Martial God Asura

Chapter 4747: Acknowledgment

Chapter 4747: Acknowledgment

Zhao Shi was moved by Chu Feng’s words. She was a person with some standing in the sect too, and she stood tall before most of the other disciples, enjoying their looks of admiration.

How could someone in such a position not be angry to be slapped in public? It was impossible for her to be unfazed even after getting humiliated in public!

However, it just so happened that Nangong Yuliu was someone whose standing and strength were far above hers. Even Li Muzhi and Lu Long dared not to fully turn their backs against him.

So, she could only tolerate it, and that was what she did too.

She never thought that someone would dare to stand up for her even after she had resigned herself to fate, and that person would be no other than Chu Feng.

It hadn’t been long since she had met Chu Feng, and they had hardly any ties between them… In fact, she had even mocked and humiliated him at one point in time.

There was completely no reason for Chu Feng to help her at all.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, her tears began dripping.

“Junior Zhao, what are you crying for? Junior Chu Feng has already accepted such an overboard challenge from Nangong Yuliu for your sake, so why are you still crying?”

Lu Long looked at Zhao Shi with a hint of reproach. He didn’t want to blame her for this either, but he really felt that Chu Feng shouldn’t have accepted the request.

“Senior Zhao, stop crying. You don’t need to be afraid. Even if I win, you can choose not to hit Nangong Yuliu if you’re worried about offending him. However, he’s at fault for daring to hit you today, and I can’t let this matter slip just like that. I’ll have him apologize to you properly,” Chu Feng comforted Zhao Shi.

“Junior Chu Feng, it’s all my fault. You shouldn’t have put yourself in such a spot for me. I’ll look for Nangong Yuliu and talk to him on your behalf. I’ll have him cancel the bet.”

Zhao Shi sobbed even harder than ever.

“Senior Zhao, don’t bother. You won’t be able to change his mind. Besides, this is no longer a conflict between you and Nangong Yuliu anymore. It’s also a fight between him and me. I know what I’m doing here, so you don’t have to worry. Records are there to be broken, so have some faith in me. You’re making it seem like I’ll lose for sure,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Indeed, what Junior Chu Feng says makes sense. Junior Zhao, you should stop crying. It’s inauspicious, and you’re only going to lower Junior Chu Feng’s morale,” Lu Long said.

Hearing those words, Zhao Shi quickly wiped away her tears, fearing that her crying would really affect Chu Feng.

Li Muzhi patted Chu Feng’s shoulder and sent him a voice transmission.

“Junior Chu Feng, you need not worry. Even if you lose, you can just disregard his request altogether. I’m only sparing him some face because my grandfather is cooperating with Nangong Yuliu’s grandmother on some matters at the moment, and Nangong Yuliu’s grandmother dotes on him a lot. I just don’t want my interpersonal relationship to affect my grandfather’s plans.

“Once the matter is over, I’ll make sure to teach Nangong Yuliu a lesson he won’t forget. As for you and Senior Zhao, you can be assured that I won’t allow you to be bullied for no reason.

Li Muzhi’s words affirmed Chu Feng’s guess.

Chu Feng could tell that Li Muzhi wasn’t the type of person to shy away from a conflict, but if this matter concerned his grandfather as well, it was understandable for him to hesitate a little.

After chatting for a bit, Chu Feng returned to the North Tortoise Hall.

To his surprise, he found Elder Dao Qinian, Law Enforcement Elder Li Boyi, and the chief elder waiting for him. As it turned out, the affairs over at the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Hall had already gotten to their ears, and they had learned about the bet between him and Nangong Yuliu.

They were worried for Chu Feng and wanted to advise him to apologize to Nangong Yuliu, hoping to resolve this matter peacefully. After all, Nangong Yuliu was different from Xia Ran. If Nangong Yuliu wanted to make things hard for Chu Feng, even the chief elder of the North Tortoise Hall would find it hard to stop him.

However, there was no way that Chu Feng would apologize to Nangong Yuliu, though he didn’t want the elders to worry about him too. So, he assured them that even if he won the bet, he wouldn’t make things difficult for Nangong Yuliu. If he happened to lose, he would also accept the punishment.

Seeing that Chu Feng had already made up his mind, they decided not to say anything more. However, there was a look of guilt on their face, which was understandable since they were supposed to protect him as elders of the North Tortoise Hall. Yet, all they could do when something happened was to ask him to apologize.

As for Chu Feng, he had no intention of blaming the North Tortoise Hall. He had chosen to join the North Tortoise Hall knowing the consequences of his decision, and he was the one who had decided to make an enemy out of Nangong Yuliu too. He would accept whatever came out of it.

When he requested to use the chief elder’s supporting formation, the latter agreed right away upon realizing that he could at least offer a bit of help to him.

So, Chu Feng quickly went over to the chief elder’s territory and set up his formation. To his relief, he was indeed able to use its power.

However, while the North Tortoise Hall’s supporting formation had come from the sect founder too, it was relatively weaker. It was unable to aid him in making a breakthrough.

Nevertheless, he didn’t lose hope due to that. On the contrary, he thought that it was a piece of good news since it meant that he could use the other supporting formations too.

After asking about it, he learned that the supporting formations over at the South Vermilion Hall and West Tiger Hall weren’t too much weaker than the one at the East Dragon Hall. Needless to say, the one taken by the sectmaster was the strongest of all.

Taking a quick calculation, it had only been a few days since Chu Feng had entered the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but he had already managed to make a breakthrough. If everything went well, his cultivation should continue to soar afterward. Perhaps, he might just be able to reach Martial Exalted level very soon.

This was something which Chu Feng dared not think about in the past, but it was finally already within sight.

If he could reach Martial Exalted level, he wouldn’t have to fear even the Holy Light Clan. Of course, he still wouldn’t be strong enough to confront the Holy Light Clan directly, but at least he wouldn’t be completely helpless before their tyranny either.

Time swiftly passed by, and soon, it was time to head to the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake for the tempering.

The Blackwater Sixfinger Lake was a cultivation formation set up by the sect founder, and it was usually sealed off by a formation. The sealing formation hadn’t been released yet, but it was transparent, which allowed Chu Feng to see the true form of the Blackwater Sixfinger Lake even from afar.

It consisted of six black mountains that looked just like six fingers rising from the ground, looking a little eerie. There was a huge name inscribed on the six mountains—Dugu Lingtian.

When Chu Feng saw that name, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of excitement in his heart. To him, this name represented glory, and he wanted to take this glory for his own.

If he could succeed here, it would be his greatest chip to earning the acknowledgment of the sectmaster.

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