Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 14 Midnight Flee

"Turns out it was her."

When he heard the sound of the flute, Du Shaofu’s eyes widened in surprised. The melodious flute sound that he had heard these past few days, it turns out that it was played by this lady.

Listening to the flute sound, his soul felt enlivened, the gentle melody is like a mountain spring bubbling, before it gradually turned quick and rapid like a dense early spring drizzle.

The flute melody possesses a strange allure that Du Shaofu could not help but listen to it, like a pure sound of nature, blending in with the surroundings, then gentle and soft portraying a young girl's heart, then the tone gradually changed, traces of grievance seeped into the melody ...

Du Shaofu was immersed within the notes of the flute, he was intoxicated. This is the most enchanting flute he had ever heard in his life, wishing that the sound would not stop.

When Du Shaofu woke up, the moon was already westbound, a sign that dawn is approaching.

"Such a strange flute sound."

Du Shaofu patted his cheeks. Under the influence of the flute melody, unconsciously he got pulled in, losing his perception in general. Looking around, the white-clothed lady is still sitting on crossed-legged on the rock, eyes closed.



From the depths of the mountains, beast roars sounded out from time to time giving the impression of restlessness.

"Did she fell asleep?"

Du Shaofu observed the beautiful white-clothed lady sitting cross-legged with her closed eyes. Du Shaofu doesn't even know where Fu Yibai is at the moment, even if that old man comes, what can he do in front of this powerful lady.

"First, let’s run away."

A glint in his clear eyes, Du Shaofu had decided, after all, nothing is more valuable than his little life. The quicker he escapes the better. Taking advantage of the dim moonlight he carefully tip-toed around and began descending the mountain.

The tall peaks were like dragons raising their heads towards the sky, if not for the current Du Shaofu being able to produce xuanqi within his body, there’s no way that in a million years he will be able to descend the mountain.

But even so, by the time Du Shaofu managed to reach the foot of the mountain, the tiredness took half of his life away.


From the vast forest, occasional beast roars were heard, some roars made Du Shaofu’s heart shudder. The deeper parts of the Wild Beast Mountain are no ordinary place, it is unknown when one will come across a roaming wild beast.

Although he managed to escape from the hilltop, Du Shaofu did not relax in the slightest.

"Cannot run towards Stone City’s direction."

Du Shaofu was about to escape towards Stone City’s direction but managed to stop himself. Once the lady realized that he had escaped, she will surely chase towards the city’s direction. Thus, if he escapes towards Stone City, with the strength of the white-clothed lady, capable of airfloat, to recapture him is as easy as snapping her fingers.

However, Du Shaofu had doubts about running deeper into the Wild Beast Mountain. He heard rumors that in the deep forest, the higher the chance one will encounter wild animals and demonic beasts. In the deep forest, the demonic beasts will be more powerful, as within the innermost lives an existence that no demonic beasts or high-level warriors dare to disturb.

"Only between dangers, will there be a chance of survival."

Du Shaofu knows that he does not have much time to delay and he cannot be captured again, thus he can only gamble this time. First, hide within the Wild Beasts Mountain to let the storm pass, worst case scenario he can always return …


Stone City, Du Clan’s compound.

Within a brightly lit hall, the atmosphere is tense.

"Big Brother, we looked everywhere there is no trace of Shaofu. Someone was seen walking through the air across our Du Clan compound. In addition to Shaofu’s disappearance, I’m worried that…..."

In the hall, Du Zhixiong’s face is solemn. He searched the entire Du Clan compound for Shaofu but did not manage to find even a trace of his shadow, he could not help but think of the various possibilities.

"Airfloat ability requires a Spiritual Pulse (Mai-ling) cultivation, however, in the entire Stone City there is yet someone who’s that strong." Du Zhenwu’s face is equally solemn, if Shaofu's disappearance is related to a Spiritual Pulse Warrior, then it is really a troublesome matter.

Du Zhixiong suddenly looked up at Du Zhenwu and said: "Big Brother, Airfloat ability not necessarily must be a Spiritual Pulse Warrior, someone with a special martial pulse can also do it. It’s just that as of now we are still unable to confirm Shaofu’s whereabouts and which forces are working against us, Du Clan.”

"The news of Shaofu’s recovery should have been spread. The potential that Shaofu showed today doesn’t allow those forces to sit back and relax anymore as it affects the Five Family’s event three months later, so they can’t help but make their moves. Investigate, make sure to check thoroughly, no matter whom it is I will not have mercy.”

Du Zhenwu is truly angered. In the depths of his eyes a degree of coldness accompanied his anger, then his pupils moved as if he suddenly thought of something: “Remember to inform Third Brother. This matter must be notified to him” He said to Du Zhixiong.

"En, I will arrange everything accordingly, very soon Shaofu will be found."

Do Zhixiong nodded, then hurried away.

Mountains stretched towards the horizon connecting to the sea. Surrounding tall ancient trees were breathtaking as they hide the sky above and cover the earth below. Thickly overgrown vines of unknown years wrapped around every enormous tree, trees that are so huge that it takes several adults to embrace it fully.

Forging ahead as fast as he could in the vast forest, he dares not stop even for a moment. His only thought is to get away from the lady as soon as possible.


Waves of beast roars were constantly heard coming from the deeper part of the mountains. The sound of roars were getting louder and more frequent, it was as if the entire mountain beasts are restless and in a riot.

In this situation Du Shaofu can’t help but be slightly scared, in case a powerful demonic beast appeared in front of him, the consequences needs no explanation.

Du Shaofu is unaware of how long he has been running when dawn finally came, and when the endless roars of the beast subsided and in a strange manner the whole mountain seemed to calm down.


However, at this moment when Du Shaofu wanted to take a short break, his body’s xuanqi suddenly surged with violence like it was about to explode. As the intense xuanqi swirled along the meridians, suddenly his mouth tasted slightly sweet, blood seeps up to his throat and a mouthful of blood spewed out. His body limped softly, staggering a few steps before falling onto the ground.

"Ran the whole night, now there’s no more energy to run anymore, right?”

At the same time, a cold voice was heard, a figure appeared in front of Du Shaofu in a ghost-like manner. Her slender hands gently pointed a few spots, strands of strong but gentle qi flowed along within Du Shaofu body’s meridian points.

As these strands of gentle qi flowed within Du Shaofu’s meridians, the violent xuanqi which was wrecking havoc was suppressed down.


At the same time, when Du Shaofu fell on his back with his four limbs against the sky, the alluring lady’s figure appeared in Du Shaofu’s eyes.

"You can be considered quite smart, running the opposite way deeper into the forest instead of back to the city but you overestimated yourself. In this world, there are few that managed to escape from me, not to mention a little brat who has only xuanqi but no cultivation like you.”

The white-clothed lady looked at Du Shaofu on the ground, a little smile was in her brown eyes. Looking at Du Shaofu as if for the first time: “Now, you’ll be fine, because you swallowed a poisoned dan, that was an aftereffect, if you don’t believe me, you can try to continue running.”

Light steps carried her directly towards the depths of the mountains, and her cold voice floated towards Du Shaofu: "There’s something strange with the beasts in the mountains. I’m going to have a look, you better stay close to me, else if you encounter a demonic beast then there’s no guaranteeing your little life.”

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