and Yu Ting proceeded for the former residence of Zhuge Yuankong.

As the distance to travel was quite far, they ended up having to use the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations.

That said, it was possible to use tools to accelerate the speed of the teleportation process.

Furthermore, Chu Feng and Yu Ting were able to rest or train during teleportation.

But, as Chu Feng was very curious about Yu Ting and the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect and wanted to learn more about Zi Ling’s situation, he was unable to keep himself from asking Yu Ting about it.

“Miss Yu Ting, if I’m not mistaken, you’re a world spiritist that has grasped the Dragon Transformation Sensation, no?” asked Chu Feng.

“Correct. Rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation,” answered Yu Ting.

“Sure enough.”

Chu Feng had guessed that Yu Ting’s world spirit techniques might be at rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

When Yu Ting admitted it, Chu Feng felt a sense of admiration.

He could tell that Yu Ting was not very old. She was very possibly a person of the younger generation.

To be able to grasp rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation as a person of the younger generation was extremely outstanding in the Holy Light Galaxy.

After all, judging from the information he had, amongst all the younger world spiritists, the person that was most renowned was the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted’s youngest disciple, Lu Jie.

But Lu Jie was no longer a person of the younger generation.

Furthermore, he was only rumored to be someone who had grasped rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation.

From this, one could imagine how amazing of a feat it was to be able to grasp rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation within a hundred years of age.

Otherwise, Chen Guang and Yue Yang wouldn’t be deemed genius world spiritists.

Even Long Nanxun and Long Ruiyun had praised their accomplishments.

“In that case, Miss Yu Ting, what might your cultivation be?” asked Chu Feng.

“Rank four Utmost Exalted,” said Yu Ting.

“Rank four Utmost Exalted?” Chu Feng became even more astonished.

Even though he knew that Yu Ting was a remarkable person, it would appear that he had still underestimated her.

Her cultivation was rank four Utmost Exalted.

Her world spirit techniques had reached rank one Dragon Transformation Sensation.

Chu Feng was known to be a genius. Yet, when placed before Yu Ting, he might not be a genius at all.

They were both people of the younger generation. Even though Chu Feng’s world spirit techniques might be slightly better than hers, his martial cultivation was far inferior.

“Don’t look at me with such an astonished look. Amongst the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s disciples, my cultivation is the weakest,” said Yu Ting.

“You’re kidding.”

“With your strength, you’re still considered the weakest?”

Chu Feng was truly astonished, so much so that his mouth even hung agape.

Yu Ting’s strength would most definitely be ranked amongst the top geniuses when placed within the Holy Light Galaxy.

Yet, in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, she was the weakest.

In that case, exactly how powerful were the disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?

At the same time as he felt astonished, a question entered Chu Feng’s mind.

When he thought of that, he felt delighted in his heart.

Since Yu Ting’s cultivation was the weakest amongst the disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, then Zi Ling, who had been deemed the successor to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s Sectmaster, most definitely had a cultivation stronger than Yu Ting's.

Because of that, Chu Feng asked, “Miss Yu Ting, may I know what Zi Ling’s world spirit techniques and cultivation are right now?”

“Zi Ling’s world spirit techniques are inferior to mine. That’s her shortcoming.”

“But, her martial cultivation has far surpassed my own.”

“When she had been imprisoned in the Land of Abandonment by our sectmaster, Zi Ling’s cultivation had already reached rank nine Utmost Exalted,” said Yu Ting.

“Rank nine Utmost Exalted?”

“That girl is truly amazing.”

Chu Feng was very pleasantly surprised.

Even though he was prepared for it, he was still shocked by her current cultivation.

After all, Zi Ling used to be far weaker than him when they'd last parted ways. Since then, Chu Feng’s progress could be said to be lightning fast.

Never did he imagine that he would be surpassed by Zi Ling by vso much in a short few years.

That said, Chu Feng felt joy for Zi Ling.

Her talent had originally been inferior to his own. For her to be able to reach her current level of attainments meant that she must’ve endured even more hardships than him. Only by obtaining a powerful cultivation would her investments be worthwhile.

“Zi Ling told me that her cultivation used to be far inferior to yours, and her talent even more so.”

“The reason why she was able to attain her current level of talent was because she had been helped by your relative.”

“Because of that, I was actually quite disappointed when I saw you.”

“I thought that you would be very powerful. Never would I have imagined that you'd only be a rank one Utmost Exalted.”

“Since that relative of yours was able to strengthen Zi Ling’s talent to such an exceptional level from a state inferior to yours, why didn’t your relative help you too?” asked Yu Ting.

“Regarding this…”

“My relative wanted me to rely on myself,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

This so-called relative was naturally Chu Feng’s father.

It was because of his father’s assistance that Zi Ling had been able to attain her current level of achievements.

The fact that Zi Ling was able to have such an unfathomable transformation with his father’s help also indirectly signified how powerful Chu Feng’s father was.

But, Chu Feng did not blame his father for not helping him even though he was so powerful.

He knew that he would most definitely be able to grow rapidly in a short period of time should he receive his father’s help.

But, once he reached a certain level of cultivation, he might no longer be able to make further breakthroughs.

On the other hand, if Chu Feng was to rely on himself and grow slowly, then the result might be different.

“To be able to help you, yet refuse to do so and instead want you to grow on your own, that’s something that I cannot comprehend,” Yu Ting let out a sneer.

Her sneer was filled with skepticism. She most likely felt Chu Feng’s words to be untrustworthy.

Chu Feng didn’t blame her.

Not to mention Yu Ting being unable to understand his father’s decision, likely the great majority of cultivators wouldn't understand his father’s decision.

It was common knowledge that the more powerful a family or clan was, the greater the possibility that they’d produce geniuses.

Whilst personal talent was very important for cultivators, being guided and aided by powerful individuals was generally even more important than talent.

Chu Xuanyuan’s philosophy in raising Chu Feng, on the other hand, was akin to free-roaming.

This went against the great majority of people’s ideas of becoming stronger.

It was natural that they would not approve of it.

It was also natural for them to not understand.

“Oh, that’s right. Since that relative of yours was able to strengthen Zi LIng’s talent, they must be very powerful.”

“Why don’t we go and find your relative? Perhaps they’ll be able to rescue Zi Ling.”

“Although your relative was unwilling to help you, they might be willing to help Zi Ling,” said Yu Ting.

“That relative of mine is not in the Holy Light Galaxy,” said Chu Feng.

“So that’s the case,” Yu Ting felt disappointed.

She had suddenly grown more uncommunicative. It was as if she was unwilling to chat with Chu Feng.

Chu Feng would naturally not court a rebuff from her in such a situation. Thus, he decided to delve into the study of Exalted Taboo Martial Skills.

After a slightly long trip, Chu Feng and Yu Ting finally exited the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formation.

They arrived at Zhuge Yuankong’s former residence.

The place was located atop a mountain peak.

The mountain was very barren, and overgrown with weeds.

Not to mention spiritual beasts, not even ordinary beasts were willing to dwell on the mountain.

It was truly a place that not even birds were willing crap on.

In a place like that, no trace of cultivators could be seen for millions of miles around.

Yet, atop the mountain was a grass hut.

That was Zhuge Yuankong’s former residence.

Chu Feng and Yu Ting were flying in the sky. Originally, Chu Feng had wanted to directly fly over to the grass hut and enter it to look for clues.

But, to his surprise, Yu Ting actually descended from the sky and landed at the foot of the mountain.

Then, Yu Ting did something that surprised Chu Feng.

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