Martial God Asura

Chapter 5713: Old Friend Long Lin

Chapter 5713: Old Friend Long Lin

Seeing that Chu Feng was more difficult to deal with than he had expected, Taishi Xingzhong put on a smile and said, “Young friend Chu Feng, let’s talk things through. It’s our first meeting, and there is no grudge between us. You have a bright future ahead of you. There’s no need for you to corner yourself over an outsider. I have plenty of resources to nurture you. As long as…”

“Shut up!” Chu Feng roared. “It’s a waste of breath negotiating with someone who knows not of loyalty. Taishi Xingzhong, I’ll be direct with you. I’ll kill your son regardless of whether you bring me to meet Long Chengyu and the others or not. I need your son’s life to restore my brother’s spirit power,” Chu Feng said.

“You’re courting death!” Taishi Xingzhong sneered upon seeing how adamant Chu Feng was.

He took out a talisman wielding the power to sever the soul link formation between Chu Feng and his son. He had been reluctant to use it because of how valuable it was, but he dared not to hesitate given that Chu Feng had expressed his intent to kill his son.


All of a sudden, there was a loud explosion, and a surge of martial power suffused the palace. The martial power was so strong that it shredded Taishi Xingzhong’s formation.

By the time the surge of martial power died down, Chu Feng and Taishi Xingzhong’s son were nowhere to be seen.

Taishi Xingzhong’s complexion turned awful. He quickly left the room to scan the area, hoping to find clues about the culprit who had taken away Chu Feng and his son.

“Milord.” One of the elders looked at the one-eyed elder, implicitly asking the latter about how they should deal with the juniors.

“Imprison them,” the one-eyed elder said as he casually constructed a formation to incarcerate the junior world spiritists.

“Milord, why are you doing this?!” the junior world spiritists cried.

There was no response from the elders, but the junior world spiritists understood that they had been duped, and none of them was going to walk out of this place alive.

Chu Feng was taken aback.

Neither his protection formation nor Qin Jiu’s talisman had been invoked, for the person who had swooped into the room earlier did not mean him harm. Instead, that person had saved him.

And that person was currently right in front of him.

Chu Feng couldn’t see the person’s face, but he could see the surroundings quickly passing them by. From the speed of their movement, he deduced that the person was at pinnacle True God level.

Eventually, they stopped in the middle of a mountain range.

This mountain range looked majestic, but Chu Feng wasn’t in the mood to admire the scenery. He first imprisoned Taishi Xingzhong’s son and stowed the latter away in his Cosmos Sack, before turning to the person in front of him.

The person had their back facing him.

Chu Feng should have been able to perceive the person’s appearance with his psyche even if the latter was not facing him, but to his surprise, he was unable to do so even though the person was so close to him. The latter must have been carrying some sort of special treasure.

“It’s been a long time, young friend Chu Feng.”

The person suddenly turned around to face Chu Feng.

“Elder, it’s you!” Chu Feng could hardly believe his eyes. He hadn’t expected it to be someone he had met a long time ago, back when he was in the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

It was Long Lin!

All of a sudden, Chu Feng’s heart shuddered as he remembered that the new Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief also went by the name of Long Lin.

“Elder, are you the incumbent Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief?” Chu Feng asked.

Long Lin chuckled upon hearing that question. “I heard that you are on close terms with the Totem Dragon Clan, but young friend Chu Feng, we are friends too. I know you earlier than them. You wouldn’t turn against me over them, right?”

Chu Feng was filled with conflicted feelings.

He wasn’t on close terms with Long Lin, and neither of them owed each other anything. While Chu Feng had helped Long Lin before, the latter had also helped him back. It was one thing if they were strangers, but the fact that they were acquaintances put him in an awkward position.

“Elder, are they really alive?” Chu Feng asked.

“Taishi Xingzhong didn’t lie to you. They are alive and living comfortably. Everyone whom you are acquainted with should still be alive,” Long Lin said.

“May I meet them?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. Look over there,” Long Lin said as he pointed into the distance.

A humongous gate appeared in the direction where he was pointing. He took out a token and formed a series of hand seals, and the gate turned transparent.

Chu Feng could tell that there were many people inside the gate. They were Totem Dragon Clansmen, and many of them were familiar faces, such as the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, and so on.

Chu Feng could tell that these were real people and not illusions. There were some superficial wounds on the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the elders, but other than that, practically everyone was unharmed.

Their living environment was also rather comfortable, as the area beyond the humongous gate was a mini realm constructed from a treasure. None of the Totem Dragon Clansmen inside were bound, so they had the freedom to move around as they pleased.

However, they were in low spirits due to the revolt not too long ago, as well as the knowledge that they had been incarcerated.

Chu Feng was relieved that they were alive, but he felt bad for them. They had been reduced to prisoners after having everything taken away from them. No matter how good they were treated, it didn’t change the fact that they were imprisoned.

The Totem Dragon Clansmen must be in anguish right now.

That being said, the world of cultivation was a place where the strong reigned supreme. They had lost and this was their outcome; it didn’t matter how Chu Feng felt about their plight.

Thus, Chu Feng turned to Long Lin and asked, “Elder, why did you save me?”

“What are you saying? With our ties, it’s only right for me to step in and help you,” Long Lin said.

“Elder, you could have simply shown yourself,” Chu Feng pointed out.

Long Lin was the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and he stood above Taishi Xingzhong in terms of strength and influence. He could have revealed himself if he wanted to save Chu Feng; there was no need for him to do it so discreetly.

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