Martial God Asura

Chapter 4995

Chapter 4995: The Intention of the Monstrous Beast

Chapter 4995: The Intention of the Monstrous Beast

“Zi Ling, what’s wrong?”

Chu Feng, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster, and the others quickly rushed to Zi Ling’s side.

“I’m fine. I think it’s because I absorbed too much soul power at once, but it’s a good thing.”

Zi Ling’s complexion looked awful, and her scrunched expression showed that she was trying her best to suppress the pain. However, her eyes reflected joy, showing that something good had happened.

“Zi Ling, are you able to manage it by yourself?” Chu Feng asked.

He figured that it might be due to the Blood-red Ancient Tower reacting after receiving a lot of soul power. That was a good thing, and he was happy for her.

“Don’t worry, big brother Chu Feng. I’ll be able to handle it,” Zi Ling replied.

“Since it’s a good thing, you should focus your effort on it,” the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster said.


Zi Ling crossed her legs and sat down on the floor. She formed a series of hand seals and started cultivating.

Fearing that something might happen to Zi Ling, Chu Feng and the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster chose to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Daoist Niantian continued to treat Shengguang Baimei.

“Chu Feng, I’m sorry about what happened today, but my master is my only kin. Can you plead the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster for mercy on my master’s behalf?” a voice transmission suddenly reached Chu Feng’s ears.

He turned his eyes over and saw Wang Yuxian and the other disciples of the Dao Sea standing not too far away. In particular, Wang Yuxian was looking at him with pleading eyes.

The voice transmission had come from her too.

When the Godwish Grandmother first noticed that Chu Feng was intending to escape, she covered the entire area with her oppressive might. Wang Yuxian and the others immediately noticed that something was amiss, but they were bound to their own palaces, unable to leave.

They were still able to listen in to the conversation between the Godwish Grandmother and Chu Feng, and that was why they were aware that the Godwish Grandmother had tried to harm Zi Ling.

It was only when the Godwish Grandmother retracted her oppressive might afterward that they were freed from their imprisonment. However, the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster had already arrived then, and the situation was no longer one where they could intervene.

This situation was disadvantageous to the Godwish Grandmother and the Lady of Dao Sea, and that was why Wang Yuxian sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

She felt that Chu Feng should be able to mediate in this situation.

“Lele, don’t worry. I trust that the sectmaster won’t go too far,” Chu Feng replied.

He personally thought that he had a good eye for people. While the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster was angry, she seemed to care quite a bit for the Godwish Grandmother and the Lady of Dao Sea. She was also clearly pleased by the respect those two were showing her.

The Godwish Grandmother wasn’t a good person, but she was at least a person who knew gratitude. To this date, she still remembered the favor the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster had shown her back then.

Since Chu Feng had already said so, Wang Yuxian decided not to harp on it anymore. She believed that Chu Feng wouldn’t leave them to the lurch if they were really in danger.

“Chu Feng, that sectmaster of yours is a Half-God, right?” Yu Sha asked.

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster had shown incredible means without revealing her cultivation, which went to show just how formidable she was. For one, she was able to forcefully extract the soul power in Song Yun’s body at a whim.

That was why Yu Sha was curious to know how powerful the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster was. Chu Feng was also curious about that too.

“I’ll ask about it.”

So, Chu Feng cheerily sat beside the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster and asked via voice transmission, “Lord Sectmaster, I didn’t expect you to treat me so well.”

“What do you want to say?”

The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster replied with a cold tone, similar to how she had always treated Chu Feng back at the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

“I’m here to thank you,” Chu Feng replied.

“There’s no need to thank me. I only followed you to see if your feelings for Zi Ling are true. I have no plans of interfering in your life and death. I only showed myself today because someone intends to harm Zi Ling. It has nothing to do with you at all. Even if you died here, I wouldn’t lift a finger at all,” the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster replied via voice transmission.

Those words were heartless, but Chu Feng didn’t lose his temper.

He knew that the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster had a sharp mouth but a soft heart. If something were to really happen to Chu Feng, there was no doubt that she would make a move.

“Lord Sectmaster, I’m curious to know what your cultivation level is. You must be at Half-God at the very least, right?”

Chu Feng got straight to the point, but the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect’s sectmaster simply glared at him before ignoring him.

Seeing that, Chu Feng decided not to probe on.

“That sectmaster of yours is truly a weird person. She clearly has a high opinion of you, but she still chooses to treat you coldly,” Yu Sha remarked.

“In any case, she’s definitely someone I can count on,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

All of a sudden, Chu Feng raised his gaze and looked at the distant horizon as if he had noticed something.

A shadow was hidden there. It was the humanoid monster formed by the black aura of the Monstrous King’s Soul Mound.

“Did that lad notice me?”

The humanoid monster had been observing Chu Feng from afar, so he was surprised to see Chu Feng directing his gaze over. He was confident in his own strength, such that he didn’t think that anyone would be able to find him while he was in hiding.

He wondered if his position had been compromised, but Chu Feng quickly retracted his gaze and instead turned to Zi Ling.

“Of course. How could someone of his cultivation possibly notice me?” the monstrous beast said with a gleeful laugh.

The humanoid monster continued staring at Chu Feng. Greed slowly seeped into his eyes.

“That lad is much stronger than that wolf demon. If I could possess him, I’ll be able to rise to the top of this world. Lad, all humans are selfish. You might be a good person, but you’re unfortunate to have encountered me.”

A vicious glint flashed across the humanoid monster’s eyes, and he licked his own lips.

All of a sudden, his face paled. He quickly turned around and saw two silhouettes standing behind him.

“Who are you?”

The humanoid monster stared at them in horror. He had set up a powerful barrier around him, but those two silhouettes were able to stand before him without causing the slightest damage to the barrier.

That was more than enough to show just how terrifying the two silhouettes standing before him were.

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