Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 03 One Move Defeat

One Move Defeat

“Hey hey, someone wants to challenge the Captain Guard position, courage is not small."

Hearing that, the dispersing crowd’s steps suddenly stopped, seems like there were still things to see.

Du Clan’s dozen juniors also turned around and remained on stage, a hint of smile was evident in their eyes, since there was someone who was looking for abuse, they naturally won’t be lenient.

Du Qi was also surprised; a tiny frown appeared between his eyebrows looking at Blackie; when this person was on the stage earlier he already noticed this person practiced martial art. However, his martial pulse grade was not high should be around second grade but within this batch of selected twenty, he was definitely one of the stronger ones.

"Do you truly want to challenge the Captain Guard’s position? Having ambition is a good point however the Captain Guard position is not easy to pass."

Du Qi found Blackie a little interesting; even the weakest Du Clan juniors were a Houtian fourth layer bordering the fifth layer. Although this person, Blackie was considered the fore amongst the selected group, but whether he could defeat or come to a draw with a Du Clan junior is hard to say, and unlikely to happen unless there is a miracle.

Blackie trembled slightly under Du Qi’s sharp stare thus avoided his eyes. But thinking of the benefits being a Captain Guard would bring plus he had a distant relative inside Du Clan, he wasn’t afraid to offend this Deputy Commander; gritting his teeth, Blackie insisted: "Don’t tell me the honorable Du Clan plans to go back on their word; at the very least I should be given a chance to try.”

"Challenge the Captain Guard position."

"Du Clan can’t go back on their words now."

Some individuals began to stir the crowd’s emotions, for the onlookers, there was nothing better than an interesting good show.

Du Qi’s eyes swept around the stage at the booing crowd then back at the uncouth Blackie, slightly unhappy: "So, which of the Du Clan’s Miss or Master you want to challenge?"

Blackie swallowed saliva nervously, slowly looked past the dozen young boys and girls who was also eyeing him, suddenly he turned and stared straight at a youth in a purple robe standing amongst the crowd, “He also is Du Clan Young Master, right?”

"Du Shaofu."

Being pointed out by Blackie, numerous pair of eyes zoomed towards the direction of the purple robed youth. Du family members’ expression was the first ones to turned weird, the purpled robed youth was, of course, Du Shaofu. When did this fool come over? Usually, at crowded event such as this, they hardly see this fool’s shadow.

Onlookers that crowded around the stage instantly noticed Du Shaofu, the infamous Du Clan’s idiot young master was beside them yet none of them noticed.

Looking at Du Shaofu who stood below the stage Du Qi’s face secretly twitched, frowning he turned to Blackie and said, "Yes, he is Young Master Du Shaofu, naturally is one of Du Clan’s young master."

"That's right, I want to challenge this Du Clan’s Young Master today; if I win, I would be the Captain Guard.”

Blackie laughed inside as he looked at Du Shaofu, Du Clan’s situation was something he’s quite familiar with; thus when he happened to see the infamous Young Master Du Shaofu present near the stage, it was like divine intervention aiding him, an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Although challenging a fool was a bit shameless, however, thinking of the benefits even if it is shameless; damn it, Blackie admits it.


"To challenge that fool Du Shaofu ...... this guy is too outrageous."

Du Clan family members’ expressions stirred, who isn’t aware that Du Shaofu couldn’t cultivate martial arts moreover a fool, looking at his dull appearance there is no denying he is an authentic fool.

"Blackie’s really shameless wanting to challenge Du Shaofu however, this time seems like Du Clan’s the mute eating bitter gourd[1] and suffer this in silence.”

"Is it that Du Clan has no guts, might as well promote Blackie as Captain Guard.”

"Well done Blackie, beat up that Du Clan’s young master, ha ha ....."

The crowd’s expression also became weird observing the infamous idiot young master; however, some individuals hid in amongst the crowd and corners shouting sarcastic remarks, not brave enough to openly offend Du Clan.

"This idiot, why did he come out today and cause trouble for the entire family!”

"What do we do now?"

Du Clan family members cursed secretly, no matter what, Du Shaofu is still a young master of the Du Clan; if he was defeated in just one move by a guard then Du Clan loses face in a big way. Injuries are a small matter, more importantly, was Du Clan’s reputation cannot be tarnished.

Du Qi’s face does not look good, who would have thought Blackie would shamelessly pick to challenge Du Shaofu. He is responsible for today’s guard tryout, and if Du Clan’s reputation is tarnished in any degree, even as Deputy Commander he’s bound to reap the bitter fruits.

"Who called me, is someone looking for me?"

Du Shaofu was planning to leave when he heard his name being called out, following the gazes of the surrounding people, his eyes finally fell on the stage.

