Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 16 An Elf-like Girl


With a voice as cold as ever, white-clothed lady’s figure swayed and instantly disappeared from Du Shaofu’s sight.

"Didn’t you know how to fly, just fly with me along; why would you leave me here?”

Du Shaofu was rendered speechless. He dared not wander around recklessly, not to mention there’s that poison dan he swallowed.After experiencing days of demonic beast attacks, he gained an understanding of the Wild Beast Mountains. This area was considered as the mountains outer edge and yet the dangers were fatal enough for him, he shuddered just imagining the level of danger that lies within deeper parts.


Suddenly, Du Shaofu heard something. His eyes instantly looked towards the bushes on the side.

"Ao ao."

The bushes shook with the low hum of a beast coming out from it. Under Du Shaofu’s nervous eyes, five three feet tall beasts rushed out from the bushes.


The ground was shaking, and as the five huge beasts rushed out, the momentum sweeping towards Du Shaofu.

Three of them were dark as ink, with their manes erect. Body reaching ten feet long, two long fang-like ivory grew on its snout that glinted dangerously, sending shivers for those who are looking at them.

"Five Mountainbore Demon Hogs."

Du Shaofu’s face instantly changed. Mountainbore Demon Hog is a Xiantian level demonic beast. An adult Mountainbore Demon Hog is natural born into Xiantian realm it is definitely not weaker than the scale-armored beast earlier.

Going against one scale-armored beast had taken every effort that he had, but now defending against five Mountainbore Demon Hogs running straight at him, Du Shaofu’s feelings at this moment can’t be imagined; the front Mountainbore Demon Hog’s closing in fast on him.

"Raging Storm Waves Palm!"

As the Mountainbore Demon Hog at the front reached him, there’s no time to hesitate. Du Shaofu released a Raging Storm Waves Palm and struck against the first incoming demon hog at the same time the Mountainbore Demon Hog’s body emits a wave of light and gushing out beasts’ xuanqi.


The Mountainbore Demon Hog flew out colliding with Du Shaofu’s palm, but Du Shaofu did not fare any better. He barely managed to cope when dealing with the scale-armored beast, and now against something that is known for its outrageous and powerful physique like the demon hog, Du Shaofu’s body immediately bounced back and he fell heavily on the ground, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.


The Mountainbore Demon Hog that was hit by Du Shaofu fell to the ground issuing a piercing scream but instantly got back on its feet.


"Ao ao."

The remaining four Mountainbore Demon Hog with their jaws wide open snapping away at Du Shaofu with their cold-glint fangs. Du Shaofu’s situation is unfavorable, with his pale face and little remaining strength left. One Mountainbore Demon Hog is already more than he can handle, but four…

"Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu!"

In this split second time frame, something came whistling through the wind, a few lightning-quick streaks swept through the group of demon hogs as if possessing eyes, each of the arrows pierced right between the eyebrow of the four Mountainbore Demon Hogs. Its life seeps away as it tumbles down before they could even issue any sound.


At the same time, another streak of light aimed at the Mountainbore Demon Hog that got back up after being hit by Du Shaofu, just when it was about to attack, an arrow arrives piercing in between its eyebrow, and it tumbled back down to the ground.

This sudden change lets Duo Shaofu breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that it would be the white-clothed lady returning.

However, when his eyes fell on the bodies of the Mountainbore Demon Hogs, Du Shaofu was a little shocked. All five Mountainbore Demon Hogs died from the arrows piercing through their eyebrows, the tail end of the arrows were made with special feathers, which indicated that these were customized arrows.

Five Xiantian Mountainbore Demon Hogs Five culled by five lethal arrows. Neat, and swift as lightning but not the white-clothed lady’s style.


When the five Mountainbore Demon Hog fell to the ground, and Du Shaofu was still surprised, a shadow jumped out from the inner part of the mountains.

This figure of a girl wore tight-fitting green clothes, about sixteen to seventeen years of age from her appearance. Eyebrows smooth as jade, skin fair as snow, three thousand strands of black hair gathered together in a simple knot, holding a delicate bow coupled with an exquisite face and tall figure, exuding a spiritual aura that one could not help but to think of elves. This girl is exactly like an elf.

Appearing in front of Du Shaofu, her eyes swept past casually. Her water-like clear eyes seemed friendly, but in truth borders people a thousand miles away, dispelling any thoughts of getting close, especially being stared at by those eyes that seem to see through everything.

Pulling out a dagger, the girl in green clothed squatted down next to the Mountainbore Demon Hogs and started cutting off the fang-like ivory from the snout. Her slender fingers, snowy white with a trace of pink holding the sharp dagger cutting off the fang-like ivory as if cutting tofu. The girl’s every move was fluid and graceful, with her black hair floating in the breeze, her slender limbs elegant and refined.

After a moment, the girl finished collecting all the fang-like ivories, finally getting up and looked at Du Shaofu who managed to stand up, frowning: “This level of strength dares to venture into Wild Beast Mountains if you don’t want to die it is best if you leave now. The current situation inside is not some place you can enter.”

Although the tone was cold, but her voice was clear and distinctive. In a blink, the girl is gone.

"Such speed, such strength."

Licking the corner of his lips and tasting the slight sweetness of blood, Du Shaofu muttered to himself faintly. The girl does not seem that old but her strength is very strong, to be able to kill five Mountainbore Demon Hog that easily is not something that an average person can do.

"Looks like your luck is pretty good as you are still alive."

The cold words announced the return of the white-clothed lady, silently appearing in front of Du Shaofu.

"I almost did die."

Du Shaofu felt extremely wronged or perhaps sulky is a better word. If not for that girl’s timely appearance, his little life is probably gone.

"Interesting, it’s getting interesting. I did not expect the people from that clan will be here. "Talent’s not low, there should be someone with her, otherwise, they will not let such talents into the depths of Wild Beast Mountain.”

"Boy, I'll take you to see some excitement, how about it?”

The white-clothed lady turned over, she gazed upon Du Shaofu.

“Predecessor, Big Sister, my interest in so-called excitement are not that strong. You’re a strong warrior, you do not have to eat but I haven’t eaten anything for a day and night and… gululu gululu..." Du Shaofu’s sentence has yet to finish, when his stomach let out a rumbling sound, obviously a sound of starvation.

On the path of cultivation, forgoing food for ten days up to half a month is normal. It was rumored that when one reaches a certain realm, the body can be nourished with xuanqi and eating is no longer necessary.

However, neither the first nor the second method is applicable on the current Du Shaofu.

The white-clothed lady seemed to have truly forgotten this matter, glancing at Du Shaofu from the corner of her eye: “You can go and look for something to eat now.”

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