Martial God Asura

Chapter 4749: Harmed

Chapter 4749: Harmed

Chu Feng immediately began absorbing the energy from the lake using the method imparted to him and the ability of the dao robe, starting the tempering process. The other disciples also headed to their respective lakes and started doing the same too.

Time passed swiftly, and soon, it looked like an hour’s time was going to be up. Many of the disciples had already stopped cultivating and turned their gaze toward Chu Feng.

They wanted to know if Chu Feng would be able to break Dugu Lingtian’s record. They weren’t sure how it could be done, but as long as the formation inside the lake lit up and the name above the mountain changed, it would mean that the deed had been done.

Earlier, the protector clearly mentioned that Chu Feng had an hour’s time. If he couldn’t succeed in an hour’s time, he would have to leave the lake right away, or else he would risk losing his life.

It was going to be an hour soon, but the name above the mountains and even the lake itself hadn’t shown the slightest change at all.

Chu Feng also opened his eyes to look at the lake and the top of the mountains, but upon seeing that nothing had happened, he closed his eyes once more to concentrate on his tempering.

“Chu Feng, time is going to be up soon. If you don’t want to die, get up right now.”

But as soon as Chu Feng closed his eyes, the protector immediately urged him to come up to shore.

“Lord Protector, I would like to continue trying. I can’t afford to lose here.”

Chu Feng’s voice sounded a little anxious. He didn’t want to fail here.

“Chu Feng, a person should know his place. If you are able to break all of Lord Dugu Lingtian’s records, wouldn’t that mean that you’re someone who can surpass our sectmaster and even Lord Dugu Lingtian? You might have succeeded the first time out of luck, but luck won’t continue siding with you all the time. Hurry up and come up.”

There was a mocking smile on the protector’s lips when he said those words.

However, Chu Feng still showed no signs of rising from the lake. He simply ignored the protector’s words altogether.

“Senior Chu Feng, you’re really running out of time,” Tu Yuanyuan couldn’t help speaking up too.

If Chu Feng didn’t come out by the hour’s mark, the lake would really swallow him whole. That would be disastrous.

“Haaa, he’s really going to pay a heavy price at this rate.”

“Looks like he’s blinded by his own pride.

“He overestimated himself. Did he really think that he’s a prodigy on par with Lord Dugu Lingtian?”

The disciples present began gossiping amongst themselves while watching the sight too.


All of a sudden, a pillar of light shone from the seventh formation Chu Feng was in. The light pillar swiftly split into six rays and gushed into the other six lakes, inducing a reaction in them.

“This… Does this mean that he’s really going to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record?”

Upon seeing this sight, the disciples all had complicated looks on their faces, especially for those who talked badly about Chu Feng earlier. It was obvious to them that Chu Feng was already on the verge of succeeding.

“Chu Feng, your life takes priority! Hurry up and come out!” the protector bellowed.

Not only so, he even raised his hand and released a burst of energy that wrapped itself around Chu Feng. He was intending to intentionally drag Chu Feng out of the lake.


However, as soon as the protector’s energy came into contact with Chu Feng, the water in the seventh lake suddenly flurried, forming a whirlpool that dragged Chu Feng in.

The light within the lake vanished in an instant.

“Lord Protector, hurry up and retract your energy!”

Chu Feng opened his eyes and glared at the protector.

“Chu Feng, even if you have managed to trigger the formation’s energy, it’ll still take some time for you to break Lord Dugu Lingtian’s record. There isn’t enough time here. The energy inside the lake has started to devour you. I’m saving you over here!”

The protector showed no sign of giving it a rest.

“Lord Protector, retract your energy right away!” Chu Feng bellowed.

“Chu Feng, wake up your idea and struggle free of the lake! If you continue remaining in there, you’ll only lose your life!” the protector advised while insisting on pulling Chu Feng out.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s face darkened.

“Lord Protector, I have no grudge with you, so why are you trying to sabotage me here?” Chu Feng’s voice turned incredibly hostile.