Amidst the slight commotion from the crowd, Blackie secretly swept his eyes through the members of the Du Clan, when he saw his distant relative present and didn’t show any objection, his courage got bigger.

"Young Master Du kindly enlightened me on the stage."

Blackie clasped his hand together at Du Shaofu and said aloud, sarcasm evident in his eyes instead of admiration like the other members of Du Clan.

"You want to challenge me?"

Du Shaofu blanked for a moment, after understanding the situation he looked at Blackie on the stage with his bright eyes and gave a small chuckle: “This is not right, you should challenge the weakest one of my cousins to see if you have a chance.”

"Hey, this fool even spoke today, in the end, is a genuine fool or just pretending.”

"But his words don’t sound stupid ah."

"This idiot actually spoke today."

Listening to Du Shaofu’s words, the Du crowd was stirred up again.

Looking at Du Shaofu in front of the stage and the remarks from the crowd, Blackie got bolder, he wasn’t afraid of offending this fool young master he already learned from his distant relative that this fool can’t practice martial arts and has no status whatsoever in the family. Blackie laughed loudly, "Could it be the honorable Du Clan’s young master dare not fight, if so, does this means that I’m to directly become the Captain Guard."

"Du Clan young master dare not go up the stage ah."

"The honorable Du Clan is only at this standard."

A lot of booing sounds were heard, getting more and more unscrupulous, and some even got physical within the crowd.

"Young Master Du, if you dare not come up, Du Clan can just promote me as Captain, and we can forget about this matter, ha ha." Blackie laughed all the more complacently, being able to humiliate a young master of Du Clan, he’s probably the first person in Stone City.

"Since you insist, as you wish."

Du Shaofu’s voice was faint, but it spread out nonetheless through the crowd. His feet tapped the ground, and under his heels, two streams of green-colored energy burst out; with a body twist, Du Shaofu appeared directly in front of Blackie on the stage causing countless exclamation of surprise.

"Impossible, how can ......"

Looking at Du Shaofu who suddenly appeared in front of him, Blackie was shocked; just looking at the move earlier, is this young master before him the famous waste and fool?

Appearing opposite of Blackie, Du Shaofu’s expression remained calm with his hands behind his back, the long purple robe was fluttering without any breeze blowing, a pair of bright eyes looked at Blackie, "Not starting?"

"Impossible, my eyes must have been bedazzled."

Hearing the question, Blackie recovered from his state of shocked and somehow convinced himself that there was some problem with his eyes and there’s no reason to be afraid of a fool young master. Gritting his teeth, body leaning forward slightly, Blackie’s fingers clenched into a fist, three vague fist shadows appeared directly boxing out towards Du Shaofu.

The next moment, the three vague fist shadows appeared in front of Du Shaofu, converging against Du Shaofu’ chest.


Just before the fists strike his chest, from Du Shaofu’s mouth came a loud shout which sounded like a dragon’s roar, lighting seems to flash out in his cool bright eyes, his purple robe fluttering and the stage trembled. With Du Shaofu feet as the center, cracks begin spreading on the entire stage.

"Ka Cha!"

Everyone including Blackie was startled by this sudden loud shout, yet to recover, a sound of bone breaking subsequently followed the loud shout; and a tall silhouette is seen flying out like a broken kite landing heavily outside of the stage.

On the stage, Du Shaofu is still standing straight on the same spot, hands held behind his back, purple robe swaying in the breeze displaying an air of dominance.


Struggling to get up after being thrown off stage, Blackie spewed a mouthful of blood clutching his chest, his ribs were obviously broken. All around shocked eyes looked at the slender figure youth in purple-robed on the stage.

Only a few people saw what actually took place on the stage, whereby the rest only saw the rumored fool young master didn’t move an inch just with one loud shout Blackie was sent flying off the stage, such an unbelievable feat happened before them, if they didn’t witness it with their own eyes they wouldn’t believe it at all.

Booing sound around the stage came to a sudden stop. Stunned agape at what just took place; undeniably it was a slap in the face for those who were booing sarcastically earlier. Is that really Du Clan’s young master whom cannot cultivate? Even Du family members that spoke rudely earlier felt their cheeks burning hot.

"Continue, I’m going back."

Leaving the stage, Du Shaofu did not even look at Blackie, saying to Du Qi, Du Shaofu turned and left with a flicked a long-sleeved purple, stepping away lightly.


When Du Shaofu left, the entire stage shuddered and began cracking from the spot where Du Shaofu was standing, finally the middle of the stage collapse leaving a big hole. The crowd retreated to the back swiftly.

"Gulu ......"

Everyone looked at each other around the stage in dismay, swallowing saliva nervously.

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