Martial God Asura

Chapter 4554: Bias

Chapter 4554: Bias

To everyone’s disbelief, Long Xiaoxiao betted all 900 droplets of purple light she had received on Chu Feng’s mountain.

And before the crowd could recover from the shock, Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi also stepped into the Niantian Gambling Formation and made their bets too.

Every single one of them placed the bets they had received all on Chu Feng’s mountain.

“What in the world are they doing? Could that Chu Feng really be that formidable?”

Everyone was still confused at first, but soon, they began to doubt their own judgment.

If it was only Daoist Niantian and Long Xiaoxiao who had displayed their trust in Chu Feng, they might have still harbored some doubts. However, when so many prodigies were doing the same, it could only mean that Chu Feng really had the strength to back it up.

“Look, Yu Lie is going to make his bet too! Is he going to choose Chu Feng too?”

Everyone turned their eyes on Yu Lie and watched him intently.

At this very moment, Yu Lie had finally stepped into the Niantian Gambling Formation. The number of droplets of purple light he had received was even greater than that of Long Xiaoxiao’s, numbering at a thousand.

However, what everyone was concerned about was not how many droplets of purple light he had but who he would choose to bet on.

As the prodigy renowned for having once defeated Shengguang Yu, would he make the same decision as the others and choose Chu Feng?

Or would he trust in his own ability and bet in himself?

Before everyone’s watching eyes, Yu Lie placed all 1000 droplets of purple light into Chu Feng’s mountain.

“Holy sheeps! Yu Lie actually chose Chu Feng too!”

“Is Chu Feng really that powerful as to have even Yu Lie choose him?”

“Doesn’t this mean that we have made the wrong bet?”

“Sigh, we were too foolish! Daoist Niantian has already shown us the answer, so why didn’t we believe him?”

Many people amongst the crowd struck their heads in remorse.

There were even some who raised their arms and slapped their own faces, as if to punish themselves for their stupidity.

Yu Lie’s decision had a different significance as compared to the other prodigies. His accomplishments were well-known to the world, such that no one would question his talents. For him to choose Chu Feng only meant that he was publicly acknowledging that he was weaker than Chu Feng.

At this point, it was already very clear that Chu Feng was the strongest amongst the eleven prodigies here.

“Everyone, please calm down. Judging from how they look, it appears that all of them are acquainted with one another. No, it would be more accurate to say that they are on good terms!

“What if they are intentionally helping Chu Feng out of consideration of their friendship? After all, Chu Feng had received far too little bets thus far!”

Someone proposed a possibility.

“Yes, you’re right. There could be such a possibility. The Niantian Energy might mean a lot of people like us, but they’re prodigies from the four behemoths. They have no lack of cultivation resources anyway, so losing a bit of Niantian Energy means nothing to them!

“If they are really close with one another, it’s not impossible for them to sacrifice a bit of cultivation resources in order to back Chu Feng up!”

This possibility swiftly won the support of quite a large group of people.

In the end, they still didn’t believe in Chu Feng’s capability. They didn’t think that a fellow would appear out of nowhere would actually be the strongest junior in the Holy Light Galaxy.

“Little benefactor, it’s your turn,” Long Xiaoxiao turned to Chu Feng and said.

So far, Chu Feng was the only one who hadn’t made his bet yet.

The reason why he hadn’t made his bet was because he was hesitating at the moment.

He knew that he would be the one to appear on the final and tallest mountain, but betting on himself seemed a little too egocentric.

“Xiaoxiao, have you used the Niantian Energy before? Is it a formidable cultivation resource?” Chu Feng asked Long Xiaoxiao.

He wanted to know just how potent the Niantian Energy was. If this was an opportunity not to be missed, he would bet on himself.

Otherwise, he could just split them amongst Long Xiaoxiao, Yu Lie, and the others in reciprocation to them backing him.

“Little benefactor, you mustn’t miss this opportunity. The Niantian Energy is an extremely formidable cultivation resource!”

“Brother Chu Feng, the Niantian Energy has different effects of each cultivator depending on his talents. You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.”

It wasn’t just Long Xiaoxiao who advised Chu Feng. Even Yu Lie and the others chipped in as well.

Those words made it clear to Chu Feng how he should choose.

So, Chu Feng tore the talisman paper in his hand.


Purple light gushed out like a tornado from within, sweeping all around the surroundings.

“Holy shit, what is going on?”

The mouths of the crowd opened agape when they saw the massive outpour of purple light engulfing all around them.

Long Xiaoxiao was given 900 droplets of purple light whereas Yu Lie was given 1000 droplets.

Logically speaking, even if Chu Feng’s name was on the highest mountain, he should have only been given 1100 droplets of purple light.

Yet, the purple lights that were swirling around Chu Feng were massive in number… There were 10,000 of them!

“This is too unfair!”

“What’s this bias?”

Even Yin Daifen and the others felt a little tilted inside upon seeing this sight.

“Does Daoist Niantian has such a high view of Chu Feng?”

On the other hand, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others saw something else from this situation.

Daoist Niantian only gave chips personally to people whom he had a high opinion of, and the amount he gave out was indicative of his evaluation of the person.

The amount of droplets of purple light that Chu Feng had just received was unprecedented in history.

“How formidable.”

A voice suddenly boomed across the air. It was so loud that just the sonic boom itself was enough to shake the world.

There was no cultivator who would dare to speak with such a voice under such an occasion. However, when the crowd turned their sights to look at the person who had just spoken up, they immediately understood why the other party was so brazen.

It was a young man with a suave and carefree appearance, reminiscent of a person who liked to fool around.

There was a silver sword hanging on his waist without a sheath, and it emanated a blinding light. Anyone could tell with a single look that it was a good sword.

However, what that caught people’s eyes wasn’t the young man’s sword but his identity.

He was one of the strongest prodigies of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Yu!

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