“What are you saying, Chu Feng? Lord Protector is trying to save you here!”

The crowd couldn’t understand Chu Feng’s words, such that they began to criticize him. However, Chu Feng simply ignored them and continued questioning the protector, “Did you accept some sort of bribe from Nangong Yuliu?”

“Chu Feng, don’t be an ingrate! I’m saving you here! Don’t put yourself at risk for the sake of your own vanity. Hurry up and cooperate with me to escape from the lake!” the protector said.

“The seniors here, mark my words. If I die here, it would be that protector’s fault. It’s the protector tampering with the lake that it is reacting so vigorously despite an hour not being up yet. He’s not saving me but sabotaging me here. I’ll have to ask you to inform the sect of the truth lest I die for nothing here.”

After saying those words, he turned to the protector and spat, “Remember this. If I survive this ordeal, the one to die will be you!”

“Lord Protector, Chu Feng clearly doesn’t know his place. Someone like him isn’t worthy of your efforts. Let him do as he pleases!”

Seeing that there was something amiss with the situation, the sharp-witted Tu Yuanyuan immediately spoke up. She could sense that something was wrong with the protector’s actions too.

“Shut your mouth! I’m the protector here, so naturally, I’m in charge of your safety! How could I give up on a disciple just because of his ignorance?”

Yet, the protector wouldn’t listen to Tu Yuanyuan’s words. He continued exerting his force on Chu Feng.

The whirlpool spun faster and faster, dragging Chu Feng all the way down. However, instead of panicking, he burst into laughter and said, “Very well, it should at least be this much to make it interesting. That protector over there, I hope that you won’t regret the decision you’ve made today!”

Chu Feng shot a glare at the protector before being fully submerged into the water.

Right after Chu Feng was swallowed whole, the terrifying seventh lake swiftly reverted back to its original state.

“How foolish. He let his own desires get ahead of him. He would rather die than to leave the lake. Ah, what a pity,” the protector remarked with a pained look on his face.

“Lord Protector, Chu Feng had it coming. You need not grieve over him.”

“Indeed, Lord Protector. Chu Feng might be talented, but his personality is simply atrocious. You helped him out of goodwill, but instead of being grateful to your kindness, he claimed that you were harming him instead. Someone like that deserves to die!”

The disciples swiftly began consoling the protector.

“Don’t say that of him. No matter what, he’s still a disciple of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Forget it. What’s done is done. There’s nothing I can do to change things anymore. The rest of you should focus on your tempering. Don’t waste this precious opportunity,” the protector said.

The disciples quickly returned to their respective lakes and continued their tempering.

In truth, they couldn’t care less whether Chu Feng was alive or dead, and none of them would bother redressing his grievances. Even Hua Xu had turned his focus back to tempering his body.

There was only one person who was too shaken by what had happened earlier to focus on her cultivation, and that person was Tu Yuanyuan.

She alone knew that there was something wrong with the protector, but there was nothing she could do at all to help. She could only sigh regretfully about Chu Feng’s death.

Oblivious to her, however, a spirit formation gate had formed at another location in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, and a person fell right out of it.

Chu Feng.

He was desperately gasping for air, and his soaked body was still feeble from the turmoil he had just been put through. Nevertheless, there was a smile on his face.

“It’s not that easy to do me in,” Chu Feng sneered.

He got to his feet and began assessing his surroundings.

He knew that the protector wanted to deal with him, so he had to stay as far away from the latter as possible, or else he might risk losing his life.

After assessing the surroundings, he noticed that he was in the midst of an unbelievably huge mountain forest. There were terrifying cries sounding here and there, leaving Chu Feng not daring to move carelessly.

He used his Heaven’s Eye to scout out the area around him.

“That is…”

Chu Feng’s gaze swiftly fell upon a stone monument placed beneath a towering tree, leaving him surprised. This stone monument was extremely old, and it was covered in algae too. Nevertheless, he could still read the words inscribed on it clearly.

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