Martial God Asura

Chapter 5829: Revelation of the Truth

Chapter 5829: Revelation of the Truth

Chapter 5829: Revelation of the Truth

“You’re merely distracting us from the main topic at hand. So what if there are more people in his room who are fated with the formation? It doesn’t change the fact I’m the one resonating with the formation. Know your place and get lost!” the young man berated.

Chu Feng ignored him and turned to the elder.

“Elder, since there’s a difference between being fated and inducing a resonance, there should be a way to test it too, right?”

“Well... My apologies, but my understanding of this formation is lacking. This is my first time encountering such a situation. I’m afraid I have no idea how to distinguish between the two,” the beautiful elder said.

“Hey, stop making things difficult for her and get lost. Don’t force my hand!” the young man sneered.


An oppressive might suddenly crushed the young man. Chu Feng had exerted his Immortal Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist’s spirit power.

He had ignored the young man because he didn’t want to waste his time, but the other party kept provoking him time and time again. Since that was the case, he decided that he wouldn’t tolerate the young man anymore.

But before Chu Feng’s oppressive might could reach the young man, it was blocked by another oppressive might. It was the oppressive might of a True God, and it was from the beautiful elder. Despite her respectful attitude, she was a formidable cultivator.

“Milord, I ask you to remain calm and talk things out,” the beautiful elder told Chu Feng.

Chu Feng retracted his oppressive might.

“Hmph! How dare you make a move on me? Do you take me for a pushover?”

The young man released his spirit power, and his rucksack-like world spiritist cloak glowed. He was an Exalted Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, but his fighting prowess was at Saint Dragon God-cloak.

“Heaven! He sounds rather young too. Is he a junior?”

“Surely it can’t be? How can a junior possess such spirit power? Could it be the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Ling Xiao?”

“Ling Xiao? If so, that man wearing the gray cloak messed with the wrong person! Who dares to mess with Ling Xiao?”

An uproar broke out in the auction hall after the young man revealed his spirit power. No one dared to look down on him anymore. The young man had concealed his face with his cloak, but he didn’t alter his voice. His voice was what led others to deduce he was a junior, though there was no way to confirm it.

Still, the possibility was enough to alarm the crowd.

“Come on! Aren’t we going to fight? A mere Immortal Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist dares to flaunt before me?”

The young man was an arrogant one, and the compliments from the surroundings further stoked his pride. He furiously marched up to Chu Feng, but the beautiful elder stopped him.


Just then, a powerful surge of martial power gushed at the young man. Little Fishy had walked out of the room and attacked the young man!

However, her attack dissipated before it could reach the young man. Once again, it was the beautiful elder’s doing.

“What are you acting so smug for? Do you know who he is?” Little Fishy harrumphed.

She would have charged right into the young man if not for Xianhai Shaoyu pulling her back.

“Hoh, you have a helper? You frogs in a well, do you know who I am?” The young man was unfazed by Little Fishy’s aggression. He turned to the beautiful elder and said, “Don’t stop me. I’ll teach those frogs a lesson! If you stop me, I’ll tear down your Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild!”

He was threatening not just Chu Feng’s group but the beautiful elder as well.

However, the beautiful elder didn’t retract her oppressive might. Instead, she reinforced her restraint on Chu Feng, Little Fishy, and the young man. “Calm down, milords. You aren’t allowed to fight here. I’ll have no choice but to throw you out if you continue causing trouble.”

The beautiful elder maintained her courteous and neutral attitude despite the threat.

“Throw me out? You must not know who you’re messing with. Men, tear down this Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild!” the young man roared.

Several figures flitted over to the young man’s side. The fact they could pass through the beautiful elder’s oppressive might showed that their cultivation was above hers.

The beautiful elder revealed a look of unease. She hadn’t expected there to be so many arrogant experts here. At this rate, she would lose control of the situation.

Just then, an elder’s voice boomed, causing the entire auction hall to shake.

“Our Immortal Sea Fish Clan treats our guests with respect, but we won’t show mercy to those who cause trouble.”

The voice contained oppressive might even though it wasn’t directed at anyone, revealing the owner of the voice to be a pinnacle True God level cultivator!

The men standing beside the young man immediately dissuaded him from making a move. “Young master, let’s drop the matter.”

The young man also realized that there was an expert from the Immortal Sea Fish Clan present, so he let out a harrumph before falling silent.

The beautiful elder heaved a sigh of relief. There was nothing to fear now that she knew an expert from the Immortal Sea Fish Clan was here. Their leader was on good terms with the Immortal Sea Fish Clan’s Clan Chief, after all.

Tak. Tak. Tak.

A person suddenly walked over.

“Milord, I’ll have to ask you to stop here.” The beautiful elder thought that Chu Feng was going to make a move, so she raised her hand to stop him.

However, Chu Feng opened his palm and revealed a formation blueprint.

“Do you understand this formation blueprint?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m an Exalted Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist. Do you think I’d struggle with such a simple formation?” the young man replied as he swiftly constructed the formation.

Chu Feng did the same too.

“Infuse it into the formation bead, and you’ll see the difference,” Chu Feng said.

He infused his formation into the formation bead, and it began emanating the same glow as the Junior Blessing Formation.

The young man was stunned. As an Exalted Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, he could tell that Chu Feng hadn’t tampered with the formation. Thus, he infused his formation into the formation bead too.

However, the formation bead didn’t react.


Both the young man and his subordinates were dumbfounded.

“The truth is out. It seems that man is the one who induced a resonance with the Junior Blessing Formation.”

“Incredible! He found a verification method that the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild didn’t know of, and it didn’t even take him long to do so. Just how sharp must his eyes be?”

“He must be an incredible figure. Just who in the world is that?”

Compliments for Chu Feng filled the auction hall. Those who were qualified to attend this auction were esteemed or powerful individuals. They could tell that neither Chu Feng nor the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild was faking it.

In truth, Chu Feng hadn’t been the only one searching for a verification method. Many experts present tried to do so too but to no avail. This added more weight to his feat, proving that he was the real deal.

“Hey, rucksack man!” Xianhai Shaoyu called out. “Isn’t it embarrassing how things turn out after all the boasting you did?”

“Hmph!” The young man harrumphed before taking his leave.

He didn’t try to refute Xianhai Shaoyu’s words because there was nothing to refute.

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